The Professional Political Machine Says: “Donald Trump is Not Conservative” (Part 1)…

PART I – The professional political class continue to say candidate Donald J Trump is not conservative enough on his positions. Various voices proclaim ownership of some arbitrary defining litmus test – that apparently moves depending on the definition of the person making the proclamation.

… so let’s cut through the BS and take a look at the issues.

Trump rubio bush

♦ On Immigration – Donald Trump is the originator of the entire immigration debate platform. His position is outlined HERE, and is the ONLY candidate who proposed to build a wall, deport those who are here illegally, and use existing law to ensure enforcement mechanisms are deployed to stop illegal influx.

Including a critical proposal to use federal banking and money services regulations (wire transfer rules to Mexico) to aid in creating an incentive to become compliant with immigration law.

Trump has proposed removing executive restrictions on deportation through ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers, allowing immediate deportation for undocumented illegal aliens. The media call this “the deportation force”.

In addition, candidate Trump has proposed an end to the concept of “birthright citizenship” or “anchor babies”, which has never been adjudicated as a valid method for attaining citizenship and most legal minds believe is nonsense. Candidate Ted Cruz believes “anchor babies” are U.S. citizens at birth.

No-one is more “conservative” on Immigration than Donald J Trump.

♦ On Second Amendment – Donald Trump has proposed the end of “gun free zones” on military bases and federal properties, allowing the individual states to determine where citizens are allowed to carry firearms. Full Policy Outline HERE.

In addition, Trump has proposed that all states observe reciprocity with regard to concealed carry permits. Meaning anyone can travel anywhere in the country using their concealed carry permit from their home state. Essentially the same reciprocal arrangement and consideration that applies to drivers licensees.

No-one is more “conservative” on Second Amendment Rights.

♦ On Taxes – Donald Trump has a fully outlined tax policy available HERE. Which includes provisions to stop corporate inversion and return U.S. corporate monetary assets to the U.S. without penalty.

Additionally, the tax rates are substantially reformed and streamlined where income tax payments do not begin until the wage earner surpasses $50,000 in annual income. Trump is also proposing that Wall Street Hedge Fund operators cannot use capital gains rates to avoid their income tax bracket which would insure that very wealthy individuals cannot use loopholes and multiple accounting gimmicks to remove their own tax liability.

The Trump Tax proposal is a populist approach to improving the “middle class” wage earner, and providing upward mobility. However, it is also one small part of a larger economic plan that unleashes economic growth.

On Trade – Candidate Trump folds the Tax Proposal into a more broad America-First economic policy through renegotiated trade deals. The policy on China Trade specifically is available HERE.

Candidate Trump is against the Obama negotiated Trans-Pacific Trade Deal which has the blessing of congress (thanks to Ted Cruz and Trade Promotion Authority) and approvals of Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (crony capitalists).

Candidate Trump was the first to stand against TPP and also boldly propose that the 20-year-old NAFTA (North American Free Trade Alliance) trade treaties should be renegotiated to insure the Mexican trade economy is not longer able to skirt manufacturing rules and create outsourced jobs and manufacturing from the U.S.

The Trump platform on trade is “fair deals, and fair markets” that benefit U.S. jobs and the U.S. economy, not just one-way free market arrangements.

No-One is more “conservative” on U.S. Jobs, Trade or the U.S. economy.

♦ On Energy Policy – Candidate Trump supports the Keystone oil Pipeline a collaborative effort between the U.S. and Canada. In addition Trump supports broad U.S. energy resource development to include execution of, and development of, U.S. Oil Leases in all regions of fossil fuel development.

Trump has proposed continued investment and exploration of “clean coal” technology using the vast coal mine resources in the Appalachian Range throughout West Virginia and into Pennsylvania. Trump has proposed energy export leverage (oil, coal, natural gas) as part of the larger Trade-deal packages.

The U.S. can negotiate a resurgence of U.S. manufacturing with lower fully developed energy costs, a competitive advantage; and simultaneously our abundant resources in energy fuels also provide trade leverage (standards and tariffs) through energy export.

With a fully utilized energy sector, the U.S. can also use the accompanying economic growth to invest in alternative resource development such as nuclear, solar and wind. The costs of alternative fuel research and development become underwritten by the expansive use of current resources.

No-one is more “conservative” and smart on fully developed energy use.

♦ On Education – Candidate Trump has clearly stated his opposition to Federal Common Core programs which mandate education policy from bureaucrats in Washington DC. Trump does not believe in federal control of eduction and has clearly and succinctly stated that educational standards should be developed, and carried out, by those closest to the schools, parents and teachers.

Trump does not, and will not, support programs like “race to the top” (Obama), or “no child left behind (G.W. Bush). Instead he prefers decisions regarding standards be made by individual states and local communities.

Candidate Trump, unlike Jeb Bush, would not support withholding funds from states, as blackmail to insure common core is used.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump hugs a U.S. flag as he takes the stage for a campaign town hall meeting in Derry♦ On Military – Candidate Donald Trump has proposed a similar Reagan-era approach toward rebuilding the U.S. Military apparatus as a professional fighting force. Throughout Trump’s campaign he has highlighted his intention to strengthen the U.S. modern military assets and build a comprehensive modern-era military.

However, candidate Trump views the U.S. military as a national force, and nation’s military, and runs counter to modern military industrial complex (neo-con) approach by eliminating military “outsourcing” or contractors (ex Blackwater).

Trump believes the collaborative private/government sector military partnership should be limited to the modernization of equipment and material (research and development), and never the deployment of soldiers or U.S. fighting forces.

Trump has expressed that American sons and daughters who serve in the military should be commanded by the best military and civilian leadership possible. However, our soldiers should never be deployed through the use of private contractors who operate within a grey area, and whose objectives can become detached and end up serving their own best interests.

Candidate Donald Trump is nationally loyal to U.S. interests and extraordinarily “conservative” with reverence, to the traditions of the U.S. military. (Reagan approach)

On Foreign Policy – Donald J Trump is neither an “isolationist” nor an “interventionist”. Instead, as Trump has outlined numerous times, our approach to foreign affairs should always be through the prism of U.S. interests first and foremost.

Lead when prudent, support when needed.

Two Current Examples include:

• Syria – Monitor closely, but allow Russia to fight ISIS in Syria to the extent their interests do not conflict with our own. Build an international coalition to make a geographic “safe zone” within Syria where allied forces can protect Syrian refugees on the ground from any ISIS attacks – open direct lines of communication with Bashir Assad and negotiate with Vladimir Putin to use Russia’s military deployment and insure a stable transitional government for the people of Syria.

• Ukraine – Monitor closely, support Germany and European allies in their efforts to work through the conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Any “coalition development or intervention” must come from Germany as lead, with our support. Germany is the regional economic powerhouse and nation dependent on Russian energy use.

Our actions within the global community should be well known, well defined, exceptionally forthright, direct, strong and unequivocal. The American people should know what we are doing internationally, why we are doing it, and be able to see what value there is in our endeavors. It is important to return to an era of clarity.

While Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach might not make the interventionist crowd (Neo-cons) happy, it will also not make the isolationist crowd (libertarians) happy. The influence of the U.S. is only as strong as our ability to have our own national house in order.

After years of poor investment in U.S. infrastructure, lack of expansive economic development, burdensome regulations and trade/manufacturing deals antithetical to the U.S. middle class – Trumps proposals to look inward, put America first, and spend time polishing the lens on the ‘beacon of freedom’, are prudent, necessary and wise.

Simply, lets…

“Make America Great Again !”

Trump flag

If that’s not conservative enough for you, I honestly don’t know what could be.

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50 Responses to The Professional Political Machine Says: “Donald Trump is Not Conservative” (Part 1)…

  1. Voltaire's Crack says:

    This is worthy of wide reading. An excellent point-by-point explanation of Trump’s various policies and a factual rebuttal to criticisms by the “conservatocracy”.

    This is A++++ work, Sundance. Thank you. Sincerely.

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  2. Lou says:

    one thing to remember is that a Ronald Reagan Republican is NOT a Conservative. the media has allowed the masses to believe this. Mr. Gorbachev REBUILD THOSE WALLS! end the new world order of globalism. setting barriers was a positive thing.

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  3. parteagirl says:

    Mark Levin is crying “Uncle!” on behalf of Cruz tonight. He said Trump shouldn’t piss off voters he’ll need in the general. Gee, he might have shared that insight with Ted before Cruz doubled down on the “New York Values” nonsense.

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    • Paula says:

      Then Mark ought to quit carping against Trump. He’s part of the problem.

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      • parteagirl says:

        It sounded like Mark is still in the barganning phase. Over at Breitbart though, John Nolte’s piece said that Trump’s use of narrative is “dismantling” Ted Cruz. The commenters seem like they’ve moved toward the reality that Trump just can’t be taken down at this point.

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    • 300 the Cornpone Nazi says:

      I used to like Levin bit now that the curtains have been pulled back I find myself questioning everything. All of the excrement sandwich’s we have been fed for the last 20 years have given me a belly ache. Beck, Levin, Hannity, so many more it disturbing. Follow the Money!

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      • El Torito says:

        Many of us feel the same. The term “conservative” evidently was hijacked years ago, and along the way, some of the leaders, talk show hosts, and news outlets became corrupted and from that point on it was a con. Now we see that the word has been bastardized and all that is left to do is burn it to the ground and start over. This is what the media doesn’t get. The ones that are staying to fight will be decimated. That is the NRO group telling us what conservative is. Keep talking, Cold Anger being deployed.

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        • Nick says:

          I like it when everyone in the media attacks Trump. Alex Jones uses the analogy of “when the flak is strongest you know you are right over the target.” Bombs Away!!!!

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        • be says:

          They kinda did the same thing to TEA Party.. Why I now use Taxed Enough Already 🙂 When someone shows their heart you know what their words mean. Donald Trump had a yuge heart and it shows!!!!


      • be says:

        Yes!! Once the curtain is back I don’t think many will go back to watch either. This is all eye opening. They played us for dumb and lost lol.


    • 2x4x8 says:

      the general is down to 2 people, have to vote whoever is closest to the voter, let them explain how their views would be closer to the Democrats

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    • So what’s Levin saying? That he’s having such a borderline personality outburst so “angry” that he will have all Cruz supporters to launch some anti-American attack and vote for HIllary to “teach Trump a lesson?

      First off Mr. Leviathan, you don’t have as much “power” as you think you do, your weight is very small and by the end of Iowa and New Hampshire will remain small if at all.

      and second:


      Honestly these narcissistic men are so full of themselves and nothing but little babies having grown up violent tempers.

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  4. 300 the Cornpone Nazi says:

    Borders, Language, Culture, Military, what’s not to Like. Just think of the wave that would be unleashed if we were free to build businesses, repair infrastructure and keep out of unnecessary wars.

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  5. Ruffin says:

    correction! Support not report!


  6. R-C says:

    Masterful essay, Sundance! (And I don’t care what Levin says about you. YOU ROCK!)

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  7. zzschnops says:


    how do we get this article and part 2 some time on Drudge and others to make sure it gets read.

    ( and also bring in some that need a safe home to the treehouse)

    I frequently post things on other sites, but just as often get banned

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  8. Excellent article! The problem is people who are anti trump don’t want to read these! Blindly say he is not a conservative! The present so called conservatives are not or have not done anything for the country except making their bank accounts fatter! They don’t like disruption to that venue! That’s why they hate trump!

    Liked by 1 person

    • zzschnops says:

      I agree about anti Trump people. We need some identy that makes Trump == conservative. Cruz has made the identity Trump == not conservative enough. We need to negate that identity

      we need to get these articles to the Millions who are looking for answers… and don’t know about THC


      • El Torito says:

        MSM is trying to make Conservative synonymous with Tea Party. IMO best thing is to ignore them and let DT and Sundance do their thing. MSMe have completely lost their grip and it’s just a Hail Mary play to wrest it back. They only win if we give it too much attention. Cold Anger…

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        • NJF says:

          On the Scott Adams blog he likened the NR piece in particular, as the ultimate Hail Mary akin to throwing your empty gun at the monster as it goes in for the kill. (Paraphrasing)

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      • 2x4x8 says:

        thats what Sarah Palin is for


      • Jason says:

        Trump = patriot/American/Make America Great Again.

        The anti-XYZs can quibble over whose the most conservative, liberal, socialist while the noisy majority takes the primary and general by landslide margins.

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      • Good fighters don’t swing at fake punches. But we can always copy the link onto comment sections of articles and on twitter to reach those sitting on the fence.

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  9. Gracchus says:

    Trump might want to consider off-shore balancing as a grand strategy, though it would need some tweaks since Russia is already in Syria. John Mearshiemer has a lecture on youtube concerning off-shore balancing and he makes a good case. It would allow us to stay out of the Shia/Sunni blood feuds and only intervene when a non-local military power attempts to establish regional hegemony as a stepping stone to achieving global power. Actually that’s more or less what Trump is advocating regarding Ukraine, ie making it a regional problem between Russia and Germany while we keep our nose out of it. I think the basic gist is to only step in to prevent the rise of a great power by resisting their attempts to control strategic regions outside of their near-abroad. Most of the time though I am drawn to non-interventionism, primarily because the resulting threat of political instability would wreck the profits of the outsourcers by making investment in slave wage countries too risky.


  10. tz says:

    The last time I read a “conservative” media outlet, they said most of these things weren’t conservative, i.e. that we needed the illegal moochers and refugees and give them EBT cards, that we need huge trade deficits and it doesn’t matter China pollutes and defrauds and oppresses workers and otherwise cheats, and Jeb!’s “common core” is what we need…

    The problem is I’m not joking. How did “conservative” come to mean America is to put up a sign saying “I’m stupid, rape me”, and enjoy it.

    I’m not even exaggerating. The GOPe has contaminated even the conservative brand.

    The Constitutionalists brand is still good, but I don’t see anyone flying to Burns, Oregon to listen and talk with Aamon Bundy, Kris Anne Hall, or even mention the Hammonds.

    Correction, “Mr Constitution” calls for people who really believe in the constitution to “Stand Down Peaceably” – So I can expect Ted Cruz to do the same thing as President?

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    • Give me someone who obeys the Constitution, as it was written and ratified (including amendments); someone who will limit himself to the president’s Constitutionally delegated powers and nothing more; someone who will work to restore our federal government to Constitutional legitimacy, including restoring the original separation of powers, and working to eliminate unconstitutional federal departments/agencies over a ‘conservative’ every day of the week!

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    • 1321weave says:

      Excellent post!!!!!! I have been screaming that at the radio for weeks. The word “conservative” no longer means what it should because these wonderful sages decided they knew what it REALLY meant.

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  11. So what? Trump does not fit the mold . Jesus did not fit the mold either.

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  12. Just in from Trump today:

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  13. NJF says:

    Great refresher on Trumps positions.

    I said it last night, what they fail to understand is we don’t care about the labels. They’re meaningless & like the piece from earlier “we don’t need ’em.”

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  14. archer52 says:

    This is about the truth. The whole truth. With Trump that can be a tad iffy. He changes his positions. That is a fact. He gets stuck he becomes aggressive.

    So when he runs off the rails, I want to be able to do a challenge to you. Call it “squaring the circle”.

    I want to keep it brief. So a few at a time, if it can be explained fine. If not, challenge the narrative. If this site is totally sold out for Trump, then it is what it is. But if there is room for truth, no matter how hard to face, that is where I want to be.

    Squaring the circle:
    Candidates are criticized for being associated with bankers.

    Trump owes or has used major banks for a long time. He owes banks millions and millions of dollars. What is that relationship going to do his policy decisions? View the chart from his filings. the Twitter link appears to have more. He borrows a lot from big banks.

    Here is the management team of Ladder Capital Finance LLC just one of his lenders.

    How is one worse than the other?

    Squaring the circle:

    Gun Control

    We know in his own words he supported bans and expanded background checks and delays in picking up guns by citizens at one time. Now that he is running for president, he says semi- autos okay, background checks bad – so no consistency. Will he switch back if elected?

    Trade: He says he’ll get Apple to build I phones in America. No he won’t and here’s why. Unless he forces them.

    Pay attention how the Apple workers were able to get into gear and produce so quickly. I don’t like it, not American at all, but freaking efficient. What is Trump going to offer, or who is he going to punish to change that dynamic?

    These are questions Trump has to answer as the campaign gets serious.


    • RINOKiller says:


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    • KBR says:

      Archer, you keep coming here and you know you are the one not willing to face truth.

      Donald Trump takes business loans from banks and then pays them back. He does this so well and has such excellent credit because he pays business loans back, that banks compete to lend him money. His disclosures show current BUSINESS loans.

      Trump is financing his own campaign out of his personal fortune.

      On the other hand Cruz has no business. His loans are Personal Loans. He has failed to report two at least, which is against the disclosure rules, and it is increasingly evident that the borrowed funds are being utilized for his campaign. Thus the bankers will own Cruz, and his decisions will be more in favor of the desires of Goldman Sachs and Citibank than the citizens of the USA.

      Candidates are not criticized for “being associated” with bankers. They are criticized for being controlled by bankers.

      Cruz in particular is rightly criticized for pretending to be against big bankers while being in the pocket of big bankers: lies. Also he is criticized for lying by omission for not once but twice failing to disclose.

      “Banking” Circle now squared.

      I really feel I am wasting time even answering you. For the remainder of your circular questioning and outright insulting attitude, not just to Trump, but to the majority of commenters here I have one suggestion: Read the articles Sundance has provided with appropriate links.

      If you are not willing to read here, then don’t bother to post here.

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    • phil fan says:

      Yep Archer is a troll with a history here. I don’t have the patience or interest in correcting his baloney but glad someone is.


  15. Rev21v3n4 says:

    I see he doesn’t have any policies. /sarc off


  16. Millwright says:

    Kinda sad to see what was once a bastion of “conservative ” thought now reduced to this ! Reminds me of a site once proudly billing itself as conservative, (CHB ) that’s morphed into one that’s “true blue” . But I don’t expect W.F. Buckley’s sleep is greatly disturbed. Over the years – particularly near the end – he seemed far too amenable to compromise with the left for my convictions.

    I don’t believe Mr. Trump is “bedrock conservative”. But he is, like every successful businessman, the ultimate pragmatist and, ( more importantly to me), I believe he is a man of his word; one willing to expend every effort to keep his bargain with his supporters and voters. And that, folks is a rare individual in the halls of power these days.

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  17. Grant Hodges says:

    I read some of Archer’s citations. The Apple plant in China is mentioned as being so great that it had dorms for the workers onsite 24 hours a day. Harumph! We are not supposed to clap. Those are slaves making the Iphone.


    • sundance says:

      Look up the rate of suicide in those dorms. Also look up the lawsuits. Also look up the fact that Apple put nets around the entire building to stop the employees from killing themselves.

      All is not what it seems with that venture.


  18. jameswlee2014 says:

    They support open borders, amnesty, the importation of 200,000 of the barbarians that are raping their way across northern Europe, and common core. Then they call themselves conservatives. They are fooling no one.




  20. Trump 2016

    Trump will have a Deportation Force

    Ted Cruz sounds like a flaming liberal in comparison claiming enforcing our laws by removing illegals en masse would make us a police state.


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