Creating “Plausible Deniability” – Report: Fox News Reconsidering Advocacy Position For Marco Rubio’s Candidacy?…

Fox News’ primary agenda driver, Rupert Murdoch, was conspicuously absent from commentary following the last GOP debate, staged cage fight. It was the only debate where Murdoch did not announce Marco Rubio the winner.

roger-ailesA few days later the New York Times embarrassed Fox News by revealing the corporate media agenda, including secret meetings with DC politicians and media, to advance Marco Rubio’s gang-of-eight proposals and benefit their ideological immigration agenda (outlined below).

Both owner Rupert Murdoch and Fox executive President Roger Ailes have been positioning the network to do as much damage to Rubio’s opponent Donald Trump as possible for the past 8 months. Fox News political executive director, Bill Sammons, is the father of Marco Rubio’s national spokesperson, Brooke Sammon. The agenda has been transparent from the outset.

However, today a report surfaces where Roger Ailes is reportedly reconsidering the media conglomerate’s position.

[…] According to three Fox sources, Fox chief Roger Ailes has told people he’s lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win (link).

NOT SO FAST – The timing, just hours before the network broadcasts yet another attack debate favorable to Rubio, reeks of a corporate entity trying to position themselves with plausible deniability; and isolate themselves from the growing backlash of an audience who have woken up to the manipulative intents of the network.

Rupert MurdochThe owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch has been a staunch advocate for Marco Rubio for several years.  Murdoch leveraged his entire news apparatus, and his most important and visible investment, Megyn Kelly, to advocate on behalf of the comprehensive immigration tool.

Not coincidentally, Megyn Kelly signed a book deal with another of Ruperts’ business interests, Harper Collins books. Ms. Kelly’s book deal is worth somewhere north of $5 million, and many observers are putting the deal around $10 million. Quite a beneficial backdoor payday for Ms. Kelly from her boss, Rupert Murdoch.

However, Murdoch’s manipulative agenda is more visibly found in his advocacy for Senator Marco Rubio. Observers will note almost no debate discussion on the advocacy of Rubio for the Trans-Pacific trade deal (TPP), or comprehensive immigration reform. However, it should not come as a surprise, the head of Fox News even structured media coverage on behalf of Rubio during the Gang-of-Eight legislative fiasco in 2013.

Mr. Murdoch, who is also leading the executive decision-making on Fox programming, also contracts pollster Frank Luntz to appear on Fox News broadcasting during the 2016 election cycle.

[…] since June, Murdoch has been attending Ailes’s daily executive meeting held on the second floor of Fox headquarters. The secretive afternoon gathering in Ailes’s conference room is attended by about a half-dozen of the network’s most senior lieutenants. It’s where some of the most sensitive decisions about running the channel are discussed. (link)

Frank Luntz has sub-contracts with Marco Rubio and a long-term relationship with Rubio going back to the Freshman Senator’s time in the Florida Legislature. Rubio alone has paid Luntz $350,000+

Frank Luntz focus groups regularly find Marco Rubio as the winner of debate and opinion programming.

The executive in charge of Fox News debate programming, debate questioning and debate structure is Bill Sammon. (circled below)

Rubio debate 2

brooke sammon The Washington Post has an outline describing how Bill Sammon runs the entire show at Fox regarding debates; and how he is the person who Chris Stirewalt, Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Brett Baier directly report to for all debate issues, construction, and question organization.

In essence, Bill Sammon runs the show.

Bill Sammon’s daughter is Brooke Sammon who is the press secretary for Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign.

A generally interested observer would consider this a conflict of interest worthy of full disclosure. However, none of the above have ever been publicly disclosed prior to the media presentation by any Fox entity.

Additionally, it has now surfaced what approach Megyn Kelly was going to take when questioning Donald Trump at the Fox News debate he skipped prior to the Iowa Caucus.

During a television interview with Steven Colbert Kelly shared:

“[Trump] recently said that his supporters are so devoted to him that they could go in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and he wouldn’t lose a single voter. In response to which, I was going to ask him, ‘Were you talking about me?'”


Megyn Kelly Debate

Megyn Kelly tweet Stirewalt

During the Fox Business News debate several political junkies noted a rather curious omission: Senator Marco Rubio was never questioned about the 2013 Senate Gang-of-Eight bill and his stance on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In fact, if you were to review the debate substance you’d note that candidate Rubio wasn’t directly questioned about his immigration positions at all.

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

It is not disconnected that during the 2013/2014 Gang-of-Eight immigration constructs, Fox News was an active participant in the promotion of the immigration reform proposals. In order to facilitate the congressional immigration intent Fox launched a previously unknown pro-amnesty propaganda blitz to support senate immigration bill.

What follows below is an evidenced expose’ of their agenda.

♦ It was less than a year ago when Mickey Kaus was chastised by Tucker Carlson, a Fox Contributor, for writing an article in the Daily Caller outlining the relationship between Rupert Murdoch, his company Fox News, the talking heads under his control and authority, and Murdoch’s request for pro-amnesty propaganda to be broadcast on the network.

Carlson took down the article from the Daily Caller, and subsequently Mickey Kaus quit in disgust over the agenda-driven editorial decision. Apparently some things are just too sensitive for sunlight and exposure.

What Mickey Kaus outlined was a pattern within Fox to push immigration reform and included a first person excerpt between David Axelrod and Rupert Murdoch:

On page 424 of his recent memoir, Obama’s former top strategist David Axelrod describes running into Fox chieftain (and immigration amnesty supporter) Rupert Murdoch at a dinner in the fall of 2010:

During the dinner, Murdoch, who was seated beside me, insisted that the president had to move on immigration reform. ….

“But the solution has to be comprehensive,” I said. “We can’t just attack a piece of the immigration problem. And you know, there’s one big thing that you can do to help, and that is to keep your cable network from stoking the nativism that keeps us from solving this.” [Emphasis added] (link)

Kaus goes on to outline how Fox News followed the plan and conspicuously avoided any mention of the crafting: “in the spring of 2013 when the “Gang of 8” amnesty bill snuck through the Senate“. Mickey uses a historical timeline, day-by-day story leads, showing how Fox was intentionally NOT COVERING the story (see here).

GOP gang of 8

♦ However, even before Kaus discovered -and outlined- proof of what his research into Fox revealed there was a prior article written by Ryan Lizza in The New Yorker Magazine [June 2013] which was even more revealing:

New Yorker 2013 – […] Fox News has notably changed its tone since the election. A Democratic policy staffer who worked on the issue in 2007 and has helped write the current bill said, “NumbersUSA and FAIR”—two groups that want to dramatically limit immigration—“managed to convince Fox News back then to be their twenty-four-hour news channel of the anti-immigrant point of view. Fox has now totally bought in to the idea that we just need to figure something out.”

Rush Limbaugh, who fiercely opposes the bill, has come to sound resigned. “I don’t know if there’s any stopping this,” he said on January 28th, the day the Gang held the press conference announcing its framework for the legislation. “It’s up to me and Fox News, and I don’t think Fox News is that invested in this.”

McCain told me, “Rupert Murdoch is a strong supporter of immigration reform, and Roger Ailes is, too.” Murdoch is the chairman and C.E.O. of News Corp., which owns Fox, and Ailes is Fox News’s president.

McCain said that he, Graham, Rubio, and others also have talked privately to top hosts at Fox, including Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Neil Cavuto, who are now relatively sympathetic to the Gang’s proposed bill. Hannity voiced support for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, which he previously dismissed as “amnesty,” on the day after the 2012 election. “God bless Fox,” Graham said. “Last time, it was ‘amnesty’ every fifteen seconds.” He said that the change was important for his reelection, because “eighty per cent of people in my primary get their news from Fox.” He added that the network has “allowed critics to come forward, but it’s been so much better.” (link)

So there’s a trio of GOPe Republicans in the so-called Gang of Eight huddled with leading figures at Fox News Channel. A few days later Bill O’Reilly interviews Marco Rubio and urges the Senator to come to him if anyone opposes the proposal.

♦ As you watch this segment in retrospect, with the information you now possess, consider that both Bill O’Reilly and Marco Rubio have pre-discussed the entire topic and worked out exactly what the framework of questions and answers would be:

Rupert Murdoch, Wall Street, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the entire GOPe apparatus -including House Speaker Paul Ryan- are 100% behind comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty.

Now, lets contrast this historic information against the backdrop new information within the republican debates. There is a particular clarity that resonates, no?

grubering us 2

Few people know how close we came to seeing this immigration usurpation actually come to fruition as law. Our nation was literally a few hours away from fundamental change.

There is an incredible story to be told of two unheralded heroes named Zach Werrell and Gray Delany, who, together with representative Dave Brat of Virginia, fundamentally saved the construct of the U.S. as we know it. And that is not even the slightest bit of exaggeration. Without them, there wouldn’t even be a Donald Trump campaign today.

The he-said, he-said, between presidential candidates Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz provides an opportunity to highlight just how close passage of Amnesty law was in 2014.

cruz rubio Lee immigration

The senate “Gang of Eight” comprehensive immigration reform bill, which included amnesty legislation was not blocked by Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio – it specifically passed the senate because of them, not despite them.

A very insightful PBS documentary “The Immigration Battle” lays out exactly what took place during the 2013/2014 legislative time frame. If you have not watched the documentary I would strongly recommend you do so, it is profoundly enlightening.

The documentary walks you through a timeline explaining exactly who was doing what at the times discussed.

Here’s the trailer:

Watch Full Documentary – HERE

After the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill, the activity shifted to the House of Representatives. Paul Ryan was part of the team supporting passage.

Eventually, against ever increasing pressure from President Obama’s bully pulpit, it came to a moment in the House (June 2014) where Speaker John Boehner was going to take up a vote on the Senate Bill.

Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan and a few other close insiders had been holding secret meetings discussing support for the bill. On Friday June 6th 2014 Boehner recognized there was now enough support for passage – he also knew it was going to be controversial.

Boehner - Cantor- McCarthy - House-GOP-leaders-

Boehner asked Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Whip) to whip the vote and get a confirmed vote count on Monday June 9th 2014. Unbeknownst to both GOP and DEM rank-and-file membership Boehner, Ryan and Eric Cantor already knew they had the votes for passage – the request to McCarthy was merely to confirm.

Speaker John Boehner was planning to schedule the vote for Thursday June 12th or Friday June 13th the consideration on either date circled around political benefit through the media: Was it better to celebrate, if so Thursday -or- was it better to pass and get out of dodge, if so Friday.

So the GOP House Members were officially whipped on Monday June 9th. The results confirmed what John Boehner and Paul Ryan already knew – They had enough votes to pass it.

On Tuesday June 10th Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor (Majority Leader) and Kevin McCarthy (Majority Whip) had lunch together discussing timing the vote Thursday night or Friday Morning.

However, later that same night the results from the 2014 Virginia primary showed an unknown conservative outsider, Dave Brat, had defeated (primaried) Eric Cantor. At 7:00pm Tuesday night the first word went out that Cantor had lost.

cantor vs bratBoehner, McCarthy and Cantor were STUNNED beyond belief.

The next day, Wednesday June 11th, the House of Representatives was also in a state of shock – Almost the entire reason for the defeat was the controversial immigration position of Cantor.

Immediately panicked GOP congresscritters were calling Kevin McCarthy and revoking their previous (2 days earlier) positions of support for the bill. By lunchtime Wednesday June 11th it was obvious the Immigration Bill was NOW DEAD in the House.

That’s how close it was. Literally within hours of a vote for passage.

Amnesty didn’t die because of Senator Ted Cruz or anything he did or didn’t do. The gang of eight bill had already passed the senate.

Amnesty died exclusively because candidate Dave Brat beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Period.

Megyn kelly Katie couric

….Once you see the strings on the marionettes it’s impossible to go back to a time when you don’t see them any longer !

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449 Responses to Creating “Plausible Deniability” – Report: Fox News Reconsidering Advocacy Position For Marco Rubio’s Candidacy?…

  1. benY says:

    Yeah, I believe the Kabuki, which they have been masters at, is full pedal to the metal.

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    • Uniparty Kabuki Theatre……


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      • Howie says:

        I am unable to converse in irrational conversation anymore. I am down to physical terms. They are psychotic. They are also pussy’s and will start to grovel IMO. I just wish Donald would beat them to a pulp in a boxing match. It is by me.

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      • Six monopoly corporations own 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishing companies and 95% of entertain/ programming industry. Trump holds the only card to break this Demonic Warlord cabal.

        “9/11 Truth, the Trump Card” at Veterans Today,

        also read the 65 Nuclear Education articles listed in the index.

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        • rayzorback says:

          Yet some are worried about someone saying: PUSSY!


          • rayzorback says:

            If the Jock Strap Fits?
            PUSSY is not a words that is ALWAYS about a VAGINA!


            • lorac says:

              lol either you’re having a few drinks, or you and Rubio are in the same 6th grade class 🙂 PS I’m not a moderator, but the person you are needling is. You may want to rethink. Just a friendly fyi.


        • Cee says:

          Thank you Joseph. The profound effect of the media corruption is disgusting. I have researched the CEOs of these monopoly corporations. They share the same beliefs and the same religion. As a result there is minimal or no diversity to express opposing views. I can understand why more and more people have lost their respect for the major news programs. It all about greed and money. Recall the 1930s, when the media was afraid to confront the Third Reich. Hollywood also averted its eyes. Their shameful behavior is well-documented and it continues today.


    • KBR says:

      However, today a report surfaces where Roger Ailes is reportedly reconsidering the media conglomerate’s position.

      […] According to three Fox sources, Fox chief Roger Ailes has told people he’s lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win (link).

      Both tries at this link: “sorry this link is broken”
      Looks like they have cleaned out that statement, Sundance.


      • These Globalists and their minions are Treacherously Traitorous: They are actively undermining our most sacred electoral process, destroying the foundations of our liberty and attempting to dismantle our country.



        Rest assured that anything short of this will irreversibly empower them at Americans’ expense.

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        • Agreed. Every patriot needs to tie this scandal to the hacking scandal in the UK and do the math. Spy data in and propaganda out. The actions of the octopus tentacles are separated in time and space so we don’t connect the dots.


  2. Pete V says:


    The Supreme Leader denies that Trump is “inevitable” but tries to signal he is somehow neutral in this war. I assume it’s a preparation for a large-scale FOX/Romney attack tomorrow – to avoid that people point to Murdoch.

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  3. flyanddive says:

    Amnesty will never be granted, the dog and pony show that was the gang of eight was specifically designed to give false hope to the basically slave labor force that is in the United States. Eric Cantor’s defeat was planned by the GOPe, there are no accidents at that level of politics.

    The difference between Trump, and Waterboy Rubio/Cruz, is that Trump plans to kick that labor force out out of the country. This would effectively replace that slave labor with Americans. Trump has always held the position that America is for Americans.

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    • Donald Trump and Sundance:

      Illegal Immigrants steal entry-level jobs from Americans to work for far less, and will be deported if they seek raises or quit.
      H1-B Visa Foreigners displace American workers from skilled jobs for far less pay, and will have their visas revoked if they seek raises or promotions.

      Make the Uniparty Republicans and Democrats BOTH OWN IT:
      They rigged the system for Modern-Day Slave Traders.
      They voted for it.
      They multiplied it.
      They are racists of the worst kind, stealing the futures of America’s minorities.
      They MUST ALL GO.

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  4. Howie says:

    Waiter was scheduled to get out now and get his payoff. Now they will go to Cruz as last resort., Linda signaled it today. Trump v Goat Roper!

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  5. redredrice says:

    Amazing post, synthesizes the whole construct and intended outcomes. I hope Trump uses this opportunity at the debate to speak directly to the American people, I mean give his answers looking straight at the camera and not even acknowledge the moderators. They are going to be hostile anyway, so as long as he looks in control and hammers Cruz and Rubio, he will dominate.

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  6. Eris says:

    3/3/2016 debate battle space preparation by Trump:

    “#5 Require price transparency from all healthcare providers, especially doctors and healthcare organizations like clinics and hospitals. Individuals should be able to shop to find the best prices for procedures, exams or any other medical-related procedure.”

    Love it!

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    • benY says:

      Expect “me too” Ted to repeat this at the debates and claim it as his own.

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    • flyanddive says:

      This will absolutely fix the medical industry, save medicare and medicaid, and balance social security. Incredible, no one can vote against this plan.

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    • MfM says:

      I hope that eventually small business people will be able to get affordable group plans through organizations like county business organizations. Single policies are freaking ridiculous.

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    • Mike says:

      The real is issue is doctor licensing, state boards, and drug approvals of old generic drugs. While I’m ok with voluntary credentialling, medicine has become perverse, ineffective and even dangerous with many expensive “standard of care” treatments.

      Make freedom of association and speech in medicine legal, and much of the monopoly pricing disappears, along with many non-medical parasites, as well as cheaper more effective treatments being rewarded in the marketplace..

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    • Spaz says:

      That (unfair pricing aspect) is a major peeve of mine with these sorry insurance companies. I had to get an MRI on my foot a few years ago, and already had the sky high deductible. Knowing I had to pay for the MRI up front, I called Humana (boo hiss) to find out what were the usual & customary rates in my area so I would know how much money to bring. They said they couldn’t tell me what that might be – like it was confidential with the providers. So I called my local hospital to ask what one would cost – they wouldn’t tell me either, partially because Humana might pay them a different rate depending on the plan (or the wind, or planetary alignments). I finally got the lady to give me a ballpark figure, and guess what? – Humana later approved a HIGHER dollar amount for the hospital than had even been quoted to me!

      American Express & I paid everything for my foot fracture, and Humana never paid a dime since i didnt quite reach the deductibje. I’m still paying $50 monthly for the bone stimulator (it took me 9 months to heal without having surgery – Jones Fractures are nasty things). All Humana did was demand the doctor charge less than he billed but it probably would have been cheaper for me to have just been a “cash” patient. And that was before Obamacare really kicked in with a vengeance! God bless Donald Trump for addressing this unfair pricing aspect of the healthcare industry!


  7. TheFenian says:

    FOX isn’t giving up on Rubio. He’s the establishment’s only monkey wrench in the gears of the Trump machine at the moment. If FOX was really giving up on the Rubio “thing”, they’d have already started promoting Kasich. Which they haven’t.

    The debate will be loud and ugly and bloody – all shots aimed at Trump. The plan is the same as it was at the first one – make Trump explode in anger.

    I’ve no idea who they have plans to try and nominate if they get Trump to the convention 1 vote short.

    It won’t be Romney. It may be Ryan, may be Nikki Haley. Rubio is their VP choice, that’s his prize for being the attack chiwawaw.

    But we can stop all this nonsense. It’s all up to us. If we get the delegates, we cannot be stopped.

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    • KBR says:

      I’ve been saying Ryan for a while. Seems he has been too cocky to be just a House of Representatives guy ever since he ran with Romney as vp. He’s also a buddy of Reince.


      • rayzorback says:

        ESTABLISHMENT “Hack” (I would say what I really mean, but seems some here have a SENSITIVITY complex!
        Ryan is a PUSSY!


    • wyntre says:

      The RNC Rules Committee can change everything if, as several posters here have commented, the current rules expire the day before the convention.

      DNC did the same thing in 2008, changing delegate award rules in May to benefit the POS.

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      • tampafan says:

        They tried in December (to change rule 40), and Trump threatened to sue. With the internet and Twitter, the Rules Committee can’t operate in their smoke filled room as usual.

        These guys are playing the same game that has been played for decades. They just did not/don’t factor in the internet. Donors HATE to be called out, so that is our best chance to slow their roll. Keep it up Sunshine and Treepers! Calling out them all – by name – is working.

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  8. Bull Durham says:

    So. proof of what everyone saw and heard for months. Fox was sponsoring Rubio. They owe equal time to all the other candidates.

    The Media are so dishonest. Top to bottom.

    The should be humiliated tonight with this thrown in the moderators face.

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  9. MB Miller says:

    Great article. The Koch brothers announce today that they would not fund any primary Super PAC ads. Why? Is this related to Murdoch’s new agenda.

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  10. Bull Durham says:

    Trump on Bill O’Rubio in ten minutes.

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  11. petszmom says:

    enough with fox…will not be watching the debate.

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    • JAS says:

      Haven’t watched a single one of them ever, from any network. I get everything I need from our Tree House :).

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      • MB Miller says:

        I can’t stomach Fox or OReilly….won’t watch…..they can go to hell.

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        • emma says:

          There is only one way to hurt Fox networks and that is to toughen up and CUT. THE. CORD.

          If you have satellite or cable, Murdoch and his den of demons gets money from you EVERY TIME YOU PAY YOUR BILL. I realize some people are okay with paying Murdoch and the den of demons to come into their homes each night to insult their intelligence, but for those who truly have had ENOUGH of their filthy lies, it’s time to CUT. THE. CORD.

          Cut the cord and you hurt them. Sure, you can tell yourself that your big smack down of Murdoch is watching MSNBC or CNN instead. Laughable, because that doesn’t hurt them at all. See, not watching Fox doesn’t really hurt Fox. They STILL get paid every time you pay your bill.

          Use the internet – you do NOT need them anymore. Really and truly, you don’t need them!

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          • elena19501 says:

            The only thing I can do: not to watch! I live in condo and my bill included in my maintenance fee(((


          • Prothonotary Warbler says:

            If there are a lot of shows you like on cable, might I suggest Netflix as an alternative? Most cable shows are available there (except for the shows on “premium” channels like HBO and Showtime). You’ll often have to wait a bit longer to see them, as Netflix can’t show them right away. The service costs $8-$12 a month, and the only differences between their three plans are only many viewer profiles you can have and how many devices you can use at once to watch the shows.


          • judyw says:

            And their days are numbered. Remember the daily newspapers? Conservative talk radio and conservative television news channels have been compromised and the more that is exposed the more evidence becomes visible they are no longer conservative. Sunlight! 🙂


      • petszmom says:

        me either…used to be I would tune in for only the few minutes if trump was on but no longer…wasn’t worth it. they would only find a way to put him down. I haven’t watched anything, even my local stations have gone bye-bye. we have the power to put them out of business by not watching. unfortunately, many treepers continue to support the media by watching regularly. we are either for the good of the country (cutting out all media) or we continue to aid and abet the enemy.

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        • emma says:

          Exactly! Teevee is addictive, I get that – but it is EASY to break the habit, really it is! You don’t even need any pay source, just get one of the tools to hook your computer to your television and you’re good to go. We’ve never been big on drama type shows, and missed the entire ‘reality tee vee’ phase, but we love news and good documentaries and I am fond of old movies. We’ve been unplugged for almost 4 years now and there is NO WAY I’d ever even consider going back – even if it were “free.”

          Television truly makes mush of your brain.


          CUT THE CORD!

          Stop paying for your own destruction!

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    • AdamSelene says:

      I watch via rebroadcast youtube streams. This way Fox gets no $$$.

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  12. don welch says:

    i am 67 and a life long conservative. what is going on inside the GOP is mind blowing. if trump gets the nomination hillary will probably beat him but if he doesn’t get the nomination hillary will roll over who ever does.


  13. Clc says:

    I can see Murdoch going for Hillary. He is on the same level as Robert kagan. What about krauthammer? He did write speeches for Walter mondale at one time.

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  14. JAS says:

    Excellent expose. the whole thing reeks of lord wannabes and serfdom for the rest of us.

    Fear is not in their vocabulary and the awakening masses of this great Nation have to instill it.

    And this is all so easy if we all band together and let our dollars do the talking. It will take time because they have deep pockets and can take losses for quite a while before they belly up.

    But they WILL belly up.

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  15. Howie says:

    Trump should just beat his little Cuban ass to a pulp. I tire of the pussy willow crapola.

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  16. StormyeyesC says:

    I have just started seeing a few “Don’t Tread on Me” flags flying on peoples property. Today, I asked one homeowner the significance.. He replied, If you were Trump supporter, you would understand. NOW I get it, and have ordered one for yard!

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  17. Howie says:



  18. Bull Durham says:

    There are two logical moves the opposing parties should make.

    Cruz should go to Trump and make a deal to drop out, get on the ticket as VP, offer his nominee for Supreme Court and wait 8 years for his time to come. He could help shape a conservative hold on the government for decades.

    The RINOS should offer a sit-down to get their needs met in a new administration. Perhaps, not to be prosecuted for corruption. Some places in the administration. Some input into judgeships.

    Make peace, win the GE, cooperate and survive.

    It would be up to Trump to negotiate solutions to the issues that divide.

    Donald will have to take the lumps out.

    Those are two rational moves that are win-win for each. Either would be great for America.

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    • runthetable says:

      Two words “BYE BYE”

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    • KBR says:

      If Trump was an insincere person, and would say okay, just to fire Cruz from the VP immediately after his nomination, then fine. ( and it would be no more than the lying scum Cruz deserves!)

      But Trump is running as a truth teller, so that would not work.

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    • John Galt says:

      “Cruz should go to Trump and make a deal to drop out, get” — a green card.

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    • sahm2016 says:

      Cruz’s true character has been revealed throughout this Presidential Primary. Set aside the eligibility issue, is Cruz someone you want one heartbeat away from the Presidency?

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    • Bacall says:

      There is no evidence that Trump wants to eliminate or punish the donor class or its progeny. Don’t project onto him your view of the needed outcome. He has positions that he believes will benefit the country and he has put himself into good negotiating position. He hasn’t suggested overthrowing or eliminating the corrupt media or GOPe. He is bargaining for what he believes will create prosperity. I’m for taking this road and seeing where it goes even if it stops at some needed reform. Trump did not envision the movement that has developed when he started the campaign. And I support him and this doesn’t diminish his strategic brilliance and tactical adeptness. Patience and steeliness are needed.

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    • Bull, the problem with move #1 is that Cruz is a liar and a cheat, and he’ll still be a liar and a cheat 8 years from now.


    • lorac says:

      Why would Trump want someone who is not an NBC as a running mate? Trump has already said the dems are filing lawsuits against Cruz’ eligibility. Plus, Cruz is a snake.

      Personally, I don’t know why people feel that just because someone ran for president and lose, they should get a consolation prize… There is a whole world of people out there.


  19. Bill O’Reilly has been openly indignant and pugnacious with Trump regarding deportation, lining up perfectly with his boss, Rupert. Perhaps Bill should have spent more positive time with his children whom he just lost custody of with his ex-wife, rather than defending the rights of illegal immigrant children.

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  20. Drakken says:

    Anybody seen the blog post rediscovered that Trump wrote in 2005 that said outsourcing jobs is sometimes useful? Some posters said it could be a big deal.


  21. Renee Blythe says:

    FOX is a huge traitor to Americans. I do not watch their trash. The only reason Marco won Minnesota is because it is a catholic state.


  22. emma says:

    Caution for the video as there IS a lot of foul language, but this expose of Frank Luntz is very good and very funny.

    Liked by 9 people

    • American Nationalist says:

      The same point was made much earlier and brilliantly in “Yes, Prime Minister.” After watching this, you will never again believe another opinion poll.

      Liked by 4 people

      • emma says:

        Nice one! Thank you!

        I don’t know if many of the people here have watched the 2005 movie, V for Vendetta, but this called to mind the exchange between two employees of one of the ‘news’ channels from that movie:

        “Patricia: ‘You think people will buy this?’

        Dascomb: ‘Well, why not? This is the BTN. Our job is to report the news, not fabricate it. That’s the government’s job’.”

        and of course, thinking of that movie reminded me of this line, too:

        “V: People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Notmeagain says:

        Hilarious. “The perfect balanced sample.”


    • Shamrock_for_USA says:

      Luntz is a low life bottom feeder! Both him and Jonathan Gruber (architect of Obamacare) think they are smarter than us idiots. Luntz and Gruber go directly to Dante’s Eight Circle (Fraud)!

      Liked by 8 people

  23. “The senate “Gang of Eight” comprehensive immigration reform bill, which included amnesty legislation was not blocked by Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio – it specifically passed the senate because of them, not despite them.”

    This exactly why any stance Cruz pretends to take against amnesty only proves what a fraud he really is.

    Cruz is as much of a bona fide “anti-establishment” politician as Rubio.

    Liked by 7 people

    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      Exactly. The same thing with his vote on TPP. He voted for it in the cloture vote, then he turned around and played “astounded” that McConnell betrayed him with dirty tricks. So, Teddy starts getting attacked by his supporters and he then votes against the bill. Too late, because he got it through with the cloture vote and that is what matters. He also voted for the Iran Deal! Enough said on Pastor Teddy.

      Liked by 7 people

      • R-C says:

        I find this Cruz position the hardest to swallow. I certainly do not consider elevating a man so easily hoodwinked to the presidency.

        (And in this equation, he is either ‘easily hoodwinked’, or ‘LYING’. Take your pick.)

        Liked by 4 people

      • flova says:

        I do not understand why Trump does not hit Cruz and Rubio with this at every debate.


      • Obomination says:

        The Iran deal that he wants to shred, he voted for. The author of “A Time for Truth” is quite the audacious liar. Clinton-esque.


  24. mcfyre2012 says:

    “According to three Fox sources, Fox chief Roger Ailes has told people he’s lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win.”

    Hmmm…I’d tend to agree considering Rubio won’t win Florida and is even less eligible than Cruz.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. chowgirl says:

    oh lay dee odl ay
    Oh oh, lay dee odl lee o, lay dee odl lee o lay


    Liked by 1 person

  26. Ono says:

    Fox News. Correction

    Fox Propaganda network.

    Murdoc is a globalist

    Turn off MSM

    Trump ’16

    Liked by 8 people

  27. Howie says:

    White people are going to vote for Trump. White people are ready to get in the street this summer. The fear of the White’s in the street is more than they can bear. We, are their Huckleberry.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Take it easy, Jethro.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Zzschnops says:

      I am with you. Locknload


    • phil fan says:

      Trump’s coalition is greater than pissed off whites. It includes Blacks, Asians, Hispanics as well. Many are angry at the globalists plans to destroy liberty in this country. The race angle is a tired worn out cliche. Our problems transcend race and so do their solutions. Unite!

      Liked by 2 people

      • emma says:

        I totally agree and this is what the globalists/establishment fears most of all – that we the people unify against them.

        It’s why they support chit like Black Lives Matter. It’s why the establishment mouthpieces have been screaming, ‘kkk!’ and ‘racist!’ for two days. Undeniable that that sort of stuff works on a segment of the black/minority population, but it’s so obviously bullchit that it ends up disgusting another segment of the black/minority population. Basically, they’ve figured out how they’ve been played for so long via the democrat race card, and hearing the GOPe start pulling it is only going to draw more to Trump.

        The globalists/establishment will be defeated, by AMERICANS who finally unify against our common enemy, the globalists/establishment.

        Trump brings that kind of unity – it’s another reason the globalists/establishment are frantic to get rid of him, and thereby, render us again voiceless.

        Wow I really despise the globalists/establishment. They’re evil.

        Liked by 1 person

        • phil fan says:

          Yup we are their worse nightmare = a broad, diverse Trump coalition of patriotic nationalists united with love of country and against the godless destroyers…globalists.


  28. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I don’t watch FOX unless it is Dobbs or when Trump will be on. I have a hunch that their ratings are going into the toilet because of their anti-Trump bashing. There has been reports out there of this happening. I don’t trust anything they say, but they may also be trying to salvage some of the nosedive in their ratings.

    Liked by 9 people

  29. TAS says:

    Think about it….Murdock runs the show and he just didn’t wake up today and all of a sudden change his globalist mind. This is smoke!

    Liked by 8 people

  30. Fox News chief Roger Ailes has told people he’s lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win. “We’re finished with Rubio,” Why is a news outlet biased in favor of somebody anyway? I have had to turn it off.

    Liked by 3 people

  31. John Galt says:

    The polls for Rubot in Florida must be extremely horrible. Standby for 2X loser Romney.

    Liked by 5 people

  32. Shamrock_for_USA says:

    Fox is just baiting the hook hoping we will bite and come back to them.
    Hey Murdock and Ailes……..your gonna need a bigger boat!
    You can start by throwing MK overboard!

    Liked by 8 people

  33. stella says:

    What with Romney making a blockbuster speech tomorrow, I wonder if they will force Rubio out, and get Romney in the race? Is that even possible?

    They are reportedly (GOP) enticing Carson out of the race by offering Rubio’s senate seat. What the heck is going on?

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Rubio’s sins are all coming how now and despite what he claims he has no chance of wining and will be finished when Trump takes Florida on March 15th.

    Liked by 3 people

  35. redredrice says:

    With my tinfoil hat firmly on, I think these GOP jerks are being sent out by the Saudis like suicide bombers to try and take out Trump. Each one gets blown up and Trump remains unscathed.

    Liked by 4 people

  36. RM says:

    “Ailes was already concerned about Rubio’s lackluster performance in GOP primaries and caucuses, winning only one contest among the 15 that have been held. But the more proximate cause for the flip was an embarrassing New York Times article revealing that Rubio and Ailes had a secret dinner meeting in 2013 during which the Florida senator successfully lobbied the Fox News chief to throw his support behind the “Gang of 8” comprehensive immigration-reform bill. “Roger hates seeing his name in print,” a longtime Ailes associate told me. “He was appalled the dinner was reported,” the source said”

    HE was appalled the dinner was reported? I’ve got news for ya Ailes, the AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE APPALLED that elitist media money works behind the backs of the American people to destroy their country. What absolute gall

    This is getting outrageous. I’ve got the TV on in the background & all I hear is political commercials linking Trump to the KKK, one after another. Just now a commercial came on with Rubio, saying he’s the leader of the Reagan voters children & he’ll lead them to the promised land or some nonsense

    This bull**** is getting out of control. Our “media” & political “leaders” are completely out of control & in open revolt against we the people. It’s like some Orwellian movie being played out

    Liked by 4 people

  37. wyntre says:

    Liked by 6 people

  38. marierogers says:

    i hope TRUMP is prepping for this next debate..duke, losing texas, new insurance plan, what else can they throw at him?

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Howie says:

    I knew it. Romney is surfacing. They really are that stupid. I have been pinging him and tracking all the way. And now.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. scslayer says:

    The gifted one, Karl Rove on O’Reilly, won’t commit to supporting Trump if he is the nominee. Said he was going to wait and make his decision after convention.
    Think he knows something we….already know! LoL

    Liked by 2 people

  41. mamadogsite says:

    I suggest everyone keep FOX turned off…in fact Joe Scarborough showed his true colors this morning on MSNBC…just when I was beginning to warm up to Joe and Mika….read your news…keep the MSM off. Low ratings hurt….and with smart tvs kerping tract….I think they are deceiving us….don’t fall for it.

    I also do not think Greta is in on this as she is in Washington and runs a pretty close show, and can be tough, but fair. I ALMOST THINK she is above this. Wish they had considered her as a moderator. I admit, I turned FOX on tonight as most of her show was the interview with Melania Trump. Turned it off when the show was over.

    So Trump friends…this is a game the media is still playing. Don’t let your guard down.

    I think the GOPe finally realize that not only is the Presidential race in question…but the downstream races are now also in jeopardy. I think they better think long and deep.

    Why are they so entrenched ? I wonder how much “dirt” the Trump organization has on these media people and politicians? Bet they are scared shitless and are worried they may be doing a perp walk in the not too distant future.

    Liked by 4 people

  42. JB from SoCal says:

    [SD: “reeks” not “wreaks” — otherwise, an XLNT read!]


  43. wyntre says:

    @mitchellvii Trump Romney vote totals in Super Tuesday states 2012 & 2016

    Trump 3,365,355
    Romney 2,604,735

    Liked by 4 people

  44. NHVoter says:

    Liked by 4 people

    • truthandjustice says:

      I wonder why he seems to be canceling his “stops” chronically — perhaps the “big boys” know something we don’t and another reason they seem to be dropping him?

      Liked by 1 person

  45. burnett044 says:

    God help me I go to Drudge just now and a huge pic and article on Kelly…
    not a journalistic bone in her body…I will not be watching the debate….but sure i will hear about on the net ….
    if there is one person i want to be taken down ,,it would be her….

    Liked by 7 people

  46. Sandra says:

    I’m finally watching the Frontline episode, thank you so much Sundance for posting the link to it (again). I made it through 5 minutes and I feel like puking, watching Luis Gutierrez with his fake crying. Ugh. He’s Puerto Rican! Puerto Ricans usually feel no connection to Mexicans or Hispanics from other parts of the Americas. Puerto Ricans usually feel superior because they are US citizens. Clearly Gutierrez is using the Mexicans to maintain his career. He preys upon them.

    OK, back to the video. I have a feeling I’m going to be nauseous throughout the entire thing. 🙂


  47. Lou-Lou says:

    Just listened to Rubio’s ” as long as it takes to be President” speech ,Scarlett O’hara has nothing on him ! As gawd is his first witness he’ ll never go hungry again …..and lett’s all remember that Minnesota voted inJesse Ventura as their Govennor … Minnesota why are you so crazy ?

    Liked by 4 people

  48. Oh my… I never watch MSNBC, but have turned over from FNC lately, because they are less biased about the Republican candidates. Maddow just did an incredible piece on the 1968 Democratic Convention and how that disaster turned into today’s Primaries and Caucuses. Fascinating. She then ended with the Republican establishment now is planning to ‘go all ’68’ trying to negate the front runner the nomination come election time. I hope it ends up on You Tube for anybody to see.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. NHVoter says:

    Btw Trump released his healthcare position paper.


    • Jedi9 says:

      Reading through his other positions specifically his Tax plan, I can now see why the establishment are very worried. End of the gravy train seems like a no brainer to me.


    • MVW says:

      This deserves its own thread, especially the importing of cheap pharmaceuticals to help deal with the current gouging of Americans with drugs at 500% and more.


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