Iowa PPP Poll – Trump 28%, Cruz 26%, Rubio 13%…

The latest poll from left-leaning PPP (full pdf below) reflects a similar narrative from prior recent polls.  Donald Trump leads with 28% with Ted Cruz a close 26%.  This poll was conducted Jan 8th – 10th (identical timeframe to Qunnipiac):

Via PPP – […] The poll finds that the ‘birther issue’ has the potential to really hurt Ted Cruz. Only 32% of Iowa Republicans think someone born in another country should be allowed to serve as President, to 47% who think such a person shouldn’t be allowed to serve as President. Among that segment of the Republican electorate who don’t think someone foreign born should be able to be President, Trump is crushing Cruz 40/14.

Despite all the attention to this issue in the last week, still only 46% of Iowa Republicans are aware that Cruz was not born in the United States. In fact, there are more GOP voters in the state who think Cruz (34%) was born in the United States than think Barack Obama (28%) was.

Donald Trump knows what he’s doing when he repeatedly brings up this issue- 36% of Cruz voters aren’t aware yet that he wasn’t born in the United States, and 24% of Cruz voters say someone born outside the country shouldn’t be allowed to be President. So this issue has the potential to be a difference maker with the race persistently so close in Iowa. The good news for Cruz is that when informed, 65% of Iowa Republicans say it makes no difference to them that he was born in Canada- but 24% saying less likely could be crucial in a margin of error race.  (read more)

trump winning 2

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54 Responses to Iowa PPP Poll – Trump 28%, Cruz 26%, Rubio 13%…

  1. Martin says:

    Trump is a lot higher than that in Iowa.

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    • jackmac says:

      See above. only 46% of Iowa Republicans are aware that Cruz was not born in the United States.

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      • Gossip travels fast, they will all know by Caucus time! Cruzianity cult members won’t care but those that are not part of his cult will care and Trump need only a small part of them. From what I understand, this poll is only Republican voters and doesn’t include the new voters and dem voters switching over or Independents?

        In Iowa you can register to vote and re-register your party affiliation the same day as the Caucus and right at the door. That means Trump’s numbers will be a bit better than what shows in this poll. Of course some new voters could also be Cruz voters, but I doubt any dems will be switching to Cruz, and from the looks of things I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t voted for years to suddenly be attracted to the voting process for Cruz. Most of the churchianity folks that Televangelist Ted attracts probably are already registered.

        So I say the new voters and switcher voters will be there for Trump.

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    • Lea says:

      Me thinks you are right Martin!
      With the volume of supporters at Trumps past rallies in Iowa, I would bet his number is at least half again higher than this PPP poll is showing.

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    • RINOKiller says:


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    • USA Patriot says:

      Probably true — lots of passion. Trump would be 10 points higher even in PPP if Rush and Levin told the truth about Ted’s proven Globalist positions.

      Remember this is a race to save a drowning America, so not only should we Remember Mississippi but all the lying and half truth Pundits that are trying to undermine the only Patriot running Donald Trump.

      Trust me if Ted falters and Rubio inches up these Talkers will still hedge their bets on him being the new Cruz.

      Poster Trumped yesterday explained how the money Ad trail corrupts the radio Talkers — “devil’s circle” I believe he called it. I will add probably some Multi-National Globalist corporations advertising on their shows.

      Money trumps love of Country and its citizens for these Judas Pundits.

      Although somehow Savage seems to bucking the trend as a Patriot?

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  2. shiloh1973 says:

    I personally do not want Mr. Trump to beat Cruz on the “birther” issue. I want him to beat Cruz on the facts and policies.

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    • Jett Black says:

      I want Trump and everyone involved in determining who is qualified to be on the ballot for selection of candidates for POTUS to “beat” Cruz on the “birther” issue. It’s clear law, not just statutory law, but in the Constitution, the supreme law of the land–the law that makes us a nation! It is PC insanity that people, who otherwise consider the rule of law important, think this should be given a pass. How about the age requirement? Give that a pass, too? How about any citizenship requirement at all–not just for president, but for anything, like CCWs, in-state tuition, driver’s licenses, voting, etc.

      Oh yeah, that is Cruz’s and the rest of the globalist cabal’s agenda. How convenient. And they’ve already won a big chunk of the conversation by shutting people up about real, constitutional qualifications for critical government offices. Stop just letting them win the argument. They’re wrong.

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      • Trumpire says:

        Yes! You are correct.

        I just don’t get these people that think the Constitution and Constitutional law is just some technicality or political tool.

        It’s the structure and foundation of our sovereignty and our God given rights. It’s not suppose to be political it’s suppose to be the document that lays out our rights and responsibilities in a Constitutional Republic WITHOUT political consideration or influence.

        I blame the election of the Clinton(s) in 1992. Nothing was beyond politics and political spin. There was no crime too big or too small for them. Since then it’s been a free-for-all. We actually have a usurper in the office of the presidency right now. That’s no small matter. I pray Trump actually gets to the bottom of things when he’s elected and hold those traitors responsible for their crimes.

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      • shiloh1973 says:

        You have completely missed my point. None of us here or on any other site are going to settle the eligibility debate. I did not say this issue does not matter! It is an issue that will be decided by the courts.

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    • Jett Black says:

      Trump has already beaten Cruz on facts and policies. But why should he or we have to even address Cruz, who isn’t eligible.

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      • USA Patriot says:

        Trump has not “yet” beaten Cruz on facts and policies for all of the base — Rush, Levin and Fox still have power over low info conservatives. These Pundit weasels are putting out a false narrative on Ted as the only true conservative — these Talkers need to be totally exposed prior to Iowa and Trump wins big; and the rest is downhill. But I get your point.

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    • parteagirl says:

      The “birther” issue IS facts and policies. What’s more important than following the Constitution? Ted’s put himself between a rock and a hard place on this and Trump is right to call him out on it.

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    • stevendufresne says:

      True but this was going to come up for Cruz in any event. Never forget who the original “birther” was….Hillary Clinton.

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    • USA Patriot says:

      I do too if Ted’s true record and positions are outed completely; otherwise whatever helps. Besides it exposes the American First vs the American Last globalist pundits like Rush and Levin.

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      • USA Patriot says:

        I have an idea to fully expose Ted on both the NBC and esp his Anti-American recent voting Policies and his initial immigration policies just prior to going “me too”. The Trump Team must a have a list of prior Iowa Caucus voters emails and other potential primary voters.

        Have them promote CT as the site to get the true facts in an email, regular mail or door to door. This has to be done ASAP — Iowa voting time is coming soon. He must have loads of volunteers.

        I want Trump to win Iowa big.


        • USA Patriot says:

          Or send out anyway possible Sundance’s two part article on Trump not being a conservative. Blanket Iowa with these truths.


  3. WeThePeople2016 says:

    This is a left-leaning poll which usually undercuts the Republican leader. Trump is probably higher than it is showing.

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  4. Sanj says:

    I posted this in general thread, but its funny because its true. From Scott Adams (Dilbert)

    I can’t stop laughing about Trump’s Iowa reframing. You probably heard about it. The setup goes like this:

    Trump was trailing Cruz in Iowa polls.
    Trump taunted an Iowa audience with “You have not picked a lot of winners.”
    The media reported Trump’s taunts.

    And the very next poll showed Trump slightly atop Cruz once you factor in the less-likely-to-vote people who will definitely vote this time.

    The trap that Trump set for Iowa is that they can either vote for him – in which case he wins – or they can vote for Cruz and prove he was right about Iowa having a bad track record. Then, say the polls, he will go on to win New Hampshire.

    Trump already explicitly said he would mock Iowa like crazy if they get this vote “wrong.” Remember I taught you that Trump always creates a big gap between what happens to you when you please him and what happens if you don’t. Iowa has been warned 🙂

    Let me put this in more humorous words because it deserves it.

    What you think you see is Trump telling people they should vote for him. In the 2D world, he is simply using different language to say what all politicians say. But in the 3D world of persuasion Trump just created a situation in which…

    wait for it…

    Iowans are voting on their own intelligence.

    That’s an identity play. You should recognize it by now as the strongest form of persuasion.

    Here’s what does NOT work: “Look at my awesome policies.”

    Here’s what DOES work: “Smart people vote this way.”

    As always, Trump goes for identity over reason. And once again it gets him exactly the reaction he wanted. I could literally feel the persuasion and it has been making me laugh for two days. (Laughing can be a tell for persuasion.)

    If Trump wins Iowa and New Hampshire, which seems likely at this point, he will turn on the afterburners, and the words you are likely to hear from pundits in the next two months are “natural front-runner.”

    When you hear mentions of Trump as a good front-runner it means – to borrow a phrase from the world of investing – we are on the brink of “capitulation.” That’s the point where everyone just stops resisting the idea of a President Trump and starts adjusting to the reality of it.

    People have been surprised that Trump could elbow his way to the front of the pack and stay there so long. But at this point, a lot of folks still think something will happen to bump Trump out of the lead. They will capitulate on that belief when they realize Trump might be the best front-runner civilization has ever created.

    I’m saying Trump’s personality assures he’ll be comfortable not sharing the top spot, and it will show. His fighter instinct will evolve into a calm confidence, and the public will respond to it.

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  5. Sentient says:

    Look at Cruz’s twitter: In his profile picture he’s posing like Jesus handing down the beatitudes. In his banner photo (which shows better on a full monitor) he’s folding his hands like he’s praying. He’s not exactly subtle.

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  6. RINOKiller says:

    Ted has been exposed.

    Thus another GOP-E plan to get Jebbie the nomination.

    RINObio as well.

    Another plan ruined as well.

    Peabrain knew what he was doing when they looked the other way pertaining their NBC.

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  7. Jo McIntyre says:

    Based on today’s rally in Iowa, I’d say it looks as if Trump has already moved to the “calm confidence” phase.

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    • aur1640 says:

      Jo, that is very true!! What he gave was more than just a speech. To me, it was more like a campfire conversation with coffee, hot cocoa and smores. He assured the audience they would do the right thing that IA would be the epicenter of a great presidency.

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  8. Sanj says:

    Rubio was against Amnesty before the renamed it. Unbelievable, I thought he was sneakier than this.

    Republican presidential candidate Florida Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)79%
    stated that he has never supported amnesty, and that statements he made on immigration in 2010 were in the context of another bill that gave “a real fast path” to citizenship on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

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  9. NHVoter says:

    Cruz is now attacking Trump, calling him ‘rattled,’ not a ‘consistent conservative’ & saying that Trump is helping Hillary

    What a wanker.

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    • Trumpire says:

      “What a wanker.”

      Haha. That’s a Canadian wanker for ya!

      Cruz has already said Bill Clinton is off limits. He doesn’t want to upset his globalist donors, peers, friends, supporters, wife, and his wife’s employer. Wouldn’t be good for business.

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  10. NHVoter says:

    So what’s it going to be then? More of the same BS.


  11. Bobbi D says:

    Cruz is a very desperate man right now…he knows he’s been caught on the birther issue and to late to do anything about it…he was caught on tape lying again…he has been caught on the H1B visa, corker bill…the TTP and TPA…there is nothing he can do but go down…and he knows this…

    Trump is going to run the board, and when Trump gets the nomination, there isn’t anything the GOPe or anyone else can do…Trump has played ‘his game’ and is going to win…

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  12. NJF says:

    Did Levin’s head explode today? I missed his show.


    • USA Patriot says:

      To NJF: Don’t Know but Rush’s did — exposed his “I am always right” Temper to a polite but very informed caller. Poor Snerdly — a thousand good protective screens but one falls thru the cracks, but this one was “heard round the world” and exposed El-Rushbo, big time.

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  13. Paco Loco says:

    Two weeks and counting down to the Hawkeye caucai…Watch the master deal closer at work as he cements the deal with the Iowan’s who, may initially have favored Cruz because of his Christian persuasion, but have now seen the light as to TC’s manufactured qualifications and sneaky modus operandi. Cruz has been revealed as a cheater without papers to show his eligibility to be POTUS. His platform is a film flam sham. Trump,is going to not only close the deal, but he’s going to close the primary election with a decisive victory. Then it’s on to the White House as the Dems fall apart, eat their own, and implode because this is now becoming destiny.

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  14. kinthenorthwest says:

    i do believe that Cruz is trying to say that Trump is attached to the Democrats.
    I do believe that Cruz has declared war on Trump.
    NO Cruz NO Cruz NO Cruz.
    “I will say it is more than a little strange to see Donald relying on as authoritative a liberal, left-wing, judicial activist Harvard law professor who is a huge Hillary supporter,” Cruz said to reporters in New Hampshire following a campaign rally, apparently referencing Harvard Law professor Lawrence Tribe’s legal analysis. “It starts to make you think, ‘Gosh, why are some of Hillary’s strongest supporters backing Donald Trump?’”
    Ted Cruz: Suggests Democrats Behind Donald Trump’s ‘Natural Born’ Citizen Debate, Propping Up Candidate Dems Can Beat


  15. NHVoter says:

    Looks like Trump has been reading the Treehouse 🙂


    • jackmac says:

      I think he does. Notice my post near the top of the Page. That’s a bunch of voters that don’t even know Citizen Cruz was born in Canada and read the other %’s that don’t want a President born outside the US. He said twice and maybe three times Cruz was born in Canada at the rally tonight.


      • USA Patriot says:

        One man or woman (not counting Trump) could change our country and that could be Sundance or one of his Posters. I always think this way — We could all be doing lots of other things.


        • jackmac says:

          Good point! Besides trying to be humorus at times. I know a lot of people come to this site that never post sometimes I put stuff out there just for them. Cause you never know.


  16. keebler AC says:

    Ted Cruz born in Canada to two Canadian citizens = natural born Canadian. He then gave up his natural born Canadian status at the mere age of……42. Almost half a century old already. Father does not receive US citizenship until 11 years ago in 2005. Mother most likely gave up her US citizenship to avoid paying dual taxes (how loyal is that?) and lived almost a decade in Canada. She had been away from the US for nearly 5 years consecutively as a Canadian citizen. You can’t get any less disloyal than Ted’s mother and father. When mother brought Ted back after being alienated from the US, she had to reapply for US Citizenship and probably obtain a foreign passport for Ted at age 4. It’s a big lie that mother didn’t know Ted was a Canadian and had a Canadian birth certificate.

    Loyalty and truth matters.

    Ted probably thought no official from Canada would reveal that he was born in Canada. When his lie about not being a Canadian was outed, he quickly denounced the citizenship. He knew. Canada doesn’t want a snake like him and his parents either. He’s not Canadian any more, and neither is he natural born America. Neither is he moral or faithful Christian. He’s a quack like his father and mother. He’s greasy looking too.


    • I’d like to see what Passport(s) he’s been using over the years, and how he got them.
      For all we know, Ted’s an illegal alien.


    • NCPatrick says:

      Seriously, Keebler. What WAS Cruz thinking? This is one of the most fundamentally important requirements to run for President of America, and he didn’t even bring it up himself? The smartest man in the room did not even think enough of our precious Constitution and American citizens to address this problem?

      He certainly knew he had a problem and has known it forever. So that is an even bigger issue to me — he knew it very well and either didn’t care, didn’t think it important enough to bother with OR thought American voters were such boobs that it wouldn’t matter to us. Wrong on all counts, Ted. You’re wrong.


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