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Report: Youngstown Ohio Blue Collar Workers Switching To Republican Party To Vote For Donald Trump…

[…] we’ve had some people say: “I want to switch to the Trump party”… Youngstown Ohio – About 1,000 Democrats in Mahoning County so far have switched their party affiliation to Republican with election officials saying several did it to … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Campaigning Tomorrow In Mississippi With Extremist Bryan “Arrest All The Gays” Fischer…

Does Senator Ted Cruz want to arrest all the gay people in America? Last year when we were begging people to vet Ted Cruz, we stated the GOPe (Rove) would destroy Cruz via his affiliations with religious bigotry. Donald Trump crushed the … Continue reading

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NBC/WSJ Michigan Poll – Donald Trump 41%, Ted Cruz 22%, Marco Rubio 17%…

The bad news is this poll (full pdf below) comes promoted by NBC/WSJ via Mark Murray.  The good news is they purchased the poll from Marist Polling, a more reliable source than prior NBC/WSJ sources (public relations firms). However, all of … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney Appear on Fox News Sunday – Discussion: Slow Usurpation -vs- Fast Track Version…

The progressive media embed who relishes undermining American sovereignty, Chris Wallace, scripted the Sunday conversation with Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney. (Two videos below). In the first segment Wallace discusses the severely fractured Republican party with Rush Limbaugh; who, as always, finds … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and The U.S. Media…

I once saw a documentary of the amazon. The barely clothed jungle man looked quite skinny. The filmmaker gave the man a chicken.  There must have been some prior conversation between them because the skinny guy put the chicken on … Continue reading

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Nancy Reagan 1921 – 2016

Together again: RIP

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Sunday Talks – Donald Trump Sunday Interviews…

CBS Face The Nation

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