New Michigan Poll – Donald Trump 51%, Ted Cruz 15%, Marco Rubio 12%…

An independent poll from Michigan – SEE HERE – conducted by Mitchell Research shows candidate Donald J Trump with a commanding lead more than three fold greater than nearest rival, Ted Cruz.

The size of Donald Trump’s lead is in direct alignment with the massive rally attendance noted in his last visit to the state:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

(Via Fox2) An exclusive Mitchell FOX 2 Detroit Poll of Michigan finds that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hold large leads over their nearest GOP and Democratic opponents, respectively.

In a head to head matchup, Trump holds a 47 – 43 percent lead over Clinton with 10 percent undecided.

The latest Mitchell poll data has Trump holding a 3-1 lead over his two closest opponents in the Michigan Republican Presidential Primary.  (read more)

trump v clinton michigan

trump rally michigan 2


trump rally michigan

You might remember the last Donald Trump rally held in Michigan, pictured above !

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195 Responses to New Michigan Poll – Donald Trump 51%, Ted Cruz 15%, Marco Rubio 12%…

  1. Raffaella says:

    Wow. I am sure the MSM will never speak of it as if it did not exist. But thank god we will not have to put up with these idiots for much longer. Feb 1st is our day.

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  2. Trent Telenko says:

    A Trump 50 state primary sweep is on the table.

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    • flyanddive says:

      He won’t win Utah, so 49 state sweep.

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      • BobbiD says:

        There are a handful of us trying to get Trump started here, don’t count us out yet, plus we have a person who filed a lawsuit with Utah to keep Cruz off the ballot because of his birther issues….Our Casus is March 22nd….

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        • mnlakes says:

          Excellent Bobbi, when Trump is involved I will never say never. Mr Trump and the rest of us appreciate all the hard work people like you are doing for our Country. Thanks again and never give up

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        • LaVonne says:

          Thank you! I am a Utah Trump Supporter as well. I recently took an online poll for Utah and I was suprised when I saw the results. I do not remember the poll but Trump was at 40%. I was totally shocked, especially since Rubio has the support of two of our representatives Love and Chafetz (my own district’s representative) so I thought that I was alone in my support of Trump. We need a World Savvy Businessman. I pray every day to protect him because deep in my soul I know that he is the right person for the office. I also am quite sure that he will surround himself with the best and the brightest in his cabinet,especially after his rally for Our Brave Veteran’s. Any veteran out there reading this Thank You for your service in defense of my families freedom. Do not be discouraged there is many more like us. I totally agree that Cruz is constitutionally ineligible to be president. I will not go into all the details. I am furious at Cruz and Rubio for trying to usurp our constitution. Cruz not only was born in Canada but to only one Citizen Parent. I need to research Rubio a little further but so far my research has shown that Rubio’ parents were not citizen’s when he was born. Obama already had one usurper we do not need anymore. I am also a little preterbed that Rubio has used the fact that he was once a Member of the LDS Church to his advantage in Utah. Anyway enough of my rant. I am inspired by Trump’s love of Citizen’s and Our Veteran’s. Go Trump. To all the Treeper’s out there thank-you for all of your great information and also a shoutout to Sundance for this wonderful forum of intelligent discussion. I love all you Treeper’s.

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          • WSB says:

            Thank you for your post. I still cannot understand why Love and Chaffetz are supporting Rubio. Are they GOPe operatives or just uninformed? Chaffetz has ne excuse.


        • rsmith1776 says:

          Let’s hope it is a successful Casus Belli.


      • TheFenian says:

        I heard Trump is doing great in Utah. Looks like he’ll win there just like everywhere else.

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        • flyanddive says:

          Trump will not win Utah in the primary, nor DC in the general election. Everywhere else is up for grabs, even NY and CA.


          • vdorta says:

            Nobody knows at this time if Trump will win Utah or not. Projecting what we know forward, my guess is that he will. I even think he’ll win Washington State, where I live!

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      • Remember the Republican voter is the Mormon church in Utah, and that is very establishment. Now the only bright part for Trump is that the Mormon vote is split 4 ways. The statewide establishment (Governor, and Hatch) is behind Jeb. The young and upcoming Republican politicians like Mia Love are for Rubio. The in the pew Mormon is for Carson. And then there are the Glen Beck Mormons that want Cruz. The only voters that leaves out are the non-Mormons. Yes, there are a lot of non-Mormons in Utah. Heck we have an openly Homosexual a mayor of Salt Lake City, just like the big states. But almost all those are Democrats. We don’t have a lot of Evangelicals and independent minded conservatives. Now if the Mormon vote is evenly split between Jeb, Rubio, Carson, and Cruz, then Trump might eek out a win because he has 20% support. Without that he will get second. If your wondering about Mike Lee, he agreed to not endorce anyone, in exchange for not being primaried.

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    • NYGuy54 says:

      Rubio is leading in Minnesota.


      • Its 5 O'Clock Somehwere says:

        The Peoples Republicof Minnesota………I am shocked that Bernie isnt all the rage here …this place is one F’d up hellhole. Land of Frankenstein, Amy (pool drain) Klobuchar, Mark (duck and cover) Dayton and Jesse Ventura. Need I go on? CAnt wait to get the hell out of here!


    • flyanddive says:

      This is how I see the general election playing out.

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  3. Cameraman says:

    Wow! kegyn Melly was right, things DO look totally different on Friday. The pollsters have finally started to reveal the true level of Trump’s domination.

    Eight states over 50% will be in the bag by March 2nd.

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  4. PreNanny says:

    Cruzbots will blame the lead in water for the lead, THAT is how vile they have become.

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  5. KBR says:

    51% in any poll with so many contenders, is astonishing this early in the race.

    It is a great harbinger of things to come!

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  6. DrPretorius says:

    People in Michigan have had their belly full of RINO Republicanism. Mutt Romney was born and raised there. The people of Michigan have suffered under the disastrous trade policies of the Marxocrats and their RINO colleagues like no others in this country. Detroit and Dearbornistan are international laughingstocks. The Trump candidacy is like a Cavalry charge coming to save weary and desperate Troopers. Trump 2016!

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  7. Daniel says:

    As much as I want to connect this poll result with last night, Sundance attempted to connect the poll results with Michigan rally attendance… a rally which was well before. We won’t see the new poll results until next week I imagine…or later… or never if they are good enough. Then again, the primaries begin next week, so maybe it’s closer to never.

    What we WILL see are smaller samplings of negatives attempting to influence the polls and the votes.

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  8. NJF says:


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  9. FriendlyKoala says:

    I’m very happy when he is over 50% in polls, it means I can stop stressing. Especially when there are so many candidates.

    He is beating Jeb! by a factor of 10. That’s hilarious. Jeb and his donors won’t be happy.

    And he’s flipping a blue state!

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  10. Finalage says:

    Wow! Pure dominance! Let the voting begin!

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  11. shirley49 says:

    I am really getting furious over how many so called Conservative Talk show hosts are knocking Trump. Some rant about him the entire show. I have turned off two and unsubscribed to one this week. With all the stuff going on now this is all they talk about. Read this AM that the a$$hole in the WH wants to set up a financial system similar to Obamacare to handle mandatory retirement accounts. But bashing Trump must be more important.

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  12. NHVoter says:

    This is an awesome poll that really speaks to why pro America Trump has been leading – it’s the economy, stupid!

    If Trump can put states like Michigan & Pennsylvania in play – and I think he can – then its game over.

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    • chasingfacts says:

      I have a nephew working in Lansing GM- union- He says that all he and fellow workers talk about- Trump -Pro Trump All of them looove Trump. They know Nafta has destroyed everything for them.

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    • TheFenian says:

      NHVoter – it’s not just Michigan & Pennsylvania – Trump is going to win New York state in the general. And more.

      The Democrats can safely count on winning Califonia. That is all.

      This is a perilous time for America. Trump will be President but … We have to hope that we are not too far gone for Trump to save us. The rot and destruction has reached down into the very core of our culture and foundation of our government.

      After Trump assumes office, it’ll be imperative that WE remain the vocal majority. Unless we shout down and drown out the leftists in the media & entertainment worlds, Trump will not be able to affect the change that’s needed. He cannot do this alone.

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  13. tz says:

    Michigan is still blue collar. Expect similar in IL, IN, OH, PA, WV and NY. aka the rust belt.

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  14. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    .@ChrisStirewalt on 2016 race: “This race will look totally different, I promise, on Friday than it does today.” #KellyFile #GOPDebate— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) January 26, 2016

    Sure does.

    Over the last 48 hours Trump has put himself on display as a true leader and very Presidential.

    He was down to earth and genuine, patriotic and able to unite people, and he showed he can get a lot done in very short amounts of time with very little notice.

    He looked like a giant last night compared to the rest of the field. Everyone else is just playing out the string now. The best any of them can hope for is a position in the administration, with some of them being so inept they probably can’t even land that anymore.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Everyone else is ‘politics as usual.’

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    • Regina says:

      I was thinking the same thing – all of Ted’s talk about how the voters deserve someone who has humility – only One person came across as having humility last night.

      Good calls again this morning on Washington Journal (cspan) – many people finally saw who Trump truly IS, vs. who he’s been painted as. It made such a difference to those who have never seen him unedited, without cutting to commercials or pundits every time he says something worth hearing.

      It was such a smart move on Trump’s part – to present a platform for the people to see the actual man. He also chose some really interesting Veteran’s groups to receive the donations (list on his website) – I think the media already had the teleprompters loaded and ready to criticize him over Wounded Warrior Project, etc. but they selected smaller groups who will really put these donations to good use.

      Happy Friday, all – one more weekend and then the revolution begins!

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    • chasingfacts says:

      Hope he has a place in his administration for Huck.

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      • TheFenian says:

        I think that’s a definite yes. in addition to playing his hand well, he has executive experience.

        Santorum on the other hand has no executive experience, he’s a professional politician, so I fail to see a place for him. Running a vast bureaucracy is the same as being a CEO or governor. Perhaps Trump can negotiate with FOX for Santorum to host a show.

        Ditto Ben Carson as a FOX contributor. His campaign organization failures prove he has no place in government in charge of a vast bureaucracy. But he’d be pretty boring as a TV host.

        If dopey Cruz had played his hand better, he would have had a place too. But he can kiss that goodbye. At this point his only option after losing his senate seat will be in the private sector. Perhaps Goldman Sachs has a satellite office in Calagary?

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        • Santorum was on CSPAN giving a speech in one of the pizza places after the undercard debate. He was complaining about Trump getting all the attention because he’s rich. His resentment was there for all to see.


          • georgiafl says:

            Trump’s wealth has enabled him to get around quickly from place to place, but his ABILITY to earn, produce and multiply wealth has enabled him to outsmart, outmaneuver, outfox and outrun the vultures, coyotes, gators and rattlesnakes in this race.

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          • wanthetruth says:

            Santorum didn’t say anything wrong last night, but I could almost feel his attitude wasn’t “all that”. It made me think he had an ego problem with not being an equal with Trump in that situation. Hit me that he thought his joining in added something real worthwhile to the event – I wouldn’t have missed him. Enjoyed Huckabee a lot. He seems like he gives his all when he is committed. I think he would be a helpful part of Trump’s admin – wherever he was appointed.

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    • Howie says:

      Good ole Smelley.


  15. 1hear2learn says:

    Yes siree Bob, lots of union members here going hard for Trump!

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  16. Jim Bryan says:

    At this point I am locked into Trump…. period!

    I like Cruz, but with his H1B problem, he will always be my second choice. I hope Trump wins in Iowa because it will be pretty much OVER!

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    • Gail Combs says:

      Cruz voted for the Corker amendment which just gave nukes to Iran.
      Senator Cruz vote for TPA (“before he voted against it”)
      Senator Cruz wants to increase H1Bs by 500% and put more Americans out of jobs.
      Cruz skipped the fed audit vote and so protect Goldman Sachs.

      And that brings us to Heidi Nelson Cruz, Ted’s Wife.

      She is VP of Goldman Sachs.

      Worse Heidi Cruz was a member of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, which was launched in October 2004. The Task Force advocates a greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a North American region. (The North American Union)

      She worked on that task force for five years.

      WIKI: Independent Task Force on North America

      Council on Foreign Relations – Independent Task Force on North America

      Has PDFs
      chairmans statement:

      Published Task Force Report #53 entitled, Building a North American Community (May 2005)
      ….recently, Ted Cruz has been attending events with party insiders, as can be read here, which tells the story of a recent fundraiser in the home of Mary Matalin and Democratic Strategist James Carville, which was attended by none other than S. Scott Sewell, a Bush insider.

      …. Ted Cruz taking in so much money from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, who is affiliated with Heinz, which of course is related to John Kerry. What the hell is that all about?

      Carville is partners with Stan Goldberg who is the propagandist for the globalists and CAGW. They are political strategists who helped get politicians elected in 60 different countries including Tony Blair and Bill Clinton Clinton and Blair are pushers of the Fabian Socialist Third Way – government for the international corporate giants by the corporate giants.

      In other words Cruz is a slimy traitor to the American people.

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    • I am in for Trump or nobody for sure but I still like Huckabee as well. That would be a toss away vote so it will not happen. But…he seems to carry himself well and seems to speak genuinely. I know there are issues with his positions but given the rest of the field of losers, criminals, flip-floppers, and mentally delusional candidates Huck is in a different class.

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    • R-C says:

      Cruz has ‘earned’ the spot on my list that sits right below “I’m not voting”.

      I have grown to despise the man, who is (to my eyes) completely duplicitous and manipulative. Completely untrustable. I detest Rafael Edward Felito ‘Ted’ Cruz; in my view he has no place in the federal government of the United States–now, or ever.

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  17. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Its good to see Trump go over 50% lets hope this trend continues into every state!

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  18. Nottakingthisanymore says:

    So to recap
    Trump will be gone before the summer! (wrong)
    Out by December! (wrong)
    Maxed out at 25%! (wrong)
    40% (wrong,wrong,wrong)
    Then well 70% don’t like him! (wrong)
    60% don’t like him! (wrong)
    New memes 40% don’t like him! blan blah blah

    As you have told me in the past HOLD YOUR NOSE and vote Trump is our man he coming for you and we are along for the ride of our lives. Lets clean house take names and kick a$$.

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  19. Gail Combs says:

    Take back it’s Union donations

    Pass this on to any union member you know.

    The landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Communications Workers of America v. Beck (1988) lets union members get a refund for the part of their dues that are used for political activity.


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  20. surfpick says:

    Viva le Revolution!

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  21. 51%%%%!!!! What a great morning. Way to go Michigan! I want 50 or greater from all states. It will happen. He is the true LEADER, he has lead on ALL the tough issues since he announced!

    -Trump proposes wall – nation freaks out – illegal Immigration becomes a major issue. All candidates jump to securing the border when most were for AMNESTY months/years before.

    Trump tells Black Lives Matter – All Lives Matter and stands by it, ridicules those that apologized for saying it. First candidate to say he stands with the police and they are being horribly misrepresented for the poor actions of a small percentage of officers. He said it when it was NOT popular to defend them.

    Trump reminds the world that Muslim populations within the country were celebrating when the towers came down. The statement took massive courage in this political climate. He was attacked by both parties and the world! Stood firm, the truth came out. Substantiated by news reports, calls to radio hosts, and law enforcement.

    Trump says there are places in France and England that non Muslims and police don’t go. Country leaders call it preposterous! World freaks out. Police officers finally come out to speak the truth. Admit it’s true.

    -Trump speaks out about the serious mass immigration policies are having in Germany Etc. People call him a racist. Coordinated sexual and physical attacks happen simultaneously across 5-6 countries with over 1000 attacks reported in just Germany on News Years Eve. Hmmm, who was right?

    Trump says no more Muslim immigration until we can figure out what the hell is going on and secure the entry process. World goes crazy. Stands firm. Other candidates say similar things but without the word “Muslim” because they are no different than O, can’t define the real problem.

    Trump has been the only republican candidate in recent history to take on the media, and I mean take on…head on, like running into a Mack truck. Except the truck ends up splitting in two, leaving a brave man still standing, stronger and more respected than ever. The recent decision to skip the debate on the network with the largest republican viewing audience (highest rated too) days before the first important votes are cast in Iowa. This took courage and amazing vision, all while raising millions for the people he loves the most, vets and wounded warriors.

    He is the only one who has come out strongly against obamatrade TPP, which will kill American jobs. Republican and democrat elites want it passed so you know it is just a massive payoff to their special interests and donors. Trump says it must be in the best interest of America and this is NOT!
    And lastly and most importantly he is the most pro-American, pro-military, pro-border candidate we have probably ever seen that is using his OWN MONEY to fund his campaign!

    The reasons above are clear. He is the ONLY one who can lead this country out of the horrible mess created by all talk, no action, bought and paid for politicians. It’s time to stop the madness!

    Trump or No One!

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Thx. That was very informative. 🙂

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Morning Joe is my new favorite part of the day. I’ve been watching them now for about a month or two and I just can’t get enough. Most honest coverage out there that I have seen. The two days running up to last night were great as well. They really ripped FNC and Megyn Kelly. I get some good laughs pretty much every morning watching them. 🙂

      They still have plenty of guests on that are not yet believers, and they all pretty much would prefer anyone to win but Trump, but they look at the numbers and see the writing on the wall and make fun of all these nay sayers who still keep trying to say, but so and so is going to sneak in there and Joe will say right, show me the evidence of that.

      Since the Trump rally in Joe’s hometown, that his brother emceed, I think Joe finally started to be won over. He even said it’s one thing to see all of Trump’s Yuge rally’s, but to see it in your own hometown, it just seemed so surreal.

      And Joe definitely gets a kick out of watching Trump make his moves. I enjoy listening to Joe crack up about it all, makes me smile too! Does the heart good, especially during these stressful times just hoping beyond all hope that the votes come in as all of us here in the tree house believe they will!

      Trump 2016, all the way baby!

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      • Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

        “Since the Trump rally in Joe’s hometown, that his brother emceed, I think Joe finally started to be won over. ”

        A few years ago in Time To Get Tough, Trump mentioned Morning Joe and he mentioned them in a flattering manner. I think they’ve gotten along for years.

        And George not only spoke at and announced Trump’s event, he full out endorsed Trump for President.

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  22. rossr22 says:


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  23. Big Jake says:

    I love that I can still see Snarly’s Centaur tail in the Hollywood Squares pic. Lol

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  24. TheFenian says:

    Vote on the debate poll at World Net Daily for Trump.
    (sorry, I’m unable to post the link. Maybe someone else can?)


  25. Regina says:

    firing up HAARP? or just the typical cloud seeding…snow will only make the Trump supporters More determined to go 🙂
    Election 2016: Snowstorm to unfold as thousands gather for Iowa Caucuses

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  26. Regina says:

    Scott Adams – Master Persuader Scorecard on the Trumpless Debate

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  27. 300 The Cornpone Nazi says:

    Read this comment on A/T about why she is a Trump supporter,thought it was great .

    Me for one. College graduate. Resident of Tennessee. Became Republican when Reagan ran, having repented of my foolishness for trusting Carter merely because he said he was Christian. A person who loves to write and analyze and who hates fallacious reasoning. The mother of two adopted children both with certain special needs who have been a total delight to us. Follower of Jesus since 1970. Lover of my nation. Born in Massachusetts in 1949, raised in Michigan, immigrant to the South in 1977, and have never looked back to the increasingly liberal great Mitten State.

    I consider myself a rational person and my reasons for putting my trust in Trump are rational as well as spiritual. It would appear that no man could be exposing the corruption in the media or the Republican establishment if God were not with him. I am also enjoying watching him express talents that I did not know even existed. We usually put our trust in someone if we think they think like us, or are as smart as we are. This is the first time I am realizing it is wise to put our trust in someone who is more highly skilled than we are, and I believe that watching Donald Trump I am learning new things all the time.

    I do not consider myself a maniac or dope for supporting Donald Trump,and I think all you who think you have us pegged are arrogant and wrong.

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  28. Tracy Sutton says:

    Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory
    24th District


  29. Sandra says:

    We need to start doing the math. 51% for Trump in Michigan is awesome, but Michigan’s 56 delegates are allocated proportionately and the threshold is 15%. Using the current poll as a model, both Trump and Cruz would win delegates, something like for 38 for Trump and 18 for Cruz? If we can get Cruz below 15% then Trump will win all 56 delegates.

    Trump needs 1236 delegates to win the nomination outright. Forget about Rule 40, because Trump is the only candidate likely to win 8 states the RNC will either lower the threshold or get rid of the rule altogether so that their chosen boys are still eligible. I do believe that if Trump doesn’t win the nomination outright, after the first vote they’ll declare the convention brokered and all candidates will be eligible, including Bush. Trump needs to get 1236, then the RNC cannot screw with him…. or us.

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  30. You may not be a “Treeper” now but you will be!”

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  31. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Many great veterans in Michigan. Trump at 51%. Wonder if THIS has anything to do with these incredible numbers:

    Why is no one else talking about the vets? These are our finest Americans. They answered the call to serve our country and protect you and me. Now they’re dying and being mistreated and forgotten. Not going to happen anymore. We’re just not going to take it anymore.

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  32. craigusc says:

    Please, Mr. Trump…

    I think we’re winning too much…maybe we should slow down a bit and let someone else win.


    Okay, I guess we’ll just keep winning then 🙂

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  33. We too can hope Ms Clinton wins and Lt. For Life John F. Kerry campaigns for her daily.


  34. myopiafree says:

    Trump Trashes Hillary. Soon, very soon I hope. She is a deceptive liar – who can not be trusted.


  35. Totally Domestic says:

    Just had a chance to tune into last nights debate. What happened to Merdochs princess? She turned androgynous.

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    • R-C says:

      She’ll find that the wrinkle cream has not been invented that will counteract the ravages that constant stress and rage will wreak upon her.

      Little Miss Maybelline ought to be wearing GREEN cosmetics and riding a broom.


  36. Sundance etal,

    Some research on this seems needed,

    How many former U.S. Attorneys appointed by father and or boy Bush are now in the US Senate and or US House?

    There seems to be a patern.


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  38. karenkln says:

    Anybody see this! Not good.

    This morning Governor Merrill was adamant that New Hampshire primary voters would choose an establishment candidate to represent them in the GOP nomination process. He specifically pointed to the campaigns of Jeb Bush and John Kasich as those he approved of.

    He also appeared dismissive of the possibility that either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would win New Hampshire.

    Then he dropped a bombshell that clearly had Fox Business host Neil Cavuto a bit stunned.

    Merrill indicated it would be a brokered Republican convention regardless, and from there a proper candidate would be nominated.

    This would be a process by which all previous primary election decisions would effectively be dismissed during the Republican convention scheduled for July 18th-21st in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Delegates would then no longer be obligated to cast votes as determined by earlier primary elections. Instead, Republican power brokers are allowed to intervene and attempt to coordinate/trade/cajole/threaten, a desired outcome. In such a scenario, a majority of the convention delegates could for example, ultimately decide to nominate Jeb Bush to be the 2016 Republican candidate for President even if Mr. Bush did not win a single primary race.



  39. pb&j says:

    If Trump doesnt come out in support of legalizing medical marijuana these polls wont matter, Bernie will win. Lots of states have recently made the push to legalize and in my state we will be voting in November along side presidential ticket to legalize it….lots of young voters are registering as a result….he needs a full plan that will outline how he will use the new tax revenue from marijuana sales….im pro medical but im against recreational. He needs to get out ahead of this prior to NH. Mark my words he will lose if he does not have plans to legalize it…..he would absolutly gain the black vote too and thats not racist. Criminal statistics show high arrest rates of blacks due to marijuana. He has positioned himself best to have a solid plan because his would include getting cartels and gangs off the street first.


    • Sandra says:

      Maybe medical marijuana is a big issue to you, but I’m sure it’s not to most people, especially Republicans. We have much bigger issues, jobs, ISIS, illegals, health care, etc.

      And by the way, if you think that legalizing pot is going to get the cartels and gangs off of the streets, I want to remind you that heroin is far more profitable, and I think NH is suffering a major heroin problem.


      • Sandra says:

        I want to add that I was a pot smoker when I was young but now view the drug as harmful. If people are dying or suffering from medical problems and marijuana helps them, then I support their ability to access it. But I suspect the vast majority of “patients” are no more than smokers who have no medical issues other than an addiction to pot. And the dispensaries, could they be any less professional or more laughable? If it’s a serious drug with serious medical uses, then why not sell it like other serious drugs? Have a real pharmaceutical company produce it and package it properly, and let it be sold in a regular pharmacy.


      • Right you are Sandra. This medical pot, is a ruse. Drugs are Bad, and more importantly they are bad because drugs make you happy right where a person is at.

        Life is painful, boring, and unpredictable. That is normal. The unpleasantness that is felt is the motivation to better ones self, not give into being happy right where they’re at.

        The best example of drugs making a person happy where they’re at, is morphine on the battle field. A soldier could have his guts hanging out and after the morphine shot, feel okay about it.


    • Martin says:

      Thank you for you concern. Bernie ain’t winning.


  40. Anybody see this article? Basically says it doesn’t matter how well Trump does, GOP will do brokered convention regardless.


  41. Donald K. Cox says:



  42. Miller says:

    If the Republican Party doesn’t treat Trump fair, there won’t be a Republican Party. He can form a new Party.


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