Donald Trump Brilliantly Diminishes Ted Cruz By Putting Him on Full Display – (With Video)…

Forget about trying to graph, measure or quantify how sharp Donald Trump’s political instincts are, he’s just off the charts.  However, his decision to spotlight Ted Cruz’s greatest weakness, “the personality of Cruz“, the “in-authenticity”, is beyond brilliant.

Such a keen instinct is simply immeasurable.

cruz jesus pose

Not only did Donald Trump win the seventh GOP debate by not showing up; and not only did Trump avoid the best laid ambush plans of the Fox News team; and not only did Donald Trump raise well over $6 million for American veterans; but by removing himself from the debate stage – Trump’s absence forced Ted Cruz out of the shadows and into the brightest possible sunlight.

Candidate Trump previously stated: “Ted Cruz is just a nasty person” – and by all accounts the pontificating arrogance and personality of Ted Cruz was not only captured by the broadcast, but for the first time Iowans who tuned-in saw first hand WHY Ted Cruz is the loneliest man in Washington DC.

non trump debate

Even the most rabid Cruz supporters on social media are hunkered down amid an absolutely shameful display of how arbitrary and condescending their candidate displayed himself.  Only those pundits with similar personal characteristics will say it was not visible.

Actually, those radio voices will shout it at you – desperately.

The ‘holier-than-thou humor’ Cruz attempted was over-the-top snarky and failed miserably.  Additionally, senator Cruz’s argumentative nature with the moderators was belligerent and without cause.  But, perhaps most deliciously, the cameras did capture the rest of the candidates’ responses as exhibited in this video snippet:

Anyone who doubted whether Trump’s decision to skip the debate was a good idea can look back at the original campaign axiom “Let Trump Be Trump“. The man just has an inherent internal sense for what to do, how to do, and exactly when to do it. It really is a remarkable gift.

Donald Trump, with all of his flaws, faults and shortcomings, is a man of inherent decency. Even when he’s intensely focused on an objective, even when he needs the killer instinct, he knows exactly how to walk on and navigate the razor thin edge between enough, full victory, and too much, football spiking.

In many ways Donald Trump the businessman, and the new politician, exhibits the keen internal trait carried by only a few intensely driven people who are successful in victory without losing their internal discipline.

A commonly known example of another famous person with this rare skill-set is Vince Lombardi.

When you see victorious excellence, authentic excellence, you know it but you can’t quite identify it, measure it, or put accurate assemblies of words together to describe it.  It is a rare gift amid very few leaders.

Business leaders who posses this personal character trait go on to become intensely influential captains of industry; and they accomplish great things, tremendous things, both professionally and personally.

This personal characteristic, and the U.S. electorate sensing this characteristic, is perhaps the most critical element impossible to describe.  However it does quantify within the underlying historic shift in public opinion regarding Donald Trump.

A person cannot purchase, learn or develop authenticity; and regardless of how much money you spend on “psychographic targeting”, no amount of money can compensate for the lack of it.

You might remember us previously sharing:

We’re often asked why not just unmask candidate Ted Cruz and lay bare with all of the gathered research on his manipulative intents.  The simplest answer can be found in the following analogy some might be familiar with:

…”have you ever tried to convince a 17-year-old teenager their boyfriend is wrong for them”?…

There are some things you make a decision not to do, choosing instead to watch people awaken on their own, at their own pace.  Preferring to support them after the awakening.  Ted Cruz, as a known toxic entity, is one of those type of examples. (read more)

What happened last night was candidate Donald J Trump stepping out of the way and allowing people to see the unmasking of Ted Cruz.  As a result of the inherent sense to make that decision, millions are now awakened to it.

…. and once you see the candidate unmasked, it matters not when they put it back on…

trump vets 2

In addition to the unmasking, tens of thousands of Iowa voters were able to see Candidate Donald Trump on stage with veterans and patriots.  Most Iowa (non-fox) broadcast networks put the Trump event on television because they could show it live as it was happening.

Competing media networks did not have rights to broadcast the Fox debate, but they could air the Donald Trump Veterans Rally in total, or in part.  As a consequence, just as many, -if not more- Iowa voters, saw Donald Trump on their television screens.   Brilliant.

And here’s a great video recap from C-SPAN of viewer reaction.  Listen to all the phone calls from Democrats, Republicans and Independents….  All Americans First:

trump vets 1

PS. If you doubt the analysis about Ted Cruz, go look at the post-debate polls.

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668 Responses to Donald Trump Brilliantly Diminishes Ted Cruz By Putting Him on Full Display – (With Video)…

  1. Mlw says:

    I will admit I was a bit nervous when Trump said he would not debate probably a little more than nervous if truth be told. But it didn’t take long for the realization to sink in that you do not become a billionaire because you are brain dead. Trump made his money and built an empire not of air but of real tangible works, golf courses, buildings, hotels the list goes on and on. One does not stumble into that type of success because of dull wittedness! He truly blows my mind!

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  2. NYGuy54 says:

    Looks like there is a prevailing theme now emerging that Cruz could not handle the spotlight and hurt himself last night. I think sundance is in their heads or something…

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  3. Remington says:

    What a way to start the morning (here in kalifornia)…’talk about a fun read…

    FTA – ‘It is a fast-moving disease, highly contagious and attacks the nervous system. Early stages are inexplicable, fast eye-blinking, light palsy, stammering and overbearing snobbery. Sometimes redness of the face and shortness of breath accompany.’….

    The Nuclear Option: No Cure in Sight for Elites’ Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome
    by CHARLES HURT29 Jan 2016181
    Beware the latest nasty virus sweeping the East Coast, particularly the most elite citadels of New York City and Washington, D.C.

    It is a fast-moving disease, highly contagious and attacks the nervous system. Early stages are inexplicable, fast eye-blinking, light palsy, stammering and overbearing snobbery. Sometimes redness of the face and shortness of breath accompany.

    Later stages include total delusionment, dementia, inability to think clearly and, ultimately, a madness that cannot be contained.

    Basic rule of thumb is that if you are blinking and twitching like Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus, Inspector Jacques Clouseau’s boss in Pink Panther, then it is still early and there is still hope.

    In final stages, patients are often found wild-eyed, naked, frothing at mouth and writhing on the floor. This behavior has been likened to that of Antonio Salieri in the final scenes of “Amadeus.”

    Researchers have yet to arrive at a scientific name for the debilitating disease but it is generally referred to as Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome (DTDS). It is found in its most virulent and highly contagious strain among media and punditry circles and top ranks of Republican Party leaders.

    While researchers are still confounded about almost everything about DTDS, they do believe that early detection could be vital. Here are symptoms and remedies they recommend:

    The disease-stricken often say things like, “He is Hitler!”

    It is best to calmly explain to the person that Adolph Hitler exterminated six million Jews. Mr. Trump has not. Also, advise the patient to read “Mein Kampf,” and then read “Art of the Deal.”

    Some victims, it is found, take the extermination of six million Jews more seriously and, instead, compare Mr. Trump to “Mussolini,” kind of a Hilter lite. Sometimes in their hallucinations, people suffering DTDS see a similarity in the ways both men purse their lips and speak.

    Best remedy is to explain that Benito Mussolini was Hitler’s stooge and, to date, it is safe to say Donald Trump has never been anybody’s stooge.

    Another symptom has people his hysterics over how “vulgar” Donald Trump is and talking about how he lacks the virtue and morals to be president.

    Recommended remedy is to explain to victim how Lyndon Baines Johnson used to force reporters and staffers to join him in the bathroom to conduct business while he took care of his own business in front of them.

    Or have them read the memoir detailing how John F. Kennedy took the virginity of a teenage intern within minutes of meeting her while she was touring the White House.

    It is advised not to get into the known exploits of Bill Clinton because, well, it is just so disgusting that it could trigger other complicating illnesses, such as vomiting.

    A startling recent symptom has one member of Congress demanding to know whether Donald Trump has repented for past sins. The best remedy for this is to remind members of Congress they are not preachers and ordering people into the confessional booth is both very creepy and unconstitutional and totally violates the separation of church and state in America.

    Some victims of DTDS are found agonizing about how Donald Trump threatens to destroy the Constitution.

    It is best to advise these people that Donald Trump is the most litigious person to ever run for president and that the very foundation of litigiousness is the Constitution. He probably reveres the Constitution more highly than anybody suffering from DTDS.

    Sadly, researchers do not have the slightest hope of a cure for those in advanced stages of the disease. The only known Hail Mary prescriptions have been to either send them to Syria as DTDS refugees or allow them to sneak across the Mexican border before the Trump Wall and Casino is built.

    Scientists, meanwhile, are hurriedly developing an 8-year, slow-release Ambien that can be taken now so that the patient wakes up in the final months of the Trump administration, once America has been Made Great Again.

    Charles Hurt can be reached at and on Twitter via @charleshurt

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  4. pyromancer76 says:

    How cool if the repercussions from Trump’s brilliant strategic and human move make every charity clean up their over-the-top spending ways. So glad Bill O’Reilly is investigating Wounded Warriors organization. Looking forward to the report. An ideal: all but 10% to the cause? Maybe more realistic because it takes money to raise money, 20%, but no more?

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  5. shallbe4 says:

    I was a bit nervous too. I have watched the media take down decent guys in order to leaves us with the worse candidate. They didn’t win this time and perhaps this loss will teach them a lesson for a while. Whatever happens Megyn is finished. The media is just a stage show for ratings as long as the ratings are good. They will do nothing to rock the boat. But when the ratings are in the dumpster people will pay and for Megyn the payment will be big.. You reap what you sow/


    • kadar2012 says:

      Just imagine if we had a real Constitutionalist running.

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    • maisy says:

      Didn’t Megyn look as though she were imploring viewers with her eyes for sympathy.? I only watched here and there….mostly here…..but she sat there as though we should all feel sorry for her….daily mail quote “afraid she’d stab them with her fake eyelashes…”…..maybe Trump should have called her a bimbo..


  6. NYGuy54 says:

    All this stuff cannot be good for Cruz. It just can’t. The spin is all negative.


    • mack0725 says:

      Exactly, the ‘spin’ is all negative.

      We need to look at each candidate based on the actions, not only their words. Talk is cheap. There are some Republican candidates, for instance, who criticise the others voting records when that person was present for only 11% of the votes called during their tenure in Congress. No one would no that except for checking past actions. We need more substance, not words and insult.

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  7. Jason says:

    Me too Ted laid out his healthcare reform plan last night…
    “allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines to create a true 50 state national marketplace to drive down health insurance cost”

    A video idea… show him claiming Trump is for Single payer healthcare. Show Trump saying he’ll open up competition across state lines, then show Ted’s new and improved plan to… open up competition across state lines

    Video cued up to his statement:

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    • Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

      Ted is just sad. He’s been hiding behind Trump for six months now, waiting until Trump cleared the way and made sure everything was safe, and then Ted would come bouncing along afterwards latching onto Trump’s plans and policies.

      Trump is a leader. Cruz is a follower. Always has been, always will be.

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  8. MMM says:

    <img src=””


  9. texasmama6 says:

    Despite the source (Politico), this article is an interesting narrative of the knee-capping that took place in the debate I didn’t watch. When ratings are no longer being measured, I’ll have to watch the highlights. 😀

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  10. Blase Blase says:

    Look, Newt said it best the other day when interviewed by Fox, and I am not even a Newt fan, but he basically said look, overwhelming popular opinion was that Trump should have gone to the debate. I too thought he should have risen above the b.s. and gone.

    However, as we have all seen, Trump is an unconventional candidate. Trump does things his way, and they aren’t always how I would do them. “But to be frank and honest, my advice to Trump is of no value. Trump is doing better than I have done, or anyone else for that matter, and he continues to defy established thinking”.

    That had to hurt to say, but he is 100% correct. That gave Newt some koodo’s back in my book. He is back to 0 now!!! LoL

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    • CheetoGuido says:


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    • joenigma says:

      Fact of the matter is, Newt Gingrich’s rise in the polls and his win in South Carolina were direct results of fantastic debate performances. Also a fact, it was the horrible debate performance prior to Florida that contributed to his defeat. Remember the 20 Million in negative ads weren’t the only thing that killed Newt in Florida; it was a weak debate performance for a man who’s rise to fame was his debating skills.

      So debates are absolutely vital if you have no way of connecting to the people. Trump doesn’t have that problem. He can be asked any question during any interview.


  11. Be sure to follow the Master Persuader education pieces over at Scott Adams Blog—He says it is 100% Trump’s to Win or Lose.
    “I pointed out that Trump’s technique has so far allowed him to dominate the Republican party, control the media, and triple his favorability since May. And so far, no one has died because of any of it.”
    “Trump was on stage hugging his two social media stars, both African-American women. The affection looked real in both directions. Meanwhile, over at the Festival of Too Much Whiteness, Cruz awkwardly – and as a joke about Trump – called Ben Carson a bad surgeon. Fail.”

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    • NJF says:

      I check in with his blog daily, good stuff. The comment section is often very revealing for getting a feel for average people on both sides of the aisle.

      His scorecard post was particarily good, and I had to stifle quite a few LOL moments bc I was at work.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Love this Scott Adams crack in the article! LOL

      “Only FOX had the broadcast rights to the debate, but several networks carried Trump’s event.

      CNN couldn’t get the grins off their collective faces as they stuck it to Fox News. ‘


  12. stringy theory says:

    Richard Wolffe, Trump just proved: it’s possible to win a debate you didn’t attend.

    “The clear winner of the final Republican debate, just four days before the first votes are cast in Iowa, was the Macavity candidate.”

    “Just like the mystery cat, Donald Trump was nowhere near the scene of the crime at the Fox News debate. You could find him on rival news channels, but the damage was already done to poor Ted Cruz: the only candidate who could come close to beating him in Iowa.”

    “Cruz, standing exposed in the middle of the stage, was subject to a barrage of fire from the moderators and his rival candidates. And Trump didn’t have to do any of the dirty work himself.”

    “Cruz began complaining about “mean questions” and offered an underwhelming joke about threatening to leave the stage. The Des Moines audience seemed unamused, and began cheering for the moderator.”

    “In an age when journalists are almost universally loathed, especially by Republican voters, it takes a special kind of candidate to elicit sympathy for the downtrodden media.”

    Full story here:

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  13. joshua says:


    obama “decision making” process…

    Ted Cruz talks about decisions and reads a children’s book to the Congress with no decision process resulting other than entertaining his kids at bedtime via national TV

    Donald Trump decision and action taking process…

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  14. NJF says:

    Do we have any idea on the ratings #s from last night? They seem to be all over the place.

    It does seem FOXs #s were way down, which in and of itself will be a solid talking point for trump. Even if they “beat” him, it’s a weak point considering he had less than 24 hours to pull it together & his rally wasn’t broadcast on any rival MSM. Most of his traffic was likely online, via multiple platforms & I don’t know how that can be measured?


  15. shipley130 says:

    I don’t like the Ted Cruz family dynamic. Ted’s father thinks his son, Ted, as been anointed by God to take over the top leadership role. That creeps me out. I’m not one to make fun of Christianity, but anointing means that God has made up his mind and nobody else has a chance. But once his four or eight years is up, does he fall out of favor with God? Why not 20 years or 30 or 40 years for Ted? Is God playing by U.S. Constitutional rules? Well, that is awfully nice of him.

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  16. uptothere says:

    As a Vietnam survivor, I congratulate Mr. Trump for what he’s doing for all our vets!

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  17. redlegleader68 says:

    “This was not a good night for the Republican Party, no matter what they think,” Towery said. “Donald Trump wasn’t playing to Iowa. He was playing to South Carolina.”
    The Palmetto State holds its primaries on Feb. 20.
    “That’s what he was doing tonight with these veterans,” he told Hayworth. “That’s where this race is going to be decided.
    “It’s going to be decided in South Carolina and the Southern states that we’re going to be polling and after that the SCC primary,” Towery said, referring to the huge March 1 primary that includes contests in six states in the South.
    “Tonight didn’t do a damn thing for anybody but keep this circus going.”


  18. tammy says:

    The minute I heard The Donalds plan I knew it was genius! He is our last hope America! Please vote TRUMP!


  19. Totally Domestic says:

    Just got time to check out last night’s debate. Hey what’s happened to Merdoch’s princess she turned androgynous?


  20. Crassus says:

    All Trump needs to do in order to defeat Ted Cruz is let him be Ted Cruz.

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  21. FatLadySings4U says:

    Someone needs to start hitting Cruz about this stuff:

    Building a North American Community

    HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.


  22. TheTorch says:

    Donald Trump in at Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, February 3, 2016
    Huckabee endorsement ?


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