New Florida Poll – Donald Trump Increases Lead to 48% and Strongly Beating Hillary Clinton in Key State…

A new Florida FAU poll (full pdf below) shows candidate Donald Trump extending his lead and nearing the 50% threshold.   At 48% Trump has increased his lead by 11 points since the same poll was conducted a month ago.

Ted Cruz comes in a distant second at 16%, with home-state Senator Marco Rubio at 11% and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush 10% – the rest of the field is irrelevant in Florida.

The polling also includes the general Florida electorate enabling head-to-head match ups between the Republican candidates and Democrat candidates. 

Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton 47/44 -and- beats Bernie Sanders 47/42

trump v clinton florida 2.0

trump v clinton florida 1-20-16

Here’s the full data:

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115 Responses to New Florida Poll – Donald Trump Increases Lead to 48% and Strongly Beating Hillary Clinton in Key State…

  1. Rebel Mope says:

    The Hill has tossed in the towel. It’s a TKO.

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  2. stringy theory says:

    What can you say but that it’s happening–things are really starting to move to Trump. Meanwhile, Pastor Ted has entangled himself in that tar baby of lying about his Goldman/Citibank loans, flip-flopping on issues, including amnesty for illegals, and dissing NY and other states. I don’t all the evangelicals in Iowa will be taken in by this phony Canadian who is clearly not eligible to run for Potus. Watching Limbaugh, Levin, Faux, BB, and the rest of the self-assigned “conservatives” going down in flames with Pastor Ted is something we will all remember. Trump is amazing and so glad he is willing to make such a monumental sacrifice for the country he loves and wants to make great again. Donald Trump, a true American.

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  3. yy4u says:

    Read the comments on “The Hill”, and you see why America has gone to hell in a hand basket.
    The stock market is in free fall, unemployment is low because many have quit trying to find a job, ObamaCare has made health care nearly unaffordable for the average American, ISIS has tied our hands in Syria, Russia is laughing at our incompetent Administration, Kim un-Jong is testing nukes, Iran is laughing all the way to the bank, we have home grown terrorists shooting us, we can’t even provide good water to residents of Flint MI, our cities are tinderboxes, our race relations are as bad as they’ve ever been, Europe is being invaded, our borders are porous, we are importing diseases that cause microcephaly…AND the bozos who read The Hill want to keep on doing what we’ve been doing, electing the same establishment politicians from both sides of the aisle. If Donald Trump’s cavalry doesn’t ride over the hill, we’re done for.

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    • Been there done that – today. Was watching pro-Trump comments drop like flies (down-voted out of existence) and the rabid Marxists were in full force. These are the people that fraudulently propose the land of unicorns and rainbows to a Gubered public, while serving up a steamy pile of statism and government control.

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      • Linden says:

        Wow, just wow. Encapsulated in one astute paragraph. Yuri Bezmenov described this “demoralized” mindset so well in his 1984 videos on Youtube. People are so brainwashed that they can’t see the danger of the reality we are in, and how far advanced the rot is in the entire culture. This is our last chance.

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  4. Backspin says:

    Re : Crowd pictures . For every person in the Trump crowd , there must be thousands that want to be there but could not be.

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  5. Lyn says:

    Trump leads among Hispanics in Florida with 54 percent. Wow.

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    • USA Patriot says:

      But, but — I thought open borders was the key to Hispanic votes — another GOPe lie. I still remember those two Hispanic American border guards in jail for several years under GWB — disgraceful, Ramos and Compeon ?? Talk Radio guys said little or nothing.

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      • stringy theory says:

        Isn’t it amazing how many of the myths perpetuated by those inside the Beltway sages who run GOPe campaigns are turning out to be mere poppycock as we all knew. If they would ever get out of the cocktail circuit bubble they inhabit in DC, they might catch a clue; or maybe not.


    • georgiafl says:

      Now THAT is cool!

      Despite the best efforts of Lost Tres Amigos, Eduardo, Jebito y Marco.

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    • owentt says:

      Hispanics in Florida are mostly Puerto Ricans and Cubans. More PR than Cuban.

      The Puerto Ricans are heavily Democratic with low turnout but are 100% US citizens with no immigration worries and economic competition from Mexicans for whom they feel no solidarity. The Cubans also have no immigration worries with their special exemption from the usual laws and vote heavily Republican because some Democratic leaders shamefully used to harbor communist sympathizers (against the best efforts of patriotic Democrats).

      There is little of the supposed Mexican-American anti-Trump vote to measure in Florida, or in any swing state.

      So you should not judge the GOPe story about Trump being unpopular with Hispanics based on FL polling.


    • Tee says:

      I would like to use this number in my discussions. Can you please provide the source?


      • vdorta says:


  6. Regina says:

    hahahah – campaign office? “pant suit power”


    • Regina says:

      btw, Bill has a big hole/bruise in his head (you can see it in the video) – looks like maybe someone threw a lamp at him? He Really looks/sounds bad –
      Oh, and he’s talking about Being Angry
      (I won’t embed – don’t want to sully the thread with that image – it’s linked from the tweet)

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    • Sentient says:

      Apparently Jared Retka is easily amazed.

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    • John Galt says:

      “Bernie just fantasizes about rape. I’m a man of action and I’ll be playing a key role in Hillary’s administration.”


    • John VI says:

      It looks like a high school classroom. It was probably easy to bait bill in for a “talk”.

      Probably offered him a cigar.


    • stringy theory says:

      From his looks, I’ll bet Slick Willy would rather be on the Lolita Express on the way to “orgy island” with his good friend, and companion, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (a convicted sex offender). Trying to use this over the hill pervert to push hitlery’s phony “war on women,” is a dog that will no longer hunt.

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  7. I can’t wait for the 50% or greater. If people don’t drop out after that…they are truly delusional. I think Huck is staying in just to defend Trump, could be wrong but it’s what he seems to be doing.

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    • Raffaella says:

      Yes. This.


    • USA Patriot says:

      The Huckster is looking for a job after cushy Fox gig and smells a winner. That’s OK , Pastor Huck brings down Cruz’s numbers in Iowa.

      This primary is just so good. Selfless Patriotism trumps self serving Globalism — beautiful. God must be smiling from heaven.

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  8. Raffaella says:

    This poll is stunning but none of them are talking about it. I have always believed Trump support everywhere is above 50% and all polls up to now have been fake. We will start seeing polls get better because they need the reputation for accuracy.

    Where are Iowa polls??? Amazing that we are not getting any new Iowa polls. It must be highly favorable to Trump. They want to drive their narrative of Cruz being competition for as long as possible.

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    • USA Patriot says:

      Trump needs to keep telling the truth about Cruz — glad he is doing it more today. If Cruz goes down the GOPe is down to its 2nd string and Trump steamrolls.

      Conservatives were divided because of false conservative narrative about Cruz, and Trump has been peeling that myth apart — keep it up Donald, full court press against the treasonus media heads.

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  9. chasingfacts says:

    or buhahahahahah


  10. chasingfacts says:

    BB editors have lost it…. cant visit there for awhile

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  11. NHVoter says:

    This is an awesome poll.

    This just in from North Carolina:

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  12. John Galt says:

    If Bernie beats Hillary in Iowa and NH, the wheels may fall completely off the Clinton cart.

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  13. NHVoter says:

    Apparently Jeb! doesn’t look at the polls. LOL

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  14. Tampa2 says:

    Trump + Palin = “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”!

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  15. Every time I hear from a poor Ted Cruz supporter, they remind me of poor Charlie The Unicorn.

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  16. Doodahdaze says:

    It is clear who is going to win. Cruz and the other stiffs should stand aside and let us take it to The Beest!


  17. Nottakingthisanymore says:

    48% The new Trump ceiling.

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  18. perfect beast says:

    Some friends of mine went to a Trump rally in south Mississippi. They got there 3 hours early to try to beat the crowd but even then the line was 2 city blocks long. They said there were more people that weren’t able to get in due to the seating capacity of the stadium than there were people that did manage to get in..IOW there were more people outside than there were inside))) Trump is drawing HUGE crowds. And they also said there were quite a few black people in the lines too.

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  19. bpk1300 says:

    The silent majority is awake. Thanks @defendingtheusa

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  20. Where’s Bluto?? Trump is approaching 50%….he must be finished 🙂

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  21. sam says:

    I like that girl and sometime guy that run the Fox 10 Phoenix broadcast. They are young and give honest comments.

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  22. aximand88 says:

    What the… What is that annoying, high pitched whining sound?

    Ooooooh. It’s the sound of all the Cruz supporters argument of “Cruz does better when matched up against Clinton!” falling apart. That must be what despair sounds like!

    I like it.


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  24. R-C says:

    Imagine for a moment that you’re a John Kasich; a Rick Santorum (who I was acquainted with–a good guy); or a Carly Fiorina.

    You see these poll numbers this far along in the process, and you…

    choose to stay in the race?

    These entire lower tier of this field must have zero self-respect, to hang out in this tornado. Surely, they can’t expect Trump to stumble at this late date. The man has simply out-classed all of them. A non-politician has whipped all of their behinds, with one hand tied behind his back (as a famous, now discredited broadcaster says).

    I am aware of the ‘splitter strategy’, of course, and its requirement that a large field remain in place through to the convention. But surely some of these non-starters are going to get sick of being utterly humiliated, and start to break ranks.

    Perhaps they’ll finally desert the strategy and get back to their lives once it dawns on them that none of them stand a chance of securing an appointment in the Trump administration. I’m certain that Trump will be selecting competent cabinet secretaries–and ZERO ‘czars’.

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  25. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    But, but, but I thought Trump is the only GOP candidate who will lose to da hildabeest🙄


  26. Sandra says:

    99 delegates in Florida, closed primary, winner-take-all.

    Florida Trump supporters: you have until Feb 16 to register as a Republican and you must do so if you want to vote for Trump. The primary is on Mar 15. (I know I’m writing stuff that you all know but I’m compelled to post it anyway. Just in case! I’m in an easy state, I don’t have to register, I just need to declare at the poll to get the GOP ballot.)

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  27. Rev21v3n4 says:

    I just noticed this for the first time, but I can’t tell what it is…what is on Carly’s desk?


  28. Among Hispanic Republicans Trump’s lead is even greater at 54% – more than DOUBLE the combined support among Hispanics for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio:

    Donald Trump – 54 percent
    Marco Rubio – 15.1 percent
    Rand Paul – 14 percent
    Ted Cruz – 10.2 percent
    Jeb Bush – 5.5 percent



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