Sketchy and Dangerous Weather – Hope All Treepers OK…

It appears the East coast, and North-east weather is increasingly dangerous for the entire geography.  There are also reports of people being stranded in vehicles etc.

Please stay safe and be careful.

snow storm 4

However, if there is ANYONE who is in distress, or potentially worried about their current weather related situation, please send us an email or drop a note in the comments and together we can brainstorm/coordinate solutions.

There are many people who do not have close relatives, and may not be able to find assistance.  If you find yourself in a precarious situation do not be afraid/embarrassed to reach out.



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97 Responses to Sketchy and Dangerous Weather – Hope All Treepers OK…

  1. sevenwheel says:

    Very nice to post your email address. But you might want to check the spelling. 🙂


  2. Martin says:

    I wish we were getting this weather here in the DFW area.


  3. onsu says:

    Thank you Sundance.

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  4. bulwarker says:

    Sundance, Levin has called you out on Facebook.

    Oh, and to keep my post germane I hope everyone on the east coast who’s affected by superstorm Snobama is okay. Stay warm and prepare for some serious shovel time tomorrow.

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    • cmscarpa says:

      Bad here in Phila. area — still going strong at 11:30 PM. Yes, bulwarker they’re really getting on Levin’s case on his fb about this. What a tool.


      • coltlending says:

        Whatever one might think of Sundance’s posts regarding Levin, it looks like he might be over the target, given the flack directed at Sundance by Levin.

        What is Levin’s point belittling someone who worked at a grocery store? That comment by Levin is pretty adolecent. Wasn’t Kurt Warner a former Walmart stock boy? Wasn’t Sam Walton a manager of his small company in the beginning?

        Mark Levin appears pretty unhinged about something.

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        • Plain Jane says:

          You’ve got to be kidding. Levin HAS blown his cork. It’s sad that he should say something like that. Yea, Mr. Levin, how elitist of you.

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        • phil fan says:

          Standing proud with Sundance as an energized Vulgarian happy to be in the great CTH and on board the mighty Trump Train.

          Prayers for safety of all on East Coast

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        • I worked in the fields picking grapes, onion and sweet melons in high school and worked for KFC in college. What is Levin’s problem?

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        • wondering999 says:

          With all the ice and snow, I make it a point to thank grocery staff because they are there for me during the extreme weather conditions. I appreciate the grocery people… and the first responders, and hospital and nursing home staff who keep going no matter what… and MOST OF ALL the utility crews who keep the power going.

          Neighbor’s lines were downed by a tree earlier and it was fixed in record time.

          I can do without Levin the Elitist, but not without the utility people… just sayin’ who carries clout in MY universe

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          • jakeandcrew says:

            I can attest to the diligence of grocery workers. One of our local grocery stores has become our family’s entry-level job go-to place. Once the oldest was hired, and did a good job, it was easier and easier to get his brothers and sisters hired. At one point we had 4 kids working there. The manager started asking us if we had any more kids at home. 🙂 (We have one more, but he’s not quite working age, yet.)

            Two of the four are still there exclusively, and have increased very nicely in their responsibility load (if not the accompanying pay increases – corporate rules and unions are killing them). One has added another job, hoping to move on soon. And one has moved on to a better job.

            During the blizzard, my grocery kids never missed work. They went in at 4 a.m., 6 a.m., whenever their shift started, and came home when the work was done. As the storm got worse, when they could no longer get out of the driveway, their manager picked them up, and drove them home. I wasn’t happy about it, because it was dangerous out there, but I was proud of them.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Amazing how thin-skinned Levin is.

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    • lorac says:

      Stay warm and prepare for some serious shovel time tomorrow.

      … and check on any elderly neighbors…

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    • Sha says:

      bulwarker – Mark’s just mad because Sundance out classes him , poor thing. I don’t see Mark Getting off his high horse and offering any help to anyone one in this bad weather by the way. Oh ! I forgot , Mark you are to good to be of service to regular people . By the way the kooks here at this site would go above and beyond to help even you if you were in trouble in any of these storms . That’s real class ! Get Ya some sweet heart. Everyone stay safe God bless !

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  5. dondeg says:

    Very cool of you to post this. It is really bad out there and my prayers go out to people.

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  6. Mike H says:

    I’m from the coast line of “The Peoples Republic of Connecticut”, a once proud conservative state.
    We did well, only minor coastal flooding and greater than expected snow, but luckily it was powder light. High winds tonight, but so far no major power outages and no State of Emergency called by our so-called “governor”.

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  7. amwick says:

    I am thinking of my nephew who lives in an apartment building, right across the road from the beach in Belmar, NJ. He and girlfriend are smart, no doubt they have headed towards higher ground. The flooding is bad, in some places. Thanks Sundance for caring.

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  8. econmomof2 says:

    I am a 4th generation Arizonan so I don’t really know much about NorEasters. Does it effect cell reception? I am concerned people are out of power and have no cell phones.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      My daughter’s fiancé lives in Virginia in the D.C. area. He has been without cell phone reception since late yesterday. Praying he and everyone affected by this storm is okay.

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    • Mike H says:

      econmomof2, as far as I know as long as the cell towers didn’t get damaged by the wind, then cell reception should be okay (unless power is out, of course). Nor’Easters are nasty little gales that blow a lot, drive the surf against the tide into the shore causing coastal flooding. In New England we get them several times a year….(spring, summer, fall, winter…whatever…it doesn’t seem to matter. Nor’easters don’t have to be cold, just windy and rainy/snowy). If power is out in the North East in say, New Jersey, all of the line-men from Maine to Georgia flood the area to get power back ASAP. Arizona gets some nasty weather, too. I bet you have a few stories.


    • ctdar says:

      I still have a landline precisely for that reason.

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  9. ZurichMike says:

    ZurichMike made his flight back to Switzerland on Friday evening — just before the storm started. The jetstream flung us across the ocean — we landed almost an hour early! Brother-in-law had flight rerouted through Chicago to Hartford and landed in the snow storm. All is well, thankfully.

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    • sundance says:

      Wow, sounds like you got in with not a moment to lose. Brother home with you and everyone now?

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      • ZurichMike says:

        I am home safe and sound (Switzerland), so is my brother-in-law (Hartford). Very few power outages to report in Connecituct or Massachusetts (not as hard hit, I heard).

        The international flights are always given priority on departure — “get those foreigners out of here!” — otherwise it’s a mess if flghts are canceled and they have to process all those people again through immigration and customs. Our flight departed 15 minutes early.

        Thanks for checking in!

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        • poodlemom1 says:

          my daughter and family lived in Switzerland for about 5 yrs. (work related) They are now in CA for the past 2 yrs. She is ready to go back to Switzerland, and now I read that the muslims want to take the cross off the flag. What is your take on that. Are there a lot of muslims in Switzerland???

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          • ZurichMike says:

            Every few years a fringe group of Muslims (those born in Switzerland of non-Swiss parents) demand the removal of the cross from the Swiss flag. This occurred at the end of 2015 and earlier in 2011. Not. Going to happen. All parties slammed this group of special snowflakes. It has no traction here. I little over 5% of the population is Mulsim (about 400,000 of a population of 8 million), of which most are from Kosovo and Turkey. The Kosovars and Turks I know are all hardworking, law-abiding, secularists (maybe they don’t eat pork, but so what?), and have learned German or French and integrated well into society — knowing that the alternative is the hellhole of the countries they came from and grateful that they passed all the hurdles to be a resident and/or become a citizen the legal way. Switzerland has very limited space, and if you want to be here, you play by the rules or you are shown the border.


  10. gary23902003 says:

    Thanks, Sundance. We’re good here. No bad news, loved ones OK. Looks like the worst is about over. Prayers and love to all!

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  11. kathyca says:

    How very kind and thoughtful.

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  12. Hope everyone stays safe and warm. We have about 7 inches which is nothing compared to further north. The little ones are happy to be sledding and playing.

    Along with prayers for our fellow Treepers, don’t forget to say one for President Trump and his pilot, this is nasty stuff to be flying in.

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  13. Kay Elle says:

    Your genuine concern and extended hand tells us all we need to know about your fine character, Sundance. Thank you for ALL you do to Make America Great Again!

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  14. Millwright says:

    Thanx SD ! A very thoughtful post ! Shows TCTH is populated with a lot of fine, caring folks ! We’re good here in our little corner of NJ. Snowbound at home, but lacking for nothing. Can’t get out but am willing to help with directions/advice/coms via e-mail.

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  15. rajabear1 says:

    Stay safe way over there all. Prayers…
    Thanks again Sundance for just being…well, Sundance. It is because of this, among many other things, of why I will cling tightly to my branch inthis awesome tree you have grown. Bless you.

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  16. 300 the Cornpone Nazi says:

    Just another reason I come here. When the ice storm hit here in OK last month we were without electricity for 10 days. We all checked on the old folks first, got generators hooked up and hauled water. It really lets you know how nice it is to have family around.

    Stay safe everyone

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  17. adoubledot says:

    Snow ended around 9:30 here in Howard Co., MD. Got about 27″, no power outages. I’m done shoveling after 3 hours but my son is still at it. Tomorrow we’ll be sipping hot chocolate while watching everyone else! Thanks for your concern SD 👍🏻


  18. yakmaster2 says:

    Here in my nest in the Piedmont area of North Carolina we only got a few icy inches, but everyone here considers the chance of snow a reason to raid the grocery shelves of all milk and bread. Seriously, most of us can’t drive in this stuff and those who can take the day off from work anyway as if we’re snowbound in the Yukon. 😉 My Yankee hubby is always amused and merrily gets behind the wheel every time!

    For those elsewhere who’ve lost electricity or now truly snowbound, God Bless and reach out for help. Stay safe all!

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    • scarlettbr says:

      Many stuck on the highway, were coming home from the March for Life Rally.


    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Its not only milk and bread but toilet paper as well. I can sort of understand the milk and bread part, but TOILET PAPER??? What, do people “go” more when they are at home in a snow storm? Do folks buy only one roll of TP a time? Is TP a snow inhibitor of some kind? Inquiring minds want to know….


  19. yohio says:

    To all those riding out the storm, stay safe and warm, only got a few inches up here in Ohio although snow belt already had a decent amount of snow from last week


  20. dachuckster says:

    Sundance, your email link in the post is wrong. It will redirect to the main website.

    It should be


  21. Tigsmom says:

    Thank you. Its comforting to know my 86 YO mom could have the help if needed. I’m 3,000 miles away. 36″ of snow and counting, while she shovels her walks. God watches over us all.

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  23. scarlettbr says:

    What a great post. Thank you.


  24. TeaForAll says:

    Ok here in SJ need to dig out of the snow . VNA opened for business today and I am working.


  25. Nycgal says:

    The travel ban will be lifted here shortly, but for now it is eerie hearing absolutely no noise at all outside. From my window I can see that my street is plowed, the sidewalks are clear and those who were busy in the middle of the night have disappeared. Amazing job, New Yorkers!

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  26. SouthCentralPA says:

    Two to three feet in our little valley. Plenty of food, power on, and (so far) I’m shoveled out to the AWD, so we’re covered if the spam hits the fan with one of the wee ones, Gott sei dank. Prayers for the strength to keep shoveling, if you’d be so kind …. (Y’know it’s heavy, when we have to shovel just to get to the snowblower out at the shed :-/ )


  27. TheFenian says:

    Such a nice post. Hope anyone who lost electricity gets it restored rapidly.

    Snow was a great money making opportunity when I was a kid. We would knock on doors shovels in hand. Times have changed though. Now in my 50s, I do not recall ever seeing kids, in either of the 2 neighborhoods I’ve lived in as an adult, knocking on doors and cutting deals. That’s unfortunate.

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  28. Rosies Seeing Red says:

    Reporting in from northern NJ, about 20 minutes outside of NYC. Wow, we got a LOT of snow! But we did our shoveling in shifts so we were only doing 10-12″ at a time, and we have a fabulous neighbor with a huge snowblower who took care of our sidewalk, saving us probably another 30 minutes minimum of shoveling each time.

    The biggest challenge is how high you have to throw the snow because the mounds are so high. I’ll admit I’m a little sore today! But at least we have a place to throw it. I have 2 kids living in Jersey City renting a home with a driveway, which is great, but they have no place to put all that snow because the houses are so close. They have to carry each shovel of snow out to the sidewalk. They told me between them and their other housemate, they shoveled 4 times and still had one more round to go.

    My other son lives in a house a couple of towns away. He decided to wait until the end to start shoveling late last night, but he is young and fit and was looking forward to the challenge.

    All in all, the snow was very light, power outages were few and far between, and people seemed to just enjoy it. There was almost a holiday/celebratory mood here this weekend with very few having to worry about going to work. Malls and restaurants were all closed; most people got to hunker down with their families and be safe.

    Today I will walk to church instead of drive and maybe take some photos along the way. It’s spectacularly beautiful out there today!

    Sundance, thank you SO much for this post and your concern and prayers for the people affected by this storm. I pray others did as well as our family did and that they remain safe and sound through the clean-up and “melting” days ahead.

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  29. Kristin says:

    That is a very nice and smart thought Sundance. Thank you for being concerned.


  30. ssupsky says:

    Thank you Sundance for your care, compassion and continued vigilance to the country, your readers and the people that support you and this site. God bless.


  31. Adding my two cents. Well, adjusting for inflation it would be what? $2? I can’t afford that. 😉 Anyway…

    Thanks, Sundance!


  32. varsityward says:

    Thanks for the good thoughts, Sundance and fellow Treepers! Just catching up with with you all before continuing to shovel out.

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    • varsityward says:

      We’re in Virginia, and we got about 2 feet. I have to come in every hour to take breaks from the shoveling. We never lost power! That is a minor miracle for us. Church services are canceled today, so the shoveling will continue ad infinitum…


      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        We’ve got about 3 feet. Just beginning to shovel. Its beautiful outside though. No loss of power, lots to eat. Church cancelled. Will wait to see if tomorrow is a work at home day.


        • sunspots7 says:

          Here in central VA we got about a foot. Power on, fireplace burning, driveway cleared, road just plowed, and all is well. Praying for friends in the mountains who got feet of snow. They are fully stocked and well prepared, but need to go slow with the shoveling!


  33. Cymrygirl says:

    We got just about 4 inches here in our little mountain town in GA, but now it is sunny, though very cold right now (8:40 AM). The worst came in for us Friday night/Saturday morning, and by then we were well-provisioned and bunkered-in for the duration. No school for us last Friday (both my son’s school in the county where we live and for me in the district where I work in a neighboring county), so we have been fine. We have not lost power here at all, though some in surrounding counties did. We do have camping supplies in case the power ever does go out, now or in future. Everybody stay safe and warm! God is good!

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  34. amwick says:

    I counted about 45 snowflakes yesterday afternoon here in Myrtle Beach. Feel like we dodged a bullet.

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    • Dixie says:

      Us too, amwick, on the outer banks of NC. I almost feel guilty because we got nothing but rain, and a very light dusting of snow (if you blinked you would have missed it). This has been a very strange week for us as our temps started out a very unusual 21*….if the timing had been a little different, we’d probably be shoveling snow too.

      Your thoughtfulness and generosity is exceptional, Sundance.

      I think I can safely say we feel the same loyalty to you.

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  35. Kathryn J. Hernandez says:

    Live in Palm Springs. Patio dining out here.


  36. Duchess says:

    At least someone is happy with the snow here in SC!

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  37. Kathryn J. Hernandez says:

    I just blasted Levin on FB. SD you are indeed a rare gift!


  38. zephyrbreeze says:

    I noticed the death toll from the storm was about 19 last night.

    “North Carolina Highway Patrol Lt. Jeff Gordon told ABC11, … Troopers have responded to about 1,200 wrecks. We lived in South Jersey for about 10 years.


    I felt especially badly because we were in a roll over car accident back on Jan 3 while traveling to Wyoming. We were crossing over from Idaho and 15ft into Wyoming we hit black ice, spun, hit the snow bank in our lane ( we were backwards) and rolled down a 10 foot bank into a field. We ended up upright. We were both OK. Seatbelts!!

    It was 11pm, and 10 below zero. No cell service in Bridger National Forest. My passenger window had shattered, gone, and it was COLD with just my thin sweater on. Mr Z hiked 100 ft. back up to the road, and a truck stopped.

    I looked down and saw that my hand was bleeding like I had dipped the whole hand in red paint. I couldn’t see an injury. Mr. Z called out to me that he was going to call 9/11. I called back, “Don’t leave me, I’m bleeding.” He didn’t hear me, and he left.

    We were about 20 miles from the last town, and so I figured, it would be at least 30-40 minutes before he returned. I realized I was bleeding in a national forest with no window, where I knew there were mountain lions, bear (probably hibernating), timber wolves, * etc.

    Sitting in a sweater in bitter cold is very humbling.

    I pulled a pillowcase off my pillow and wrapped up my hand. Then I dug my grandmother’s coat out of the back seat that I had brought to wear to church the next day. It is a long black lambswool coat with a large white mink collar. Grandma was glamorous, what can I say,

    Soon another local truck stopped, and a nice farrier climbed down into the field, and offered to help me come sit in his truck. My legs were like spaghetti, and I couldn’t find my boots, so he told me to follow his footsteps in the 2-foot snow back to his truck. Even so my loafer got stuck, and I stepped barefoot into the next track. I back tracked but was unsteady. As he helped me up the 10 foot bank to the road, my shoe came off again. I said I was just going to walk the rest of the way barefoot, and so he retrieved my shoe. The snow didn’t feel too cold barefoot, probably due to adrenaline.

    I sat in his truck, with the heater blasting and at his request, I unwrapped my hand. It had about 10 small cuts from the window. Mr. Z had to drive only 10 miles back to find cell service, and so he and the state trooper showed up about 20 minutes later.

    The state trooper wanted to look at my hand. So while I sat in the truck, the trooper came and sat in the driver’s side of the truck with his first aid kit, and we took care of my cuts, one by one. I’m sure I was a sight: bleeding and disheveled in my white mink coat. The trooper was so kind.

    Mr. Z had alerted him to the fact that he had a gun somewhere in the car, because when you roll a car, the insides then look like they’ve gone through a blender.

    The trooper responded: Is it loaded? Mr Z: Yes. Trooper: “Well, that’s good. Wouldn’t be much use if it wasn’t loaded.”

    Gotta love Wyoming.

    Car was totaled but miracle of miracles, the airbags did not deploy and didn’t embed the computer I was using into my chest at 200mph.

    Tip: Don’t use a computer on your lap in the car in the front seat. It can kill you in an accident.

    Daughter and son-in-law showed up since we were about 30 miles from their home. I felt euphoria that we had survived and had not been hurt. Two days later I couldn’t get out of bed due to sore muscles, and had a large bruise on my right bicep where the computer must have hit it. Back of my left arm, and my left shoulder and neck and upper back – all sprained. Mr. Z bruised his shoulder. We saw our doctor a week later, and are both better now.

    When I read about the car accidents, and the deaths from this storm, I know that none of those people thought it would happen to them or to their loved ones. When I was upside down during the rollover, I thought, “Is this it?” “Is this how I die?” If we had been any further down the road we could have ended up hitting a tree or in the Salt River. That would have been REALLY cold.

    My sister-in-law was a photographer for the Chicago Suntimes. She told us about an accident where a two cars full of high school kids going to the prom had collided and there were deaths. She saw pretty shoes, purses, corsages. She said it was heartbreaking.

    It’s heartbreaking for all of these families now suffering, and unlike our accident, many of these accidents are predictable and avoidable when the authorities warn to get and stay off the roads.

    We hit black ice, we believe, as we learned at church the next day: Idaho salts it’s roads, Wyoming only gravels. The autobody guy, later at his shop, showed us two more cars that had rolled along that same stretch within 24 hours of our accident. Their cars were in worse shape than ours. We feel very grateful to have been so slightly injured, and that someone found us so quickly.

    I wanted to share this tale of accident woe, because people either can’t imagine, or have forgotten how bad it really is to be in an accident, but especially a snow related accident where cold temperatures compound the danger of the situation.

    PS. I forgave Mr Z for leaving me bleeding while I was surrounded by wolves in the dark forest. 🙂

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  39. jakeandcrew says:

    We have weathered the storm here in southern Maryland. Unfortunately, our beloved summertime destination, Bethany Beach, DE, didn’t make it through unscathed…

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  40. greatgranny says:

    I’ve been living in TX for many years now but I’m originally from outside Buffalo NY so I know what bad winter storms are like!! Sounds like everyone is doing ok now the worst seems to be over. Nice to be in company of those who care for each other and our country!


  41. Murse says:

    My little part of Chester County PA received about 3 feet of snow. Major state roads were one lane wide for most of Saturday and still not quite two lanes wide by today in many places. It took 5 hours with a snow blower to get the cars and walkways uncovered but still could not go anywhere as the roads were not passable because the contracted snow removal company experienced several mechanical failures with their trucks, i.e. torn-off exhausts, several blown hydraulic plow pumps. I also experienced mechanical failure with the blower. There is a brush/poker pole that is attached to the blower via spring clamps. The pole is to be used in case the snow chute gets clogged. Well, it seems it vibrated off of the clamps and I unknowingly ran it over, which got stuck in the auger and caused the sheer-pin to do just that, sheer off. Fun times! Luckily I had a spare sheer pin. Nonetheless, I enjoy the majestic beauty of mother nature when she decides to put on her white dress.

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  42. lisainva says:

    All is well in Norfolk. Tree fell on the back half of my daughters car middle of the night Friday but Insurance has been great. Glad to see so many commented and doing well.


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