New Kansas Poll – Donald Trump 35%, Ted Cruz 29%, Marco Rubio 17%…

Politicians politic, talkers talk, leaders take action.  Committed candidates -who are doing everything they can to succeed- work their butt off on behalf of their supporters.  That’s the key takeaway everyone should see in the decision of Donald Trump to skip a CPAC speech and head to Kansas.

Donald Trump is in it to win it, for America.   Standing in an auditorium in the DC burbs speechifying is not going to get-it-done in Kansas. HENCE, THIS.

A recent poll (full pdf below) within Kansas shows a tight race for the state.  Donald Trump holds a lead at 35% with Ted Cruz behind at 29%.  Kansas (another caucus) is winnable and every single vote counts.

kansas congressional districts all

The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign has just announced it will be in Wichita, Kansas for a major rally on Saturday, prior to the Caucus. Mr. Trump will also be speaking at the Kansas Caucus and then departing for Orlando, Florida to speak to a crowd of approximately 20,000 people or more.

Because of this, he will not be able to speak at CPAC, as he has done for many consecutive years. Mr. Trump would like to thank Matt Schlapp and all of the executives at CPAC and looks forward to returning to next year, hopefully as President of the United States. (link)

You can see in the congressional map above how Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are competing for the overall state.  It is very tight race in District #1, and District #4.  Trump is holding the Kansas event in District #4 Wichita.

As with almost all of the race so far, the results in Kansas will be dependent heavily on “turnout”.  Mr. Trump is doing everything he can to motivate his supporters to the polls in the states, and in the specific areas, where his limited time can impact the results.

Choosing to skip the CPAC speech holds multiple benefits.  • Trump helps to get out the vote in a key region.  • Trump also eliminates the possibility of any unfriendly CPAC shenanigans which were widely reported, and being created/stimulated by DC insiders in an attempt to smear/embarrass the frontrunner.  A win/win proposition.

trump rally arkansas 4trump lion


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293 Responses to New Kansas Poll – Donald Trump 35%, Ted Cruz 29%, Marco Rubio 17%…

  1. politijim says:

    Time to spend some money Donald on positive AND negative ads.

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  2. I’ve had three interesting conversations in past two days with people outraged by Romney. One, a former Cruz supporter, told me he’s all in for Trump now. The other was a democrat who called Romney “grotesque.” Another, a leftist, said what Romney did was horrible. That just about covers the waterfront of ideologies.

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    • KitKat says:

      I read a post by a lawyer who is not a Trump supporter and who actively supports Cruz, and he was outraged by what Romney did. If Cruz and Romney ever align, that should wake up a lot of Cruz supporters who think Cruz is anti-establishment.

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    • JoeS says:



    • Americafirst16 says:

      Just in– Baby dressed as Ted Crug takes the stage with Ted at his rally. Parents are arrested for child abuse by local authorities.


    • shallbe4 says:

      A friend of mine e-mailed me to say that she heard that Donald Trump said he will force people to sign on to a document that they agree with torture. I told her that this never happened, that its ridiculous but she was furious and said he needs to be taken out of the race. This is the damage that the Elitists in the Republican Party are doing. They are so used to destroying decent people that they cannot give up this cause which will eventually destroy them. Instead of understanding how a populist like Trump plays well in an angry nation they have decided that shutting him off is the best way to go. Will it make people less angry? Will people of Romney’s ilk be able to turn voters away from the candidate they love and trust. Not this time–the Republican Party has lied to their voters — just give us the House and we’ll put Obama in his place. When the people gave them what they wanted nothing happened. What good is the House without the Senate if we had the Senate we could stop Obama. Voters gave them the Senate and they have stood by and watched Obama with his pen and his phone pass laws and Republican lawmakers have said nothing.

      Well we are not listening anymore — we have had it with the lies and just because Romney wears a good suit doesn’t mean he’s a good man. With all this manipulation the Party has never asked to meet with the people to find out how we feel. Everything has been done behind our backs as though we are too stupid to be allowed to have an opinion. The Party should give up this insanity and trust the voters. Trump said he would work with the Republican Party but he loves this country and wants to make it strong again — That’s just what the elitists don’t want. And they don’t want it enough to destroy the Republican Party.


  3. So I was listening to the TV as background noise…it was people speaking at CPAC, and I hear someone going Full Howard Dean. I was like who the hell is that screaming like a nut!???

    It was TED.

    The cruzbots in the audience loved every minute of it. He does this weird smile after he does a theatrical part in his speech almost like he knows he’s being fake and he feels embarrassed. Seriously if you can handle it for 3 minutes, check it out, near the end. That’s the only way I can describe it…

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    • elena19501 says:

      It will be seen by votes…After what happened it Texas, I just don’t know.

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    • skifflegirl says:

      Taking in to account that it was an article in The Guardian, those people who described why they are voting for Trump were, overall, highly educated, most were successful, overwhelmingly (not surprisingly) Democrat and totally dumb. But I’m glad they’re voting for Trump for whatever reason. The ‘Occupy’ person was the worst, so obnoxiously insufferable. Typical over-educated Liberal snob.


  4. yeyem says:

    Hey guys, there is a little noticed primary in Puerto Rico this Sunday. Currently there is only one poll 29 Rubio, 25 Trump according to a Puerto Rican radio station. There is an online poll in one of the local TV channel. Is in Spanish but you can figure it out how to vote for Trump. The poll is here:


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  5. Cruz is soooo vulnerable right now..if Trump were to pound on the stabbing comments from Beck….lights out.

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  6. sunflower lady says:

    I’m a Kansan. I live in district two and will be voting Trump.

    As I posted the other day, my liberal neighbor has a Trump sign in her yard. Today, I finally talked to her. Turns out she doesn’t like to see the constitution crapped on, thinks that Obama and the two Cubans are not eligible to be president, and doesn’t care for lost American jobs and an unprotected southern border. I wonder if I ever knew her at all before. 😉

    I admired her sign and she smiled and told me she has extras, so I have one on my yard now.

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  7. mamadogsite says:

    I don’t know if this has been discussed much, and this is probably not the thread to mention this, but there are more and more economists agreeing with Mr. Trump’s economic issues….Steve Forbes, Larry Kudloe, Carl Ican, then you have the gentle leaning of Stuart Varney, and Lou Dobbs, to name a few.

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    • poopa says:

      those shmuck don’t get it. hilary knows economics. she goes to the boss men and tells you how the economy is doing and tell the public what the boss men want them to hear. in the college they teach that the public needs to be robbed by the smart college students. it is what good people do. you should pay them to go to school so they can learn to rob you and be even less grateful than they already are. free housing for every non-white non-american. the economy runs on evil. white people deserve it. disarm the americans. arm the TAX MAN and TEACHERS UNION.


    • yadent says:

      I have mentioned this before, if Trump’s healthcare plan for the nation ( is implemented, the economic impact on this country would be enormous. His plan could essentially wipe out the current yearly Federal deficits. It could/would solve most states budget difficulties. Healthcare related spending at the Federal level consumes between 25-30% of the budget. That’s roughly 1 trillion dollars a year. Trump’s plan, especially points 5 & 7, could reduce overall healthcare costs upwards of 80%. At the Federal level that’s saving between 600-800 billion dollars yearly. That’s the deficit. Same would hold true at the state level. Think of the result in the private sector if healthcare costs were reduced significantly. It’s a great plan that should be at the forefront of any economic discussion.

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  8. Today was the first time I heard a Trump radio ad in Michigan. It was during a break on the Michael Savage show.

    This is the one I heard: “Ivanka Trump cuts radio ad for dad”

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  9. Just as finished writing my last post on hearing a Trump ad on the radio for the first time here in Michigan, a Trump TV ad just came on! Woo Hoo!

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  10. burnett044 says:

    Kansas has some common sense folks..I feel Trump will do fine there…
    Cruz has gone from slimey to creepy..Rubio is like a frightened little dog ..yap yap yappin…
    I truly believe there will come a day we will find that Rubio is chemically enhanced…he is surely on something..
    and they better keep sharp objects away from Glen (Heavens Gate ) Beck..
    you could not writ a comic strip with this many kooky folks..

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  11. PremAmerica says:

    Well folks. It is Kansas. It is a Closed Caucus. And it did go to Huckabee and Santorum.

    Don’t get your hopes up.

    This is good strategy by Trump. It will at a minimum prevent Cruz from getting a majority of the delegates. And give Trump a chance to break even delegates-wise.

    Oh, remember Phil Ruffin? Trump’s billionaire buddy? The guy that orchestrated Trump’s blowout Closed Caucus victory in Nevada?

    He is a Kansan. And he’s been speaking for (and organizing?) for Trump in Kansas the last couple of days.

    So maybe, Trump can pull Kansas out after all and deny the Boogerman!

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    • Ted Cruz only was awarded a win in Iowa because he CheaTED. Even Trump admits this publicly and RNC won’t do anything even though it has already been proven that Cruz took votes from Carson supporters because Cruz & Co. lied to them that Carson was out of the race. Vote fraud also for Rubio in 3 GOPe stronghold counties.

      Trump DOES have the Huckabee voters The BIBLE BELT and he has the Nascar voters, which are the 2 big Huckabee wins from 2008.

      If we keep repeating the media lying narrative that somehow Trump can’t get Huckabee nor Santorum votes then we become part of their lie ourselves and only make it easier for them to cover their vote fraud.

      Bible Belt Map = Trump wins = same as Huckabee

      There are also many who believe some cheating went on in OKLAHOMA per Roger Stone and reports called in to the station. Trump was up in polls in OK 35% Trump to 22% Cruz

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      • skifflegirl says:

        Voter fraud is one of America’s best kept secrets. The media quickly swats it away every time it is reported, as if the whole idea is just too crazy to believe. It’s widespread and rampant, alrighty. We are a Banana Republic. That’s why everyone, everywhere needs to get the vote out to overcome the shenanigans.

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  12. mimbler says:

    I think the GOPe may have hurt themselves. By inconveniencing Sedgwick County (which includes Wichita metropolitan area), by all voting at one location, they allowed Trump to give a rally to all those voters one hour before voting starts. How could you not pause to vote for him on your way out of the rally? He was smart enough to see this and exploit it. Plus he is avoiding the obvious traps at CPAC.

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  13. senda72 says:

    Rules for the Kansas Caucus – Republicans

    The GOP will caucus first, starting at 10 a.m. There are 102 caucus locations across the state, usually one per county (although Johnson County will have nine caucus locations). Republicans can attend any caucus site, although participants are urged to caucus in their home counties, if possible.

    Only Republicans can participate in the caucus. You must have registered as a Republican by Feb. 4 if you want to be a part of the vote, and you’ll be asked for a government-issued photo ID.

    If you’re not on the voter list at the caucus site you attend, or don’t have proper ID, you can cast a provisional ballot that can be counted after the party confirms you are eligible.

    After that, the GOP procedure is simple. After short speeches from attendees supporting the candidates, caucusgoers can mark secret ballots. Seven names will be listed: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. (The ballots were printed before Bush and Fiorina dropped out of the race.)

    Caucus voters can cast ballots as “uncommitted.”

    You need not attend the entire meeting to vote, and you don’t have to listen to the speeches. You can come in any time between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., cast your ballot, then leave.

    There are 40 convention delegates at stake in the caucuses. Three are national committee members, and they’re pledged to the top vote-getter in the statewide vote.

    Twenty-five statewide delegates will be assigned proportionally to candidates who receive at least 10 percent of the vote. The remaining 12 delegates also are awarded proportionally, but by congressional district. Kansas has four congressional districts.

    All Kansas delegates must cast their votes at the party’s national convention July 18-21 in Cleveland based on the caucus results, until they are released by the candidates.

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    • senda72 says:

      The results (from above link)

      Officials in both parties expect to report results early Saturday night. Neither side is predicting turnout.

      “I’ve heard plausible, reasonable estimates everywhere from 40,000 to 75,000 (Republicans) in Kansas,” GOP director Barker said. He said the party has printed 60,000 ballots, but he warns that volunteers might have to run to the copy store for more.

      For the Democrats, “I’m not expecting a long drawn-out process,” Gooch said.

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  14. barton2016 says:

    I love it Don is with the people, the rest are with “their” people

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  15. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    OK, TX and AK are big oil states and as Trump keeps saying Cruz is all about big oil. Kansas is not a Big Oil State,

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  16. keebler AC says:

    The PDF gives me gobbledygook so I can’t read it.

    The difference between Trump and Cruz is too close. I noticed that due to fraud or closed primaries Trump’s actual votes land about 5% below poll numbers and Cruz or Rubio’s tend to go higher by same amount. That’s a 10% difference from poll to ballot result.

    Is this poll based only on likely Republican voters? Because if not, then the actual result will not be as good because non-registered supporters will be unable to vote for Trump.


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    • You notice it and so do many others. Roger Stone said they shave off Trump’s votes to increase Cruz and Rubio votes.

      There has been vote fraud and/or electronic vendor vote counting going on for decades. Oklahoma and Georgia were so obviously manipulated. When Iowa polls came out the media and others said “O we can never tell with Iowa, we always can tell with the other states but Iowa is unique in this way.”

      Now all of a sudden they are saying the same thing about any other state that Cruz “magically wins,” like Oklahoma. Trump was 35% to Cruz’ 23%. I call BULLshevik on all of that. Now we are seeing them making up false narratives for Kansas which Trump is up in the polls. Yeah, Cruz who can’t win the bible belt is somehow so close to Trump because of oil?

      Looks to me like they found their magic number 6% for their polls that way it’s easier to manipulate the votes and gullible people believe it. What a racket!



  17. keebler AC says:

    Lying Ted. Please share with Kansas voters! If they are mid-west Christians and evangelicals – how can they vote for this fraud who is NOT a true believer. He’s a pharisee, the kind Jesus despised for working against Christians and turning people away from Jesus.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Case in point why Christians don’t want this strident, lying, undesirable to represent them.

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      • And this^^^ is exactly why TrusTed was caught eating a booger on TV last night. God will not be mocked.

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      • DaveNY says:

        This guy is a maniac!


      • Timmy-the-Ute says:

        Some of the finest Christian men I have ever known died of cancer.

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      • viddysweet says:

        Thats pretty vile. I take it he wont be donating to any childhood cancer charities anytime soon.

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      • tz says:

        No, If they didn’t smoke, fornicate, and eat gluttonous amounts of sugar there would be less. You can’t sin and pray hoping the prayer is some miracle undo button.

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        • True. That’s called “healing without repentance” (repentance meaning to change one’s direction).

          I live in the Alps where our water comes from our mountain unfiltered and unprocessed right into our taps. When I come to US I cannot even drink the water here. I bought Evian water and also tried every single bottled water available and spit it out also (nothing but glamorized water, BTW France has some of the worst water in Europe).

          When I am here I have to drink DISTILLED water because it is the closest tasting and purist to pure Alpine mountain spring water. The wine here is also full of chemicals.

          The other thing is the produce in US is GMO and that grown in mineral-depleted soil. People in the Alps literally don’t age and many women don’t even go through the change until their SIXTIES. Living there took 10 years off my age (age 55 in my photo, 58 now). I attribute that to the water, possibly the air as well and the produce grown in our gardens and wine from our vineyard. So mineral-rich food and pure water are very important.

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          • I live in Italian Alps, but Italy water is known to be some of the best in the world, but absolutely miraculous in the Alps of Italy and possibly Switzerland. (Evian is supposedly from French Alps, which by the taste of it I highly doubt, but France doesn’t have good water in any case). Once you go pure, it’s hard to go back. Perhaps real French Alpine water is comparable but we’ll never know since IMO Evian is a scam. But it sounds nice and definitely better than Arizona tap water, which amounts of gasoline has been found in one report! I did a water test and found rust and other horrid things in it. Los Angeles water literally smells and tastes like poo. (sorry but it is the truth).


            • singtune says:

              Riight “MoniQue”~! Not only the water, but the GMO Food here. Congress has been Voting for not even Labeling our GMO Food here~! People are dying from eating Processed and Genetically Modified Food. I was in Pain for 35 Years & diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue ~Migranes etc. Then I finally found a Neurological/Chiropractor who told me to get tested for Pasteurized Dairy ~~High Fructose Corn Syrup etc. & found that that was actually causing My Pain & Illness. i was on 13 medications from M.D.’S. I got off ALL Processed Food, All GMO Food, and now only eat Meat/Chicken without Hormones & Antibiotics. Fibromyalgia GONE,Chronic Fatigue GONE, Migraines GONE & All MEDICATIONS GONE & I am 78 & Now Thriving. Also have Learned a Lot about what to Eat & Avoid. The GOVERNMENT is Pushing BAD FOOD & DRINKS on people of this Nation . Well OVER 60 other Nations have BANNED GMO Food.


          • Howie says:

            I have a well with an ironbreaker. The water is good.


            • churchill says:


              Just Googled “ironbreaker” and discovered that they take out the iron from well water (sorry to state the obvious but I’d never heard of this).

              Very interesting.Why do we need to take iron from drinking water?. I live in an area where the soil is so overloaded with iron that the soil is red (from the rust).



  18. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Trump is on a grueling schedule and talking to the people directly the scripted debates actually don’t mean much of anything as they are set up to destroy Trump so one could say skip them.

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  19. I’m hoping Trump has a good ground game for the Kansas caucus like he did in Nevada. Ground game meaning: plenty of folks on the ground to prevent fraud and cheating! Kansas is Huck voters and Trump seems to get the Huck voters, he did in the bible belt.

    IMO ground game is all about a good presence there at the caucuses to avoid shenanigans. This time would be great for Trump to be there but looks like Kentucky is also a caucus. Trump people’s presence was immense at Nevada caucus and I hope it will be for the Kansas and Kentucky as well.

    Couldn’t find anything online about Trump’s ground game in either. There really isn’t any reason for Trump to loose either one of those states if he puts an immense ground game there. If he doesn’t then the moths will get in to rob and ruin. Hiring extra staff and extra volunteers is imperative. His ground game in Nevada was TIGHT. Cruz folks were so mad they couldn’t cheat.


  20. Suzanne says:

    The way things are going with this brokered convention scenario, there will be a public revolt in epic proportions and will probably lead to a future 3rd party organically. But, this 3rd party will be more successful because it will encompass democrats AND republicans who are just fed up with the bureaucracy debacle.


  21. Anita says:

    I really don’t know why so many people are willing to throw our constitution away and make up their own as Cruz is doing. He’s not eligible and he knows it. Why do you think he won’t show his naturalization papers.

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