Who is The Real Ted Cruz?

This video highlights some of the trusTED inconsistencies.

cruz lies 2

Compare To…

cruz donors 2


Any Questions ?

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676 Responses to Who is The Real Ted Cruz?

  1. politijim says:

    Thanks GP. Updated master link article with attribution. Good work.

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  2. georgiafl says:

    Ted Cruz has been lying about Trump’s position on life and abortion. Donald Trump is NOT for partial birth abortion.

    Trump quote: “Let me be clear — I am pro-life. I support that position with exceptions allowed for rape, incest or the life of the mother being at risk,” he said. “I did not always hold this position, but I had a significant personal experience that brought the precious gift of life into perspective for me.”

    Trump said America has gone astray because it has moved away from the founding principles the nation’s founders put in most — most notably the right to life.

    America, when it is at its best, follows a set of rules that have worked since our Founding. One of those rules is that we, as Americans, revere life and have done so since our Founders made it the first, and most important, of our “unalienable” rights.

    Over time, our culture of life in this country has started sliding toward a culture of death. Perhaps the most significant piece of evidence to support this assertion is that since Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Count 43 years ago, over 50 million Americans never had the chance to enjoy the opportunities offered by this country. They never had the chance to become doctors, musicians, farmers, teachers, husbands, fathers, sons or daughters. They never had the chance to enrich the culture of this nation or to bring their skills, lives, loves or passions into the fabric of this country. They are missing, and they are missed.”


    Trump wants to defund Planned Parenthood. LINK

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  3. One thing that seems to stand out is his lying excuses for being on the wrong side…”I was lied to”..”I was tricked”…”I was confused and thought this was a different bill”… The constant is the lying. Also, he gave himself nicknames…Rafael Cruz has called himself ‘Felito’ and now ‘Ted’ to blend in with his chosen goals (Felito to fit in wiht the Cuban group and now Ted to appear like a normal US citizen). I say we now help Mr. Cruz and give him a more appropriate nickname…”Rug”. Why? Yup, because he lies like one. Mat would work too!

    Rafael ‘Rug’ Cruise.

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  4. Manfred says:

    I posed a link to this thread in an open thread on The Right Poop. Several Cruz fanatics called me names and refused to consider any evidence that their boy was less than perfect. I called nobody names, was calm and got BANNED by The Right Poop. I had pointed out that there were just as many Cruz fanatics as there are Trump fanatics. They cannot stand the fact that some people do not drink their kool-aid.

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    • Gail Combs says:

      They banned me across the board. They even when back a month and flagged as spam everything I posted at American Thinker, Brietbart and elsewhere as well so I have an across the board ban from Disqus.

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      • Manfred says:

        Those who cannot stand the thought that someone disagrees with them are megalomaniacs.

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      • jackphatz says:

        The nastiest, rudest, crudest, most vulgar, vile, contemptuous are the ones supporting the “Evangelical”. They’ve killed discussion at PJ and they’re trying hard at AT.

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        • LOL! “The Evangelical!”

          Cruz doesn’t operate in the Holy Spirit, so really just what is he “evangelizing?” Lies? Bearing false witness about others? Stealing? Coveting thy neighbor’s goods (Carson votes he stole), and other forms of darkness.

          He’s evangelizing SATAN is what he is doing. Bible says “satan is the father of all lies.”

          “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. …. When he speaks a lie, he speaks on his own; for he is a liar, and the father of lies” [John 8:44]

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      • I was recently banned at PJ Media. Interesting because I don’t use profanity or personal insults.

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      • badlass says:

        I know what you mean Gail. I’ve been reading and commenting at AT since shortly after I got the internet in 96 or 97. I can’t go there anymore and be berated by people who were like family to me before Trump jumped into the race. Very disappointing. I do go and read the comments every now and then and there are many Trump supporters (yep, LibertyCanuck I’m talking about you) but to just express their opinions, it’s a battle royale. I don’t enjoy that so I’ve just left. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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        • They are really leftists. They are certainly using the same tactics of shutting down speech.


          • Gail Combs says:

            Yes and they really really hate some one like me who does not use foul language or Ad Homs. Who instead uses facts backed up by links.

            I think that is why I got banned acroos the board.

            You know you are over the target when you are getting incommong missles.


      • If you have twitter you can send out tweets use #Cruz #CruzCrew hashtags, that way you can get your message of truth out to them without the hassle of arguing and getting blocked.

        Also, you can reply back to ones that are posted on there. I do about 20 today. It may not change all their minds but might some who have not heard the truth. Post things like Trump saying he’s repealing and replacing Obamacare and other things, etc.

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    • JRD says:

      They will have a total meltdown when Cruz is forced to drop out of the race. They are delusional.

      They are “in willful denial.”

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    • If you have twitter you can send out tweets use #Cruz #CruzCrew hashtags, that way you can get your message of truth out to them without the hassle of arguing and getting blocked.


  5. This just in from Trump: More on MistrusTED

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    • The solution to that is to flood SC with Trump ads that clearly define his positions. That way when the people hear the lies Cruz ads are spewing they will say “hey that’ not true, we just heard Trump outline his positions and Cruz is lying.”

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  6. winky says:

    So why has Mr Conservative Ted Cruz not answered Jeff Sessions questions?….No one else has answered them either. Trump deserves Sessions endorsement.


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  7. dakotacav says:

    Thanks to SD and commenters on this site for your continued exposure of the realities of Ted Cruz. I am sorry to have to say that I have been unable to convince my son of the duplicity and toxic nature of Cruz, and he remains a committed Cruz supporter. I know that he has been influenced by Mark Levin and Breitbart, and I have as yet been unable to get past the talking points of those firmly in the camp of Cruz.

    I haven’t given up on him, and I may be able to use some of the information in this post as further ammunition in this struggle to get him on board the Trump train. If anyone has helpful suggestions, I would be in your debt if you could share…

    When I was his age I was a confirmed leftist, and considering myself enlightened. When Reagan was governor of my state, I loathed him. Same is true when he was president. Of course, now all of that seems embarrassing to me when I think about it. 🙂

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  8. NYGuy54 says:

    This is what happens when Jeff Roe is your campaign manager. No moral compass, win at all costs.

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  9. There is no doubt Cruz will now go for broke. All politicians wear a mask, he has taken his off. His wife, himself, they are bought and sold for.They are not working for the people. He has lost credibility after this election is over. Same with Rubio. He has nowhere to go. They won’t give up and lie, and even if they have to steal the nomination, they will.

    People need to be aware what the media and these radio hosts are doing. Trump and Cruz are not the same. Trump has not been a politician. Cruz IS a politician. Let’s not allow people brand Cruz has the “ultimate outsider.” He is not! And he is an appeaser. Bending over for Glenn Beck and doing favors for all these hosts. The nauseating ads on the radio on ho “Ted Cruz is the only one we can trust.” He is pretty much pushing a cult-like approach to get voters. Repeating the message 1000 times throughout the day to brainwash people.

    I hope people remember Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, and all these guys after the election is over. Let’s not go back to pretending what they have done never happened.

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    • Howie says:

      The nomination is for Bush and only Bush. Unless Trump takes it away. The rest are window dressing. Just like Bernie and his pathetic people. It is either Trump or Bush. Any non Trump vote is a Bush vote. I just do not understand why people do not seem to be able to grasp such a simple concept. These threads are getting so far out in the weeds. The master plan is Bush v Hillary in the general. Only Trump can change the equation. Cruz is just another means to the end.

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      • I agree with you but to this sense, all the others will pretty much do what Bush will do. I think the plan is actually to lose to Hilary. I don’t think the GOP as it is today has any plan on winning the election. That’s their master plan. If Hilary wins, they can continue moaning about how America is going to hell, do absolutely nothing, pass all the horrible budgets, grow the government, and pass amnesty, then blame it all on evil Hilary. The Rush Cartel would love a Hillary presidency. It would be good for the radio.

        I think that’s why they are threatened by Trump. He may or may not win the whole thing, but they can’t be sure. Others are just damaged goods. You can’t win elections with the money others have invested in you for future payback and then all of a sudden become a man of the people to do what’s right for America. It usually doesn’t happen that way.

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        • Howie says:

          IMO the GOP will nominate Bush in the end, no matter what they have to do. The Democrats will nominate Hillary. Trump is the fly in the ointment. The Red Headed Stepchild. The splitters will split. Trump can win with the right strategy and an Indie run. Now this is jus my opinion. But it is what I think.

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      • Well put and so true. No more evidence needed than after Bernie’s big win in NH the Beast has almost 10 times as many delegates!

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      • Gail Combs says:

        Howie, You are correct. That is why the GOPe picked Cruz and Rubot to splinter the vote. They are tailor made.

        First Trump wins the first round but not 51%. At that point the delegates are free. The GOPe talks to the Cruz and Rubio delegates mentioning all the flack about natural born and the GOPe does not need that as ammo going up against Hitlery. Those delegates are then transfered to Bush by telling them the GOPe will NOT finance Trump against Hitlery and a vote for Trump is a vote for Hitlery. (I already got that crap.) Kasich was always carrying water for Bush and drops out telling his delegates to vote Bush.

        All of a sudden Bush goes from 10 to 15% on the first round to 60% and wins the nomination.

        This is why the GOPe wants a brokered convention. They will get it because there are too many voting machines making VOTER FRAUD so easy.

        A quick and dirty look shows, Kasich, Bush and maybe the Rubio votes in NH may have been tampered with. Probably just enough to make Kasich look good compared to Trump and to make sure Rubio, and Bush are just over 10%.

        South Carolina is 100% voting machines so they can do anything they want with the numbers. There are no paper ballots to compare against. Also this is why there have been ZERO polls. It allows Trump to come in under Cruz who will then take ALL the SC votes.

        I sure hope Trump has methods in place to prevent voter fraud!


    • bpk1300 says:



    • Good post Golden. I won’t have any problem remembering all of the people who have tried to destroy Trump.

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    • Just like Obama! The similarities are just chilling!


  10. feralcatsblog says:

    Has anyone heard anything about a rumored “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” this Friday in Tampa? Someone on another blog has been saying for a few days now that it is a VERY strong rumor. I think he works for the Trump campaign, although not at a high level, and I have seen him making very intelligent comments on a number of matters for years, so I don’t think he is just BS’ing. My own wild guess is Franklin Graham, but that’s just a wild guess and probably wrong as there are so many possibilities.

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    Trump 32

    Cruz 26

    Rubio 20

    Bush 10

    Carson 7

    Kasich 2

    Take it with the usual grains of salt, but I do trust these were the actual results of an honest and competent pollster doing his best to get an accurate read on the situation.

    No polls have been conducted in South Carolina since January — making it so the mood of the electorate there has not been registered since Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus vote and Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary.

    A new internal poll in South Carolina — the first survey of where voters stand on the Republican presidential candidates int he next primary election state — has a real horse race among the top three candidates. The poll finds Donald trump leading with Ted Cruz second and Marco Rubio third. Jeb Bush is a distant fourth.

    Weekly Standard writer Bill Kristol has more:

    I’ve just heard from a political operative whom I’ve known a long time and whose integrity I trust. This person is working with an organization—not one of the campaigns—that was in the field (using a very reputable pollster) Wednesday night in South Carolina.



  12. stringy theory says:

    Anyone willing to listen to facts knows preacher ted is nothing but common pond scum and so are all his followers. I know New Hampshire hurt them a lot and when they lose SC big to Trump, their heads will truly explode. That will be just fine with me.

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  13. Howie says:

    For example here is the sample absentee ballot I already voted. Does anyone notice anything unusual?


  14. georgiafl says:

    Here is another graphic that shows us who is the real Ted Cruz:

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  15. benY says:

    I heard, somewhere, that pastor Cruz and his mamalukes were heavily infiltrating the churches in SC to garner the “christian” vote. This is getting really disgusting. (what next: vote Cruz or suffer damnation).

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  16. Bastiat says:

    I’ve just heard on CNN that Trump pulled negative ads against Cruz.


    • One of the comments on the Psychologytoday article said this:

      Yes, indeed. The real villain here, I think, is the father. Do the research, and you will come to the same conclusion that I did: the man is a totalitarian-minded sociopath of the highest order. Growing up with that would be… bad

      But if you do the research, it’s evident the the other Seven Mountain theocrats-in-waiting are, imho, even worse.

      There’s a whole lotta don’t-look-in-the-basement crazy in those people.


  17. Has sundance posted today on this or any other thread.
    I have sent to the contact up right some info.
    Have been looking at the stuff on line myself and it does have some odd kinks in the record.
    I want to make sure he got the info sent it after noon today.
    We know Katrina his national spokesperson, do not want to bother her unless we nail this down more.


  18. This doesn’t surprise me at all.


  19. Katherine McCoun says:

    cNN announcing Trump has pulled a SC negative Cruz ad and has replaced it with a positive campaign ad … But may run the negative ad in the future.
    Is this the ad being pulled? Would be interesting to know the back story!


    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Spittin’ nails mad now! Look what Cruz is using in SC!
      Hope they get that Cruz ad right back out and double down on Cruz but never forgetting Bush no matter how far behind he is, as Sundance has clearly shown us


    • I think that in order for Trump to combat lies he must use THE TRUTH. So this way Trump puts out all the things he truly stands for, that way when people will see Cruz lying ads they will say “hey wait a minute, that’s not true, we just saw Trump saying he is against Common Core and he just outlined how he’s going to repeal and replace OBAMACARE.”


      Very SMART MOVE Trump!


  20. Honest Abbey says:

    How did the Evangelical Poster Boy develop such a big beer gut? And how ’bout that bulb on the tip of his nose? Closet alcoholic?

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    • My friend who is a boxer in California was molested when he was a child, he says he can tell that Cruz is “off” and he thinks Cruz is a child molester and he nicknamed Cruz RESERVOIR TIP, says his nose looks like the tip of a condom. He doesn’t even call him Cruz, he always asks “so what’s happening with that POS Reservoir tip today?” TRUE STORY!

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  21. truthandjustice says:

    Hopefully, the good news is Trump campaign learned beneficial knowledge about the tricks that Cruz will be doing from the Iowa experience. I would also think the SC voters would have heard about it too and be forewarned. But then who knows how many are really paying attention. .


  22. carolmcd says:

    Cruz and his followers are lying about Trump’s position on health care. They’re saying he supports single payer like Sanders.

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    • LW says:

      Cruz’s new ad “Power for personal gain“, may hurt Trump. I wish Trump would explain what really happened and let people know that Cruz was for E M in the past and Jeb used it here in Florida.


      • LW says:

        Oops, meant Em. Domain.


      • Martin says:

        Trump has.


      • Actually Cruz is STILL for Eminent Domain. Without it not even 10 ft of the KEYSTONE PIPELINE could never be built. Nor roads, hospitals, freeways, etc. Most of the entire populated areas of the US were built with eminent domain.

        The only beings free from eminent domain are WILDLIFE, animals, birds, reptiles who have to move and without being paid!

        No human beings in US can claim they are not for eminent domain.


      • Gail Combs says:

        Trump, the Widow and Eminent Domain

        This is an explanation put up by Ladysforest The take away is Trump met her price, even threw in a place in florida and she turned him down. The widow then lost the place to the city for BACK TAXES not eminent Domain.

        “On E/domain as in Trump v. the elderly widow. I apologize for the length, but if anyone wants to know the story, here it is from old newspaper articles. Just the highlights, my compilation:
        The history of the Coking widow.
        In the late 1970s, Penthouse tycoon Bob Guccione, eager to get in on the Atlantic City casino action, offering Coking $1 million for her lot. She refused. Exasperated, Guccione tried to build his facility around the house, but his project went broke before he could finish, leaving a steel frame looming over Coking’s place for more than a decade. There was a massive steel framework virtually encasing the house.
        She had run the house as a low income “boarding” home, but did not take any borders from the time the first casino was built in 1978.
        Trump comes along in the early 90’s and acquires the unfinished Guccione project, and the CRDA (the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority) offered her low market value – condition considered, and she refused. She wanted one million (even though she had refused that same amount when offered to her in 1980), (then later on down the road when Trump came up to her asking she refused her own asking price).
        She blamed Trump personally for some damage done to her roof by the construction company that had the job of disassembling that steel structure that Guccione had built OVER her house.
        The construction company took full ownership of the damage, and offered to pay her $90,000 to have repairs. She refused. She wanted more and she wanted to sue Trump in the bargain. The judge wouldn’t go for that. Eventually she took the $90,000 because she was so far in arrears on her property taxes that she was in immediate danger of having the house foreclosed for unpaid taxes.
        Superior Court Judge Richard Williams said the attempt by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to take the property for a new parking lot and a public park at Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino was flawed because it did not guarantee that the company would not later use the land simply to expand the business. Yet, Trump never did do anything with that land he had the massive structure removed from except build a parking lot AND a landscaped public green-space.
        Trump did her a huge favor in the end by removing that massive steel structure that the first developer had built OVER and surrounding her house. Trump did remove that. And he had a parking lot and green space landscaped where the massive structure had been. She was hunkered down under that thing for a dozen years because she was holding out for more money. Without the casino’s that were going in her property wasn’t worth half of what she had been offered in 1979, but she figured she’d get rich off of it. Fine, but it didn’t work out that way for her and she eventually lost the place because of unpaid taxes.
        Some Freeper posted that after all the Trump/ED stuff the widow listed the house for sale for $5 million. No offers. In the end she lost the place.
        The fact that she refused to sell to Trump for the amount she originally told him she wanted – well that’s all I needed to know about her. No problem with people trying to get the very best deal, but to pretend to be the poor little widow kicked out into a storm is bullstuff. She was called an “elderly widow” at the time Trump first approached her with an offer – she was close to 60 years old, but the media said she was “around her seventies” to make Trump look more like a villain.
        And this:
        “They had an opportunity that was squandered,” Zeitz said. “That’s really what happened. Imagine what they’d done if they’d really reinvested in the city. It’s a shame.”
        Is what Vera Coking and her husband paid for the 29-room boardinghouse/low income rooming house. In 1961.
        $1 million offered by Bob Guccione in 1979/1980.
        $1 million offered by Trump after Superior court denied ED.
        $530,000~Price fetched at auction.
        $995,000~ Reduced asking price prior to forced auction.
        $2M~Amount Donald Trump offered as recently as several years ago prior to the auction.
        AND – it was reported in the newspapers that Trump not only eventually offered her 2+ million, but in addition to also provide her a free place to live in Palm Beach FL for the remainder of her life.”


    • dizzymissl says:

      Cruz is TOAST. This is from one of his delegates.

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  23. So Heidi Cruz was saying that Ted Cruz was going to show the face of god to America? Joe Walsh, not a fan of Trump, is covering it now: http://www.560theanswer.com/page.php?page_id=251


  24. bpk1300 says:

    OK, Ted Cruz is Jeff Roe and Jeff Roe is Ted Cruz, a bruder from anuder muder…..heheheh
    more info on Jeff Roe:


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  25. winky says:

    I have posted before that cruz lies about Trump to keep him off his game and his message…that is part of his strategy…… and maybe to attract attention himself.
    Perhaps Trump should announce the appointment of a truth czar to keep the voters informed because of the sleazy tactics Cruz engages in in order to lie to the American people.

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    • Yes! That’s true, they are only trying to distract to keep Trump off his game. To hide the good Trump is about. I think Trump is feeling that same way and has changed direction. Today they pulled their negative ads on Cruz and are going the positive things Trump is about route.

      A good move on Trump’s part. Sometimes it’s best to show people what they’re missing so they can see it, touch it, feel it, and want it. Showing them ugliness like what Cruz is doing only works if all participants are in the gutter too.

      Trump will tell the people what he is about, not what Cruz is about. SMART MOVE!


      • winky says:

        I have got to think that these people who post on these blogs for Cruz are paid for what they do…I got to think there is a full time staff of these people who are paid to be this nasty. That sounds like something this Roe guy would engage in

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        • winky, I suspect that a lot of the so-called Cruz supporters are really Democrat trolls. I’ve been thinking this for awhile because I get on Breitbart every morning. They really don’t talk about why they like Cruz. Actually, they don’t talk much about Cruz at all. They just bash Trump.

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    • No! Truth czar sounds like Obama and his czars!


  26. Manfred says:

    I sent a note about blog ethics to the owners of The Right Poop:

    Ya’ll banned me from posting today. I was discussing Cruz as a candidate on an open thread. I was called various names by Cruz supporters because I do not align with the fanatic support perspective common with them. I did not call any names, did not violate any of your posted rules, including the troll terms. It appears I was banned because I would not swallow the Cruz gospel that people on your site proclaim.

    People who cannot stand the thought that someone disagrees with them are megalomaniacs. Not a good place to be, a place I dare say you do not want to occupy.

    You ought to examine how you enforce unwritten rules.

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  27. Howie says:

    In honor of Rafael “Ted” Cruz.

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  28. The US economy is dead. America was run into the ground by politicians like Cruz, Bush and the rest of the candidates. It is so sad to see people chase after ideologies that will only make them feel good but not fix the economy. Trump has been called by God to fix US economy. Frustrating to listen to Cruz supporters are so blind they cannot see ideology will NOT restore this once great land.

    Anyone except Donald Trump is going to turn the entire US into a poverty stricken ghetto. Filthy water, crime, wars to come with any of the other candidates.

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  29. Manfred says:

    I checked my DISCUS account. Nearly every comment I had posted on The Right Poop had been deleted from that site, still available on DISCUS. Small minds cannot tolerate opposing views. That Cruz supporters are as fanatical in their denial of reality as were the most rabid Obama supporters in the past two election cycles should give anyone who is thinking about this election grave reason to closely examine the Canadian Candidate (apologies to Frank Sinatra).

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  30. F16JetJock says:

    Regardless, as per Article 2; Section 1; Clause 5, he remains ineligible to be President. He is NOT a “natural born” American citizen since the definition mandates that both parents be American citizens at moment of birth. His mother was an American citizen; however, his father was a Cuban citizen.


    • There is doubt whether his mother was an American citizen when she gave birth since she was listed on Canadian voting rolls. You cannot vote in Canada unless you are a citizen. Canada did not recognize dual citizenship until 1977 so she would have had to renounce her citizenship to become a Canadian citizen. Bam! That’s why he is not releasing his documents.


  31. Dan Scavino tweeted a video of Ted Cruz with Steve King in the background reciting the speech verbatim. Saying Ted Cruz is another robot.

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  32. If that was sent by U.S. Mail – that’s mail fraud!!! Save the envelope and report the weasel!


  33. mickey2942 says:

    Ted Cruz seriously said last night he would shut down the IRS. How can anyone run on a platform of putting 200,000 on unemployment benefits the first 90 days in office?

    I also would like to ask when the policy of automatic citizenship for Cubans will end.

    Cruz also thinks the VA should be privatizated. Another 350,000 people unemployed.

    Do we really need a President who wants to fire 500,000 people?


  34. allen says:

    Donald J Trump president of America for we the people of America God bless Americans no more corruption GOP / establishment / donors slash assholes of the world Ted Cruz John Kasich pockets are bulging with corruption…..President of America Donald J Trump 2016…


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