Reports: 20,000+ Massachusetts Democrats Quit Party – “Trump Effect”…

A couple of historical reference points are needed to appropriately present the Boston Herald Radio report.

♦ First, remember the intensity in December 2009/January 2010 for “The People’s Seat“, when blocking ObamaCare was a desperate challenge.   We have met these people, they are incredibly sharp, keen, and know how to rise quickly and take action.

There is a strain of “common sense conservatism” amid a significant portion of the Bay State electorate that rises to action in the face of urgent and consequential need.  Massachusetts has proven they are incredibly apt at rapid response when needed.  After engaging with them for two months in Dec/Jan ’10, I personally gained an intense respect for a VERY intelligent, yet quietly invisible, segment of the Massachusetts electorate.

Trump rally massachusetts 2

trump rally massachusetts

(pictured) ~ Trump Rally Massachusetts

♦ Second, remember how the national media was shocked, SHOCKED, that Donald Trump drew in over 15,000 people to a rally in Lowell Massachusetts.  The MSM just couldn’t conceptualize it, but it took place nonetheless.  The Washington Post called it “mind-boggling”.  “The high temperature was 29 degrees yesterday, and the Trump rally was at night”

Those attendees are EXACTLY the people we met and engaged with in 2009/2010.  Brilliantly patriotic and intensely politically savvy – Any team in America would want that electorate on their team. 

trump rally louisiana 5BOSTON – Nearly 20,000 Bay State Democrats have fled the party this winter, with thousands doing so to join the Republican ranks, according to the state’s top elections official.

Secretary of State William Galvin said more than 16,300 Democrats have shed their party affiliation and become independent voters since Jan. 1, while nearly 3,500 more shifted to the MassGOP ahead of tomorrow’s “Super Tuesday” presidential primary.

Galvin called both “significant” changes that dwarf similar shifts ahead of other primary votes, including in 2000, when some Democrats flocked from the party in order to cast a vote for Sen. John McCain in the GOP primary.

The primary reason? Galvin said his “guess” is simple: “The Trump phenomenon,” a reference to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who polls show enjoying a massive lead over rivals Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others among Massachusetts Republican voters.

[…]  Galvin said the state could see as many as 700,000 voting in tomorrow’s Republican primary, a significant number given just 468,000 people are actually registered Republicans. In Massachusetts. unenrolled — otherwise known as independent — voters can cast a ballot in the primary of any party.  (read more)



Trump rally Valdosta 1

trump rally valdosta 2

trump rally valdosta 3

trump rally valdosta 4

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334 Responses to Reports: 20,000+ Massachusetts Democrats Quit Party – “Trump Effect”…

  1. Honest Abbey says:

    Although I didn’t watch the Oscars last night, I did see the video of Chris Rock, which was replayed on every channel today.

    So, Chris Rock made jokes about his grandmother hanging from a tree, and black people who were getting raped and lynched back in the 1960s ….. And the feedback from the media was ASTOUNDING!
    Don Lemmon said Chris Rock was HILARIOUS, BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!

    Donald Trump disavowed David Duke on multiple occasions, but not exactly the magical number of times ….. And Holy Hell Breaks Out – including a smackdown from none other than Don Lemmon, himself, the biggest race-baiter on the air. Are you friggin kidding me???

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    • shirley49 says:

      Let’s not forget Dem Senator Byrd who was a leader in the KKK. After he passed away he was eulogized by the Dems and now has numerous streets, parks and other structures named after him.

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      • He also filibustered the civil rights act.

        Don’t forget about LBJ who said, “I’ll keep those uppity ni55ers on the plantation and voting Democrat for the next 100 years.”

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      • Naslod says:

        Did you see the exchange between David Gergen and Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina? He was almost worshipful of Senator Byrd and how dare she even lump him and David Duke together. These people are just appalling in their blatant hypocrisy. It really bugs me. I hate that Katrina had to go through all that. She did as she always does, but it was pounce on her night, for sure.

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        • Honest Abbey says:

          Hi naslod!
          Yes, I did see that exchange and David Gergen went into a fit a rage. It was mind blowing! And it didn’t stop there. He was a guest on the next show (without Katrina being present) and he was giving commentary about something else and then he said;

          I just have say something about a spokesperson who was on CNN earlier and she had the nerve to compare Senator Byrd to David Duke, which is disgraceful, and so I’d like to read what President Obama said about Senator Byrd upon his death.

          He then took out a piece of paper and read the praises and accolades from Obama.

          It was something to make you say “Is this really happening?”

          Such a disgrace!
          Poor Katrina – she should never go on CNN again. David Gergen attacked her, and he smeared Donald Trump’s character while defending a guy who was, at one time in his life, a KKK member.

          You can’t make this stuff up!


    • Lulu says:

      Whiny juvenile Katie Pavlich on FBN, carrying on the David Duke/KKK meme that was dead yesterday (if not earlier). Clarice Feldman’s piece at American Thinker:

      Trump Being Targeted for not Repudiating a Non-endorsement


  2. American Nationalist says:

    The Republican poohbahs wringing hands over the phony KKK story – remember, these were the guys who had no problem with George W Bush smearing McCain in the 2000 SC primary by spreading toxic racist gossip. They count on everyone forgetting.

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    • Trumpire says:

      I guess if there is an upside to this KKK garbage it’s that it is their last card. The lowest of the low. After tomorrow he’s inoculated to the charges. Kind of like how Megyn Kelly accidentally inoculated Trump to the Rosie O’Donnell topic. It’s old news.

      Hillary is probably pulling her hair out because she wanted to use the race card on him in the general election.

      The race card works on unknown candidates without money to defend themselves but common on, Trump has been famous for 30 years. We know him. They hate that they can’t define him for us. He’s like an uncle we’ve known forever and we can see they are just trying to slime him for their own purposes.

      Major Fail Again!

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      3 Sep 1980, Page 4 – at – h/t stephen goddard@ real science

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  3. cheekymeeky says:


    “Among people likely to vote in the Republican primary, people are 86.5 percent more likely to prefer Donald Trump as the first-choice nominee relative to all the others if they “somewhat” or “strongly agree” that “people like me don’t have any say about what the government does.”

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    • Thegoldman says:

      I’m from Ma. a registered Democrat… ( how that happened i don’t know )…

      But every election i vote GOP…

      Every Primary i vote for the lousiest Dem…

      I will vote for the Burn today,,,

      To cancel out a H voter…

      Trump will win this state with 50%…




      • MfM says:

        If you were registered as a Independent in MA and voted in a primary and requested a Democratic ballot you automatically became a Democrat. The same would happen if you requested a Republican ballot you’d become a Republican.

        MA is really fun that way. A lot of people stay Independents so they can chose which primary to vote in. Then immediately change your party back to Independent.

        I would be interested to know if the Democrats leaving the party are becoming Independents or declaring as Republicans.


  4. RINOKiller says:

    Don Lemon just had one of the players that is part of the Mississippi attack.

    This is why the libel laws are heading towards a changing!

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  6. Bull Durham says:

    Trump has to have something better tomorrow than the press conference with the Gov. of Florida. That may kick Rubio a little, but is nothing nationally that improves his chances of stifling opposition.

    He needs to run very good positive ads. His short riff today about “families” was good. His defense and organization of Christians is good. Then clips of key sentences from all the big endorcers would be good. That’s three very positive ads.

    Get a kaleidoscope of short descriptions out of the mouths of ordinary people and why they support Trump.

    He has to drown out the negative crap.

    They are going to deluge him for two more weeks. And those next two debates are going to public lashings and crucifixions. He will get annihilated with this stuff.

    He has to cut it off tomorrow night when he wins. His speech has to end it. And he has to point to the debates and warn the country the topics are deadends.

    Stone cold reject white supremacy, white separatism, KKK, David Duke and all the Black racists like Farakan.

    All Lives Matter. The divisiveness and separatism is destructive. He must nail it dead tomorrow night.

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    • Trumpire says:

      “He has to drown out the negative crap.”

      Winning everywhere or almost everywhere will end the topic tomorrow.

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      • Americafirst16 says:

        I truly think this is what the GOPe wants. They never wanted to be a majority in the government. They were perfectly happy with their constant 35-45 % in Congress. This allowed them to have power to keep their country club/elite life style and all the perks with no real responsibility. The GOPe could blame everything on the Democrats since they could not affect any legislative outcomes, no majority. This system allowed them to hand pick those that would support this system to run for office. They could live large and cut some deals as needed to continue this arrangement. Both Reagan and Newt upset this paridime. The Republicans were now responsible to do things for the people since they no longer had the excuse of being in the minority. The 2014 election showed definitely that they prefer to do nothing other than to maintain the status quo for a few selected elites. That is one reason they are so scared of Trump and do not want this arrangement to never be disrupted, again. It has worked well for them and they do not want years of planning and construction of this political eco system destroyed. They do not want the responsibility of governing, no accountability. The GOPe just wants the lavish perks and large amounts of money for only a select few. The idea of any trickel down economics to the American people is repugnant to them. We should only be allowed to have enough money to pay taxes to support their elite lifestyle and power base. Any empowerment to the people beyond that would destroy their corrupt arrangement. Trump will totally destroy this system and make everyone accountable for their actions and work honestly for their rewards. The GOP/Globalist believe the idea of a government of the people, by the people and for the people must be stopped at all costs.

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    • ripcurl2121 says:

      yeah, the guy who has huge leads everywhere needs to listen to you about what he needs to do. cant make this stuff up. concern noted

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    • He needs to DEMAND that Hillary denounce Robert (KKK Grand Kleagle) Byrd.


    • knotpeesea says:

      all he needs to say is look, i can’t control who is going to vote for me and mr duke is free to vote for whoever he wants. everyone loves a winner and thats what i am.


      • He also needs to ask the press why they haven’t asked Hillary if she has disavowed Robert (Grand Kleagel of the KKK) Byrd, or Lyndon B. (I’ll keep those uppity ni55ers in their place and voting Democrat for the next 100 years) Johnson.

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        • knotpeesea says:

          exactly bruce, oh and you forgot about ole maggie sanger, who wanted to abort the blacks out of existence, thay hillary praises still today.

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    • francesmuldoon says:

      The majority of Florida counties open up to early voting on the 5th, so it may be a strategic move to announce Scott’s endorsement a mere few days before.
      Louis Farrakhan did the GOP a great favor by calling Hillary “Satan” and an “evil woman in one of his speeches

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    • Thegoldman says:

      Could be about Rubio Wanting to change some gun laws…

      He wanted safe zones…

      Rubio is 2 faced…


  7. telerider says:

    Godspeed Mr. Trump

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  8. Bull Durham says:

    This is why Trump runs and why we owe him our effort and vote:

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  9. 2x4x8 says:

    thought I would mention that most most people not of New England considered MA “way left” as in Tax-a-chucetts, but I was more aware of the patriot side, of Gun manufacturers that were there, like Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, the Christian book publisher Destiny Publishers in Merrimac, and the John Birch Society in Belmont, did not write them off as I knew folks that went there for schooling

    they are about to shock the Liberal world view by giving Trump the WIDEST victory margin of any State on Super Tuesday

    Amazing 🙂

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  10. Mercury says:

    Someone just heard: David Duke watches Fox News exclusively and loves his iPhone. He agrees with Apple CEO about not letting Obama break into the terrorist’s phone. No comment from Fox or Apple. Racist scum!

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  11. Mercury says:

    MSM lost all remnants of a conscience. GOP brain trust nerds are sure the people are just “rabble” and are easily led to the slaughter.

    When Obama’s pastor screeched “G%d damn America!”, even though only Hannity showed it, we thought it’s the end of his campaign. But MSM saved his racist ass by hiding it. We did not wait for that racist pastor to endorse him. If he did we would know he wants Obama to lose. He actually disappeared for the duration. If Duke wanted Trump to win he would never endorse him publicly, Every idiot understands it and knows it is a Red Herring. It normally would be a present to the Trump’s enemies, but anymore. You can’t screw us with the same trick every election. As such, either GOP paid Duke off or he is just seeking publicity. Everyone knows it for what it is – you embarrass yourselves.


    • Trumped says:

      I only see negative comments from total liberals and butthurt crubio supporters.
      Everyone else sees through it. Like Trump Im surprised that people can see through it but Im very happy. 🙂

      I think Trump is very confident about that and is giving people the liberty to think for themselves and this is powerfull and deep.

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  12. Pete V says:


  13. Chip Bennett says:

    This broad-coalition crossover effect is why I have no clue how to read Texas.


    • Trumped says:

      That might turn out into a huge suprise as Texas is an open primary.
      Cruz supporters are thinking they win Texas big or even take all delegates with >50% . This could potentially end the Cruz campaign in light of these aspirations.


  14. Bacall says:

    Any word yet on Buzzfeed story about the New York Times having an off the record tape of Trump from this week on immigration, Sundance? Jeff Sessions was blindsided by this on Lou Dobbs yesterday. Sessions did great and Dobbs is pulling for Trump.


    • archer52 says:

      Yep. Here is comes- part six.

      Did Trump tell the NYTimes that all of his immigration positions were more of a wink and a nod to the progressives? Will he want to negotiate? Where? on what? with who?

      As far as HRC beating Trump… I doubt it. In fact, I think Trump beats her by six or seven percent. But I would not be surprised if both are under fifty percent. He could be something like 44% to 39% or 46% to 40%. Both have huge negatives. but people HATE Hillary.

      However, what drove Obama across the line both times was the youth vote and the black vote. HRC will not get either in the same numbers, especially the youth vote. They are for Bernie. Bernie is getting screwed before their eyes by the corrupt Democratic Party. Kids are petulant. They’ll revolt and not vote. Trump could swing some by playing to them a little.

      Blacks in black cities run by democrat cabals (think Philly) will vote for HRC over 100% of the time, because it will be fraud. So Trump could lose PA easily as well as Virginia and Maryland (government workers dominated).

      Hispanics will be the key. If they move as a unit, as blacks do, Trump is in trouble. But that is his problem- he started it. Now if he swing hard into employment issues by saying no black or Hispanic (even a long time illegal he wants to let back in) should loose their job to ANY illegal willing to work for less, then he’ll swing some out of that group.

      BTW- only in white town do people think Hispanics are all in the same bag. There are Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Guats, El Salvadorians, Colombians, etc. And..they……other!! Trust me. You call a Cuban a Puerto Rican you had better get ready to fight. Same the other way around and when it comes to Mexicans, neither like “those lazy Mexicans.”

      I worked gangs and organized crime dealing with this for a long time.


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