Post Debate Thoughts – RNC Head Reince Priebus Becomes Trump’s Greatest Ally…

The headline might sound odd at first, until you realize the debate audience was so over-the-top part of the establishment GOPe, even the willfully blind pundits couldn’t ignore it.

We knew the South Carolina audience was going to be structured by the RNC to be mostly entrenched Brooks Brothers republicans in favor of Marco Rubio.  The same general sensibility was evident in the North Charleston FNB debate.

trump haters

However, what no-one could expect was how the desperation of the donor and cocktail class would cause them to lose any semblance of objectivity and instead launch into a full-throated screaming session on behalf of Senator Rubio, and to a slightly lesser extent Jeb Bush.

The GOP audience reflected one of the long-time republican truisms: the donor class is completely, intentionally and insufferably, disconnected from the general electorate.

The best thing Donald Trump might do next time is pay for an hour of “open bar” just prior to the debate beginning.  The RNC can then provide goodie bags of squirt guns, nerf darts, and rubber bands for all audience members.

Don’t fight the bias, enhance it, more Trumpet equals more sunlight.  Allow the chattering class to fully embarrass themselves even further.  Their behavior helps the insurgency.

Despite the overwhelming odds, and positioned as the dominating fighter he is, Candidate Donald Trump stood on the debate stage and wielded the atomic battle axe against all of their collective antagonisms.   Counting the stage crew it was roughly 1,905 to 1.

When the elephant dust settled, Trump emerged – yet again, victorious.

This about sums it up:

I am not a Trump supporter but that was a bloodbath. He tied that whole stage and audience into a package and stamped “Washington Bulls–t” on it. Then he set it on fire and walked off.

Another summary via Twitter:

Tonight, Trump poured gasoline on 30 years of neocon foreign policy thinking and lit the match. It was beautiful.

Or this one:

Trump was just Trump tonight — the lone guy fighting all Establishment comers, including that obnoxious audience.

And another:

Some good, lots of bad from the candidates tonight. But nothing worse than the obnoxious audience. That was embarrassing.

When the RNC and GOPe strategy is that brutally obvious, well, the negative outcome they hoped to achieve becomes diminished.  Actually, quite the opposite result occurs.

As noted above, the viewing audience begins to stop focusing on the substance, and instead appreciates the strength of the candidate who remains in the arena against overwhelming odds.  The intent of the attack backfires.  Their goal to create a perception of policy weakness is replaced by an actual appreciation of the candidates fortitude.

Remember Spartacus?

As to substance of the debate itself, the guy getting hit from all directions is the only guy standing up for the middle class.

trump smile 3Not another candidate mentioned anything about saving American Jobs from being outsourced to China or Mexico, and when the moderator tried to turn it into an example of dictatorial tendencies – Trump dismisses the charge by stating he would warn the fleeing company of his intent to work with congress to tariff their products upon import.

Candidate Donald Trump putting his focus on protecting the U.S. worker, regardless of opinion of him.  Solidifying his position as their champion.  Never before has a candidate railed against the entire system with such intensity, there’s not a doubt in the viewers mind he would not concede an inch in his defense of their economic position.

Again, exactly the blue collar billionaire people are looking for to protect them from the vulture economics of Wall Street.   Mr. Trump is 100% Main Street and he means it when he says he will not stop fighting.  Openly stating his intent to do so against 1,905:1 odds is a visible representation of the severity of his promise.

Trump is definitely not a politician – He’s us.  That’s the message received.

Getting booed by a stacked crowd of special interest groups is a positive for the rest of us… The American people

And when you are supporting a candidate willing to put themselves into such a hostile environment on your behalf, you betcha people will get off their asses and into the voting booth to support him.  It’s the least they can do.

Don’t get me wrong, as much as Trump was successful swinging the linguistic battle axe, the circling hyena’s were equally improved in their collective attack.  Rubio, Jeb and Cruz each taking turns thrusting forward and snapping their teeth.

Cruz, Rubio and Bush certainly mounted a far more coordinated attack against Trump than in prior debates.  However, the rabidity and nastiness, while it might make the auditorium audience giddy with joy, loud shouts and “kill-the-witch” group-think, looks intensely mean-spirited from a TV distance.

Their approach allowed Trump enormously forgiving latitude in how he responded.

Donald Trump as crowd boos him: “I only tell the truth, lobbyists.”

[I]f the audience is pro-Lindsey Graham that REALLY tells you something. Graham was only polling 4% in South Carolina, his home state.

My ears still hurt from the screeches from the debate stage and the whining boos of the donors in the audience.

The saddest, well, perhaps the most enlightening part to the entire debate – is how the punditry class, the GOPe machine and the attacking candidates themselves are so not self-aware, they actually think they did a great job.

Their collective response reminds us of that moment just before the voting in New Hampshire when the professional chattering class were interviewed and they said they didn’t know a single Trump supporter.

Donald Trump won New Hampshire by 20+ points (with over 35% of the state vote) in an eight person race; and the state republican party leadership didn’t know a single Trump voter?

The New Hampshire GOP leadership quoted: “they have never encountered a single Trump supporter in their daily lives”.

Think about that carefully.

Let that sink in.

Because that same mindset, those exact same people – albeit 500 miles south, will now tell themselves, their families, their friends and their audience, they don’t know a single South Carolina voter who saw Donald Trump win that debate.

drudge poll 2

Any Questions?

Closing Statement:

trump liontrump lion 3


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1,140 Responses to Post Debate Thoughts – RNC Head Reince Priebus Becomes Trump’s Greatest Ally…

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  3. TheTorch says:

    Well that looks rather Trumpy:

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  4. TheTorch says:

    Betfair has Jebra at 64/1 to win South Carolina! Trump is 2/13 !

    So you have to put £13 on to win £2 back for Trump…

    I am on the floor laughing! 🙂

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  5. IMO says:

    Help Stop The Constitutionally Ineligible
    Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio – Elex Sign Petitions
    Sign the Petitions to Stop Constitutionally Ineligible Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz | Sponsored By WOBC 570-284-7477

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)’s Blog | Protect the Constitution to Protect Our Liberty – Learn Who Is a “Natural Born Citizen” to Constitutional Standards – Obama’s ID Documents Are Forged


  6. Dora says:

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  7. Harris County Clerks file number 2011-519057 filed December 13, 2011


    Harris County, under Grantor/Grantee indexes,

    public records


  8. Trump’s got lots of real estate atty’s.
    They can understand better than U S little people.


  9. John Kerry does not like my recon too.


    • woohoowee says:

      FTA: Sources close to the process who work for the RNC, but are not authorized to speak on the record, confirmed to Breitbart News throughout the evening on Saturday that that is standard operating procedure for the RNC and the party as a whole for all debates: Donors get tickets while voters have to watch on TV at home.

      The peasants must watch from home.

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      • woohoowee says:

        Team Trump lines ’em out:

        But Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is calling for the RNC to drop all donor tickets and stop handing them out to special and monied interests entirely. Lewandowski says at all the rest of the debates from here on out, Spicer and the RNC must equally allocate all tickets among the various campaigns so they can distribute them equally and fairly to their supporters—and cut out all the donors and special interests who get tickets.

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  10. RoyBaty says:

    Don’t know why Trump had to go down that Bush and Iraq War lying from the democrat playbook, the guy (Trump) is a true A-HOLE.


    • todayistheday99 says:

      Maybe because Trump is speaking the truth, like he said in the interview?

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    • Martin says:

      “the guy (Trump) is a true A-HOLE.”

      That would be you.

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      • RoyBaty says:

        Trump is trying to get votes from stupid democrats by playing that “Bush lied people died” BS. The man has zero class.


        • Martin says:



        • LoreneTN says:

          RoyBaty, This is, in general, a pro-Trump site and certainly this is a common sense conservative site. You may want to go find a pro-Cruz site (or perhaps a Bernie site). You would be happier there. I am only thinking of your well being. It’s healthier to be among friends.

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          • RoyBaty says:

            FU, conservative treehouse used to be a conservative site until Donald Trump bought it.


            • wanthetruth says:

              Roy, sorry if you’re feeling a loss of what used to be, but the only way Trump could “buy” this site is if he could “buy” Sundance. I think you know in your heart of hearts that that is not possible. If you don’t like where it’s at now it won’t help to rail at people here, that’ll only shoot rancor back and forth.

              Most people here are looking for freedom and recovery for the USA. If Trump says things you don’t like take it up with him. His website has a Ph # and email communication address.

              Not everyone may agree with every thing said by Mr Trump, but he is the only one who has the skill set to change our course for/to better times.

              There is no one else that offers anything good to keep our country sovereign. Choose as you will, but consider the future. If you see a brighter one w/someone else probably best you don’t frustrate yourself here.

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            • kpm58 says:

              FE, FI, FO…..the truth has no agenda.
              At CTH the truth is displayed at no cost, save your time to learn.

              Liked by 1 person

            • jello333 says:

              Tell me… what exactly is “conservative” about continuing to prop up the LIES that got hundreds of thousands of Americans, Iraqis, and others maimed and killed in Iraq? Donald is finally, FINALLY making it safe for people across the political spectrum to admit to the truth.

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          • Southern Son says:

            Roy Bernie is Batty. As in MoonBatty!

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        • Murse says:

          Run along now, the Blaze is missing you.

          Liked by 2 people

        • Dora says:

          How do you know he has zero class? By the sound of your comments, you wouldn’t recognize class if you saw it.

          Liked by 2 people

    • todayistheday99 says:

      You sound like someone who “had to go down” when you were a kid. Grow up and get good, loser.


      • Les says:

        I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it might mean.

        What exactly did you mean by “had to go down”? Because I googled it and the results were disturbing.

        Even if you insist it wasn’t meant to be a nasty sexual remark about a child, it was still nasty. Why call the guy a loser? Why tell someone else to grow up when you are talking so horribly to someone you don’t know? The man called Trump a name. Trump is running for president and will be called many other names, especially if he wins. You maybe have called Obama a name or two. I think I may have called Obama a name or two. Or three. And don’t even ask about Michelle…

        I’m pretty sure Trump isn’t privy to all our classified war documents so anything he says is just an opinion. Maybe that guy you were so nasty to is a veteran. You willing to spit on veterans because they voiced an opinion (that they volunteered to die to protect)? Did you think about that? Did you think at all before you posted?


    • catmom says:

      Yes, telling the truth sucks big time. Last thing we need is truth, right moron?


      • Les says:

        Never confuse ignorance with truth. That is a liberal mindset. So is calling people names because they don’t agree with you.

        Now call me a moron. I won’t defend myself because I don’t feel like I have to justify myself to someone who behaves like that on the Internet.

        I remember when CTH used to be a place filled with intellectual debate and nice people. Now it’s this. Because some people can’t seem to support Trump with dignity and class, just schoolyard bullying and lame name-calling.

        I’m going to vote for Trump but I also feel like he needs to lay off W. Especially after the comments he made about carpet bombing in the Middle East. Pot and kettle kind of thing. But I can see it because I’m not in full worship mode. Trump is just a man. It was a cheap shot to go after one brother by using the other brother who served this country for almost a decade. I think W tried the best way he knew how. I’m sure you could have done much better, but you didn’t put yourself out there so we will never know…


        • stobberdobber says:

          You know Les, I am kind of glad that you called people out about some of the nastiness here, but I think we may need a little house cleaning again. I scrolled all the way down the comments and only saw 2 people that commented that were here LONGER than you. Some people forget that and other never seem to understand that we REQUIRE civil discourse here. As I said maybe some housecleaning is required again after of course, the rules being posted again.


    • jerrydon10 says:

      Trump told the truth, my friend. GWs watch was an incompetent mess…..How do you think that the murder of 3000 people (and more overseas) is keeping us safe? Bush then claims WMDs are in Iraq (who had not a danged thing to do with 9/11) so he cleans out that place with the extinction of 650,000 people. But, whoops…There were no WMDs, sorry folks. Then Saddam’s command moves to another ideology. Today we call that new ideology, ISIS–look at the mess today that GW caused–thank him for the migrants in Europe. And I’m surprised that Trump did not mention GWs economy….In Sept. 2008, we had the worst economic crash since the great depression–many suffered and I lost a business. George Bush was the worst president since Jimmy Carter. I did not think it could be any worse than him, but I forgot about the Dems–I guess it can.

      Liked by 1 person

      • RoyBaty says:

        I wrote a nice reply to you but it was blocked.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Les says:

        Yes, W caused all of that. No, we can’t blame Iraq AT ALL for invading Kuwait (remember that? he did it a few times.) or for wiping out entire villages with the non-existent WMDs (that Syria and ISIS are reconstituting to this day, go Chemical Ali!) and burying people in mass graves (totally okay to do, I guess).

        I automatically know when someone wasn’t part of the effort to remove Saddam because they are still spouting the liberal mantra of No WMDs! You should maybe look up the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 because you are apparently uneducated on the matter. Then maybe google mass graves in Iraq. Then look at some of the pictures of the villages of Kurds who were murdered (estimates of 200,000 Kurds, much larger number of different flavor of his own Muslim people).

        With the extremist accusations (Cruz is the ANTICHRIST!) and W hating (WAR FOR OIL!) and the excuse-making for really bad public behavior (okay if OUR GUY did it), I am beginning to realize some “conservatives” are the new liberals. Our standards are lower now. We attack each other, call each other horrible names, and pretend to be more intelligent and more all-knowing than the next guy. What part of that is conservative behavior? We used to be better. We used to be civilized and have manners and have some common sense and self-control. We used to be people other people could admire. Now I’m embarrassed to be associated with the behavior I see here. So what if somebody doesn’t agree with you? Grow up.

        If WE are just like THEM, who wins? Who are the good guys now?


        • chrystalia99 says:

          For what it’s worth, I agree with your stance. I rarely mention W, or any past president for that matter. None of them were perfect. All of them screwed up at one point or another, and our current one is by far the worst I remember.

          I am hopeful that if we manage to get Trump elected, and he does the things he has said he will do, everyone will calm down and get reasonable, as far as that may be possible. That being said–I don’t blame people for having short fuses and low tolerance at the moment. Between the unending assault by the libiots and the invective at the hands of people who purport to be “conservatives”, life has become very unpleasant for many people.

          Trump isn’t a classic example of “conservative” according to many who claim to be so. Oh, well. Judging by some of the elitist, holier than thou tendencies many so-called “Constitutional Conservatives” display, I don’t want to be classed in their camp anyway.

          I am not excusing rudeness and name calling. But I am saying that it wasn’t an unexpected development as far as I am concerned. Annoying, and depressing, but not unexpected.


          • jerrydon10 says:

            Not that I disagree with you, chrystalia99–I really don’t. But let me throw something out. Limbaugh suggested a while back that there is no such thing as conservatism anymore. Conservatism died. Today, conservatives are pretty much Mitch McConnel, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and John Boehnor types in leadership. Is that you? It is not me. I never left conservatism, but it seems to have left me….. We are right wing with family values and all that, yes…But are we really conservatives in National politics? I believe we are even to the right of that in our own way–We want America back. I really think, just as Trump, I am an American Civic Nationalist just as were our Founding Fathers LONG before there were conservatives and liberals:


            Liked by 1 person

            • jello333 says:

              Yeah, I don’t know what most of these labels mean anymore, either. Not long after I started coming here to the Treehouse, I used to often make the point that I had many more liberal views than a lot of people here. And yet, for some strange reason ( 😉 ) we all got along just fine. I remember a couple people here saying that was because I was more of a “classical” liberal, than the current libs or progressives or whatever. Anyway, assuming there’s any truth to that (“classical” vs “modern”), I suppose I could say the same for the people here who I really care about, who call themselves “conservative”. Especially considering Sundance named this site the “Conservative” Treehouse… maybe he wouldn’t mind if I consider HIM a “classical” conservative? Whatever he is, he’s my friend, and I’m completely in his corner. 😉

              Liked by 1 person

              • jerrydon10 says:

                Absolutely. And I do not mean to disparage conservatism. I had been a conservative all my life. But I began to rethink it all when I had to defend Trump….LOL. I kept getting ‘Trump is NOT a conservative.’ Ok, but he sure is to the right in his views…..As I researched it and learned that Washington, Adams and Jefferson were neither really conservative or liberal, they were American Nationalists, I began to think maybe I am too. Those terms are outdated! Did they not die with the uniparty system–when it became hard to tell what was what between Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi? It is time for a third party, I believe…..Maybe 4, with Bernie’s followers. I think this is good for America.


            • chrystalia99 says:

              I agree with you entirely–“conservatives” left us. I saw nothing in your response that I would consider a “disagreement” at all. As a matter of fact, my comment was not as clearly written as it should have been, in that I didn’t clarify the definition of “conservative” I was addressing. Even a language purist like me has an off day ;-).

              Rush and company are a big part of the problem, as they are active participants in the ongoing effort to change the language.

              From the point of view of the founders, I would be a “radical liberal”–closer to modern “libertarians”, though they’re changing the meaning of that word as well.

              Words do change their meaning over time, naturally–but not the way they are being changed presently. The present concerted effort to redefine words is part and parcel of the kleptocracy’s agenda, so to speak.

              That may sound paranoid, but it isn’t. It’s an observable, and trackable, phenomenon and part and parcel of the battle to get America back.

              He who frames the language, frames the argument, and those who control the dissemination of knowledge also control the perceived “reality”.

              I am most definitely one of the left behind–in that I believe in extremely limited federal gov’t, strictly limited local gov’t, personal responsibility, free markets, and our constitution as written.

              That would be the basic core beliefs when it comes to gov’t, along with strong borders, extremely strict immigration that is designed to benefit us, and English as a national language.

              Add in getting the gov’t out of “marriage”, out of land grabbing, out of, education, welfare, medical care and everything it wasn’t explicitly told to do in the constitution, and you’ve got my position.

              Liked by 1 person

        • jerrydon10 says:

          Well, my friend, It would be nice if every remark we make would not be considered either a conservative remark or a liberal one. Why not just the truth….. or it is not the truth? Do you agree that a strong armed dictator is the only rule those people understand? GW later fessed up to the real reason he invaded Iraq. It seems it was because he thought Saddam wanted to kill his Daddy. That was a Range war from Texas, I’m afraid. I believe that is what history will show it to be.

          Here’s an interesting read:


        • SharonKinDC says:

          Les, people in many countries have been genocided in large numbers for ages, and increasingly worse since Clinton/Bush/Obama. Yet, we’re not bombing those perps. Right now, Turkey’s Erdogun has been killing Kurds in vast numbers. I don’t see us bombing Turkey.

          The bottom line is UniParty had been wanting regime change in Iraq… and other nations where Sunni hardliners wanted advantage. Even though Iraq ended up w/ a Shi’a PM/President, I doubt that was the original plan. Think Bush did what he had to do to work on getting out from his ill-fated mission.

          Funny thing, my then 5th grade daughter asked my opinion about going into Iraq. I replied Saddam was not a good person, but if we go in…how do we get out. If I could figure this would be a nightmare, surely the experts could. Evidently, the military brass and CIA did… they were ignored.


    • jello333 says:

      Umm… maybe because it’s the TRUTH? Ever think of that?


    • Just start packing your bags and head for the border. Bu Bye!


  11. todayistheday99 says:

    Trump is using this shill to the max to get his point across, but at 7:00 the shill says “seems like a race to the bottom” I have to hand it to Trump for not him a ripping the shill a new one.


  12. Travis County Texas
    Jan. 26, 2008
    $252,000 Home Equity Loan, from United State Senate Federal Credit Union
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  13. Martin says:

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Talk about odds and winning:

    Two homes in Travis County Texas selling for cash. 2010 and 2011 same seller.
    County Clerks file numbers 2010185309 and 2011107063


  15. politijim says:

    I really wish Trump would be better at giving specific instances of lies for Cruz. Saying he liquidated his savings instead of taking a loan from his wife’s bank, saying he didn’t know he was a Canadian, while his Princeton debate buddy says Cruz called HIMSELF a dual citizen.

    And lambaste him on saying there are “more important things” than correctly interpreting the Constitution. Ted would be toast if he did this consistently…


  16. Breitbart had an article in 2013 about John Dickerson, who was the debate moderator last night. He is “a CBS News’ political director who is now comfortable openly calling for the destruction of the Republican Party.”


  17. Jane Dough says:

    Just posted this over at National Review (yeah, I know, I know …)

    I’m surprised so few seem to get this: it’s not about Communists vs. Conservatives anymore. We’ll never roll back gay marriage, or abortion, or the F-word on HBO. It’s over, cultural conservatives lost.

    The new demarcation is NWO vs. America First. Since both parties are NWO, Trump is literally creating a new political paradigm right before our eyes, and the NWO gang is going c-r-a-z-y!! Xenophobes, racists, Islamophobes, neo-Nazis, no slur is too incendiary to leave behind.

    I remember Jamie Foxx on SNL saying he dug Django Unchained because he got to kill a bunch of white people, and the white audience members cheered. The black community is irrevocably in favor of more Communism focused on the redistribution of wealth from white people (even Obama said essentially that verbatim), and a bunch of us are tired of this Goldman Sachs reparations government.

    Liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, these labels are dust in 2016.

    Liked by 4 people

    • NYGuy54 says:

      That is exactly what I was telling a friend of mine. And the funny thing is that the National Review cannot see that. The America First movement has its roots in conservatism with a strong Tea Party influence.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Great writing today. Most Americans I know will vote Trump. He stood and took it last night for us lowly citizens.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. auscitizenmom says:

    “Trump dismisses the charge by stating he would warn the fleeing company of his intent to work with congress to tariff their products upon import.” I kept hearing the pundits explaining how that will never work because he can’t control what they do. ???? They just don’t get it. They aren’t even trying.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Dora says:


  21. d says:

    when the truth hurts…the liars will attack the messenger…as we all can SEE….imho

    Liked by 1 person

  22. RINOKiller says:

    If Trump exposes the NWO scheme, its virtually over for certain candidates. How can you respond back to such a reveal?

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Gloria says:

    I’m proud that Reince Priebus is not being influenced by has been Rommy and his select establishment croonies.
    Priesbus has been professional and following the rules not influencing the vote .. He works for the American people of the Republican Party
    Thank you for your leadership
    But you need to get these people on board
    We need to defeat Hiliary not Trump
    I could not believe what Rommey did
    What a loser
    He wants the Zpresidency without fundraising without putting the time in without doing the debates and nobody likes him.
    Are you all crazy!

    If Tromp wins the popular vote and you allow a broker convention you will destroy the Republican Party. The millions of people who voted for Trump will rebel. It will be horriable!
    The voting system is based on an election not a selection
    Listen to the American people
    Don’t stiffle their voice
    Stop this insanity
    And the people together
    Be a leader


  24. Albaby says:

    My fellow Trump supporters. I know that we are going through some rough times, but we must keep our spirits high and our wills strong. We must continue to fight the good fight. We must continue to persuade family and friends to join us on Nov. 8th in voting for Donald J Trump.

    We must continue to forcefully make the argument that not voting for Donald J Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. We must continue to hammer the point home that not voting at all is tantamount to a vote for a progressive Supreme Court for generations and generations and generations to come.

    A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster for this nation. A Hillary Clinton presidency would mean the end of traditional America as we know it. A Hillary Clinton presidency would spell doom for American Christians. A Hillary Clinton presidency would mean open borders, unfair trade, lost jobs, single-payer healthcare, abortion on demand, a feckless foreign-policy with endless wars, and the continuation of a corrupt political system where pay for play and influence peddling reign supreme.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we must now fight harder than ever before. The forces of evil are gathering around us. They are determined to destroy our candidate, Donald J Trump. We are literally in a Samson versus Goliath situation. We must stand strongly behind our warrior, Donald J Trump. We must prepare our armor now. We must fight to the bitter end.

    I know that it is easy easier sometimes to quit when times get tough, but we must resist the shaming by the media, our friends, family or acquaintances. Turn off your TV and let the talking heads & the chattering classes talk amongst themselves to dead air.

    We must stand firm in our principles and fight for what is right. Fight for America. Fight for our values. Fight for our language, borders and culture.

    For if we don’t take this fight to the trenches on November 8th with everything we’ve got, what will become of us in the end?

    We should all be very afraid of the answer.


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