Ted Cruz Campaigning Tomorrow In Mississippi With Extremist Bryan “Arrest All The Gays” Fischer…

Does Senator Ted Cruz want to arrest all the gay people in America?

Last year when we were begging people to vet Ted Cruz, we stated the GOPe (Rove) would destroy Cruz via his affiliations with religious bigotry.

Donald Trump crushed the GOPe road-map, wiped out their splitter strategy, and stopped the GOPe team from deploying their pre-scripted weapons against Cruz.  It became more useful to keep Cruz in the race than eliminate him and face a certain Trump nomination.

However, that doesn’t mean those same strategies are still not waiting to be used.

bryan fischerTed Cruz Value Voters Summit

Tomorrow pastor Ted Cruz is actually going to rally in Ellisville Mississippi with far-right religious nutter Brian Fischer who is a proponent for arresting gays and lesbians, and enacting the same laws as Russia banning homosexuality.

Fischer is way, way out there.  Apparently there’s no extremist too severe for Ted Cruz. 

Imagine what the Democrat Party would/could do with this in a general election.

Brian Fischer:

ted cruz large

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304 Responses to Ted Cruz Campaigning Tomorrow In Mississippi With Extremist Bryan “Arrest All The Gays” Fischer…

  1. Arkindole says:

    Using a gay basher is relatively mild when it comes to Cruz–he’s getting help from the GOPe and a good lot of the rebellious “freedom loving” digital right. Count up the number of “conservative” bloggers that Cruz has pulled that smallpox infested wool blanket over. Director Blue’s “conservative” 50 is down to about a half dozen or less. The majority of them are now unreadable, presenting themselves as little drama queens with spiteful doubleplusgood amnesic speak. I’m tiring of Alinsky Rules as the days grind on, preferring instead to shoot the opposition squarely in the face.

    As my uncle used to say, this ain’t gonna break clean.

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    • sahm2016 says:

      There are so many websites I used to visit daily that have become no go zones for me. The anti-Trump rhetoric It is so over the top, it has made me question the value of their other opinions. It’s okay to his different opinions, but the level of hate coming from some of these websites is toxic (similar to the radicals Left during GWB’s Presidency). I don’t need that in my life.

      There is a very interesting article on the Dai!y Caller website about how Trump’s candidacy is turning Conservatives into loony leftist type Social Justice Warriors. The link is to a talk radio website that has the article for those of you who don’t want to give the Daily Caller any clicks.

      All of the op-eds and television segments dedicated to highlighting Trump’s faults and lack of conservative principles have apparently fell on the deaf ears of the Republican electorate.

      This dismal state has taken a toll on the mental well-being of many conservatives, and in turn, many of the distraught have started to resemble the notorious lunatics of the Left: social justice warriors.

      Social justice warriors (SJW) seem to satirize the loony behavior of the contemporary left-wing activist. From the campus safe spacer warning of cisgender oppression to the Twitter user demanding censorship of feminist critics, ridiculousness can come in all kinds for the modern-day Lefty.

      Delusion, hate, deranged rhetoric, paranoid thin-skinned resentment and lack of connection with the American mainstream are common traits of the SJW — now sadly of the conservative establishment as well. . . “http://790talknow.com/foxfeedspro/details/item_301013/trump-has-turned-conservatives-into-social-justice-warriors/

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      • AdamSelene says:

        Basically. Remember neoconservatism was founded by ex-Marxists. They’ve always used marxist/alinsky tactics, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious as their grip on power and influence is slipping. When someone starts accusing you of an -ism, like racism or sexism, against all evidence, that’s a clear give-away. These are not intellectually honest people. Just Marxists by a different name who want power.

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  2. burnett044 says:

    the average American voter…

    oh my that`s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

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  3. tz says:


    Nice summary of Ted (and Heidi’s) Establishment ties.

    He was up in Idaho, wonder if he said anything about the Hammonds and Bundys.

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  4. tz says:

    But Fischer wasn’t a member of racist groups, so its O-KKK.


  5. tz says:

    Technically, he is talking about sodomy, not homosexuality – and Ted wasn’t arguing the Texas law banning it when he arrived in his Texas office. The law banned it for heterosexuals too.
    That said, Fischer wants to impose the Bible like Sharia. He does want to ban more than the act.
    Christians complain about governmental tyranny – some just wish to change it so they can be the tyrants.
    America is about liberty – if it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my bones, I should not try to impose a law.


  6. tz says:


    Idaho pastor who gave invocation for Cruz in critical condition, shot 6 times at his church.


  7. CatherinesMom says:

    So Marco Rubio pulled cord on his suicide vest. Now, Ted with these extremists? So is this how the GOPe are going to “follow” Rinse Pubis when he say there will be no brokered convention? By making Cruz so unpalpatable to the #NeverTrump crowd, that they’d instead vote in Kasich?

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  8. Jenny R. says:

    Ok, it’s time to just face the truth: when I said the Pope did the biggest favor to Trump anyone ever could, I meant it…a lot of “Christians” in this country are knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, religious bigots/fanatics that have only a thin veneer of civilization to keep them from being EXACTLY like the Taliban (and if pushed, probably like IS as well).
    They are the most un-Christian Christians one could ever meet, and they’re horrifically assured that their way is best…even the “nice” ones.
    I know this because I am a Catholic living in bible thumper land — the only people who ever get religious bigotry thrown at them are the few RCs and EOs (and they get it a lot), and AmericanJews (behind their backs, never to their faces)….Israeli Jews are somehow the awesomest (I haven’t completely figured that one out yet, but I think it points to these people’s bizarre and illogical propensity for superstition: it’s like a cargo cult).
    This is Ted’s base — them and the dipsticks who think he’s a “rock solid conservative constitutionalist”.
    They’re both losers and both bad for America….because they really are bigots, quite a few of them.


    • Jenny R. says:

      Now, not every evangelical or charismatic is of this sort — and I think Cruz would lose them after they found out some of this. I notice Franklin Graham is usually quite even handed and is no Cruz supporter.
      But the fire breathers are out there, and they are quite loud and will get in people’s faces.
      This is a win-win-win for the lefties: they could destroy not only the GOP, but any media in opposition to them, AND further cut the knees out from under Christianity thanks to these folks.

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      • 10amendment says:

        My closest friend is a Full Gospel Charismatic Associate Pastor from MI. He, like myself have been 100% behind Donald Trump from day one.

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      • knotpeesea says:

        i’m just waiting for the ted cruz ads targeting the amish vote, and the media then running with it(salem radio media that is)


    • joanfoster says:

      You bash non-Catholic Christians and so called “Bible thumpers” which by the way is a terrible insult to people of faith who actually do read the Bible and Jews living in Israel as the “awesomest” which you haven’t figured out yet, perhaps your inquiry could be better served trying to analyze why Catholics voted in droves for Obama and will most likely do so again for Hillary. To support Donald Trump one doesn’t have to bash people of faith and use derogatory language to describe them. I know a lot of Catholics and I can tell you they would be better people were they thumping their Bible a bit more.


      • BG says:

        First of all, the “Catholics” who voted for Obama were usually Hispanics, who as anyone will tell you, are usually terrible Catholics. White Catholics went for Romney.

        Secondly, she’s undoubtedly referring to all the Cruzbots in her area. Yes, some of those people are quite strange and unsavory, just like ol’ Lyin’ Ted himself.

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        • joanfoster says:

          “First of all, the “Catholics” who voted for Obama were usually Hispanics, who as anyone will tell you, are usually terrible Catholics. White Catholics went for Romney.”

          Is this opinion or fact? I would like to see the data before believing that the Catholic vote was split along ethnic lines.
          Remember Obama’s comment about Americans that cling to their Bibles and guns, well when I hear “Bible thumpers” I hear an insult just as egregious. Catholics historically have never been encouraged in Bible study/reading the same way Protestants have. There are many Christians who might agree with you politically, but would be insulted by those words.

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          • CatherinesMom says:

            To answer why Catholics voted for Obama or any other Democrat is a very long detailed, multi-chaptered book. I will say that it all started around 1920’s and the Chicago stockyards horrible, HORRIBLE working conditions. Many of those were immigrants (legally!) who were Catholic. The priests got involved in an attempt to better their lives as parishoners/citizens. This morphed into the unions. Those that were priests worked with the unions not knowing or perhaps not caring–as the goal was the same. Now, today you have it where it is intertwined.

            Also, the worst of the news is this: that many, MANY “Catholic” charities, PACs, etc are socialist—they are not Catholic. They are CINO’s for sure. Many of the PACs are get this: funded by George Soros. Among the worst offenders is the USCCB–which has been subverted for decades by socialists– which we Catholics called “modernists”. It’s a very long, detailed intricate web. The way that it is all glued together is a common homosexual network. It is called the lavender mafia. It’s stranglehold is intense in Rome but has certainly made inroads in the U.S. as well as othe westernized nations.

            Further, per Bella Dodd in her inquiry at the House Committee meeting she explained in the 1960’s that many socialists, i.e., communists were infiltrated into the seminaries to slowing break the bonds of faith, family.

            Why illegal immigrants are “embraced” by the Catholic bishops en masse? Simple. They know that the average pew sitters is either dying away, walking away -if they have not. To push a false type of ‘revival’ of the Catholic faith they are willing to allow for these illegal immigrants in the hopes of filling the pews, and coffers once again. What they have NOT bargained for is many of these illegal immigrants–though very very pious and religious when they first arrive–in their haste of being integrated–listen to the filth of Univision which is very anti-Catholic–they ‘leave’ their church and seek their faith elsewhere. Nullifying the revival.

            All of this new ‘social’ justice crap that the CINO’s are pushing based on something called “Common Good”. Common Good is a fake out for many CINOs or confused Catholic as they are asked to find the common good is whatever SOCIAL issue that is at hand. So then you find the many flaky CINO’s in the pews or elsewhere. Also–‘common good’ comes from a heretical theory that has been passed around for 3 decades or so called ‘seamless garmet’. I can’t explain it all.

            Suffice it to say many people who identify themselves as Catholics are CINOs. Many faithful Catholics, who are confused (or perhaps the most brilliant of us) have begun their own revolution quitely within the Church via the Traditional Latin Mass, TLM. So many of THOSE people recognize the value of having Donald Trump as President. Because they/we have been living within similar weird socialism within the American Catholic church via the USCCB.

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            • 180daysofkindergarten says:

              Interesting how these comments have turned people against each other. I am a confused Catholic. I do not go to Church because of the confusion but am Catholic at my core, if that makes sense. The Obama vote, Democrat vote , is union. Pure and simple. Teachers, blue collar, union from long ago, it will not budge. I liked your explanation of Catholics.
              Taking religion out of this (which is near impossible with Cruz) people support Trump and are afraid to say it, but there an amazing number on the West Coast.

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              • skifflegirl says:

                I am a RC who had young sons when the ‘molesting priests’ scandal hit big in the news. My oldest had his first confession in a windowed room to avoid any appearance of impropriety! That was too much for me. I regret not being able to bring my kids up in the church the way that I was. I can’t say that I admire the pope. Maybe I shouldn’t feel this way, but that’s what it is.

                I was raised on the west coast, so I was surprised when I joined Twitter and discovered that ‘Christians’ actually chastised me for petitioning the Holy Mother! They scolded me that I could ONLY pray to Jesus and His Father. As if I was ignorant or in league with the devil. It was unbelievable arrogance. So I appreciate JennyR’s experience, and yours as well, 18. Lot’s of ego involved in the religious/political beliefs of certain Christians, especially those who still support Ted Cruz. Money well spent by his campaign on the psy-ops manipulation.


      • Thomas Berwick says:

        Many Roman Catholics don’t have a bible of their own. They rely completely on their priest to give his interpretation of the bible to them. Additionally, the bible Roman Catholics use is a very corrupted version based upon very corrupted manuscripts. Perhaps the blasphemous “faith and WORKS” doctrine explains the Roman Catholic leaning toward the Democrat Party. They like the federal government doing their WORKS for them.


        • CatherinesMom says:

          Wow. This is the ignorance that is prevasive. It must stop. The Bible itself isn’t the end all be all of Christianity. The Church is. What happened to Christians prior to the printing of the Bible, when it was available as a very, very expensive hand written document? Where monks wrote each page by hand over candlelight. Then after years of creating just ONE Bible, they adorned it with jewels. What about even before the Bible was formed? All those Christians had what to guide their faith? The Church. Why was the New Testament even formed? Because people were willing to die for a paper that they thought might be holy, such as Book of Barnabas, or Book of Thomas. When they were not divinely inspired. Who put the New Testament together to assure that it held only that which was inspired by the Holy Spirit? Hint: It sure wasn’t Martin Luther or King James.

          Regarding Catholics don’t own their own Bible. Who says? If they don’t, it matters not. Why? Because Catholics go through the Bible every three years via Mass. EVERY THREE YEARS.

          Regarding faith and works. As Catholics we believe in the Bible in totality. We also go by the same Old Testament that the Jews follow–but not the Protestants. They chose to read one that has been adulterated.


  9. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    Truly, Rafael and son Ted, along with David Barton, and even Glenn Beck are all into the Dominionist cult. It is a false doctrine in Christianity that has grown exponentially. They believe in a theocracy, run on a theonomy (Old Testament laws) and they believe in public stoning of homosexuals, adulterers, disobedient children, etc. There is no salvation hope with this cult. People can change and come to Christ, but that’s not the way these people think. I don’t know that Cruz and his father go that far, but I do know that they are into the New Apostolic Reform garbage along with the Seven Mountains Mandate. If you want to really find out what that is all about, simply put those in a search engine along with Sarah Leslie who is one of the top experts on all this insanity. The First Baptist Church of Houston, where Cruz allegedly attends (he and wife haven’t even given 1% of their income to charity), is steeped in Dominionism. I don’t want this lunatic who can’t speak without lying, anywhere near our White House. It’s a shame that so many Christians today don’t have the discernment of a dead fish.

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  10. Unfortunately, I think Cruz cancelled this event – he’s sick.


  11. Derigitable says:

    Now, this is funny. The GOPe wants to become “more inclusive” with this guy? Okay. How does that work exactly?


  12. Doc says:

    I’m evangelical and go to a very political evangelical church. This season we’ve had Huckabee, Cruz, and Carson speak. However as a church anyone is welcome to come and speak. When this whole circus began, I was thinking Cruz would be awesome but probably no way to win. Of course I had false information. I didn’t realize he was in Canada so long, thought he was a real maverick, etc. Know what turned me off with Cruz? HIS SUPPORTERS. I’ve never seen such rabid idiots. And that was early in the campaign when I was on their side. Of course once Sundance put out his Trump position it switched me. If we were to poll our church, I would say it’s probably a 60% Trump, 30 Cruz, 10 other. But really when you’re at church, it’s not for politics. Maybe we’re in a minority, but we’d rather work on what brings us together.

    I do have some friends who are not church friends who are complete rabid anti Trump. They aren’t rabid Cruz fans though. Just hateful on a personal level of Trump. I have been trying for a while to figure out where they are getting their info but these have been somewhat removed friends and I’m wondering if it’s from the non gmo type home schooling crowd. It has nothing to do with positions or anything else. Almost Trump is the Antichrist and must be stopped at any level whatsoever. And you’re right they’re acting like a complete leftist.

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    • sheree252 says:

      Yes, and yes. This has been my experience as well. It has gotten so bad (even the Rubio supporters are going bonkers) that at one point I was accused of not even being a Christian! I was told by a person I’ve known for years that to support Trump means I must support adultery and pornography and strip clubs, et. al. attacking my morals. They basically called me some sort of porno stripping adulterer because I support Trump. Deranged, I tell you, deranged. (The hubby was amused. He wasn’t too thrilled with the adulterous attack, but he was put out that he hasn’t gotten to witness my stripping routine – now I have to come up with one to keep him happy!) Getting so bad out there that I finally went on my own personal rant and put it up on Word press. Never blogged anything before, and this is my first post, but sheez – had to respond to these attacks – https://sheree252.wordpress.com/ Now I’ve been accused of being unstable going on political rants…..guess I can say there might be some accuracy in in that one – LOL. And now of course I have to come up with something else to write – maybe I’ll do something on Dominionism so people can be warned.

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      • happy-go-lucky says:

        good point about the jordanian prince


      • Sassy1 says:

        Sheree252, I just checked out your blog, very nicely done! I have bookmarked it and will study it further and share. Surely this “natural born” business is why BHO felt the need to release the patently fraudulent birth certificate. Your discussion of Romans 13 is just about the best I’ve read. So many Christians quote that scripture to justify their apathy or indifference in the political arena, basically shrugging their shoulders at the evil around us. Go ahead and tackle Dominionism, I’ve done some research but it would be nice to see what you come up with. My pastor has twice dissed DJT from the pulpit (in favor of Cruz or Rubio) pretty soon I’ll be scheduling a meeting to chat about that.


        • sheree252 says:

          Thank you. I think its interesting that Obama pulled all the stops to get a United States B.C. back in 2008 and suddenly in 2016 you can be born anywhere. Obama should have just waited and let Ted Cruz run first! I swear I’m living in the Twilight Zone. BTW: If your pastor is opposing or favoring one candidate or another IN THE PULPIT he risks losing your church’s tax exempt status and running afoul of the IRS. See: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1828.pdf “Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations” then look under “Jeopardizing Tax Exempt Status” (Political Campaign Activity 7) which states,”On the other hand, voter education or registration activities with evidence of bias that: (a) would favor one candidate over another; (b) oppose a candidate in some manner; or (c) have the effect of favoring a candidate or group of candidates, will constitute prohibited participation.” As I understand it he is free to espouse his opinions and endorse or “diss” on his free time away from the church, but there are laws against doing this FROM THE PULPIT. Don’t know if the IRS would actually do anything, sometimes they just ignore these infractions, but you never know. He needs to stop, all it would take is one disgruntled congregant to turn him in and then the IRS decides to follow through? Oh boy.


          • Sassy1 says:

            Sheree, thanks for your reply. I’ll remind him about the tax-exempt thing. And you know, I think we actually ARE in the Twilight Zone right now!

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        • Tell him to give up his 501(c)3 tax exempt status with the Feds – if he wants to use the pulpit or his position to council people about politics. Welcome to America…a public servant has no voice except in his own four walls.


    • Irene Matthews says:

      I am not a rabid anyone fan. I will probably vote for Trump just because there’s not a viable alternative. I don’t like him and I think he’s vulgar and simplistic.



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  14. libnot says:

    These GOP morons have been talking about ‘enlarging’ the ‘tent’ for as long as i can remember. And this fool is doing a fund raiser with this nut? Its beyond absurdity. I’m as conservative as they come. But, I could care less what you do in your own bedroom. I just dont like it shoved down my or my kids faces. I know that thats probably blasphemy for some. But, honestly, I have way to many other things to worry about than what other people are doing. Enough already. And I’m not talking about the nutso leftist/marxist lgbt blue haired people. I’m just talking about the rest of them that just want to be left alone. Just like you and me.

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  15. truthandjustice says:

    As another suggested, could these “crazy, radical people” like Beck and now Bryan be part of the “plan” as SD was saying in one of his articles? If I remember right, think he said they could be using these associations to show what nutcases the “Conservatives”/Evangelicals are (as Cruz) in order to bring him down and out when needed. Meanwhile, they use their immense fraud machine in elections to have Trump “lose” (like Maine, OK, Kansas) and keep Cruz in the running to siphon votes from Trump also until they hopefully get their rigged brokered convention.
    I really can’t believe he lost Maine (or OK actually) since he was shown so much ahead before and then near the end – voila! He loses. Plus it seems to me it’s common sense to know most people in Maine wouldn’t want Cruz.

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  16. Doug says:

    As a gay man I can assure you I would never cast a vote for Ted Cruz or any ticket with him on it. Deal breaker for me! Id reluctantly vote for Clinton in that case or not vote at all. Other Republican candidates I could maybe consider but not Cruz.

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  17. barton2016 says:

    don’t forget the other extremist that he campaigned with in Iowa who got a visit from the secret service


  18. bullnuke says:

    Heard Cruz is not feeling well and will not make it to Mississippi.


    • tz says:

      Republican presidential candidate
      Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
      has cancelled his visit to Mississippi, according to state Sen. Chris McDaniel.

      “Unfortunately, I just received a call from the national campaign chairman,” McDaniel wrote on his Facebook page. “The event at JCJC has been cancelled. Ted Cruz will not be in Mississippi tomorrow, as he evidently does not feel well. This is difficult news to deliver, but we trust that God has a plan for the campaign and for Mississippi.”


    • truthandjustice says:

      Very interesting…………..think I saw also where a judge was going to decide whether he’s eligible to be on the ballot – can’t remember the state.


  19. tz says:

    Turns out @tedcruz WILL be in Mississippi after all today: adds a Jackson stop, then will head to Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight.


  20. maggiemoowho says:

    Bryan Fischer would fit right in with ISIS. Sick, disgusting man, just like Cruz.


  21. Truthfilter says:

    I read several leftist articles today on Dominionism. Many of them even claimed that the Southern Baptist Convention has dominionist inclinations. I’m the grand daughter of a Baptist minister and I’ve never heard of Dominionism. I know Cruz can’t win the general but if he wins the nomination, the press will demonize ALL Christians as having these dominionist views –especially toward gays. This will further injure the image of Christ. This is scary, folks. These stories about Cruz need to come out NOW so that Cruz doesn’t stand a chance at the nomination.


    • jello333 says:

      Yep. And as I said elsewhere, Trump is really smart, knows what he’s doing… so I think we can be pretty well assured that he WILL use this stuff against Cruz when the time is right. I admit that, like you, I’d like him to pull the trigger RIGHT NOW… but apparently he feels it’s not yet time. I’ll trust him on that.


  22. ARedTail says:

    So the media accuse Donald Trump of being racist because someone who hadn’t been a KKK member for decades and doesn’t endorse him says people can go ahead and vote for him, but nobody says anything about Cruz meeting up with a guy who wants to criminalize people for their sexuality?

    Well, the eGOP does seem to be against border security against the ‘Syrian’ migrants…


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