Tripwire Alert – Predictable Debate By Chris Christie – Marco Rubio Undressed…

Before watching this video we would humbly request everyone to go back and revisit the previous explanations of what Chris Christie’s role is in this 2016 election cycle.  SEE HERE

Back in the spring of 2014, based entirely on the events of late 2013 and the RNC meetings in February of 2014, we shared the initial set-up for the 2016 GOPe presidential road-map.

At the time we stated in order for the RNC to achieve their objectives, both Chris Christie and Marco Rubio would enter the race for very specific purposes.

You are seeing those EXACT roles play out right now.

A 45-year-old freshman Senator with no executive experience, no legislative accomplishments, no substantive leadership experience, no hope for reelection in his own state of Florida; with four kids, no accumulated wealth or income, and a very sketchy past – leaving him remarkably un-vetted, does not enter a long-shot national presidential race without a very specific promise of a golden parachute.

The Old-School, Old-Money, Wall Street Power-brokers who are the kingmakers amid political influence, are highly skilled in the dark arts of ego-manipulation to benefit their own interests.


Watch This One Too:


Also – Compare Results to Pre Debate Predictions

huff po screen shot rubio post debate

christie trump

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357 Responses to Tripwire Alert – Predictable Debate By Chris Christie – Marco Rubio Undressed…

  1. NHVoter says:

    I know that Christie has a specific purpose and was doing this for Jeb!, but I must admit that I really enjoyed how he ripped Rubio apart piece by piece and exposed him for the empty suit he is. That was epic.

    I honestly can’t stand Rubio and I would love to see his numbers drop after this. I think Jeb would be easier to beat than Rubio. I know Jeb has a big machine behind him yada yada yada but so does Trump. Let the battle begin.

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  2. Howie says:

    Baby Cristybots.

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  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    That was a very embarrassing moment for Rubio and so one wonders if Christie wasn’t clued in to what Rubio was given to say in that situation and therefore take advantage of knowing about that memorized set of words and maybe a few others.

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  4. runthetable says:

    Every analysis I have heard this morning of the Trump/Bush exchange left out the fact that Jeb was wrong about public/government eminent domain. It destroys their narrative by pointing that out. I did not hear Trump bring it up either.

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  5. budmc ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says:

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  6. TheFenian says:

    The best way to end the contraction of the roadmap to nominate an establishment tool is for Trump to have a massive landslide in New Hampshire, then South Carolina.

    As for NH, I’m disappointed he doesn’t have a larger lead than he does. If he holds on to win by 20% the media narrative, which has already begun, will be that the REAL answers will not come until SC votes.

    The hope being that the large evangelical base will vote Cruz in SC and damage Trump. Then the roadmap is intact and the race is still open.

    We don’t know what will happen Tuesday. If Trump wins below 20% or, God forbid, only by 10% or less, it will be spun as a loss.

    I’m on tenderhooks for Tuesday’s vote. Do it right Granite State, Vote Trump big. No big deal folks, just the salvation of America hangs in the balance.

    There’s no concern if Christie should finish 2nd. He can’t go the distance as he’s not prepared for a national run.

    I pray that the Body of Christ will smite the hypocrite and deceiver Cruz in NH. He has a strong organization and lots of money. Short of total and complete embarrassment by finishing in single digits, he remains the most formidable obstacle.

    On a side note: the Paul family REMAINS disgusting and despicable. The father has come out and trashed every single Republican candidate, told the Paulbots not to vote for any of them, but PRAISED the communist Bernie Sanders.
    Surprise, surprise.

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    • TheFenian says:

      “constriction of the roadmap”
      Should say
      “construct of the roadmap”


    • You have nothing to fear but your urge to fear.

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      • TheFenian says:

        Clearly you are confused and meant to post this comment elsewhere. It has no relevance to the comment I shared.

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        • Helen says:


          Thank you for your post, regarding Ron Paul, Alex Jones who I read sometimes, though I don’t always agree, is where many of his followers go for info. I see many pro-Trump comments there.

          There is an interview with Lew Rockwell from the Mises Institute which is worth watching. He thinks Trumps will be President, says he loves the populism surrounding him, calls Bernie Sanders a war monger. He mainly likes Trump because the Establishment hate him. I loved it. Interview is here:

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          • TheFenian says:

            Thank you for the link Helen. I know Alex Jones has been very supportive of Mr Trump.

            It’s sad that the vile Ron Paul had to once again spew his venom and bitter bile the other day, equally sad that he steered his cult members to the hard core communist and anti-American Sanders. The only good thing surrounding Paul is that he is old & decrepit and will soon be dead. That will be a great day for America and all who love her.

            Off to read your link !


    • Bull Durham says:

      The Paul family serve the function of Ralph Nader. Spoilers. They collect a significant following of young, and, like the Pied Piper, lead them out of town.

      The Libertarian strain in the American psyche is elitist, but most people don’t understand it. It is an idealist position that requires economic self-sufficiency. When I was 18 it was my goal. I realized by 19 the world was a hell of lot different than what Ayn Rand wrote.

      Ever since, I check to see if the “concept” is philosophical or ideological. If it is ideological, I reject the path. I look for candidates with a large view of life that includes the possibility of evolution, change, growth, inclusion, nurturing and includes a humble spirit.

      What I see in Trump is a man who has it all and now is stepping up to serve his nation, to save his country, to conserve the Constitution (a philosophical document) and to protect opportunity for all the People.

      He is a man apart. Talented and very intelligent, street-smart, connected to the common man at the workplace and hamburger joint, and he has a manifest philosophy.

      Hard work, goal-setting, patriotism and civic action using sound business principles of transparency and accountability will correct our disastrous condition and set right out path to a richer life for all.

      And he has forty years of action and accomplishment to prove his philosophy.

      This is how I judge my candidate. Now compare that to what the packaging is for any or all of the others.

      And the irony is Trump is thought of as a big ego. But when you compare, all the others talk of themselves first and foremost. Donald is on the issues, 100%

      His ego is merely the dynamic energy source to the effort. The others, their ego is the what they offer. Their purity, their one-track, one-liners, their personal little history of non-achievement, their career jump they desperately seek to go from useless sell-out tool to President at any cost.

      Less Ben Carson, for all my scathing remarks. A damn good man, but not a national leader. A remarkable life model for any child. But he is out of his realm in politics.

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    • rodney says:

      Those are certainly valid concerns. At the end of the day, it’s about delegates. If Trump doesn’t get enough to cinch the nomination he’s finished.

      He has to win big. He has to show that voting for a loser like Rubio or a creep like Cruz is losing proposition.


    • annieoakley says:

      I really can’t figure out what the Paul family is about.


      • singtune says:

        Annie, I honest do not Believe that Ron Paul Is Evil. Like Bull mentioned~~it may be that Ron Paul is more of an idealist. I Wrote Ron Paul in ,in the last 3 Presidential Election’s, because he was not “Spouting Globalism” ~! Bush #2~~McCain & Romney were Globalist’s~! That simple, but I felt I had “No Choice” as I was already a Senior Citizen, & had never voted for a Democrat. {Rand Paul however, I can see is being Backed clearly by the NWO Group}

        Ron Paul, was in Congress all those years & I do believe he played the game too, like all of the Rest of the people.that get in that Place. However, I liked to believe at the time, he was different, because he WAS Pushing : !}The USA to Get Out of the U.N. & the U.N to get our of the USA 2} He was Pushing to really “Audit the Federal Reserve & 3} He was Doing a great deal to promote the FACT that the Federal LAND GRABS were ongoing~!
        But~~I am Aware Now , that he also was “Part of the Establishment”. {But he was NOT in any way a Blatant Globalist}

        Yes ,~~I voted for Ronald Reagan, & at the time was pleased to do so, but it is not the Same as Trump. TRUMP IS the “BEST” Candidate in my Lifetime, & is an actual PATRIOT! I am 78+ Years old & have seen Trump espouse his Patriotic Views quite often, as a Businessman. It is NOT something he just dreamed up to become President. Trump also HAS to Know, more than any civilian, what he is up against with the NWO Globalist Agenda. Trump Is a well read Man, & Knows the Key Globalist Players & also those like PUTIN that are Not~! We CAN Count on TRUMP to do what IS in the Best Interest of the USA, if he becomes President.

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    • JeremyR says:

      The only way he wins by twenty is if he leads by forty going in. Never underestimate the power of evil. They could steal a Kansas election by a hundred ballots. (We’ve had elections where no one ran and no one voted.)


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  8. zadatn says:

    Just a few observations regarding the debate. Trump waiting with Carson after Carson’s confused moment shows his compassion for others. Trump saying we couldn’t leave people to die in the streets showed compassion. Several candidates actually said last night “I agree with Donald on this”. Yeb and Kasich were estatic when Trump told Cruz he won by stealing Carson’s votes. Trump brought to everyone’s attention early that the audience was full of “donors” and he didn’t need their money. I thought Cruz did very well except for his closing statement, which sucked the air out of the room. It was strange after the debates that most all the candidates ran over to Trump to shake his hand and be seen with him. Drudge doesn’t have the debate poll — strange. I believe Trump can handle easily the attack junk yard dog, Krispey Kream. Trump won easily, again.

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  9. Useful tool gets discarded.


  10. czarowniczy says:

    I thank you for that – the juxtaposition of ‘undressed’ and Chris Christie has put a picture in my mind that is damaging my Bowl mindset. Two second string roosters in a pointless barnyard fight.

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  11. daughnworks247 says:

    I know Christie is establishment and served a specific purpose (thank-you Sundance). Yet, I would really love to see him has head of the DOJ to clean up the mess left by Holder and Lynch.
    What do you guys think?

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    • budmc ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ says:

      The “Crisco Kid” is a gun grabber not sure I’d want him there.

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      • judyw says:

        And there’s the Bridgegate scandal that gives a rare glimpse behind the scenes into the true nature of how this man conducts politics and wields power.

        Mr. Christie maintains that all the alleged wrongdoing was entirely the fault of his staff and appointees and that he knew absolutely nothing about it. This strains credibility. And indeed, one of Mr. Christie’s former lieutenants who has been implicated in the wrongdoing insists that Mr. Christie in fact knew all about it.

        All of the alleged misconduct was motivated out of a stunning level of petty vindictiveness and political retribution. The target was the Democratic mayor of the small town of Fort Lee, New Jersey, which happens to be the location of one side of the mighty George Washington Bridge that transports travelers onto the island of Manhattan on the other side. The purported reason Mr. Christie’s team targeted this mayor was because he had simply declined to endorse Mr. Christie in his 2013 bid for reelection. So now Mr. Christie’s team was out to get this poor fellow.

        The twisted plot they concocted for revenge reflects the depravity and perversion of Mr. Christie’s key people. The alleged scheme they hatched was to close down traffic lanes on the New Jersey side of the bridge for no legitimate reason in order to intentionally cause a massive traffic jam right in the town of this small-time mayor whom they were seeking to punish.

        Now, closing down traffic lanes leading into the George Washington Bridge is no easy feat. It requires political power from very senior-level people. And it requires a considerable amount of advance planning and scheming. This was no off-the-cuff slip-up. It was no momentary lapse of judgment that could be forgiven. Rather, this was an elaborate, premeditated plot that was carefully planned and precisely executed by Mr. Christie’s senior-level people, and it was all to punish a person in order to teach him a lesson about what happens to people who decline to obey the dictates of Mr. Christie. This is what the governor’s office was up to. These people are bad apples, rotten to the core. They even selected the first day back to school in order to inflict the maximum amount of damage upon the maximum number of innocent people.

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        • JeremyR says:

          The immediate firing was telling. Had Krispy not been up to his eighth or ninth chin, he would have conducted a full investigation before dismissing the guy. As it was, it was a political move to cover his very wide azz.

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    • JeremyR says:

      We have a slew of better liars err lawyers who are not owned by the GOPe.

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    • frangelica1 says:

      No! He does not abide by the Constitution.

      Right now he is stealing NJ land owned by private landowners for such a low amount of dollars, it is laughable. He is only doing this because he was finally told he can’t just take private land which he previously tried to do, but has to go through condemnation proceedings!

      You cannot get a concealed carry permit in NJ even if you hold one from another state unless you are politically connected or have a need decided by a NJ Judge – in other words forget about it.

      His brother stole millions of dollars of client’s money while Christie was a federal attorney general and he let him get away with it ‘because it was his brother.”

      I love Donald Trump for 2016 President but would be very disappointed in Donald Trump if he even suggests Christie for a role in his Cabinet.

      Read more about the 2 Christie brothers here:

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      I want to like him for the job…. but I think Christie has a history and may owe too many favors, have too many secrets.


  12. Of some note for the paid talking heads of Fox.

    The Murdoch media empire is so large and they have such a vast fortune they do not need Fox News Cable.

    They just may force your talking scripts out there as a walking the plank operation.

    Then sell the damaged Fox News ship and buy another MSLSD ship and add new $ sails.

    Better look down and check your foundations after all you do not own them.


  13. NJF says:

    I wish sessions would just come out & support Trump.

    Senior Senate Staffer Reveals the Marco Rubio Story You’ve Never Heard – Breitbart

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  14. flyanddive says:

    People are asking why Christie did this, and it’s simple, if Rubio gains too much momentum, they don’t get the brokered convention where they can put Bush in at the last minute. But enough about that, Let’s dispel this fiction once and for all that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing; he’s undergoing a systematic effort to change this country and make America more like the rest of the world. If I’m elected we’ll embrace what makes America the greatest country in the world.

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  15. rubio was sweatin’ like a whore in church. that was painful but funny to watch.

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    • flyanddive says:

      It’s interesting that someone mentioned that he has the classic symptoms of being on Adderall. The sweating, the drinking, the repeating verbatim of rote memory.


  16. zadatn says:

    About the Keystone Pipeline that Yeb is for which is eminent domain on steroids:

    Oil pipelines like Keystone XL are often classified as common carriers — both in Texas and in other states. But groups like Bold Nebraska argue that Keystone XL would principally benefit the tar sands oil companies working in Alberta, Canada (including Charles and David Koch’s Koch Industries), rather than the American public. The pipeline, they say, is an example of Anderson’s “private to private” transfer — it’s a privately-owned pipeline that will use private land to transport oil, and that oil will end up benefiting private interests.

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    • JeremyR says:

      True. It should be done in a way that benefits the Citizens of the United States. (I would have said American people, but I keep reminding my self and others that Cruz is American, he’s just not a United States Citizen by birth.)


  17. Honest Abbey says:

    Did anyone see Trump on Stephanopoulos this morning? Trump said he just found out five minutes ago that the stadium in Texas was built by using EMINENT DOMAIN. Stephanopoulos tried to correct Trump by saying “Well JEB has nothing to do with that, it’s his brothers ….” and Trump then cut off Stephanopoulos and said:

    “It Doesn’t Matter, It’s His Family Who Benefited From Eminent Domain And I Wish I Would Have Known About It Before, But I Just Found Out About It Five Minutes Ago”

    Knowing how smart Trump is, I expect this to be mentioned again … and again … and again.

    JEBs campaign just met its demise.

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    • NJF says:

      ED is a weak attack. I get it that voters may not like it, but it’s a necessary evil.

      The “limo parking lot meme” is completely false however it still wouldn’t look right to voters. This line of attack will play much better


    • John Galt says:

      Hilarious. Built with taxpayer money and eminent domain.

      “Before he was elected governor of Texas, George W. Bush was a part-owner of the Texas Rangers. When the Major League Baseball team sought a new stadium in 1990, voters agreed to fund the bulk of construction costs with a sales tax increase, ESPN reported. The following year the Rangers persuaded the Legislature to pass a bill empowering a new “quasi-governmental entity” to use eminent domain, the sports network reported. The city of Arlington then used that power “to acquire the property from hundreds of private owners,” Reason magazine reported.”

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      • Serpentor says:

        “Hundreds” means it was highly probable that at least one grandma was displaced by eminent domain at the behest of the Bush family.

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      • NCPatrick says:

        It’s all about who you know,isn’t it? Always has been and always will be. Now if the poor American taxpayer could just get someone to think of our interests from time to time, what a difference it would make! You know,like we could maybe elect people who would go to Washington and look out for us since we have to stay home and make the money to pay our taxes? Nah,that would probably never work. (sarc)

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      • Trust No One says:

        Bet ED never comes up again in a debate. This may have just killed that issue.

        Of course, I fully expect to hear about this today at his rally. Lol

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  18. bulwarker says:

    Sundance I give you credit, you predicted this Chrisite v. Rubio moment. Though I think it may be less about bringing down Rubio (and thereby propping up JEB) and instead was done to distance Rubio from the establishment in the eyes of the voters. We know Rubio is a RINO but when you have Rush and others painting him as a full-throated conservative this little sparring match will give that claim an appearance of legitimacy. “Well if the Obama-hugger Christie and JEB are against Rubio he can’t possibly be establishment, he’s who they fear!!!” I hear the talk shows saying Monday.

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    • bulwarker says:

      Remember a key question was “what does it mean to be conservative” and Kasich, out of the gate, redefined it to be a more “caring, compassionate” liberal-lite/establishment position. Then Trump refuted this saying it means conserve our wealth and culture, not sell out. Rubio piggy-backed on this with a well thought out canned answer to show he was not with the JEB/Kasich/Christie Crowd.

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  19. Eminent Domain of the U S A handed to 20 million illegals by the Bush’s and the GOPe.

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  20. Lou says:

    the 2 pro-amnesty candidates blossomed from the Reagan seed.


  21. bulwarker says:

    Uh oh Marco lol

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  22. I get the feeling that he accidentally damaged Rubio more than intended. Rubio is now finished, so if Jeb can’t make it work, the GOPe is screwed.

    If Trump starts winning big in the next several states, the media meme may start to be that Trump has it locked and is the presumptive nominee. Once that narrative is set, it basically becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

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  23. El Torito says:

    I know SD says Christie was pounding Marco for the JEB/RNCe cartel, but it sure looked like Trump and Christie both knew how much Trump was benefiting from it…does it look like Christie may be the sheep that strayed from the RNC flock to anyone? Maybe Christie with one foot in each camp?

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    • frangelica1 says:

      I certainly hope not! Donald Trump please stay away from Governor Christie – do not soil your campaign by making deals with Christie. Just use him and lose him.


      • singtune says:

        TRUMP of all people, KNOWS who is NWO & who is NOT~! Trump came into this Race Knowing his Enemy would be the NWO Crowd! I truly believe TRUMP Knows who Christie really is~ remember, he had a Casino/Hotel in New Jersey~!

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    • jackmcg says:

      I doubt Trump made a deal with him, but Christie is certainly smart enough politically to know its not worth burning a “bridge” with Trump.

      Especially since Trump would destroy him. He knows he needs to be in the race to be an effective establishment attack dog, and Trump would have send his polls to 0 months ago if he had attacked.


  24. feralcatsblog says:

    Humpty Dumpty Rubio sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty Rubio had a great fall
    All the king’s horses and all the King’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again

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  25. I’m 100% for Trump. I just wish he could verbally express himself better.
    I have heard him clearly state in the past that one of the largest obstacles to getting a “Wall” built is the EPA. He says they have not, and will not allow it.
    Last night the “Wall” came up again, 1) immigration and 2) Drug interdiction.
    So everybody jumps right in again “sure..right after the ‘wall gets built …’
    Well guess what, to build that “Wall” the POTUS is going to have to knock the EPA on their collective keester. Nobody has done anything like that since Ronald Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers.
    Will Teddy Cruz fire the head of the EPA? I don’t think so
    Will Marco Rubo fire the head of the EPA?, Ha ha
    Will Dr. Ben Carson fire the head of the EPA?, Not going to happen.
    Cristie, Kasich, not likely.

    Trump is probably the only one running who would do it.
    These debates are so childish.
    If we don’t elect Trump, we are totally screwed.

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  26. andrewalinxs says:

    Ehh on the Sundance predicting Christie and if he is going to bat for Trump. History seems to show Establishment when chips are down go establishment line. I am more interested when Sundance thinks the Junkyard dog well get orders to attack Trump.


    • sundance says:

      Do you generally speak in riddles?


      • andrewalinxs says:

        Sorry for the confusion.

        You seemed to predict and call Christie attacking rubio.
        I feel Christie would do what ever the gope tells him to do. So the idea of him teaming up with Trump seems very unlikely to ever happen.
        Since you called him attacking Rubio when do you think the gope will tell him targeting Trump.


        • andrewalinxs says:

          I cant type to save my life:

          First two parts are observation Last part is a question. That question is simply this:.

          When do you think Christi will be told to go after Trump since his role is the attack dog?


  27. NHVoter says:

    LOL What planet are these people on?


  28. jackmcg says:


  29. zephyrbreeze says:

    Christie was my governor in New Jersey, and I voted for him. Now that we’ve moved, my children make sure to have a t-shirt – “New Jersey, where the weak are killed and eaten.”

    They are all a bunch of sharks, the corrupt school boards, all the way up through the Democrat controlled legislature. Christie appeared on the scene as the biggest, baddest great white shark of them all. He intimidated the Demorcats, and had about 100 of them arrested for corruption. It was Epic. There were 5 Republicans caught up in the purges, too. Christie is impressive and can go toe to toe with any union boss – or terrorist, as when he was a federal prosecutor.

    Trump likes Christie. I predict that Trump will use Christie in some capacity. His second Amendment stuff is weak, but he’a a conservative pitbull on many other things. Christie, like Trump is a rare breed. (He did put a muslim on the Supreme Court.)


  30. shipley130 says:

    Just imagine Rubio having a discussion with someone like Putin. He would look like a “hispanic” dude that just saw a ghost.


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