CBS Battleground Poll SC – Donald Trump 42%, Ted Cruz 20%, Marco Rubio 15%…

The 2016 election is the fight we’ve been waiting for…

A new CBS battleground tracking poll (full pdf below) released today shows the top three candidates continue to be Trump, Cruz and Rubio.  Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson are far behind.

Jeb is hoping that bringing his brother, George W. Bush, into the state of South Carolina will provide him more benefit than bringing Mom, Barbara, into New Hampshire.  Although many voters in South Carolina are now asking “why can’t Jeb compete for the nomination on his own merits“?

It does seem oddly weak, and profoundly poor advice, for a presidential candidate to be unable to achieve support – and decide the best option is to rely on Mom, Dad and his brother as a crutch. 

Perhaps the best explanation for this approach can be found in the historical nature of Jebs position as Florida Governor.  By most accounts it was Jeb’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush who worked with former Senator and CIA head Porter Goss to leverage the sunshine state republican party into giving Jeb the job.   Against this backdrop and understanding the 2016 Jeb dependency, makes more sense.

However, an engaged and attune electorate is not buying Jeb this time – ergo Rubio becomes the party’s next best option.

If the polling holds up, and this CBS tracking poll is again virtually identical to November, December, January and prior February results, the desperation amid the GOPe party elites must be at supernova levels of internal cranium combustion.   Then again, that level of ‘splodey-head-factor’ explains the Greenville debate nonsense last night.  Much desperation leads to poor decision making…..

It appears the Republican Party still doesn’t like us.  Oh bother….

…. Alas, the vulgarian insurgency continues….

trump lion

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226 Responses to CBS Battleground Poll SC – Donald Trump 42%, Ted Cruz 20%, Marco Rubio 15%…

  1. ejarra says:

    If Rep. King is the ventriloquist, does that make Cruz the dummy?

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    • KBR says:

      Watch. Does the rancher get suddenly much richer, sell the ranch and disappear, or die suddenly? What happens to the hired help at the ranch? There will be tells about this tale.

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    • corimari2013 says:

      Scalia’s usual security detail did not accompany him on this trip.
      Owner of the ranch where Scalia was staying said this: “We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter. Quote from story at
      Yet a Wash. Post story has this quote from Poindexter: “Everything was in perfect order. He was in his pajamas, peacefully, in bed.”

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    • susiepuma says:

      No I do not believe he was assassinated……he was elderly, overweight, and probably had other health issues……………………………….this happens when you get old…….Andrew Breitbart was not that old and they shot him with a dart & caused cardiac arrest death…….hateful bunch of dirty rotten b*stards…………………


  2. tg159 says:

    I really would love it,if Donald Trump can break the 50% threshold in SC!!!!!!!

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  3. Wiggy says:

    This poll was right before the debate. I’m anxiously awaiting the poll AFTER the debate to see if Trump still holds a commanding lead. Will the debate give him a boost or will he drop some?


  4. THE MAD RUSSIAN says:

    “Send Fredo (Jeb) off to do this, send Fredo (Jeb) out to do that… let Fredo (Jeb) take care of some Mickey Mouse night club, have Fredo (Jeb ) pick somebody up at the airport. I’m your older brother Mike (W.) and I was stepped over!”
    “That’s how Pop wanted it.”
    “It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things. I’m smart. Not like everybody says, like dumb. I’m smart and I want respect!

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  5. Kay Elle says:

    Isn’t it funny how “Jeb!” started out by trying to distance himself from the Bush name only to try using his family to give him a boost Does he think Mommy and Big Brother will help him out in the White House too?

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    • Rose Anne Backus says:

      Why hasn’t Jeb brought out his wife and kids? Are they all in rehab? You see Marco with his wife and kids. Cruz’s wife is always with him. Donald Trump has his whole family, including grandchildren and all, out there for everyone to see. Is Jeb ashamed of them? LOL!


      • knotpeesea says:

        because his wife is a mexican and speaks broken english. makes him look bad when he tries to say that he too is for a strong border. notice how his stances on the issues now is basically what trumps are when at the beginning of the campaign they were not?


  6. Steve says:

    Can someone help me out, Jebito made a reference to DT “attacking” his mommy;
    what exactly is he referring to?
    I’m having a brain “fart” on this one.


    • cali says:

      Yep makes s$it p as he goes along while almost foaming out his mouth due to his indignation and anger directed at Trump.
      Bush’s mothers sent out tweets against Trump calling him names causing DT to make fun of Jep needing his mommy to hold his hand.
      B Bush is fair game; sending nasty tweets as 90 yrs old woman helping her entitled brat will do that.
      Trump is the insurgency and we are his soldiers causing the Bushes slpodey heads and their donors anger.


  7. Lulu says:

    Donald Trump did not attack Barbara Bush. He mocked Jeb for needing his mommy to campaign for him. Jeb twisted it for full effect. Trump picking on a very elderly woman on a walker trudging through the cold and snow to fight for her son. (Read that last sentence again. Isn’t Jeb the bad guy for allowing – or asking? – his elderly mother on a walker to do that?)

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    • cali says:

      These pics remind me of a statement from Jeb during Saturday’s debate when he said: “When I was born and looked up at my mother I thought I won the lottery”! Read that again and think about it and you realize what an idiotic and desperate poor jap Jeb really is. He must be the loser in that family!


    • knotpeesea says:

      looks like yeb! had no problem latching on when he was born. she probably didn’t pull him off till he was almost 8 and probably walked around the house with a pacifier and a blanky till he was 12.


  8. Rolan says:

    I wonder why Jeb doesn’t bring out his brother Neil, and explain how he robbed the Silverado depositors blind, while their daddy was president


  9. Howie says:

    Wonder if JEB! Will change his logo to BUSH?


  10. aur1640 says:

    I love the pics of Jeb on this site looking like a doofus with W and HW. It goes to show you in the end the desperation to run the social retard to maintain the Bush dynasty. He should take his money, run off and disappear. If the Globalists think he is the most “moderate” to take on Hillary, they are really are dumb. The bottom line, it shows he is the most easiest to control.


  11. RangerDoc says:

    Just love the remark vis-a-vis dubyah’s visit to the state that it is an outgrowth of … “no child left behind.”

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