An Actuarial Look At The Closing Pace of GOP Presidential Politics – Glenn Beck Endorses Ted Cruz, and Prefers Bernie Sanders?……

Most of you knew this was going to be a wild ride. Heck, many knew back in June 2015 when candidate Donald Trump entered the race this was going to be unlike anything we’d ever seen.  Boy howdy, was that ever an understatement

Going all the way back to the spring of 2014 those who didn’t fall into the emotional chasm, which surrounds candidate advocacy, saw the makings of a really strange situation possible.  Today many of those possibilities are now front and center.

In Iowa…. candidate Ted Cruz takes to the stage next to Glenn Beck to accept a quickly structured endorsement to stem the electoral collapse.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, the look on Senator Cruz’s face is, well, priceless:

cruz beck 2

And really, who can blame him….. poor Ted eh’?

After all, the endorsement comes from a man who uses a radio and media platform to continually decry “identity politics” yet uses the event to proclaim his anointed candidate based on what else, ethnic identity:

glenn beck sketchy 1“The first Hispanic president”?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

And following Mr. Beck’s recent ‘gang-of-22-conservatives’ proclamation as published in the National Review, Beck goes on to say “if not Ted – then he supports Bernie Sanders”, an avowed communist.

Wait, wha… huh?

Yes, this is what happens when a compass-spinning candidate attaches his wagon to the squirrly Cheshire Cat, Glenn Beck, who relishes life inside a swirling Political rabbit hole.

By golly Ted Cruz is the reincarnation of George Washington that Glenn Beck has prayed for, swear!…. and if that doesn’t work for you, why there’s always Karl Marx’s second-coming, Bernie, as a contingency vote.

Yeah, the ‘waiting-for-a-root-canal-look’ on Ted Cruz’s face makes more sense when the context is presented.  “O’ Canada, my home and native land“… take me away.

And some people wonder why others look quizzically upon Mark Levin’s attachment.

Meanwhile in other Iowan Political News:

dmr 1

An official Des Moines Register endorsement for the most NON-VETTED candidate in the race.  From a political media entity who relish digging into candidates they despise.  REMEMBER THIS little venture.

media jerk 3media jerk 2

… which, we might remind everyone, was fully endorsed by the same DMR editorial staff that just endorsed the profoundly un-vetted Senator Marco Rubio.  Did we say “Un-Vetted“?

♦  Meanwhile the actuarial (non emotional) review of the presidential race points to a growing, albeit still annoyed, acceptance by Wall Street that candidate Donald Trump has outwitted -and outworked- all of his competition.

If you remember back in July we shared a predictable tripwire which would become visible if Wall Street was forced to accept a pending Trump victory.

In the stratosphere of global financial networks there remains a large stake in EGO, very large and consequential ego.   Even larger than their lust for power and influence they hate to be on the losing side of anything, massive ego.

It’s not the “establishment GOP” warming up to a Trump Presidency; rather it’s a Wall Street coalition of financiers for the establishment GOP who are moderating their anti-Trump position.  They have to.

They see the looming probability their opposition, Donald J Trump the “America First” candidate, is not only capable of defeating them – victory is increasingly within our grasp.

trump winning 2

trump rally texas 4


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468 Responses to An Actuarial Look At The Closing Pace of GOP Presidential Politics – Glenn Beck Endorses Ted Cruz, and Prefers Bernie Sanders?……

  1. Former Lurker says:

    Just read a linked article that said over a thousand people showed up for the mock inauguration.

    The weather notwithstanding, compare it to a Trump rally.

    I have been getting Cruz emails pleading for money during this “emergency”. I donated a small amount to Cruz before Trump won me over.

    I have since registered as a supporter at the Trump website. So far, The Donald has yet to put his hand out for the pittance I can spare after the bills get paid.

    Go, Trump, go!

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  2. tisclear says:

    Anyone with a modicum of discernment would think twice about meeting Glenn Beck at Waterloo.

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  3. Suzy Kiprien says:

    I quit Beck when he started his cable network. I saw the gradual change in him.
    If I quit, many others also quit. Enough said.

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  4. Doodahdaze says:

    Hundreds of millions are riding on the GOP plan of surge desurge and splitters. The end game is Booosh. The plan is pre-paid and can not be adjusted. The problem is Trump. Think of the upcoming convention. They have planned it for years for Boooosh. All the storyboard is set. Along with the stupid videos of his life story with the stupid music. It is all at risk.

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    • georgiafl says:

      I started listening to Rush today, but when he started talking about Jeb surging in SC, I changed channels. I don’t like Rush’s silly games.

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      • Christopher Roberts says:

        I used to watch Glenn on Fox and listen to both Rush & Mark for a long time. I’ve also attended Glenn/O’reiley shows and bought many of their books. What a disappointment. I don’t watch or listen to them anymore.

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        • flova says:


          This is what makes me furious. I also bought one of Beck’s books early on. About the time he started to “go blind” I noticed he was a little off.

          I stopped listening right there and then. But it was too late he had already made a ton of money off of the horrible situation with Obama. I started to believe that he and others exploited our suffering.

          For instance, would they be so gung-ho on their research and their opposition to the Marxists if there was no money in it for them? If you took away their paychecks would they stick to their principles?

          Well Beck is now beholden to Mercer and his religious cartel so the answer is clear now. NO! Beck and his ilk would as soon vote for Sanders than stick by the American people who bought their wares.

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      • Lulu says:

        Frank Miele writes a weekly column for the Daily Inter Lake [Kalispell, MT]. His column today is especially good (he used to be a Democrat who lived in New York; now he is a conservative in Montana who clearly approves of Trump). He comments that if Trump’s values are “New York values”, he’d never have left New York.

        Today he quoted Emerson (very good stuff) and related it to Trump. And he looked back at something he’d written in 2008:

        “If we were being honest, we would have to ask what kind of a president we want, and not just which candidate we think will win. If we were being honest, we would have to ask ourselves if we want Rush Limbaugh or Tim Russert picking our presidents for us, or whether we should squeeze into the election booths beside them, so that we may have a small say in our own future.”

        Considering how the establishment Republicans and political pundits have tried to thwart the will of the people in the current campaign, those words are nearly prophetic. I believe the people are rising up, and demanding their place at the table, and if they are denied, there will be hell to pay.

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        • georgiafl says:

          This is not just a movement or a revolution – this is the Trump rebellion – a rebellion against political elite who ignore the common good and have usurped the power of the people. The US Government was designed and meant to be a bottom up, not a top down system.

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        • georgiafl says:

          Great quote!!! Saved it.

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        • Sandhill says:

          Very good article.Thank you for sharing it.

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          • zephyrbreeze says:

            “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

            “It is just that “foolish consistency” that Ted Cruz and a pack of political journalists are demanding from Donald Trump, but Trump has Emerson on his side when he sheds his past and dismisses it as irrelevant:

            “Why drag about this corpse of your memory, lest you contradict somewhat you have stated in this or that public place? Suppose you should contradict yourself; what then? … Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. — ‘Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood.’ — Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo, and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood.”

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        • Great article thanks for posting the link.

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  5. Paul Killinger says:

    A trifle whimsical, but on point. I’ll feel better a few months from now when Mr Trump lands the nomination, and a lot better should he become President this time next year. And that’s when his real work starts, you know. Our country is seriously screwed up, folks!

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  6. RP says:

    Sundance – God knows you do a lot already and we are all grateful for this effort. You are a great investigative journalist and have exposed and shared some explosive things with us, helped make complicated things simple and given us your insight and predictions on some pretty remarkable events that are playing out as we speak. I’d like to say thank you.

    Can I ask you to consider looking at something I wouldn’t know where to start?

    Can you figure out why Mercer owes $6-10 billion to the IRS and more importantly, if and how the Ted Cruz tax plan would help him? As a special treat if you can figure out roughly how much the Ted Cruz tax plan would help Mercer it would be a great illustration of how and why our politicians get donor support and who benefits.

    Part II – excuse me if I am being presumptuous. Today in Iowa Trump made more than a passing comment about why Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post. He even looked at the cameras and said something along the lines of “That’s how these guys do it, they buy influence” and then….”Watch and remember you heard from me here first”. I don’t think these comments were ‘stream of consciousness’ comments – there is something up and Trump is ready to pull another ace. What is your take on this?

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  7. anniesezso says:

    Just FYI. Had a pre-caucus meeting in small town Iowa Friday night. For a caucus, local Trump staffer said if we had 20 Trump supporters there, he would easily win. At the meeting there were 30ish, I sat up front so didn’t get the actual count. All were solidly in Trump’s court and very vocal. Hope it’s a good omen!

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  8. NannyG says:

    Didn’t Beck quit the Republican Party?
    As such is he even allowed to vote in his state’s primary?
    Did Beck quietly rejoin the GOPe?
    In Texas, where he is a voter, you must be IN the party to vote in its primary.
    What a laughable ”endorsement!”

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    • Sandhill says:

      Here in Nebraska it is the same. We have a closed primary. If you are registered as a independent you are s.o.l., your primary ballot is very limited. Only the ballots of either the dems or the republicans have a variety of choices.
      Only someone who isn’t a serious voter registers as an independent in our state. Our county usually has about a 70-80% turnout of registered voters for the primary.

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    • Tina says:

      Actually, I believe you are mistaken. Texas does not have “closed primaries” (I think Oklahoma does). People do not have to register a party to vote in the Texas primary. However, they can only vote in ONE primary per election: either Democrat or Republican (or Libertarian or whatever), which are held on the same day. Then, in case of a runoff, only people who voted in THAT primary get to vote to decide the winner of the runnoff. So people can vote Dem one year and Rep two years later (or vice versa) and still call themselves Libertarian or Independent or whatever.

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    • Mike says:

      Not really, Not griping, but I vote here, I’ve never had to register which party.

      -What kind of primary does Texas have?

      It’s somewhere in between [open and semi-open] to the extent that you don’t have to register ahead of time, you don’t have to signal your intent in any way to vote in one primary or the other, but once you’ve voted in one primary if there’s a run off in the other primary you can’t switch mid-process. Say right now you voted in the Democratic primary, on the Republican side there is probably going to be a bunch of runoffs. Well once you’ve already voted in the Democratic primary, you can’t then go vote in the Republican runoffs. That’s why people call it semi-open. 

      -Can Texans register with a specific party (ex: “I’m a registered Republican/Democrat”)?

      No. In some states you actually register as a member of a party or not. If you look at a voter registration form in Texas there’s no place where you register as a member of a party. 


  9. Jett Black says:

    Cruz, eh? As in Canadian speak. Lol!

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  10. adoubledot says:

    They see the looming probability of their opposition, Donald J Trump, the America First candidate, is not only capable of defeating them – victory is increasingly within our grasp.

    Now THAT’S the actuarial aspect that matters! Here are a few more:
    These campaigns with single digit poll numbers have suspiciously exceeded their life expectancies.
    Trump is the only one with credibility.
    Never discount him.
    The likelihood of a Trump presidency gives me hope.
    Trump’s got this – do the math.

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  11. angryduc says:

    Cruz’s face…. The horror and brutal humiliation of being forced to walk the plank and commit political suicide.

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    • I would think Cruz also diminished himself as a senator. He may not get re-elected to that position either. All the birther info that came out, the undisclosed loans, the “nasty”. Trump Trump Trump!

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      • liberty2828 says:

        Texans might even be thinking a re-call election. 4 more years? Yikes!

        The Canadian is not exactly a straight shooter at this point…

        with or without a that new compass given to him at the Carnival by Beck.

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      • Tina says:

        Cruz is my Senator, and until TPP and his penchant for skipping votes this past year, I was proud of him. He is eligible for the Senate, regardless of where he was born (although since he claims to be an Originalist, it concerns me that he can so easily wave the question to benefit himself). But if he doesn’t start showing up at work, at hearings, and voting, he may lose support. He is in his first term and he is not focusing on the job he already has, which means we will look much harder at his work ethic next time he has a challenger.

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  12. Steve says:

    Can’t help but point out the stark difference between Palin’s endorsement speech vs Becks.
    Palin, went after GOPe in general, crony capitalism, and positive words about why we need Trump.
    Beck on the other hand, well was despicable and hypocritical. Because of Beck, the following losers can be counted: Cruz, Levin, NR, Fox News; hitching their collective wagons to a “jackass” like Beck.
    Trump – Palin, Schafly, Willie, Falwell,Jr, Graham, Jr, etc = Clydesdales!

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    • Lulu says:

      Cruz has made a great mistake. He was sounding strong. Now he sounds and looks like the little 5’8 man that he is. Beck’s pettiness and self-aggrandizement further diminish Cruz. How could Cruz have been so ignorant of Beck’s lack of influence?

      Trump is no fool to nibble around the edges of the citizenship situation. I know nothing about Iowa but someone wrote the other day that Iowans are not big on Latinos to start with. One who has dubious citizenship should not be a big seller there.

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      • Lulu says:

        The photo of a meek Cruz standing with Beck, hands raised, while Beck led him through the presidential oath of allegiance, was a gagger. Cruz was an actor in college. This was not a great performance.

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      • Benson II says:

        I don’t think Cruz thought he had much choice. Cruz probably thought what little influence Beck still has was better than nothing. Sad lesson for Cruz. Cruz still has ardent supporters but where are the big name endorsements.

        Palin’s endorsement in Iowa put Trump ahead hopefully for the win.

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      • NCPatrick says:

        Yes, Lulu, being on stage with that windbag Beck, who cannot share a spotlight with anyone, took the starch out of Cruz at a very bad time. Cruz lost whatever momentum he had gained in trying to overcome his small man syndrome and I’m not sure he can recover again. Some of those radio ads Cruz has been running feature him roaring with passion and actually sounding … well … alive. In listening to the radio ads it is clear that his handlers have told him he has to sound strong and brave, not whiny and weak.

        I don’t do Facebook, but I bet Beck is gloating today over what a great job he did and how he alone is going to get Cruz elected the first Hispanic President of the USA! Yayyyyy!

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        • drewb04 says:

          I think it is more like telling the GOP “how did I do boy’s he’s history now.He did something similar to and East Texas woman who ran for Govenor against Perry when he was still on Fox.I think that is why Cruz had that look on his face he just realize he been suckered.

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  13. jc says:

    First Canadian president eh! He’s a hoser.

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  14. MMinLamesa says:

    Oh man, the desperation, it reeks.

    Glenn Beck?


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  15. TwoLaine says:

    The other DMR endorsement for ShrillBllary, the ones who need new orange pantsuits.

    Hillary Clinton’s Email: the Definitive Timeline
    by sattkisson
    January 20, 2016

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  16. TheFenian says:

    Thank you for mentioning “Un-vetted” 3 times. Third time was the charm, I got a clue and clicked. Yowza. I thought I knew all the skeletons with Rubio – the women, the family drug dealing connections, the rich political sugar daddy, the financial irregularities – but this is the first I’ve read of his, ummm, youthful, errr, indiscretions.

    Wasn’t the great travesty of the Trump candidacy that this was the amazing collection of 16 Rebublicans ever competing in the same year and the “clown” was over shadowing them ? Sunlight has proven that to be one big, astounding lie.

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  17. OneWingedShark says:

    it’s kind of grotesque how it’s turned into the abject vilification of a man who would be our first choice and champion if not for Trump entering the race.

    Not mine; I simply don’t believe that Cruz is eligible and therefore would not vote for him in any case. I’d vote 3rd party or write-in instead if I had to, but I’m not going to endorse the erosion of the Constitution by casting my vote against the restrictions of the Constitution.

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  18. joshua says:

    Beck and Ted at the rally…..

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  19. amosden40 says:

    Ted Cruz must be getting very desperate to seek an endorsement from Beck. And a ‘mock’ inauguration? Come on Cruz I thought you were better than that. I believe they are both into the same religion which is what has brought them together.

    Now…not to offend my fellow ‘Treepers’ but Trump has to weigh what he says or he may buying himself some serious problems. The comment he made within the past two days about how he could stand on the sidewalk and shoot someone and still not lose voters support. Come on Trump, engage brain before opening mouth.

    Liked by 2 people

    • TheFenian says:

      I don’t see the problem. A newspaper article said he could stand on 5th Ave. (NYC) and shoot someone and his supporters would stick with him. It’s called hyperbole.

      Trump repeated the line that was written by a reporter.

      No problem here. I watched him say it. It was funny. The crowd laughed. Don’t buy into the MSM Trump false narrative of the day.

      I hope he says the exact same thing at the FOX debate. In fact, would be fine with me if he actually did shot someone at the FOX debate. That’s good TV.

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  20. JAS says:

    People like Beck have to constantly try to convince someone of something. It’s an psychological ailment.

    As for Cruz, that’s easy. Think of this phrase as it applies to being President: “walk the walk, talk the talk”. Now think about Cruz and then Trump in that context. Which one fits the phrase best Cruz or Trump?


  21. charliewalksonwater says:

    i have more respect for a lying used car salesman than I do for Beck, or anyone that hitches their wagon to him.

    On the other hand, what will Trump do with this Katrina Pierson kerfluffle? Curious minds want to know. . .


  22. REFIRED says:

    Several years ago my husband and I bought tickets to a Glenn Beck rally just south of Springfield, MO. Several weeks before the rally, he decided to move it to Kansas City. Tickets were not refunded, so he got quite a money haul from this area.


  23. zephyrbreeze says:

    I think Beck was a drug addict/alcoholic for about 40+ years – is this right? My assumption all along has been that upon becoming sober, anyone, most people, including Beck, have to pick up where they left off, in terms of emotional development.

    Get into drugs/ alcohol at 16, get sober, and suddenly you’re back to the feelings of a sober 16 year old, who has to navigate the world and put the pieces together without alcohol and drugs.

    And he might have bi-polar disorder, but who knows. I’ve thought through the years that he needed a therapist to help him navigate what he was trying to do with his studio and career as a bit of a “check” on all this determination.

    Saying Bernie Sanders is better than Donald Trump, means he won’t mind stumping and promoting Sanders right? This is gotta see.


    • truthandjustice says:

      Yes – an alcoholic but don’t know how many years. But also his mother was mentally ill and committed suicide – I think when he was a teen. I’m sure that affected him negatively. And yes, I too think he might have “bi-polar” disorder. I used to know a friend who had it and it was beyond bizarre. Whatever – he’s obviously very unstable.


  24. larnconner says:

    So, Glen Beck endorses Cruz and prefers Sanders to Trump. Well, at least Cruz has locked-in the loony, foaming-at-the-mouth vote with Beck’s endorsement. Cruz, you do realize you just killed off your chances to being President by having this loon backing you? Actually, you never had a chance with Trump in the race.

    As for Glen Beck the squirrel bait, you think Sanders is so much better than Trump? You’re getting a commie with Sanders, and you’re worried Trump might not live up to conservative values? MORON, Sanders WILL NOT stand up for conservative values. Beck, go away, you are a total loon, a cry baby that I’ve hated since I listened to you whining on the radio years ago.

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