Melania Trump MSNBC Interview….

Melania Trump appeared on MSNBC for an interview with Mika Brzezinski. A one-on-one interview discussing growing up in Slovenia, her marriage and her husband’s campaign.

trump donald and melania

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  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    She speaks French, German, Italian, Slovakian (?). It’s going to be tougher for “them” to brand her a trophy wife/bimbo, although they try. She will help re-enshrine motherhood as a legitimate career choice.

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  2. The Boss says:

    Considering how every media is trying to trash Trump, even if it means embarrassing his wife, she was well ahead of Mika’s feeble train of thought. What a great FLOTUS she will be.

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    • John Galt says:

      “she was well ahead of Mika’s feeble train of thought”

      Right, although that wasn’t much of a stretch.

      Legal Immigrant with green card vs Illegal Alien — see the difference, Mika?

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  3. Serpentor says:

    A first family we can look up to.

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  4. smiley says:

    the graceful and charming Melania Trump totally owns this otherwise dry & awkward “interview”…
    is this really the best they can do ??
    mika is way out of her element, whatever that might be.

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  5. KitKat says:

    Mika emits an extremely negative energy. She looks at the cup half full and that is all she can see.

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  6. Melania gets where America is headed. After living in a Communist country she understands more than any of us what is at stake. I would bet she has had a large influence on Donald’s thinking. She is so elegant and refined. What a wonderful role model for our young women unlike the harridan Hillary and the other “women” in politics.

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    • Beenthere says:

      Just to let you know Melania’s father was a communist in good standing. He & her mom lived pretty well under the communists. Melania may not totally understand what it’s like for the typical proletariat to live under communism.

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      • TheFenian says:

        Around here, we don’t cotton to Cruzbots spreading lies.

        If you have a link AND A VALID POINT, that’s fine.

        Otherwise go xxx xxxxxxxx

        Insults and name calling are not how we discuss issues around here either. If you have a valid point to present, then do so with your own links. You might even learn something as a result of your research. Admin

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      • Betty says:

        Who cares but you ! The people survived as they could in a horrible system.

        Now we have women all over the world surviving as best they can in the murderous Islamic political/psudo religious system – What did you do for the people trapped in Communism and what are you doing for the women trapped in Islam?

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      • Mike says:

        Even if that’s true, it could be worse. Much worse. Trump could be married to an ex? current? Goldman-Sachs employee, who worked? works? to flood the country with non-white invaders and colonizers.

        But I doubt if a Cruz supporter cares about that.

        Good debate requires that you provide your own points, rather than insults and name calling. Admin.

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        • Beenthere says:

          Not saying she’s a bad person——–actually she looks & acts like a wonderful person. All I am saying is she was not suffering too much in Slovenia compared to someone who did not have a parent in good standing in the communist party over there.

          And please do not insult someone who has watched Donald Trump for the past 35+ years in the newspapers & local TV, & realizing that he is this country’s last best hope.


          • amjean says:

            Why are you going on and on about this? You made your
            point. No one stated that she was “suffering too much in Slovenia”.
            And few Trump supporters care. You will find that most posters on
            this site have a brain and it is well used.

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            • Beenthere says:

              I think I have a right to respectfully answer a post directed to me.

              Now as to your direct post to me: Can I make you aware when you go on & on?


          • Mike says:

            I simply DON’T CARE if Melania’s Father was a Commie, or that Trump’s grandfather was in the KKK and got in a brawl in 1920 or so. or whatever the story is that’s going around.
            Or if Trump was for partial birth abortion in 1999.

            Or if Rubio got into trouble when he was a young man. Or if Ted Cruz is caught saying stupid things when he was a teenager. Or if Megyn Kelly was naughty on the Howard Stern Show. Everybody has some skeletons in their closet, and I can’t possibly keep track of all of it. I’m too stupid.

            Jesus isn’t running for president. so I try to figure out and focus on the important things, and let everything else go.

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      • flawesttexas says:

        It should be well noted that Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia…and Yugoslavia was not a Warsaw Pact member or aligned with the USSR.

        Being a member of the Communist Party in Yugoslavia is not as extreme as, say, Rafael Cruz Sr in Cuban Communists. In fact, Yugoslavia had a somewhat free market economy.

        Slovenia was the most economically developed part of Yugoslavia, and, had few problems after 1990 breakup

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Trump mentions quite often that she points out things to him that she has seen on the news and that she has suggestions.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      Melanie is beautiful inside and out. She reminds me of Carla Bruni.


  7. wyntre says:

    Gorgeous, articulate and smart.

    I LOVE her accent and the way a final “G” becomes a soft “K.”

    Mike was out of her league, clearly trying to mimic KellyMegyn and Diane Sawyer.

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    • TheseTruths says:

      “Gorgeous, articulate and smart.”
      Multiple languages
      Career woman, now stay-at-home mom with family values
      Immigrant (a legal one), with the accent to prove it
      Her own person who supports her husband but sometimes disagrees with him
      Has an air of refinement and class, but also warmth and sincerity

      She covers most of the bases. The fact that she is an immigrant is yuge, in my opinion. No one can say that Trump is against immigrants. And he is married to a smart woman who is strong in her own right. Win-win.

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    • Michelle says:

      AND she respects our country.

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  8. sDee says:

    What a stark contrast…………..a cold calculating propagandist standing in the shadow of a passionate patriot.

    Brzezinski, the daughter of an man who immigrated to America to suck off her like a leech, parlayed her opportunity into that of a subversive globalist mouthpiece. .

    Melania Trump, a patriotic immigrant, steps up to the fight.

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  9. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    Sitting next to Mrs Trump, Brzezinski looks like Rachel Maddow.
    Or Megan Kelly.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      She has that bitter look from her father. The greatest warmonger in centuries. And still going at it in Ukraine, the Baltics and Balkans, and Central Asia. Dreams of the genocide of hundreds of millions and writes book after book promoting it.

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  10. TheFenian says:

    Apologies for being off topic.

    Off topic belongs in another thread.

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    • wyntre says:

      Oh, I turned him off. I thought it was going to be another day of Micheel Savage gazing at his navel for 3 hours.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Savage – WHEN he’s focusing.


    • Rainer says:

      Why must Savage take credit for everything as being his original idea, including Trump’s campaign platform? He even claims to be the first to have compared Melania to Jackie Kennedy. But you said the same thing below about Melania, so did you steal the idea from him? Of course not, it’s an obvious comparison to make.

      And why does Savage have to keep reminding us how bright he is? He openly insults his audience, saying that he has to lower the quality of topics and discussions to match the intellectual capacity of his audience. I’ve heard him say that.

      Just yesterday Savage floated the idea of Carson or Rubio as potential running mates for Trump…so he really does think his audience is STUPID.

      I’ll never completely trust another thing he has to say. I guess once a red-diaper baby from Brooklyn, always a red-diaper baby from Brooklyn.


    • I’m a little hesitant on him. He posted that Rubio would be a good VP for Trump? Where the hell did that come from and why was everyone across the media floating that in coordination? Don’t get me wrong he has definitely been more pro-trump than most in his field but that re


      • Athena the Warrior says:

        The talk show hosts can’t help it. Ego is at play. They all want to be able to say that they helped shape the potential Trump administration.

        Hannity is once again floating this nonsense of every candidate having a place in the Trump admin.! It’s very frustrating.


  11. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:

    She’s beautiful, what an improvement over what we have now! This is a smart and charming and beautiful woman inside and out. I believe Mr. Trump is one of the most brilliant men in America, and he will make an absolutely wonderful President. His first wife, Ivana made the statement, “If Donald Trump says he’ll do something, he’ll do it.” Bless Ivana for her statement. And thank God we have been given a chance to save our beloved country with this man. I fully believe God has heard the prayers of those who have repented for our nation’s evils, and prayed for someone to help us turn it around.

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    • darcy says:

      Almost daily I have been praying that God would thwart the wicked schemes of evil rulers and their cohorts, and that He would grant to us rulers worthy of honor and respect, which we so sorely lack.

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  12. jackphatz says:

    I was eleven when Kennedy was shot. I still look upon Jackie Kennedy as the embodiment of what a “First Lady” should be. Since then, to me, only Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan have come close with that style and grace representing America. Pat Nixon was just a little too quite but very sweet. Barbara Bush just didn’t cut it. The rest…Hillary and “LadyBird” were shameful!

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    • Concerned says:

      I was a big fan of Laura Bush as First Lady. She wasn’t a fashion plate like Kennedy and Reagan, but she always dressed elegantly and her demeanor was elegant as well. I will never forget the ad she did post-911. It made me cry.

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    • smiley says:

      I agree with you about Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan.

      the First Lady is a very important part of the whole “package”.
      there’s good, better, best, awful..and exceptional.
      its about time someone exquisite was in our WH.
      its all part of being great again.
      or at least aiming for that exceptional standard.
      its not just Melania’s exceptional beauty…its how she conducts herself, regardless.
      you can’t help but like her.
      makes us smile.
      Thank you. Mrs. Trump!

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    • TheFenian says:

      This woman is going to far surpass the worldwide fame and iconic status of both Jackie O & Dianna.

      She’ll be a 1 name legend and woman will want to be her. Thank God.

      No more short haired or bunchy fat or men’s glasses wearing lesbian “role models” for our American girls. Thin and beautiful and a loving mother and wife will be in.

    • faridrushdi says:

      I was 9 when JFK was assassinated. We lived about 50 ft. away from the D.C. border just inside Virginia, so it hit very close to home for my family. After watching the funeral, I sent a letter of condolence to Mrs. Kennedy at the White House (I regretfully wrote something like, “I’m sorry your President husband got shot in the head and died”). About three months later, I got an envelope in the mail that had a black border all the way around it and down the edges of the flap. It had a return address of simply, “White House, Washington.”

      Inside was a typed note on a 5″ x 8″ paper with an embossed White House on the top with one word below: Washington. It had a typed thank you, but Mrs. Kennedy wrote on the bottom, “You are about the same age as my son John. Love your father every day of your life like it could be the last” and signed it “Jackie”

      I went home that day and hugged my dad and didn’t let go for a week. I hear she spent six months personally replying to all the letters she received from children. A cherished keepsake.

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  13. Doesn’t this just thrill you that Mika Brzezinski interviews someone like Melania when Mika is the daughter of one-worlder and communist Zbignew Brzezinski…ugh, makes me want to wretch

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  14. PhillyGirl says:

    Melania is a lovely, intelligent woman. I’ve known that since an interview she did some years ago with Larry King. I went into that interview thinking she was just a pretty face. Boy, was I wrong, I ended being terribly impressed . So, I’m very excited she’ll be our next First Lady.

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  15. 1321weave says:

    Would anyone EVER have asked Michelle to respond to names her husband had been called?? Mika disgusts me, I have a name for her: pig. How do you respond to that, Mika?

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  16. Betty says:

    With-in two minutes that tool Mika makes that gracious woman sit through a list of nasty names people have called her husband.

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    • MVW says:

      Mika empties the full, smelly kitchen garbage can on the floor and asks Melania what she thinks of it.

      Answer, ‘My husband and I come prepared with a clothes pin for our nose when we talk to media trolls’.

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    • Michelle says:

      I also love that Melania’s answer came from a place of, “none of those names are true.” That wasn’t her answer but the answer came from that mentality. HA.


  17. redlegleader68 says:

    Certainly agree will all mentioned. Yes, really great. Worldly. Travelled. See so much; worked with very successful people. I would like to see her improve her muslim answer, but that’s just a small thing.

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    • darcy says:

      Spending a little time with Stephen Coughlin (acquainting herself with the “red pill”) would go a long way in preparing her for the coming battles. That applies to Mr. Trump, as well.


  18. Jake says:

    A foreign born First Lady: perfectly beautiful
    A foreign born President: unconstitutional

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    • smiley says:

      oh come on…
      “First Lady” is a ROLE…not an elected Office.
      she is, basically…traditionally…the hostess of The White House, as the spouse of the President.

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      • moogey says:

        The First Lady can be appointed by her husband to craft an entirely new insurance system as Bill did for Hillary, or The First Lady can be appointed by her husband to craft an entirely new system of feeding pig swill to school age children as Obama did with Michelle.

        The position of First lady has morphed from being only a Role, to becoming a position that can be strategically appointed to affect change in Administration.


  19. Beenthere says:

    It’s nice to have confidence that Melania who may very well become the next First Lady will not disparage her new country nor rob it blind like the current one. Melania might actually add dignity & grace to the First Lady position. (Any weird Eastern European traditions like bathing her son in milk have got to go. Reminds me of Maria Antoinette.)

    Michelle, who had so many opportunities to better herself & those in need around her, had another great opportunity to help those in need as a First Lady & add more prestige to the title. Unfortunately she blew it away; must have been that chip on her shoulder that did her in.

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  20. ezpz says:

    What, was Mika going for an improved, softer version of Megyn Kelly?
    No wonder she thought Megyn was fair.

    Like Megyn, Mika lists every nasty name that Trump has ever been called, and then asks his wife, Melania, if her husband has gone too far??

    The only difference between Megyn & MIka is that Megyn’s rhetorical “question” was about women, whereas MIka covered the whole ball of wax in one ‘question’..

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  21. Now that, ladies, gentlemen, and vulgarians, is a First LADY; C.L.A.S.S.Y!!

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  22. keebler AC says:

    There just is NO COMPARISON between Melania and Rubio, Jeb and Rafael’s wives.

    Jeb was always braying about his wife, who turned out to be a jewelry smuggler trying to avoid paying taxes to the US while husband is filthy rich.

    Then there’s Kasich who states that his wife is his boss. Who wants a president like that who claims to be bossed around to win gratuitous War on Woman voters?

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    • smiley says:

      ugh !
      too bizarre for reality.
      speaking of taxes…Romney is now saying there’s reason to believe “there’s a bombshell in Trump’s taxes”…
      fodder no doubt for next GOOP deBAIT.


      • keebler AC says:

        Too bizarre for reality – I know what you mean!
        I would have not minded Columba’s short stature so much, really, we all have less than ideal physical traits, but combined with her unkind personality to former friends and acquaintances while her husband professes his thieving wife is his rock of gibraltor to whom Donald Trump ought to apologize — borders on lunacy.

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        • I’m short too-but this one is misshapen and has an ugly face.

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          • lineabirgit says:

            i don’t understand how any rich person isn’t thin and gorgeous. she has access to personal trainers and life-style coaches and dietitians tasked with cooking delicious low-calorie meals every morning and beverly hills dermatologists keeping her skin perfect and personal shoppers binging her new outfits every week. i don’t get it. i struggle to pay for a gym membership, wish i could buy new shoes and clothes, and it doesn’t help that Obama bans my $8.00 foaming microbead facial scrub.

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        • lastConservinIllinois? says:

          Best debate moment of this election cycle:

          Jeb: “…my wife is right here, would you like to apologize to her?!”

          Trump: “No.”


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      • facebkwallflower says:

        What a douchbag; doing the same scam the Dems did on him. Yep, uniparty.


  23. NJF says:

    Gaaaahhhh. Romney on fox saying all top 3 front runners show make tax returns public, and he believes there is a “bombshell” hidden in Trump’s.


    • grumpy70 says:

      That’s what Harry Reed did to Romney, he sure is stooping low. I hope Trump doesn’t release his tax returns.

    • John Galt says:

      Did Rubio report his credit card fraud income?

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    • ezpz says:

      Romney is saying that?
      Sour grapes much?

      And of course it would be on Fox.

      They’re going to throw EVERYTHING – and THEN some – at Trump in the next couple of weeks, the coming days before next Tuesday, especially..
      None of it will stick. He’s way ahead of them.
      What a bunch of losers!


    • Oh shut up Romney you had TWO chances and were rejected-just GO AWAY!

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    • Gail Combs says:

      Why is Romney worried about tax returns when he should be focused on Natural Born Citizen requirement for the office of president? Deflecting attention are we Mitt?

      SCOTUS has ruled at least SIX times that a “Natural Born Citizen”is one born IN the United States to Parents who are BOTH US Citizens..
      The NBC clause exists for the sole purpose of preventing anyone born of foreign, dual or divided national allegiance from ever entering the Oval Office.
      Supreme Court Cases that Cite “Natural Born Citizen”as One Born on U.S. Soil to Citizen Parents
      Venus, 12 U.S. 8 Cranch 253 253 (1814)
      Shanks v DuPont, 28 U.S. 3 Pet. 242 242 (1830)
      Dred Scott v Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857)
      Minor v Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875)
      United States v Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)
      Perkins v. Elg, 307 U.S. 325 (1939) .

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      • smiley says:

        romney’s starting to sound like the town crier glenn beck with the upcoming BOMBSHELLs!!


        • flova says:

          We don’t care about his tax returns. When will these losers get it?

          We are fighting for our very survival.

          It’s like the Trump University thing-who cares? My kids were promised that a college education would get them a great job too–guess what? Didn’t happen. If these idiots want to push this nonsense, bring it on!

          Romney lost because he caved and he’s a coward. Couldn’t fight the Marxist.. Period.


    • PhillyGirl says:

      Beyond belief that Romney is stooping to Reid’s level. Did he forgot about that? What a ungrateful loser, after Trump supported him in his Presidential bid.

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      • JaneFL says:

        Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 36m36 minutes ago

        When Mitt Romney asked me for my endorsement last time around, he was so awkward and goofy that we all should have known he could not win!
        1,457 retweets 3,698 likes
        Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 48m48 minutes ago

        “@Ward_II: Oh great @MittRomney is doing a @SenatorReid on @realDonaldTrump like losing the presidency wasn’t enough #Trump2016” He’s a fool
        907 retweets 2,769 likes
        Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 49m49 minutes ago

        Mitt Romney,who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool, is now playing tough guy


  24. TEAFORALL says:

    What a Honor it will be to have Melania as our First Lady. She has it all, and will be a GREAT ROLE Model for our children She will bring style and grace back to the White House. We are blessed to have Donald and Melania representing our country

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    • keebler AC says:

      Michelle Obama throwing out the devil sign (forefinger and pinky) on the cover of Vogue or some high-profile fashion magazine while dressed up to the hilt was real classy. The gang sign completely negated all the primping done for her to try to showcase her as quality material. Michelle and her husband definitely shares that finger gesturing propensity shared with their own girls. Stinkin’ role models for black americans and as a consequence, this is what America got for 8 years from their constituents.

      Diamond and Silk are so much better as role models. I so appreciate their style and wit.

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      • truthwitness says:

        ಠ_ಠ she continues to display that devil sign – what an ugly inside out woman Michelle Obama is – with or without wig –


  25. Mike says:

    test. some messages are not going through.


  26. yakmaster2 says:

    Smart, elegant, poised and beautiful. Melania Trump will represent our country very well. The Trump family exemplify qualities of hard work, higher education, truth-telling, family loyalty, decorum, and patriotism. Those are qualities so many of us admire!!

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  27. MfM says:

    I watched the interview, I think she did very well. No placeholding sounds or words when she formulated her answers. She deflected several gotcha questions very well and came across as honest and comfortable.

    The responses in a comment section on an article about this interview weren’t so nice. A lot was about her speaking broken English and how the setting was tawdry. That the Trumps were going to redo the White House and desecrate it with lots of gold plating. Then of course they brought up her nude photos and that any one who thinks she really loves Trump’s mind and not his money is a fool.

    Jeb is out of the race, but did we ever here his wife speak? I’ve heard that they only speak Spanish at home. Not all First Ladies have perfect pasts. Betty Ford was an alcoholic and was addicted to some drugs. Laura Bush killed another teen when she was 17 because of careless driving.


  28. R-C says:

    Mrs. Trump is as tough as Mr. Trump. Mika didn’t measure up.

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  29. Sedanka says:

    God, what a night-and-day difference between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama.


  30. flyingtigercomics says:

    Melania was constantly referred to as an “Amazon” when she first appeared with The Donald.

    Always seemed no less than the truth to me.

    As for the whole “my angel was a centerfold” thing – pfft. Beta cucks WISH they could get a centerfold to look at them twice, let alone marry them and live happily ever after.


  31. This may sound weird, but it feels like something powerful is in the air right now. It’s like people are really waking up and realizing that we can take this thing back and smash all the creeps and criminals that are destroying us.

    It’s really a wonderful feeling that I don’t recall having in all my adult life.

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  32. stringy theory says:

    I see the crudzbots at UnRead State have a story up whining that Melania is receiving great press while the sweaty cuban and pastor ted’s wives are not. I wonder why?


  33. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Note to Mika:

    You can’t stump The Melania.

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  34. petszmom says:

    melania stood out a very long time ago (for me). I can’t even remember if they were married yet but trump was commenting on what he was getting her for xmas…jewels, furs, trips, cars, expensive accessories? his comment left an impression that has held all these years. he said, “no, she had a coat, very simple one, all picked out, that was what she wanted”…enough said for me. I don’t have to worry she will be frittering my taxes on extravagant purchases and trips like moochelle.


  35. Bull Durham says:

    Melania possesses the grace and intelligence and regal beauty of Sophia Loren.

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  36. Shadrach says:

    The thing I like about Melania is that she is polite and well-mannered. The caricature of the “ugly American” is never as embarrassing as when it is true. Here I am thinking about Michelle O, her mother and the Obama children during the state visit to China….ugh. Melania also being smart, attractive, and multi-lingual are bonuses.

    Her being European (even if Eastern European) may go far to reversing the damage done by Obama to our relationship w Europe. Poor guys, they were thrilled w/ Obama, and then he took Churchills bust out of the Oval Office 😦 When does he leave again? Not soon enough!!!!!

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  37. ZurichMike says:

    Mika just used the time to smear Trump, bringing up again all the negative stuff — and never asking about “what inspires your husband?” or “tell me something we don’t know about your husband that our viewers would find interesting”.

    Sorry, Mika is just another nasty media whore for the left.

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    • Coast says:

      Exactly… the point is to try and smear as much as possible. Another goal of Mika was to tell a falsehood as to what we can and cannot do about immigration. Immigration is about what’s good for the country…not what’s good for the immigrant. We can pick and choose who and what we want…which includes the banning of Muslims. Our laws do not extend to non-citizens that are not in America.

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  38. SouthernbythegraceofGod says:

    Not impressed at all with Mika. Condescending and rude and there is an ugliness under the makeup. Envy, too.

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  39. mamajen says:

    When I became a mother almost eight years ago, I gave up my career in architecture to be a stay-at-home mom. It was a huge sacrifice for our family, as I was earning more than my husband at the time. We had been doing better and better every year until Obamacare kicked in. Our insurance plan that we loved was eliminated and the new plan came with premiums that are twice as expensive and a $3,000 deductible to meet before insurance pays a cent. To make matters worse, the company my husband works for is struggling as well, and he is not getting the raises or bonuses that he had been. Now it feels like we are just spinning our wheels despite our hard work and responsible financial choices. It is intensely frustrating.

    I’m not one of those people who pontificates about lifestyle choices. I just want the freedom for my family to live the way WE think is best. Childhood goes by so fast. My 7 y.o. is a member of Mensa and requires a lot of love and care and energy to help him reach his full potential since public school provides nothing for him. Two income households are already more or less taken for granted. We are rapidly heading toward the day when it will be IMPOSSIBLE for all but the super rich to spend the time they want with their children. My husband is a legal immigrant from England. We decided to live here because of the American way of life, the freedom. We didn’t want national healthcare, VAT, big brother and a herd mentality. But what we DID want is rapidly disappearing.

    All this to say, I was very moved when I first read that Melania does without a nanny and largely stays off the campaign trail in order to be there for her son. She gets it. She may be rich, but she gets it, and so does Donald. They get it better than the well-off “true conservatives” who do not fret every day about making ends meet. The values that conservative purists hold dear will become impossible to live by if our economy does not improve. As my dad said to me recently, “Would you ask the firefighter what his values are before he saves your burning home?” No. One of the many reasons I am a proud Trump supporter.

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  40. uvaldegirl says:

    Mika only showed a speck on energy when she asked Melania about how Trump treated women. Then I could see the good old Dem hacksaws whirring with a well-worn trope. And Melania’s response was so brilliant. Donald treats women like humans, just as he does men.

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  41. Sylvia says:

    the media, this Mika, the Fox news bimbo[ she looks sooo hard, sad & miserable ALL the time] and besides that she has awful big pores!; anderson cooper, don lemon [people should be seeing what skeletons THEY have in their closets like they try to do to Trump] and the GOP establishment, Clintons, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders AND ALL THE OTHER MUD SLINGING NAY SAYERS THAT are saying/doing what they’re doing because of all THEIR ‘SKELETONS’ and lack of confidence and decency. THEY ARE ALL ELECTIONEERING FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES. I have seen and heard so many, many things that DJT supposedly said or did that is out and out b*** s***. Other candidates can say the same or worse, lies, things taken out of context etc. etc. etc. and keep getting away with it. I am sure you all know what I am trying to say? I am so sick of the hypocracy of the shallow, ignorant people. ESPECIALLY CNN ‘REPORTERS’ [AND I USE THE TERM LOOSELY]! THE WORD UNBIASED IS NOT IN THEIR VOCABULARY!

    NO MATTER WHAT DJT DOES OR SAYS THEY WILL ALL BE AT HIM AND IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE COMING TO THE END OF THEIR RESPECTIVE ROPES. ITS THE JERK AT THE END OF THE ROPE THAT IS GOING TO DO THEM ALL IN—-WITH A SNAP!! IYGMD? And then to attempt to disparage Melanias character is lower than the lowest! She attended that so called interview in good faith and to be treated as she was by this so called ‘interviewer’ is unforgivable. Mikka is LOWER THAN A SNAKES BELLY IN THE GRASS. She should be ashamed of herself. But then, people of her class do not know the difference. Same goes for the Fox bimbo.

    I am afraid Mr. Trump faces an uphill battle but one he has proven that he can handle. And after listening to Melanias ‘interview’ I know SHE can look after herself also. I hope they do not start picking on Mr. Trumps other children. To go after Trump is one thing but God Help ANYONE that goes after his famiIy! I have a feeling that they too can take care of themselves but they should not have to be subjected to all the negativity and ignorance. You can tell that ALL his family has been brought up to be kind and decent young adults, to say nothing about how smart they are. The apple does not fall far from the tree/s! Something that others just may not be able
    to say. They’re all just PO’D that they are at the bottomof the proverbial ‘heap’!?


                                        "TRUMP, DOMINATION FOR THE NOMINATION"tm


  42. MfM says:

    The most telling photo of Melania was when she was talking and interacting with Cruz’s two daughters during a debate last summer.

    She looked in tune with them and they were comfortable with her in a way I haven’t seen between Ted and them.


    • ctdar says:

      I remember that, she was letting the girls play with her phone. The familiarity gave me the thought that the Cruz and Trump families were very friendly behind the scenes.


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