Governor Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump…

lions together

Fort Worth Texas earlier today.

The twittersphere encapsulated the day brilliantly when someone said: “Donald Trump Hires NJ-based Demolition Expert to Finish Troublesome Project”.  That sub-headline is just too good not to share.

Not only did Donald Trump find a way to starve the media oxygen from the best laid schemes of the frat boys running the GOPe “Full Mississippi” attack plan; but somehow Trump simultaneously created an immediate comparison between a serious and strong campaign -vs- a staggeringly overmatched boy Rubio.   Brilliant.  Simply, brilliant.

Chris christie donald trumpHaving Chris Christie join with Donald Trump is like having Chris Kyle take position on his six.

ABC – Former presidential candidate and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president today.

“I’m proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump,” Christie said at a campaign rally in Fort Worth, Texas, adding later, “I’m happy to be on the Trump team.”

Christie suspended his presidential campaign after finishing sixth in the New Hampshire primary, and announced he was supporting his former rival for a number of reasons.

“First is that Donald and I along with Melania and Mary Pat have been friends for over a decade. He has been a good and loyal friend to our family,” Christie said. “Secondly, I’ve been on that stage. I’ve gotten to know all the people on that stage. And there is no one who is better prepared to provide America with strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than Donald Trump.”

The New Jersey governor said he made his decision Thursday morning.

Christie said that Trump will “provide strong, unequivocal leadership” and would “undoubtedly” be the best candidate to beat “Hillary Clinton in November.

“They [Democrats] do not know the playbook with Donald Trump because he is rewriting the playbook. He is rewriting playbook of American politics because he is providing strong leadership that is not dependent upon the status quo,” Christie said.

Trump introduced the New Jersey governor as a “friend for many years,” and did not dismiss the idea of having Christie as a potential running mate, “he’s got the talent.” (read more)

….And check out the back of the sign:

the rebel alliance 2

the rebel alliance

…… The rebel alliance is alive and well in Texas ! 

trump lion

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918 Responses to Governor Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump…

  1. daughnworks247 says:

    Hot damn! Rebel Alliance alive and well in dear sweet Texas. I love it.

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  2. Christie may not be perfect but he is a great attack dog. Supporting Trump is the first step for him to rehabilitate his image. He is on the right track. I don’t think he will be VP but after Trump’s 8 years, he may run again. Who knows.

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  3. MeThePeople says:

    Seems like Mario is changing careers to stand up comic and illusionist.
    He’s trying to be Jerry Seinfeld but isn’t funny; and trying to make it seem he has won something this campaign but hasn’t.


  4. AK49 says:

    Can’t decide what’s more creepy, Marco or all of those people who are desperately laughing at his new shtick and hoping that something goes right for their guy..


  5. Ziiggii says:

    That sign is so cool!!!! So boss…

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  6. Good stuff. Trump is masterful. Just brilliant. Not only does he respond to all provocations with overwhelming force – it’s clear he was ready before the provocation was even committed, and quite possibly before it was even planned.

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    • re Trump’s uncanny sense of timing, Trump had this endorsement before the debate but said he was saving it for Texas. The immediate impact was to one-up Rubio in the news cycle and put the debate stuff on page two. Rubio’s debate performance would have carried into the weekend news cycle without the Christie announcement.
      Trump has to be getting help from God.

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  7. The Defiant One says:

    About The Conservative Tree House on the Texas sign… you guys have fans here in San Francisco also! 🙂

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  8. ellison says:

    The interruption in this amicable relationship has once again passed and a powerful ally – who will gain in importance – remains. The wind becomes a hurricane.


  9. Michael says:

    Is Cristie a lion or a jackal?

    GOP Consultant Lays Out New Genius Plan to Take Down Trump: ‘How Brutus Killed Caesar,’ Get Close Then ‘Shiv Him in the Ribs’

    “The best way to do it is how Brutus killed Caesar. Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs. ”


  10. MeThePeople says:

    If anyone has contact with Trump, IMO it would be awesome if he got that marine and protester who were booed and ejected in that Clinton ‘rally’ video,
    up on stage at one of his upcoming rallies.
    Go Trump
    Hooraah Christie


  11. ssupsky says:

    I thought that this was apropos to Mr. Trump and what he doing to the entire system.

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  12. MeThePeople says:

    That Bentonville rally was unique. The camera was aimed out of the hanger which was full of arks. You saw this big jet approach and land. It was blue but I couldn’t see any logo. Then next thing the TRUMP jet rolls up and the security guys disembark then after a while Trump and Christie come out and started in. It was awesome.
    Hey ruby, it’s HIS plane.
    It isn’t Conair like you should be flying on.

    Yesterday I heard Rubio say he was so relieved that he had finally paid off his student loans! WTF?

    In my opinion Christie is a good addition, since Trump is by himself against the entire political establishment, both parties and they openly admit they are out to get TRUMP.
    So let Christie rip them all new ones.
    But I wish Trump would concentrate more on his message and quit with the insults. It is beneath him.
    Herman Caine said something that put a formal definition of what most of Trump’s fans knew; that an executive working with such a large and complex organization such as Trump’s and he will use the same techniques with the U.S.A. which is strategic management.
    He HAS to delegate responsibilities and remain aware of the big picture and display leadership; all of which he is doing. Not arm wrestle each sentence of a piece of legislation with those Congressional wonks who forgot why they are there.

    I also just read that FOXNEWS has lost 50% of its ‘Republican’ viewers.
    Glad to hear it. I myself an watching less than half as much as I used to, and frequently just shut it off when they go into hyena mode.

    Go Trump
    Hoorah Christie

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  13. Ruth Picard says:

    Really pleased that Chris Christie joined Mr. Trump. The two make a very strong statement. Now I hope the name calling & insults can stop & talk about the things you can do for your country & the American people.
    God bless you both & your families.
    Ruth Picard


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