Who Won The Debate? – Post Debate Polls

cruz - rubio - trump

Who do you think won the 10th GOP debate?

trump lion 2


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466 Responses to Who Won The Debate? – Post Debate Polls

  1. Noticed something in the online polls tonight. Trump votes are ranging in the 70-80s, all the other times he was in the 40-50-60 range.

    Means lots of Cruz people have switched to Trump, perhaps not the Cruzbots, but the normal folks who were just Cruz supporters, who perhaps had Trump as their 2nd choice.

    Anyway, we’ll know tomorrow with the final counts.

    It could also mean that less people watched the debate and less had any interest in doing the polls. Will really have to compare the quantity of voters to know for sure.


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  2. NC Patriot says:

    I imaging the GOPe had a collective stroke—when the Donald smiled and said “I am reaching voters across the board and we are creating a broader and more inclusive Republican party.”

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  3. JeremyR says:

    With apologies to Jim Croce

    Washington’s got it’s hustlers
    Two parties that are all just bums
    Florida’s got li’l Jeb Bush
    He’s a slick talkin’ son of a gun
    Yeah, he’s about as dumb as a man can come
    But he slicker than an old bar stool
    And when Wall Street boys get together at night
    They know that Jebbie is their tool
    just because And they say

    You don’t defund Obama care
    You don’t indict our Hillary
    You don’t stop illegals at the border
    And you don’t mess our Jebbie

    Well outta Upper Manhattan come a rich boy
    He say I’m lookin’ for a man named Jeb
    I am a real estate builder
    By name ‘a Donald Trump
    But down home they call me The Don
    Yeah I’m lookin’ for the king of back street deals
    He got a bunch of billionaire PACs
    Last election they gave away the country
    And it may sound funny
    But I come to get my Country back
    And everybody say Jack don’t you know

    You don’t defund Obama care
    You don’t indict our Hillary
    You don’t stop illegals at the border
    And you don’t mess with our Jebbie

    Well a hush fell over the Faux Debate
    Jebbie come in like he owned the place
    And when Meh gyn was done
    The only part that wasn’t bloody
    Was the soles of the little fool’s feet, ooh
    His pedigree was torn to ribbons
    And his backers didn’t own the place
    And you better believe Faux had another kind of story
    When Lil Jebbie left the race

    You don’t defund Obama care
    You don’t indict our Hillary
    You don’t stop illegals at the border
    And you don’t mess with our Jebbie

    Yeah, lil Jebbie got handed his ass
    Find out where it’s at
    And it’s not stealin elections from me and you
    Even if you do got a billionaire backer or two

    Yeah we’re gonna defund Obama care
    We’re gonna send Hillary to jail
    We’re gonna build that fence on our own South border
    Cause the wall street plan’s a fail.

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    • Kevin Stuart Lee says:

      Decent analysis. The author thinks Hillary has a chance of defeating Trump with her “fighting-for-you” attitude.

      I’d be HIGHLY impressed if she was able to do that. She folded within 24 hours when Trump turned her sexism attack against her. If that’s an omen of things to come, the lead-up to November will be a slaughter that would almost make me feel bad for Hillary, were it not justice.

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    • grainofsalt says:

      Per Matthew Cooper, “the old woman who lost her home to make way for a casino parking lot Trump was building in Atlantic City.”


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    • Gail Combs says:

      I love the lies about Trump they toss out.

      “… hiring illegal workers …” and the old lady in Atlantic city.

      The illegal workers were hired by one of Trumps Contractors.

      This is an explanation put up by Ladysforest The take away is Trump met her price, even threw in a place in Florida and she turned him down. The widow then lost the place to the city for BACK TAXES not eminent Domain.

      “…The old lady eventually lost the place because of unpaid taxes.
      Is what Vera Coking and her husband paid for the 29-room boardinghouse/low income rooming house. In 1961.
      $1 million offered by Bob Guccione in 1979/1980.
      $1 million offered by Trump after Superior court denied ED.
      $530,000~Price fetched at auction.
      $995,000~ Reduced asking price prior to forced auction.
      $2M~Amount Donald Trump offered as recently as several years ago prior to the auction.
      AND – it was reported in the newspapers that Trump not only eventually offered her 2+ million, but in addition to also provide her a free place to live in Palm Beach FL for the remainder of her life….”

      The Old lady’s story is a story of GREED and God’s punishment.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Even the writer got one thing wrong. The little old lady didn’t lose her house. She kept it until she went into a nursing home.


    • Michelle says:

      Side note–totally incorrect for the article owner to say that Trump kicked that lady out of her house so he could build a parking lot. Or that she was near the end of her life.


  4. History teaches says:

    So basically, Rubio and Cruz dutifully followed Shapiro and Limbaugh’s advice. And were easily refuted and revealed to be desperate and robotic. Trump just going by instinct and intelligence stood as the only authentic person in the race. What a difference between empty headed politicians who live by donor talking points and a savvy real world, no nonsense pragmatic thinker with a lifetime of business and leadership experience.

    Trump may be a trailblazer who changes politics for years to come. But he has to think carefully about finding serious ‘apprentices’ for the future to carry on the transformation. With his resources he and his team ought to develop their own think tanks, mentorships, scholarships, seminars on real world problem solving. He will be position to initiate a real grass roots movement in the world of practical politics as well as in the educational domain. If he can begin to deligitimimize the ‘beltway’ tradition then the power base of the establishment will face long term competition from the very outset. A younger generation inspired by Trump will insure a very different political landscape than we have have been trapped with for decades.

    And do not underestimate his influence worldwide. If he becomes the President and enacts the basics of his vision then the dynamics of many other political systems will be morphed in that direction. Not coincidental that Reagan was aligned with compatible figures like Thatcher and Mulroney, despite weaknesses abducted compromises in some of their domestic agendas. The bigger world picture needs to be moved into a Trump sphere of influence. Respect and mutual objectives create longer term advantages. Especially economically and security wise.

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    • TMR777 says:

      Does anyone think Limbaugh set-up Rubio and Cruz? They both looked like childish idiots trying to go after Trump. Trump looked like The Boss on stage surrounded by the two court jesters on either side hopping up and down.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        The GOPe did the setting-up not the talking heads.

        Remeber they GOPe have no intention of allowing either cubian actually have the presidency. They are their as vote splitters and attack dogs only and they were told to attack.

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  5. liberty2828 says:

    The Polish workers were hired by a Sub Contractor who bid the job.

    They were paid less than union wages.

    Any construction lawsuit sues everyone involved.

    Easily dismissed from 30 years ago.

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  6. mazziflol says:

    Quick question…PJ Media. Isnt that Bill Whittle? They had an article going all bananas about Cruz holding a double digit lead over Trump in that Monmouth U poll. Where does Whittle stand this election season?



    • whittle isn’t an outraged conservative, he just plays one on youtube.

      None of those shills and booksellers are supporting Trump.

      When Trump wins – no more right-wing / neocon grievance industry.

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    • Riddick says:

      He’s a liberal hack, used to like him until his anti Trump attacks. He does make sense sometimes, nice videos, but that’s about it. Isn’t he from the National Review crowd? That should sum up his moronism.

      Dallas poll that came out TODAY has Trump 6% over Felito in Dallas area, with Felito just barely tying Trump in “rest of Texas”, whatever that means. 6% in Dallas area is HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in vote numbers, while even numbers in, say, Odessa, is what, couple thousand difference?

      By the looks of it, and with the debate today crushing Felito plus a few days’ worth of Trump rallies in TX come weekend I see a nice win for Trump in Felito’s home state. That pretty much puts last nail in that coffin. And Lubio in FL come March 15th.

      Felito pulled out of AL today, BTW, Meaning numbers there are way beyond salvaging and also most likely meaning his finances are done.

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    • Former Lurker says:

      Just watched Whittle’s January 28th piece on Trump. It struck me as a reasonable plea for unity against Hillary/Sanders and an acknowledgement that Trump isn’t the perfect conservative candidate. He says he gets the passion driving Trump supporters and the concerns honest Conservatives have about him.

      There are Trump haters enough but based on that I don’t count Whittle among them, and wouldn’t use the GOPe label on him.

      Frankly I’d love to hear Trump talk more about shrinking government or reigning in BLM and the IRS, but nothing overrides the need to destroy the current Uniparty monopoly devoted to growing Fedzilla for the benefit of the donor class.

      I’m not ready to scorn Whittle based on that video. I agreed with much of it. Trump isn’t infallible or beyond conservative reproach, but he’s miles better than any other choice.


      • Gail Combs says:

        Trump talks in his books about the major problem of red tape strangling American business. He is comming at it from a different direction but that equates to shrinking the federal government. Especially when you add in his opposition to the federal government in education and healthcare.

        I hope he has his cabinet order all branches to go through and streamline and rewrite the regs into 100 pages max of plain English!

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  8. feralcatsblog says:

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  9. aprilyn43 says:

    Obama says, “Trump will never be president”. Well with numbers like tonight (and past poles), Trump is showing himself the People’s Choice for President!
    So …. When’s the Obamanation in the White House gonna declare he’s the first “Dictator”?
    Because, short of an assignation, there is no stopping Trump!!

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    • Gail Combs says:

      All Obummer has to do is have his buddies at Duke Energy to shut down their grid and get Al Sharpton to get his organizers to lead the riots in the eastern cities.

      Duke ‘lent’ the Obama campaign $$$ and then forgave the loan. Duke Energy is committed to Sustainability and when they shut down a coal plant they blow it up.

      The Grid should be going ‘unstable’ sometime this year.

      “…It should be further noted that the North American Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) modeling of the MACT rule and CSAPR estimate that under the worst case, or “strict” scenarios, 16,350 GW of electricity capacity will be closed due to the regulations, and the Department of Energy’s (DOE) “stringent” test shows that only 21 GW of generating capacity will be closed. Even though NERC’s estimate is much lower than what our analysis shows, NERC is concerned that the closures will cause electricity reliability problems. How much greater will the reliability problems be, given that retirements appears to be nearly twice as great as NERC estimates?…”

      Map of planned closures as of 2012


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  11. Lena DiIeso says:

    Definitely Trump! Will not rewatch this deliberate assault & attack on one candidate! Politics are vicious; news media is a close second! Guess I wasn’t so curious about presidential debates in the past; now that our country is in danger, people are fearful
    & want the correct person in the White House! Trump is a man of conviction,
    A leader, top notch negotiator, genius!
    This is all garbadge! He takes on a task, & gets it done! This mess you have to prove yourself, to people so much less than Trump! It’s like the teacher, taking directions from
    The students: failing students! I give him credit! I could never under someone who knows 100% less than me!
    Rubio is a bull artist like Bomba; Cruz is a career talker! Carson is a genius; can’t believe more blacks aren’t behind him; Kasich is a man of so much experience and knowledge!
    Kasich–Vice President
    Let’s vote these two winners in🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  12. winky says:

    Trump won all the polls YUGE……..he won the Austin Texas poll by 85%!!

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  13. sahm2016 says:

    Did anybody catch the part of the debate when Cruz said he would post a video on his website proving Trump was lying about something? Maybe Libya? I went to Cruz’s website, but didn’t see anything. I could have misunderstood what Cruz said though.

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  14. blognificentbee says:

    Just voted in all polls except those that were closed. OOOOooooo,. Austin Stateman poll is at 85% for DT. WOW! Almost all other polls have DT ahead by a HHHHuuuuuuggggggeee margin. Good night Treeps.

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  15. Brad Smith says:

    The Crubio twins spent so much time attempting to knock down Trump that neither of them managed talk about anything that the American People care about. Trump once again was the only man on the stage talking about the actual issues that matter. He looked as professional as he has been to date and when it came time to hit back at them, he crushed them both at the same time.

    Crubio are still trying to win the nomination as Trump moves on to winning the election, this much is clear. I also wonder when they will get it that we want someone who puts America first and not the GOP? Sure there is about 10%, maybe less, of the US population that puts party first and America second (mostly politicians). However, isn’t that exactly what the majority of people are sick of on both sides of the political divide? Do they really think they will win the election being so far right that only 5% of the population is far enough right for them?

    Do we actually have to walk abound with an AR-15, Bible, Flag and Pro-life sign all at the same time to be considered conservative? Is it ok that we just support those things which make America a great place to live and want it to be even better? Yes I love my guns, I’m a Christian and an Infantry Vet but do I literally have to carry them around to be a conservative? Seems like it is according to Crubio.

    Time to put America first.

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    • flawesttexas says:

      This was excellent Brad Smith. The first sentence of last paragraph needs to be told to every Crubio GOP Media wonk.


    • Gail Combs says:

      I am glad Trump is skirting the pro-abortion issue because that is a major trap in the general election and we have a heck of a lot bigger issues to deal with.

      As a friend, who is also an Independent put it.
      “I want the Democrats out of the back of my pants and the Republicans out of the front of my pants!”

      Remember those independents are the deciders in the general election.

      And Yes Planned Parenthood should not get federal funds and neither should World Wild Life or any of the rest of the NGOs. None of the independents will have a problem with that.


    • aur1640 says:

      I have my AR, Bible, no pro life sign, son in the Army. However, I don’t want to wave that stuff around to prove anything. Like you Brad, I want what’s best for Americans (no freeloaders or pussies). This election is so important I can’t wait. All in for Trump, thank you for your service bro!!


  16. Darth Vaper says:

    Trump is crushing it in all the online polls. His candidacy has all of the energy and enthusiasm behind it. Rubio could never inspire the same level of energy that Trump does. This is why Trump is actually the MOST electable GOP candidate, not Rubio.

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  17. sandraopines says:

    This brings me great joy!!!!!

    Fox News’ Brand Sinks to Three-Year Low with Republicans

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  18. Annie M says:

    I just love this site so much! Thank you all


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  19. MVW says:

    Politicians are all talk, no action. Washington politicians are bought and paid for by the lobbyists, Trump is self funding.

    The whole debate was nothing but a cage match, RNC (stacked audience) and the network ($) got what they wanted, Americans didn’t. There was one thing worthwhile that stood out, and that was the hand of the lobbyists and donors was visible and you could see who they wanted, NOT Trump.

    March 1 will be payback and it will be satisfying.


  20. ssupsky says:

    I found Rubio (no insult to Twiki intended.)

    I also found Cruz

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  21. ken wayne says:

    Trump wants the America that he grew up in. Where America was strong, respected and wealthy and I mean middle class wealthy. That is gone, crime is rampant,we are not respected anymore, we are Trillions in debt, We are being destroyed from within. America wake up. We need a strong outsider like Trump.

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  22. DJF says:

    Rubio would take a swipe at Trump & then look to audience with his stupid grin “Did I do good, Mommy?”. Like a toddler.

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    • That’s what stuck out last night when I watched it. Felt like punching Rubot in the face. Streamed the debate on cnn’s website and the connection dropped twice. The second time I just gave up and went to sleep. No point in watching it anymore. Most childish debate that I’ve seen during this campaign. Trump did a good job defending himself.

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  23. Renee Eaton says:

    Trump may not Politically Correct but he is Patriotically Correct…he will fight for us no more Political jerks

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    • Rose says:

      It was more of a stand-up comedy than a debate! There is nothing fair about the way these debates are handled. The one on one that Megan Kelly did was so much better.


  24. Sherry Wagner says:

    I voted for Obama twice hoping he would ease racial strife. Of course, he has made it much, much worse. I have not voted for a Republican since Reagan. I liked Donald Trump right from the get-go, especially right from the first debate where Megyn Kelly went after him. I am a democrat/independent who solidly backs Trump. How many others are there out there like me who are switching parties? But if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, I might vote democrat again. Republican Party needs Trump!!


  25. mysticrose80 says:

    Honestly, I think this is one of Trump’s best performances to date (and a yuuge comeback from the CBS debacle, although he did his very best surviving that bloodbath). He was calm yet firm and was successful in avoiding the traps set in place by the temper-tantrum Cuban twins. To his credit, Kasich held his own and handled disagreement in a mature manner (unlike said Cuban twins). Glad that he dropped the desperate act that annoyed me during the earlier debates. Ben was…..well, Ben :).

    If anyone thought that either Cruz (the basket case) or Rubio (the choke artist…hah, learned a little something last night) had a good night, I’d would have to question his/her sense of reality. I’m aware that they were the designated attack dogs, but they came across as immature, unhinged, and just plain desperate.


  26. pawatcher says:

    From the start of the debate Rubio looked jumpy, but the disdain he showed to Dr. Carson was disgusting. He turned his back and didn’t shake his hand- that was just another example of his robot jumpy behavior.
    Cruz didn’t shake with Kascinch either- they were wrong not to shake.
    Cruz did shake Trumps hand after Trump looked him straight in the eye. Then he did the same to Rubio- Rubio was hesitant but, did shake hands.

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  27. tdmoeller says:

    You useful idiots are falling for your own propaganda.
    Trump is offering the same crap you criticized Obama for in 2008.
    Cruz or Rubio supporters are not switching… you zealots are flooding the online polls and calling it a mandate.
    WAKE UP! Trump is a Democrat and fraud!


  28. Alex says:

    Rubio and Cruz failed at their desperate attempt to win over voters by trashing Trump all night. I was having middle school flash backs. They are just as bad as what they claim Doland Trump to be.


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