Post Debate Discussion Thread – Who Won The Debate ?

Polls – Who Won the Debate?

It seemed to me Donald Trump won the debate in a stunning fashion by calling out the debate audience for being part of the party apparatus and filled with republican donors.  It was a jaw dropping moment that showed how brave Trump was.  Perhaps even more stunningly, it was easily noticed how the audience moderated their own behavior after being called out.

Incredible, absolutely incredible.

Like a BOSS !!

trump lion new hampshire

Ted Cruz refused to say to Trump’s face what he said behind his back on the campaign trail.  Also in a severely bone-headed move he can never appear on CNN again after lying about their broadcast content in the Ben Carson/Iowa fiasco.

He exposed himself as a liar and you can guarantee CNN will air it continuously. 

Marco Rubio called out by Chris Christie for using rehearsed “sound bites”, responded by actually repeating the same rehearsed “sound bites” twice, and looked ridiculous.  Rubio lost the debate.

Chris Christie showed Marco Rubio what it feels like to be verbally water-boarded, and defended the honor of all the Governors – protecting Jeb Bush most of all.  Christie came in a strong second.

Jeb’s weakest moment was actually when he said he would “send federal education dollars back to the states”, and completely lied through his teeth.  His Common Core education program blackmails states into compliance with federal dollars.

More later…


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446 Responses to Post Debate Discussion Thread – Who Won The Debate ?

  1. seventhndr says:

    I feel this is appropriate once more. 😉

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  2. JAS says:

    So Trump literally runs away by a yuge margin in all these polls where people get to vote anonymous (except for the Cruz sponsored poll and we wonder why). So why is it that the Iowa thing happened. It doesn’t make any sense, unless like Scott Adams insinuated, the whole thing is rigged.


  3. Feisty Granny says:

    Just read Donald is meeting with HENRY KISSINGER …He is the most evil man on earth and
    all about MK-Ultra indoctrination. Be afraid people be very afraid.


  4. stevebee92653 says:

    Demlib Lester Holt was Hillary’s Daddy. He asked about Trump’s tax return, Trump’s birther challenge, Trump for or against the war…. Not one single challenge for Hillary. No Bengazi, no server, no money from states that stone women. Nothing. Why is it that every debate moderator is a Dem/lib? I don’t get it. The best way to debate would be for the participants to make 5-10 question each and use those. Get rid of the biased lib/moderators. How about a robot?


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