That Debate Moment When the Script Is Evidenced…

No intellectually honest person can deny the Greenville South Carolina debate was constructed to provide maximum benefit for Marco Rubio.  The structure was so brutally transparent even the customarily obtuse punditry are having a hard time obfuscating.

We have been pointing to the GOPe road-map for over two years.  As each tripwire is crossed, the ridiculous justifications of those in denial necessarily increase; but that doesn’t mean we will stop pointing out the strings on the presidential marionette show.  Cue yet another audio visual demonstration.

Do you see anything odd with this screen shot from the live CBS debate?

rubio cbs graphic

Perhaps you’ll note – that in order for the CBS production staff to put a Marco Rubio “immigration positiongraphic on the screen, at the exact moment when he was questioned about it – there had to be a particular pre-planned intent.

And no other candidate had ANY similar graphic used, at any individual moment, on any individual topic, other than this one.  This was the only time CBS put out a candidate position graphic during a candidate response.   Are you more curious now?

The moment this took place was at 54:48 of the video below.  However, I would suggest any interested observer to begin playing the video just prior to CBS News Major Garrett asking the question.

Cue the video to 54:11, pay close attention to the gently worded and intentionally open-ended question.  “for the purposes of legislation, define amnesty“?

Don’t you just love those softball open-enders….  Especially when they are placed upon a tee with such diligence and care.

Now go back and watch the video again.  Even more closely this time.  Look at Rubio, watch his eyes and body language – apply your own common sense to what you are witnessing.

Not only did Rubio know the topic question was coming.  Not only did the CBS live broadcast production team know the question was coming (hence the graphic), but Rubio had topic notes (on the podium) for reference during his response.

Again, for emphasis:  ♦ The professional Republican party insiders want Marco Rubio to win the nomination; they have been open with their advocacy. ♦ The Greenville audience was pro-Rubio, even admitted by the republican insiders who were participating.  ♦ The media noted during the debate, the audience seemed structurally designed.  ♦ Rubio was tee’d up with a strategic softball.  ♦ And the “live” CBS production staff knew to have a graphic ready at a specific moment.  ♦ A broadcast enhancement exclusive for Senator Marco Rubio.


….Once you see the strings on the marionettes you cannot watch the pantomime the same way again; because you can never return that moment when you did not know they existed….

The Republican National Committee (RNC), in coordination with the DC beltway, GOPe establishment, insider and party donor class, are “Grubering”  us!

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545 Responses to That Debate Moment When the Script Is Evidenced…

  1. Bacall says:


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  2. Betty says:

    Admin over on H44 wrote this about Marco Rubio’s defense of G.W. Bush: “Marco Rubio takes the reprehensible, anti-conservative, anti-Republican position that the United States should bankrupt itself, send young American women and men into death’s jaws – IN ORDER TO ENFORCE WHAT THE UNITED NATIONS WANTS. ”

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  3. Zzschnops says:

    Take the time to check out the color of the background behind each candidate and the color of makeup. Put them side by is obvious.

    Anyone have the ability to post such a picture?


  4. your tour guide says:

    Re reviewed the video from 54:07 per Sundance’s recomendation. Around 54:47 Rubio makes an upward motion with his thumb, and the talking points instantly appear.

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  5. Guffman says:

    Also, note that the camera ie cued – with precision timing – to pan slighty left to make room for the graphic text to come up. This was all SO pre-arranged for RNC’s home-boy Rubio.

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  6. Judith Buffalohead says:

    You are so spot on. Thank you for this. They think we are SO STUPID.

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  7. Bacall says:

    Sundance: regarding Marco Rubio and Immigration. He was also the only candidate asked twice to explain the”nuances” of his immigration approach.

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  8. kenramsey says:

    Another real “oddity” that favored Rubio was when Trump and Cruz were getting into it, and Ben Carson’s name and Jeb Bush’s name came up a few times. Both wanted to respond, as the rules allowed them. The moderator instead went to Rubio – and let Marco pick the topic! Even Rubio seemed to be amazed by this!

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    • Guffman says:

      I noticed that one too! Rubio was not mentioned in any of the preceding bickering, yet all of a sudden the moderators let him pick a topic, and tell Carson , who was trying to respond to being just mentioned, to wait his turn.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Orders from the control room into the ear of Dickerson. Obedience is immediate.
        The Directors of the “Show” were RINO operatives.
        All the rest of the debates and town halls will be “stage managed”, pre-scripted, controlled this way. They only have one place and one means to hurt Trump, on these events they control.

        Trump needs to be very alert and look for signals from his sons as they get text messages from Corey and Sundance and others alert to these manipulations.

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      • jello333 says:

        Well, Carson has gotten a bit uppity a few times during the debates. Seriously, though, I normally don’t give any credence to the “racism” accusations, but I gotta admit there’ve been times where I’ve been surprised over the way Ben has been treated in the debates.


  9. Zen Masta says:

    I watched the entire debate and it was indeed very scripted. I didn’t notice the graphic at first but what I did notice was when the crowd booed or cheered and it sounded very unnatural. No doubt the audience was coached on when to applause, who to applause, etc. Trump called it out correctly.


    • Gail Combs says:

      The sound effects were canned as has been shown by Treepers on several ocassions. Both by an analysis of the sound and also by the fact the camera showed only one person applauding during the loud applause… OOPS!

      The debate was staged to the max.
      Change in skin color tones to make Trump look angry/red in the face and disguise Rubio’s red ears. Adderall?

      Artificial sound effects and changes in vocal tones/levels

      Staged questions, deflection so Dr Carson can not back Donald up in his accusation of Cruz lying.

      Crib notes, ear phones for coaching…..

      Absolutely disgusting!

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  10. angryduc says:

    When that placard went up I froze the picture and had a discussion with my 81 yr old father last night as to how he thought it might be possible for CBS to sync the placard to Rubio’s response. Lol

    Dad didn’t get it at first. But when he did it was like lifting blinders.

    If you watch the moderator lead Bush several times he goes (also) into pre-scripted answers. The crowd cheers on cue to drown out Trump when he replies. The players even seem to have scripted or arranged attacks on Trump.

    Republican Kabuki Theater

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  11. truthseekerr says:

    How everyone is stealing Trump’s “build the wall” ORIGINAL idea? Cruz, Rubio who else? I’m sure WE would pay for it if they built it. 10x the cost at that.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Good. It should sail through Congress since everyone agrees.

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      • DeusVult says:

        ha ha

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      • Gail Combs says:

        It already did — The Secure Fence Act of 2006.

        It even had moneys attached. Janet Napolitano as United States Secretary of Homeland Security from 2009 to 2013 killed it. (She had served as the 21st Governor of Arizona from 2003 to 2009 so she knew the problems yet refused to sign the laws allowing citizen patrols to help.) She also sent border guards patroling the Mexican border to Canada, cut the border security budget. Also the state national guard units that were patroling were called up and sent overseas. Details and links HERE

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    • jello333 says:

      Donald should come up with some totally bizarre idea, and see how long it takes the others to adopt it. “When I’m president, all visitors to the White House will be required to recite the first verse of Jabberwocky, to prove they are indeed American citizens.” Within a few days all the others would be “Me too!”


    • Jason says:

      what’s worse is those stealing it are being deceptively obtuse about it. Apparently we’ve already built 650 miles of the ‘wall/fence’ of 700 that has been previously approved.

      Cruz, Rubio AND Jeb are all saying ‘Build it’ but make clear they only intend to finish the remaining portion of the ‘wall’ (cough fence) that remains, i.e. 50 more miles.


  12. Joe says:

    Trump fights for us, he fights, fights, fights.

    My God it is a beautiful sight.

    Sundance as well. God bless them.

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  13. chilloutyo says:

    As a former drummer in a rock band, I ran into a sound man who hated me. He shut off my monitors and did other sound tricks to make me sound crappier than I am. During the CBS debate, Trump’s microphone pee popped a lot. Bush, Rubio, and Kasich’s mikes did not have the same poor sound quality. Trump complained some months ago about the poor sound quality. This is what an evil sound person can do.

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  14. Venus says:

    I copied the screenshot with the graphic and asked @Reince what was up with that. Everyone with a Twitter account should do the same – make it harder for him to ignore.

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  15. Yeho says:

    I love this website

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  16. Bull Durham says:

    In 1963 a massive Establishment conspiracy ended democracy in America. Since then we have had non-stop wars, a cascading middle class that is plunging into massive imposed debt and lost incomes, the sell-off of American industry, ports and financial control of our own destiny.

    They have had a run for five decades. That has been a big head start on awareness by enough people. Some of us were on this from the Dallas coup d’etat, and thought nuts by everyone else.

    But the stark reality is upon us. They are a tyranny. Both Parties are one.

    There is a Double Government; the elected is artifice and the inner core (advisers, consultants and experts) usually situated in bogus think tanks with grand names like Institute for the Study of War (General Jack Keane and bunch of phony experts) for instance, or appointed, not elected, in the NSC and hidden in wings or basement of the WH or other nearby buildings or over in Virginia or up in Maryland.

    The CIA is a den of psychos, sociopaths and some very good citizens who do analytical work. The problem has been the psychos and sociopaths.

    The DIA lost General Flynn. He is now bridging the gap to the public and between Trump and Putin.
    There are military who are very worried Erdogan and the Saudis are fomenting a war to draw NATO and the US to fight in Syria against Assad and Russia. And the same with Ukraine.

    There are others who want a war with China in the South China Sea and/or the East China Sea with Japan.

    Notice, none of these are strategically important to the US or its own national security. They are about gas and oil reserves and pipelines. Just as Vietnam never was about anything other than control of what is now considered a huge oil and gas resource under the South China Sea.

    Be very aware of what is being said by whom. Listen carefully to FM Sergey Lavrov who eats Kerry’s lunch but is a man of impeccable intellect working slavishly to nullify the lies propagated in behalf of warmongers like McCain and Graham and Biden.

    For instance, did you all know Biden’s son is on the board and co-owner of gas reserves in Ukraine? Burisma is the company.

    Now you know why Biden goes and directs the Ukies to shell Donbass and kill women and children in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts. After every visit from Biden, people die. Same for Victoria Nuland from the State Dept., John McCain and mini-me Senator Graham.

    It has always been this way since JFK, and before.
    Has nothing to do with Russia, Putin, commies or democracy.

    Dr. Albert Burke, a brilliant TV personality in the early 60’s taught the concept that all war is fought for natural resources, not ideology. Nothing has changed.

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    • Zzschnops says:

      the rest of you need to stop the eye rolls and read this.

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    • flyingtigercomics says:

      Trump is the expression of the inevitable clash between the deep politics cabal and the surviving freeborn Americans left to defend the Republic. It’s a fight to the death.

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    • singtune says:

      Thank You Bull~! I am one who saw what occurred in 1963 Forward, however, I did not have the chance to go into it more deeply, until I retired from Teaching in 1997. Thank God , I am no longer called a “Tin Foil’ Hat person, except at Breitbart & Newmax . i also might add, that I feel very much at home here at the REFUGE.

      Bull, please Know i truly appreciate the Clarity that you Present in you Posts here.

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    • Summer says:

      I knew that. It was all over the Internet a year ago. Add to that the CIA-inspired illegal ousting of their President, fascist-like Ukrainian “government”, Biden’s son heavily profiting from fracking (without any concern for pollution, carbon footprint, global warming etc.) and you would understand why I sort of support Russia in this conflict. The USA should stay away.


    • Gail Combs says:

      Actually we lost the USA in 1913.

      Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allows bankers to print fiat funny money and lend it to the US government and us.
      The 16th Amendment allows the Congress to levy an income tax to pay off the debt to the bankers run up by Congress in useless wars and idiotic programs.
      The 17th Amendment established the popular election of United States Senators removing the states control of the federal government. Prior to that the States appointed the senators as their reps.
      In 1915, the JP Morgan interest bought up the important news papers and used them to publish propaganda. At this point the USA went from avoiding foreign entanglements to being almost continuously at war thanks to carefully staged false flags.
      In 1917 the bankers sent T r o t s k y from NYC to Russia with gold to stage the Russian Revolution. link

      We have been bled of wealth and manpower by the elite ever since.

      And yes they are getting ready to drag us into a third world war I very much fear.


      • zzschnops says:

        Excellent Gail. That is what I have been trying to state… the Uniparty is made up of banks, political parties and the media all working together to influence the world for THEIR benefit. Steal and Pillage and Subjugate and Control. Wars just give them cover to purperate their most heinous crimes

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        • Sorry. I couldn’t help it 🙂 I agree. Our government, by the people, was overthrown in 1963. God bless Trump and keep him safe.


        • your tour guide says:

          Remember the old adage “history repeats itself?”. How frequent history repeats itself is
          tied to life span expectancy. Between the two world wars, american males were lucky to make it past 60. The WW2/ Korea vets had very long life spans (70-80+ years). So the memory of what was done in the past was still alive and kicking. Convenient for the rulers,
          that generation is dropping off like flies, and taking knowledge of what happened with them. Our generation isn’t going to have as long and viable an old age, unfortunately. No
          exercise, no manual labor, riding in cars to every destination. We’re allowing ourselves to
          fall into their hands. We 50 plus year olds owe it to our offspring to be ,mean enough to get up, stay healthy, and not drop dead so some one is watching the show and giving input on it.
          The worst sentence ever uttered occured back in the 60s:”Never trust anyone over 30.”
          It discounted the wisdom of age and experience, and replaced it with whatever was of the moment was to be followed. History repeating itself is we are now re-experiencing 1968
          domestically, with hatred of police, and the race card thrown at us. If you look into Ayer’s
          past behavior , and that of the Black Panthers, their paths often crossed paths then. If
          you were in highschool in the early 70s, you were probably fashionable among your peers,
          and referred to police as “pigs” that was Ayers, and the Black Panther’s doing.


    • pawatcher says:

      You left out one thing- the Islamic part in this senerio, especially in regards to Crimea and Ukraine….. WW3 will be to eastablish the world Califate- Islam is the only religion that will survive.
      That’s the plans but they will not succeed. Europe is waken up, Baltic, and Eastern Europe along with the Russian, Chinese, and Japanese will never surrender to a global government- their people have been through much worse than WE have- they have witnessed tyranny with genocides first hand.
      Every US foreign war/military defensive has had an Islamic element on Our enemies side IMHO the hidden agenda.


  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    Even if it was spontaneously done for him, they did not spontaneously do that for anyone else. No one else had their position and talking points appear when they spoke.
    At the very least they were obviously favoring him but I do believe it was a planned event that they thought no one would catch.
    20 yrs ago we would have been suspicious but would not have had the tech at our fingertips to talk with each other, show it to each other and to take clips and publishing them for all the world to see. It would have flashed on the screen, had an impact by making him look official and increased the impact of what he was saying and then when asked they would have yelled “conspiracy theorists” at us. now, its there for all to see and for them to answer to!

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  18. lmg says:

    I see that @DanScavino is already following sundance, so the simplest way to get important information like this to the Team would be for sundance to send Dan a DM with the link. He must get thousands of regular tweets each day (if not hour), so it would be easy to miss one, but he’s only directly following 126 people right now. I noticed that Cory Lewandowski tweeted a link to an article at the Treehouse today, but it was from the 8th of February.

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  19. Would someone explain why CBS would covertly cooperate with the RNC to single out Rubio for success?


    • dizzymissl says:

      So they can continue on into the NWO


    • Bull Durham says:


      Access to powerful people for their news operations.

      The leadership of the corporate owners of CBS, here are the board of directors

      David R. Andelman
      Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
      William S. Cohen
      Gary L. Countryman
      Charles K. Gifford
      Leonard Goldberg
      Bruce S. Gordon
      Linda M. Griego
      Arnold Kopelson
      Leslie Moonves
      Doug Morris
      Shari Redstone (non-executive Vice-Chair)
      Sumner Redstone (Chairman)
      Frederic V. Salerno

      It was once named Viacom. It is a huge corporation in media. It needs a stable environment and it can’t be a bulwark for the People. It represents the Establishment which can wreck it with an algorithm on a Dark Pool market in nanoseconds. It’s stock could be shorted by the hedgefund guys bankrolling the losers surrounding Trump.

      Again, it comes down to $$$$$

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    • Zzschnops says:

      Unifreekigparty. It includes the media. ALL OF THEM.

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    • Sam Hicks says:

      Rubio was a well known flaming homosexual in south Florida during the 80’s, this is a fact… it is verifiable. Our current “occupant” was a well known flaming homosexual in the bath houses of Chicago. It is well known and verifiable. Rubio is yet another plant for the liberal invaders, he is no conservative, he is a homosexual playing a part to gain money and power. I have seen enough damage done by theses agents of the left.. how about you? The country hangs in the balance here, it is obvious who the socialist light party is pushing, they hate Trump.. that is where my vote is going.


    • dogsmaw says:

      The question is not why…but why not?


  20. wheatietoo says:

    CBS does not want Donald Trump to win the R-nomination.
    They know that he would beat whomever the Dems have as their nominee.

    CBS is not really for any of the Republican candidates…..they are so Anti-Trump, that they are doing anything they can to try to keep him from the nomination.

    CBS owns the cable channel, Showtime.
    Showtime has been running this series called….’The Circus’.

    Showtime has never done a ‘campaign coverage’ show before, and they have been around for decades.
    So….why now?

    Here is a sample:

    They always try to do this…make it seem like “people can’t get in” to the Trump rallies.
    Or they try to portray Trump supporters as “idiot peons”.

    CBS….and their cable channel, Showtime….are desperate to get Trump out of the race.


  21. Jen Hollers says:

    I have to say I like conservative tree house waayy more than Breitbart. Not because I’m a trump supporter, it’s because the observation, and the accurate information that you guys put out. Way to go. 👌😊

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  22. RINOKiller says:

    If there was a poll, it would be “WHICH ONE HAS BEEN THE WORST DEBATE?”
    Your Selections:
    A) The first FOX debate

    B) The CNBC debate

    C) The CBS debate


  23. Curry Worsham says:

    Interesting…John Dickerson’s mother, Nancy Dickerson, was CBS’s first female reporter in the 50’s and associate producer of … wait for it… Face the Nation. His step dad John C. Whitehead was a Bilderberger (steering committee) and chairman of… Goldman Sachs. He was in charge of Getty Foundation and resigned after losing 400 million in one year. Big time Globalist.

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  24. John Campbell says:

    Rubio’s big financial backer in none other than “Open Borders” promoter, Paul Singer. The same Paul Singer who works with the strange bedfellows of George Soros and the Koch brothers for the same universal “Open Borders” goal. It matters not what Rubio says he’s for or against on this issue on the campaign trail. His vote is already bought and paid for.

    TRUMP 2016

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  25. Colorado Conservative says:

    Great catch Sundance, had not even thought about that graphic showing up. Also want to mention Breitbart carried an article today in which CBS claimed Rubio won the debate. Imagine that!


  26. sheridan says:

    Rubio’s without a doubt the establishment chosen one. He has no leadership ability. Christie’s boy in the bubble is floating along carefully wrapped in cotton wool and like the others being credited with Donald Trumps campaign key issues. He is like a racoon staring into truck headlights during debates so the viewer discounts him automatically and yet the media keeps lending him credibility that just isn’t there. The only real leader out there is Donald Trump. I guess the MSM still thinks people are stupid. Its disgusting how dishonest and manipulative the MSM media is.


  27. Steve says:

    Gotta also love how the bell rings immediately after he is done giving his answer. It’s almost like how a bell rings at the end of a fight when a boxer delivers KO. There’s something about the bell at the end that gives his answer an aura of success. It may also be an indicator that his answer was rehearsed because how else would he be able to fit his response perfectly in the aloted time?

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  28. Lisa M says:

    Rubio had great answers at the Fox news debates – sound rehearsed?? Rubio’s press secretary Brooke Sammons is the daughter of Bill Sammons, Fox News Vice President who monitors the debate questions. Brooke also worked previously for Dana Perino of Fox News.


  29. Ron Hyatt says:

    Captain Canadian or Robot Rubio? Neither. TRUMP 3016


  30. Dumbplumber says:

    All this Rubio/RINO/MSM/Establishment/conspiring against Trump is fascinating. But if this knowledge is limited to a hand full of blogs, and Twitter accounts, then ignored by the mass media, well then our mission is lost. How do we disseminate this information to the electorate?

    Hey, I’m just a little plumber in N. California, but I figured this out. What’s it going to take to broadcast this cabal?


  31. helenerbrown says:

    I think Teflon Trump will get a bump because of this Rubio favoritism. The other candidates with poll numbers close to Rubio are most damaged. Hope someone files suit on behalf of the democratic process naming Rubio, RNC and CBS.


  32. donnajeanz says:

    Thank you for all the great insights in this debate. I watched it twice and noticed color changes, the changes in volume between the candidates, the boos, loud clapping, and so on. But now I will watch a third time and be sure to watch out for all the ” little ” but vastly important details all of you have mentioned. I appreciate the intelligent comments, all of you bring me hope. Love Mr. Trump and my prayers are with him and our Beloved United States of America. Keep up the good work and together we will know the truth. Then we can share these truths. Third time’s a charm now that the scales have been lifted from my eyes…


  33. Sandra says:

    Sorry for repeating myself, but I’m so bothered by this. CBS created the immigration bullet points from Rubio’s web site, almost verbatim. CBS made a significant edit to one of points.

    Rubio’s web site: Deport criminal illegal aliens

    CBS’s graphic: Deport criminal undocumented immigrants.

    Imagine how the viewing audience would have responded to “illegal aliens”. CBS, or the RNC if they were the ones who forwarded the bullet points to CBS, knew that “illegal aliens” would portray Rubio unfavorably so they used the laughably PC term “undocumented immigrants” instead.

    Rubio actually has a few extra immigration bullet points on his web site that CBS or the RNC chose to not use. IMO they used the three that are direct overlaps of issues that Trump brings up regularly. This wasn’t just promotion of Rubio, it was to tell the Trump supporters “Look, Rubio wants to build a wall too!”. Except Rubio’s “wall” is a patchwork of chain link fences that the criminals can use a Home Depot ladder to climb over (as Trump mentioned in one of his first rallies).


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  35. tenty ten says:

    1st question of the night to Rubio: Dickerson asks about Scalia. Rubio responds that in 80 years no lame duck president appointed USSC judge. Dickerson says nothing. 1st question to Cruz: Dickerson asks about Scalia. Cruz responds that there is 80 year precedent not confirming USSC judges in election years. Dickerson cuts him off mid sentence and proceeds to argue on stage with him on that point.


  36. ameriproud says:

    TRUMP 2016󾓦


  37. Libertati Aut Ad Mortem says:

    The CFR is toying with the American people, and the 6 head toss for Hillary proves it. Trump is the CFR cabal establishment bag-man. What a charade. This election is already decided. Americans are pawns in the process, now and always.


  38. Beano McReano says:

    RUBIO is an idiot. He said, “ME and my family”! It’s suppose to be “MY FAMILY AND I” !!!


  39. george Archers says:

    CBS should have instead flicked a photo of Rubio enjoying himself and frequently in Gay club thrashing in a soap bubble orgy :^(


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  41. farang says:

    Indeed: once the “demonic” Media is recognized the blinders refuse to be placed ever again. Their “Spell” weakens. I watched a Fox sporting event with the most obvious “fix” or predetermined outcome ever. I am sure the “winner” was told ” just don’t get knocked out and you’ll be champ again…” He ran the entire fight…refused to engage the champ…and “won” on two judge’s cards…one by 4 rounds to 1…while the third judge had the champ winning 4 of 5 rounds…you only need two crooked judges…and the “Narrative” in program made it seem like the challenger was unfairly “stripped” of his title: he had only fought once in the last five years. Predetermined outcomes…like presidential races.


  42. Michael Rasmussen says:

    That’s funny, video has been removed. The RNC should be ashamed of themselves, this whole thing and the way it was set up is an embarrassment. They are only helping out the front runner and too stupid to realize it. The whole establishment is in desperation mode.


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