Pictures of Massive Donald Trump Rally in Oklahoma…

360 view of @realdonaldtrump's rally in Tulsa, OK: – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

It is reported that 15,000 to 17,000 people were in attendance with approximately 5,000 who could not get in. Judging by the pictures that might be an understatement. Wow.

trump rally oklahoma 2

trump rally oklahoma

trump rally oklahoma 3

trump rally oklahoma 5

Here’s a video (embedded in Tweet) to give you an idea of the crowd size.  All the way to the ceiling.


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224 Responses to Pictures of Massive Donald Trump Rally in Oklahoma…

  1. PatriotGalNC says:

    I am loving seeing the packed Trump rallies. He was here in NC (Raleigh) in December. I wanted to go so bad…but couldn’t. My husband, (who is watching from the wings at Trump), even told me that if I wanted to go, he would go too! I’m having to walk with a cane right now, and his only concern was me having to stand in line, (which is difficult right now) and also to navigate the seating at Dorton Arena at the NC Fairgrounds, where the rally was. He was right though…I had to stare reality in the face on this endeavor! Anyway…It makes my heart sing to see this amazing American businessman take on the political machine that is strangling our blessed country. What I confess to the CTH family is my worry about if this “political machine” has the power to STEAL or otherwise CHEAT We The People out of Donald’s nomination. I worry about this. I saw the NC Ballot a few days ago here. I see how Jeb Bush is listed right next to Donald Trumps name! I worry that “they” will manipulate the optical scanners to pick up votes for Trump to be counted as votes for Bush. We have all seen and read so much all out cheating for years now. I would not put anything past them. I pray each day for Mr. Trump. And now that Sarah Palin is on the road with him, this makes me even happier! I just worry, y’all. But, I continue to have FAITH in The AMERICAN SPIRIT…which cannot and will not ever be destroyed! Thanks to everyone at TCTH…especially you, Sundance!

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    • PreNanny says:

      Trial and Tribulations my friend it is all good 😉

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    • J.D. Gragg says:

      You are worried exactly of what concerns me. Obama use to attorney for ACORN, yes! …the ACORN that lost all government funding for committing voter fraud, so Obama (and his voters) have been taught well. Voter fraud is THE easiest crime to figure out, as if there has been voter fraud activity and the DEMs win, well we know it wasn’t the REPs was it. ….I would suggest not only getting out to vote but start the day by first making a call to your local police department and just tell them you suspect suspicious activity, as the DEMs ‘know’ that this is their last hooray, the Blank Panthers will more than likely block voter booths as they got in zero trouble the last time, BUT this time there will probably be Illegal Aliens and Muslims blocking the voting booths. ….The prevention starts NOW or they will steal this election by any means possible. Take your video cameras with you to document – don’t wait for ‘others’ to cry out first! …Do it that day whether it’s Trouble Shooter 2. …..I am instructing all my Conceal Carry licensees to also protect our voting booths.

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    • Hello Southern sister PatriotGalNC. I understand your concern about the establishment stealing the election from Trump, but you just have to trust that he has a plan to thwart the corruption. Please make sure that you vote for Mr. Trump in the primary. Although the NC primary is on March 15, it’s not a winner-take-all for delegates. It’s a proportional primary, meaning that the number of delegates given to each candidate depends upon the number of votes he gets. So Trump needs all of our votes!

      You can call your county Elections Office and ask if they have an accommodation in place for you because you walk with a cane and can’t stand in line. In Georgia, they’ll move you to the front of the line or you can call and ask for an absentee ballot.

      We finally have a candidate we trust and believe in. I join you in prayer every day for this good and honest man.


  2. Trina says:

    Why was he in Oklahoma at this time? Any particular reason?


  3. Revel says:

    Those are almost Obama or Bernie sized crowds! I can’t wait to see Trump go up against Bernie! I’d even like to see him as VP or economics advisor


  4. Dave says:

    We were there yesterday, it was a riot :). Whoever took that first pic on SD’s post was within 30 feet of where we were. I knew I could feel that there were great people there LOL.

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  5. Doc says:

    The cruzers love to talk about Trump’s lack of a ground game or lack of organization in other states. What I see has been Trump visiting all the other states, his people filing the required paperwork, and supporting. I don’t think there needs to be much of a ‘ground game’ per say in the South, as long as he’s on the ballot, he’s golden. What the others don’t understand is how far ahead he really is at the ground game. Which I guess is more projection on their part. Their eggs are pretty much in 2 baskets right now.


  6. I was there yesterday to see Trump and Palin in Tulsa. The most profound and powerful aspects of this experience was the overwhelming, palpable sense of hope- – genuine hope that our exceptional nation can return to its prior glory whereby everyone has the same opportunity to live the America dream. And while most of Trump’s rhetoric and verbiage were statements I have heard him make previously, being there, in person, made his statements such as, “We are going to win again” and “We are going to be great again” and “Our vets will receive the respect, care and treatment they so deserve” phenomenally believable.

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  7. John Denney says:

    I love Oklahoma. It’s the one state in the union in which Obama did not win a single county in the last two elections.
    Okies are smarter than their caricatures.

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  9. bpk1300 says:

    GIGGLES!!!! It is fun to watch SunDance take on the NRO Trump haters.


  10. Devora Clark says:

    I wasn’t 100% sold on Trump until he announced he would move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. He’s got my vote!


  11. WBarna says:


    Think about it!!


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