Baltimore Six Trial Update – Maryland Appeals Court Steps In, Postpones Trial of Officer Goodson…

The Maryland Appeals Court has stepped in to halt the trial against Officer Caesar Goodson on the day jury selection was scheduled to begin.   In an earlier appellate court ruling the forced testimony of accused police officer William Porter was blocked.  The State’s cases are falling apart due to inept legal application and ideological motives to prosecute.

Baltimore six 2

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby is now claiming without Porter’s testimony her cases against both Caesar Goodson and Alicia White will not stand:

[…] not being able to call Porter as a witness would “result in irreparable harm to the People of Maryland by effectively gutting their government’s prosecution” of two of the officers. (link)

On its face this is an absolutely absurd position. 

The case against William Porter ended in a mistrial, but even if the case against Porter had resulted in a successful conviction – Porter would still have the ability to evoke his fifth amendment right not to testify while his appeal was outstanding.  Mosby should have never even contemplated the ability to use Porter as a witness against any officer.

Marilyn Mosby and the Baltimore prosecutors office are so blinded by politics they are showing a complete disconnect from law and/or the ability to legally prosecute their case.

Judge Nelson 4Readers might remember the trial of George Zimmerman, a case with significant legal parallels to the malicious Baltimore Six prosecution in Baltimore.  Zimmerman’s defense team won three easy appeals court decisions against rulings of Orlando Judge Debra Nelson during trial.  In addition there were at least two more easy-to-win appeals the defense  never even filed because the prosecution case simply collapsed.

In the 2013 Zimmerman trial, similar to Baltimore Judge Barry Williams, Judge Nelson became ideologically disconnected from legal forethought.  Nelson even demanded in open court, during the trial -before the prosecution team had finished their presentation- that George Zimmerman go on record publicly stating if he was going to take the stand in his own defense.  Any appeals court in the country would have thrown out any subsequent negative outcome and allowed a retrial, on that basis alone.

This is what happens when severely malicious political prosecutions need to be propped up by sympathetic (to the prosecution) and activist judges.

Back to Baltimore – Last week Judge Barry Williams mandated that Officer William Porter, who has a re-trail date pending in July, forcibly testify against the other officers.  Essentially denying Porter his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination.   This outlandish judicial ruling is what the Maryland appellate court immediately blocked.

Judge Williams was conducting his court in a similar fashion to Judge Nelson in Florida.  Both activist judges trying to save the fraudulent prosecutorial cases against the accused, and bail out the states’ weak case and lack of legal reasoning.

judge barry williamsmosby you mad bro

Yesterday, just before jury selection was set to begin, the Maryland appeals court, obviously understanding the snowball effect of what was happening, blocked the trial of Goodson from continuing.

By the time Mosby presented her own request to delay the trial, because she now views the case as impossible to continue without Porter’s testimony, the entire issue became moot; recognized as such by Judge Barry Williams.

This halt effectively stops all prosecutions from going forward until the underlying legal issues surrounding Porter’s constitutional rights are clarified.  This process will likely take several months; and as Mosby has now admitted – if the state loses their appeal, they will simultaneously lose the case(s) against Officer Goodson and Officer White.

In short, without Porter, the state is claiming the entire construct of their prosecution map collapses.  Millions spent, tens of thousands of legal hours wasted, multiple court dockets for other cases delayed, and for what? Nothing.

This is exactly what happens when political cases run into the rules of the judiciary.

[…]  Prosecutors and the officers’ defense attorneys are forbidden from discussing the case because of a gag order imposed by Williams.

Williams — who is presiding over the trials of all six officers — briefly took the bench Monday morning to note the stay by the appeals court and to place Goodson’s trial in recess.

Williams noted the prosecution’s request for a continuance but said that the request was “moot,” given the stay ordered by the appeals court. Goodson’s attorneys had objected to a continuance, asking for his trial to go forward this week, Williams said.  (link)

marilyn mosby 6

*Note* The cases against officers’ Rice, Nero and Miller are even weaker.

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  1. qcbombora says:

    The term Baltimoron comes to mind.

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  2. flawesttexas says:

    Again…great coverage of the Bal’mer Six case Sundance. So called “Conservative Media” seems to not want to cover this case

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      Mos of the so call conservative media are multicultural marxists.

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      • Multicultural Marxists!!! LOOOOOL!

        STEALING!!! 😀

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        • TheFightingMan says:

          I dunno. With the visibly unjust prosecutions used to appease their followers, maybe Satanic Stalinist would be more descriptive, what with all of the ‘show trials’ and gulags.

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          • I forgot who just pointed it out (believe it was a Treeper, or a citation by one of us), but it was a FANTASTIC point:

            Stalin himself, as a Georgian put in charge of all Russia, is a brilliant negative example of the wisdom of the “native born leader” concept. It would be fundamentally the same as putting a Chechnyan in charge of Russia now.

            The founders were brilliant people. They truly reduced wise government to key abstractions.


  3. non agenda says:

    No reason stated for the postponement? It all looks like an orchestration of political cover so Mosby, & Williams are off the hook. Probably what Williams had in mind when he issued that ridiculous order on the eve of trial. (“We tried to get you justice but Whitey won’t allow it”).
    I want to say they should have let the trial proceed so Mosby’s face plant would be played out, but the lives of innocent cops are more important.
    Bravo to Porter, who was The Man.

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    • Daniel says:

      Activist judges don’t need grand plans. They just need to have a point of view which conflicts with the justice system. We’ve seen countless cases where judges exceed the law and their own powers without challenge or correction. I have seen worse. In a case which was surrounded by many, including divorce and property/ownership disputes, an old friend was charged with a crime the “victim” heartily denied ever occurred. But the state continued its prosecution. The state had no case while the claimed victim denied anything bad had happened.

      At the end of the trial, the judge decided that the circumstantial case against the accused, regardless of lacking proof, warranted a conviction and so he was.

      As this case involved a minor, no one was willing to stand up against the obvious problem in that case. “By any and all means necessary…” It isn’t a racial agenda. It’s an agenda conflict between the impartial system intended to represent due process and equality under the law and the desire to “seek justice” in support of a cause.

      Even “good causes” can be subverted and used against the public. Family courts activists (note the link to the current BLM situation where the prosecutor had some family court type of involvements with the same family?) seem more interested in destroying families than helping them to be families.

      The worst thing a judge or a prosecutor can be is an activist. And that we let that pass is a real problem. But it’s a definition which activists themselves can and will use to further dismantle our justice systems rendering them further as political systems.

      While I cannot yet imagine a better system, the current process of using political leaders as the means of selecting the judiciary and law enforcement is a problem. A judge, a prosecutor, a sheriff or any of them shouldn’t have (R) or (D) or any such political affiliation associated with them. The last thing we need is political ideology in the justice system.

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  4. When you and everyone you associate with live in your own affirmative action bubble…….

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  5. armie says:

    What’s so remarkable is how the prosecution is so swept up in its delusion that there’s some piece of “smoking gun” testimony they can coerce out of Potter that’ll make their case. He’s been on the stand, he testified truthfully, and they got nothing.

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  6. rumpole2 says:

    The Mosby motion (rued as Moot by Judge Williams) is clearly grasping at straws. An about face, begging the Judge to NOW grant a retrial for Porter before Goodson and White.
    As Sundance pointed out… even IF that happened and IF Porter found was guilty, it still DOES NOT fix Mosby’s problem. Porter would still need to invoke his 5th amendment rights while appeals pending, let alone the (now standard for a black “victim”) threat on Federal investigation and charges.

    Mosby’s Motion

    Click to access goodsonstatesmotionforcontinuancependingresolutionbycosa010816.pdf

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    • armie says:

      ..and that Fed threat would still be there if he’s found not guilty.

      The whole thing’s futile anyway, he doesn’t have anything to give them that’ll turn driving the van in which someone (accidentally) commits suicide into a murder. They’re completely incapable of understanding that the reason he doesn’t have it is because it isn’t there!

      But admitting that is admitting they have no case and never did, so the play goes on.

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      • jc says:

        Imagine the impossibility of convincing all 12 fair minded individuals that there was no possibility that Freddie died accidentally as a result of standing up and that a half dozen cops conspired to kill a low level street scum in the back of a paddy wagon.

        What exactly was their motive?


    • armie says:

      Good grief, they didn’t even get the year right in the motion. (Repeatedly)

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    • treepersrock says:

      rumpole ~ Goodson was the only Officier that didn’t give a statement when the other 5 Officier’s did. At the time, I thought, what was he hiding? As it turned out, it appears his Attorney’s were pretty smart imo because even if Porter was made to testify, I pray he isn’t, it would be Goodson’s word against Porter’s. Who would a Jury believe in Goodson’s trial? Goodson isn’t on record like the other 5 where their statements are used against them, we will hear from Goodson for the first time.

      Why would Mosby/grunts think an Appellate Court would sympathize with them if they were ruled against & gutting their case? Gutting their case is a bull chit statement, it’s Porter’s rights that are most important.

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      • Mentalist says:

        This thought crossed my mind this morning. I agree, in hindsight it was smart of Goodson not to give a statement when initially questioned. Now he’s not on the “record” and with the prosecutors basically impeaching their “star witness” by inferring that Porter is a liar multiple times during his trial (yes, they actually did this), it becomes a case for the jury of “who you’re going to believe”.

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  7. R-C says:

    The people of Maryland–I used to be one of them–are being poorly served by this rogue prosecutor, whose name I will not glorify by speaking it.

    I love the police. My father was a policeman. I hold them all in very high regard and am spring-loaded to come to their defense first, because I know they carry a heavy burden on our behalf, and at our behest. We place our police officers in harm’s way regularly, and expect them to make the right decision, every time, when split-second decisions could mean the difference between life and death (theirs, or some citizen’s). My first instinct is to support the police without question.

    That said, I would rain destruction upon the officers I found who were willfully corrupt; those who were ‘on the take’ or engaged in abject crime while using their badges and authority as a cloak. Those cops would get no quarter from me. Either do the job right, every minute of every day, or go become a mall cop.

    And, I hold this particular prosecutor in the same contempt as I would the ‘bad cop’. She is not only demonstrably incompetent, but there she sits, wrapped in the respectability of her position (granted her by The People), irresponsibly wielding the authority of her office to advance her extremist agenda. She is cut in the same mold as Eric Holder, another gross abuser of official authority. I have ZERO tolerance for that.

    With luck, the appellate court’s actions will be followed up with sanctions from the Maryland Bar. With even more luck, this rogue, incompetent ideologue will be FIRED, after which these six officers will be reinstated with back-pay and totally expunged records.

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  8. Mentalist says:

    Simply put – if your case(s) hinge on the testimony of one officer testifying against his colleagues and not forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony, etc., then you don’t have much of a case to begin with.

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    • Sentient says:

      I don’t think Mosby has even formulated a personal opinion of how Freddie Gray sustained the injury(ies) that led to his death. She’s operating on the legal theory of “somebody must have done something” and “throw it at the wall and see what sticks”.

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      • Mentalist says:

        I would argue this is usually the case for prosecutors that (a) lack substantive legal experience and (b) lack understanding of the constitution and state and local laws and ordinances. A prosecutor has the ethical duty and obligation to proceed with charges against a defendant based on admissible evidence to support a conviction.

        Just look at how her office has pursued these cases. First, she failed to conduct a thorough investigation (although she has argued otherwise). This means reviewing all the facts and evidence (including affidavits from eyewitness and forensic evidence), issuing subpoenas, etc. – something that usually takes weeks if not months. There’s no way she could have given that the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office had concluded its investigation before it received a report from the Baltimore Police Department.

        Second, she chose to bring these absurd charges against the 6 officers against the advice of her own senior staff (this according to what been reported) – who have a vast amount of experience prosecuting criminal cases than she has.

        Third, her own staff leaked information about the case (while asking for a gag order on the defense). Her own deputy, Janice Bledsoe (who at one time represented Freddie Gray in a criminal case years ago) leaked information regarding the other person in the van to her lover, Jayne Miller who happens to be a reporter.

        And lastly, the Baltimore SAO been caught in several discovery violations. This includes not disclosing information to the defense (which came out during the Porter trial) about Gray’s alleged back problems (which was noted in a report by a detective who was questioning him during an arrest) and attempting to kick out the window of a police car weeks earlier.

        Remember, this woman (Mosby) argued that Gray was illegally arrested because the spring-action knife on him was legal under Maryland law, although the arresting officer cited in his report that the knife was illegal under a city ordinance (with reference to it).

        Like others have said, she’s in over her head.

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    • TrumpFanGirl says:

      hinges on imagined testimony

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      Which is why Mosby’s strategy is to convict Porter, then coerce him to testify “as instructed” against others while Porter awaits sentencing. Mosby is too stupid to realize that a defense attorney would walk Porter through these circumstances during cross-examination, and ask whether, with a life-ruining prison sentence hanging over his head, he had any motive to say whatever the prosecutor wanted him to say. If he answers no, he’s an obvious liar. If he answers yes, he’s impeached his own testimony. Oops. Mosby’s got no case and no brain.

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    • Monroe says:

      Worse yet is that Mosby’s case hinges on the testimony of an officer, which the prosecution called a liar.

      Hence, based on Mosby’s logic, the case rests on a liar’s testimony.


  9. boutis says:

    Mosby is out in the weeds to confuse the issues. She has no case, never did, and this is all about her crooked husband running for mayor and her own incompetent attention seeking behavior. This is a non-crime. It never was a crime. It was an accidental death of a very dumb person in a dumb city prosecuted by an exceptionally dumb state attorney enabled by a dumb judge. It will completely fizzle out in 2017 when Obama’s DOJ is no longer stirring the pot. The name of the game in 2016 is run out the clock until the adults and sane people can start put things in order again.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “The name of the game in 2016 is run out the clock until the adults and sane people can start [to] put things in order again.”

      True, but I don’t think any of us will be pleased to see this strategy play out:

      Loretta Lynch: We’ll Position DOJ to Do Obama’s Work ‘Long After’ We’re Gone

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      • Mike says:

        Dream on lady. After the fall of oppressive governments, persistent or rogue sleeper agents sometimes find the need for a dirt nap… And sometimes it’s personal, with so many angry survivor families that the list of suspects is literally thousands long.

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      • Rebel Mope says:

        Nimrodman, I just read that BB piece.Let me point something out about what Lynch is doing. Quoting The New Yorker Magazine Lynch says:
        …“that people, out of understandable fear and concern, are falling into this trap, are falling into a rhetoric and a dynamic that our enemies want us to have.”
        You see, she never really says who those enemies are. Your mind fills in the gap with Al Quaeda, ISIS, or whomever. But she retains the deny-ablity. She never said that. I submit “those enemies” have much more of an affinity towards guns and Bibles than to guns and Korans.

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      • I don’t see how their strategy will work out. After Lynch’s statement about Zero’s “work”, the article states, “She was responding specifically to questions about how she planned to prosecute gun sellers under Obama’s new executive actions.” If Trump is elected, he can throw that out on day one.

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        • Rebel Mope says:

          I think that is a reference to placing a strategically located piece of policy in the Regulations and not enforcing it. Think of it like the Seat Belt Law that was never going to be a stoppable offense. Several years down the road, that was all washed aside “For the children”. Here, we will have the same thing- she is putting in place people or policy that can be activated the next time we have a Democrat/ Socialist administration. Then we will hear: “I was there all the time, it just wasn’t enforced. Republicans are constantly saying ‘enforce the laws we already have’, so now we will.” It’s all disingenuous flim-flam from the merry Marxists in government. Remember: “A communist is just a socialist that really means it.” -TOB

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      • nimrodman says:

        Thanks to All for the good comments.

        What I thought Lynch might be referring to is having had 8 years to stuff all the staff positions at DOJ, including attorneys, with lefty Jarrett / Obama idealogues.

        Political appointees in SES (Senior Executive Service) change with the change in administration, but the lower-level employees have civil service and union protections that make it hard to replace them. I think you’d have to give them assignments and if they failed to carry them out, then you have to document poor performance or insubordination, THEN you have to give them a performance plan and time period for improvement, THEN there has to be a couple iterations of that, and only THEN might you be able to fire and replace them. All the while being fought by the union and their attorneys. Meanwhile, they’re throwing spanners in the gears the entire time.

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        • sevenwheel says:

          There’s ways around that. First thing I would do would be to take the entire civil rights division and any other suspect hires and reassign them to do deportation paperwork for the INS. Put them to work deporting the flood of illegal aliens. And give them quotas. Make them spend their days doing something the opposite of what they want to do. Either they resign, in which case they’re gone, they won’t do the job, in which case you go through the process of getting them fired, or they just do the work, in which case they’re neutralized.

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          • nimrodman says:

            Ahhh, thanks sevenwheel, exactly the kind of response I was hoping to elicit from someone who knows the processes and has a sharper mind than I.

            The next nut to crack would be HUD and that affirmatively furthering fair housing monstrosity. As well as any targeting of section 8 tenants outside their own “current enclaves”.


      • zero’s DOJ, Balto’s prosecutors and judges, I thought Kangaroos were from Australia not diluted African descent.


    • AmyB says:

      “Our country is being run by stupid, stupid people” . Donald Trump

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    • rayzorback says:

      I agree with the Donald…..
      These people are not “dumb”….
      They are STUPID!

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  10. hocuspocus13 says:

    To bad the Left Wing wasn’t this determined when it came to Lois Lerner

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  11. djb914 says:

    Hopefully Trump or Cruz wins and picks Rudy Guliani or Sherriff David Clarke for Attorney General, men who would not railroad cops, and there will be no federal charges.

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  12. Mentalist says:

    Btw, I mentioned several months ago that I didn’t think that there were enough potentially eligible jurors in Baltimore City to handle these six cases (excluding hung juries). Well the other day, a relative of mine received a jury summons. The problem is that they should not have received it since they were supposed to be permanently exempt from jury duty (under Maryland law those over 70 can request and receive an exemption from jury duty). This has me wondering who else is being called for jury duty that under the law should not be – i.e. felons, illegals, non-residents, etc.

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    • Awesome catch. That tactic is extremely believable, likely to be right, and PURE Obama / Jarrett. Please blog this somewhere for permanence, and spread the word. Prosecutable under a Trump DOJ, although defense will be “dindu nuffins – it was an accident”. This stuff has to be beaten back as rule of law reasserts itself.

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    • peachteachr says:

      It is my understanding that you have to request to be removed from the jury lists @ 70 or whatever your state’s age is to be delisted. My distant relative is the judge for my little rural county and at our last family reunion he told me I could request to be removed from jury duty (I’m disabled and 66). I told him what I truly believe, “If I expect to be judged by a jury of my peers, then I must be willing to be a peer.” That said, do you know how low the chances are that a lawyer would select me, a college educated, older, white woman? Zero to none.

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      • Mentalist says:


        My relative did request an exemption. In fact, I contacted the office of the court clerk on their behalf who told me that she was noting this in the system as we spoke.

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  13. tz says:

    Maybe we can bring in the BLM so the Baltimore six can be judged like the Hammonds. Isn’t failure to apply a seat belt terrorism?

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  14. amwick says:

    This really is admittedly paranoid thinking… The “cases” against the black LEOs are being sabotaged, so MOSBY can try for even the tiniest conviction against the white LEOs. It’s all BS, but I still believe that justice will prevail, even when it has been so blatantly kicked in the groin.

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    • jc says:

      Thats what I was thinking too, probably always the end goal,convict the three white cops, whatever it takes.

      These trials are going to take forever. I expect key Mosby assistants will start leaving when they have enough to write a book or find a better job.

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    • Mentalist says:

      If you think the cases against the three black officers is weak, the cases against the three white officers (who did nothing but arrest Gray)is even weaker.

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      • dmi60ex says:

        Mentalist. The case against the first three got even weaker when Schatzow conceded Freddie was up rocking the van at stop two and that is why he was shackled. Obviously they never hurt him. The case against the first three will also fail on the illegal arrest . My prediction, the knife will never ever be presented. That will be one of those enduring mysteries that bloggers will argue over for years.

        The other conspiracy theory that was floated is Freddie was an informant on another case, now confirmed. Perhaps the arrest was bogus and was a cover to bring him down to speak with investigators .Freddie puts on a show with the crowd and ends up hurting himself.There was an officer who talked on one of the news shows incognito last year who said Freddie was an informant.

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      • amwick says:

        Yes Mentalist, I agree totally. But this is all absurd, so that the weakest cases may be given the most attention, bass ackward so to speak. When justice is on the wrong track, anything goes. As I said, I believe in the justice system, I believe that the jurors will do their jobs faithfully, I don’t trust Mosby.


      • Doodahdaze says:

        There is no case at all against any of them. It is a criminal as prosecutor and a biased judge. Simple. A show trial with no legal foundation for the charges.


        • amwick says:

          Yes, and yes again. Unfortunately the charges are real, the trials are real, the the repercussions are horrific. All because somebody helped an unqualified person get a law degree. Kind of a real world Butterfly effect.


      • JeremyR says:

        Charges are easy to inflate, and if you cherry pick your jury, you could convict a turnip.


  15. El Torito says:

    The hate in Mosby’s eyes is exactly like any radical muslims’ hate filled eyes. The black grievance industry is Jihad, apparently against cops and whites.

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  16. Doodahdaze says:

    This is not a trial it is a lynching. Social Justice is based on communist dogma not law. It fails when the rules of evidence and criminal procedure are applied by higher courts.. As usual in these lynchings the states own evidence will exonerate the defendant.

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  17. RoyBaty says:

    So now only the 3 white bicycle riding police officers who apprehended drug dealer Freddie Gray and placed him in custody, can be tried and convicted? Was that the original plan when Mosby heard the call for “no justice, no peace”?


    • The whites cops are the goal. The black cops are only collateral damage.

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      • Jason says:

        the goal has already been achieved IMO, DOJ invited in and federalization of the LEO will be graciously accepted by Mayor “space to destroy” just before she leaves office.

        Media successfully pushed the narrative that as many as 6.. SIX, officers assisted in ‘killing’ Freddie. Payoff for like-minded parties already approved (although I did see the payout was being held up due to it being tied to a 2 million payoff to a local firm to do the DOJ’s ‘investigation’ for them).

        At this point it doesn’t really matter. Mosby is hoping to score some activist points if she can manage to convince a jury to hang at least one of these cops. Worst case scenario… all SIX get off and the BLM gets to push “no justice, no peace”. Amazing how nearly every single BLM case is so horribly flawed from the outset…

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      • John Galt says:

        That would be my defense if I was Goodson. “I dunno wut dem honkeys dun to poor Freddie. I dun efen knowd why dey hassle Freddie from da jump. I wuz jes trying to get poor Freddie to da medics, but dem crackas kilt him.”


  18. dmi60ex says:

    Mosby will do whatever she can to delay these trials until after the April elections. Her goal has been twofold , get a big settlement for her buddy Billy Murphy and her husband elected mayor. The officers are just cogs in a social justice prosecution. I am not even sure if convictions will even matter, it will be spun as Mosby the hero. I am amazed at the number of commenters on other sites who comment that Porter only got a stay because he was LEO. They did not understand this ruling was unprecedented for anyone.

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    • Hubs as mayor. THAT is the money.


      • peachteachr says:

        Right. And the current mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is presently the Secretary of the Democrat Party with little Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
        I also think they believed these trials would be good for the “get out the vote” for Hillary in November. She knows that the black vote will not be as high as it was for Obama.

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  19. mnlakes says:

    I just hope it all works out for these Officers. Like Doodahdaze mentioned, this was a Lynching and if the two officers in the most trouble were white they would be sacrificed in a heartbeat to appease the BLM crowd.


  20. archer52 says:

    I was talking to an ex officer who lives up in that neck of the woods. I asked him if this was Russia or something. He said, “In parts of Maryland, yes.”

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  21. don welch says:

    the worst scenario for a white male is to be in the box in a court room with a female or black judge. it’s not even good situation for a black or latino male.

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  22. beaujest says:

    It is what you get when “Witch Doctors” are put in positions of authority !

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  23. True Colors says:

    So Mosby was counting on one of the police officers to be her star witness to help her nail all the other police officers?

    Evidently Mosby made it through law school without even learning about the 5th amendment. What a moron.


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  24. TrumpFanGirl says:

    The right to a speedy trial and statute of limitations don’t apply in Baltimore?


  25. True Colors says:

    By the way, do you know what these cops are actually on trial for? It is not about seat belts, or rough rides, or any of those other BS smoke screens.

    The real truth is that the police officers are being persecuted because they had the audacity to treat a black person like a criminal. That is what this is really all about.

    Even if someone like Freddie Gray is, in fact, a criminal, that doesnt matter. They should not be treated as such. So these police officers must be forced to pay. And Marilyn Mosby wanted to send a message to all of the other cops that they damn well better keep their hands off of black people as well.


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  26. larry wolfe says:

    I still think the city is culpable for making LEOs use badly designed vans in which it’s dangerous to try to put seat belts on resisting arrestees.


    • archer52 says:

      And that makes all of this a CIVIL suit! Sue the city! Don’t turn an accident, even a preventable one, into a criminal murder trial- so you can get you baby daddy elected and keep the ghetto critters happy.

      BTW- black thugs killing black thugs does not upset the police. We call that a “two-fer.”

      If I were a police officer in Baltimore, applying right after a metal rod penetrated my skull and taking out half my brain!, I would be standing back, protecting myself and my friends and family and watching the whole city kill itself.

      Before the riots the clearance rate was horrible. Like I mentioned before, I knew a veteran homicide cop from there. His description of their typical day was horrifying for any cop from a normal jurisdiction. I think their rate was something like 18% clearance. Normally it is the high 80’s or even 90’s in other places.

      Nobody cared, nobody talked, nobody liked 5-0 even coming into the neighborhood.

      It was like Mogadishu with Jeri Curls, Nike sneakers and gold grills in everybody’s teeth!

      There is no viable solution for this problem, just an open, oozing wound, duplicated across the nation usually located in historically democratically controlled cities.


  27. treepersrock says:

    The Mindset of Judge Williams, and the Hypocrisy of Doug Colbert

    Judge Barry Williams has revealed once and for all his mindset: that he will allow prosecutors to do anything they want in their zeal to criminally convict the police officers they have accused of killing Freddie Gray.

    At this point, having listened to all of the evidence, Judge Williams knows full well that they are not criminally culpable. Any fair-minded person who understands the law and knows the facts understands this. Yet Judge Williams refuses to step in to protect their legal rights. Instead he is handing prosecutors every possible tool to convict them.


  28. archer52 says:

    If they want to stop crime in cities, they should make this mandatory viewing by everyone from first grade on.

    Hilarious. When it first came out, it went viral in the police world. True story, we’d catch someone with weed and announce out loud “He got weed! He got weed!” You would be surprised how many bad guys with dope would break out laughing- even though it was THEIR weed- because they saw it too!


  29. It’s time for this farce to end.


  30. joecollins says:

    I remain grateful for honest judges, elected in free, fair elections . . . or appointed by those we elect in free, fair elections. The judiciary is a consequence of elections. This is a safeguard preserved for us by wise people centuries ago.


  31. Steve Richter says:

    putting aside that the officers did nothing wrong, I do not see the need to protect individuals from testifying in court. That is, what is the point of the 5th amendment protection when you testify in public, before a judge, with a lawyer on your side?


  32. skelly says:

    Me thinks their is more to this than what appears clear. So basically the cases against the non white officers are damaged, but she doesnt mention the 3 whites cases? The problem is the.narrative is white.officers killing blacks. These “rulings” basically make it impossible to try the non white officers. Maybe that was from the the goal from the begining.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. There is no word on what happens to Miller, Nero and Rice. Theirs go on as scheduled?


      • skelly says:

        She only mentions the 3 non white officers cases being damaged. Remember that non whites killing a black criminal doesn’t fit the narrative. Now they can go hard after the 3 white officers and say see the non whites were innocent. The white officers are the killers. just too convenient


  33. freepetta says:




  34. rumpole2 says:


  35. MC227 says:

    Marilyn Mosby like every black I have ever seen in a high level job is incompetent. Look where she comes from. She claimed to come from a family of police officers in Boston. Since she opened that can of worms it came out that her mother was bounced off the force for several unlawful transgressions including cocaine use, not showing up for work often, stealing etc. Her uncle was caught robbing drug dealers, her father got kicked off the force as well. Obviously if she had not said she was from a family of cops nobody would have looked into it. She is not very intelligent and has no business in that position. If you are white in Baltimore and you are tried in front of a black judge you lose. Facts they do not care about stinkin facts!


    • True Colors says:

      Mosby has stated that she comes from “5 generations of police officers.”

      Based on everything that I have seen, Mosby actually comes from 2 generations of cops — not 5.

      Her mom, dad and uncles are one generation. Then her grandfather would make a second generation.

      I have yet to see anyone else explain where the other 3 generations supposedly come from.



    • John Galt says:

      “Marilyn Mosby like every black I have ever seen in a high level job is incompetent.”

      When I graduated from college, I was hired by a black guy holding a high level federal job in the DC area. I literally couldn’t understand the ebonics dialect that he was speaking. Finally I asked, very slowly and distinctly “How much money do you make?” He named a figure that sounded astronomical to me at the time, so I accepted the job thinking that the sky would be the limit for somebody who actually spoke English.


  36. Jo McIntyre says:

    Changing login details.


  37. rumpole2 says:

    Hard to keep track of a 6 (or 7) ring Circus.. guess that’s why Barnum and Bailey never tried more than 3 rings?

    Trial Dates set

    Officer William Porter – Nov 30 —-> Retrial June 13
    Officer Caesar Goodson – Jan 6 Jan 11 —–> TBA (Appeal Decision March 4)
    Sgt. Alicia White – Jan 25 February 7th
    Officer Garrett Miller – Feb 9 March 7th
    Officer Edward Nero – Feb 22
    Lt. Brian Rice – March 9

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Ruckweiler says:

    The morons in the legal system in Baltimore, all of them, obviously were the anchor students of their law classes.


  39. rumpole2 says:

    I suggest a Plea deal.
    Drop current charges and all plead guilty to “Littering”


    • nivico says:

      Heck, just cite the driver for failure to use a seat belt and fine him $50 like anybody else would be.

      That’s been the main problem with Mosby’s case all along, she’s trying to turn what would be a ticketable offense at best into a manslaughter/murder case simply because it involved police officers.

      Granted, even then she’d be overcharging because there is and was no legal requirement that passengers over the age of 16 be seat belted in rear seats.


  40. moray watson says:

    The United States has a legal justice system not a social justice system. Didn’t Mosby learn that when she was in law school?


  41. rumpole2 says:

    Test… I am being ignored by WP


  42. Az native says:

    The case that should actually be happening.

    The mayor must be charged for inciting criminal behavior. The police dept and Baltimore businesses need to sue her personally for her order to space to destroy. And yes she did say it. She is liable for the arson, looting, theft and injuries to the cops.

    She is not above the law. She incited danger to this city and the police officers. A city burned because this lady was trying to make a name for herself.

    She not only incited a crime she was a co-conspirators in the acts by telling cops to stand down risking their lives but also not putting a curfew into effect immediately.

    She basically lit the candle that burned the town down. The price tag will be huge and she should foot the entire bill not the American taxpayer ever again.

    Under federal law, 18 USC 242, it is illegal for anyone under the color of law to deprive any person of the rights, privileges or immunities secured by the U.S. Constitution, and under 18 USC 241 it is illegal to conspire to violate such rights. It is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. This could be applied to local, state, or federal law enforcement or military personnel who abuse the rights of citizens. Every state has a similar law.

    The key point is this: You not only have the right to disobey an illegal order, but you may also have the duty to apprehend the parties issuing such an order if such issuance is part of the commission of a crime.


  43. SO what happens to Rice, Nero, and Miller? There is no mention of their trials. Do they go on as scheduled? or are they set to fall apart? I’m a newby on the law.


  44. rumpole2 says:

    Rice and Nero not mentioned, but there was a delay announced for Miller trial (along with White trial), so white case too seen as dependent on Porter evidence it seems. (See my list of trial dates above)
    The way I read it all:
    Officer Edward Nero – Trial starts Feb 22
    Lt. Brian Rice – Trial starts March 9

    Mosby NOW wants to try Porter again before all remaining 3 other defendants, but Porter date scheduled at the moment is:
    Officer William Porter – Retrial stars June 13

    I can only assume that she will try and bring that Porter date forward.. to some time in March?

    Best I can do… else it’s all custard and Nobody will get tried at all. ???


    • rumpole2 says:

      To add.. again “as things stand” for all 6 defendants, chronologically:..
      Sgt. Alicia White – Trial starts February 7th
      Officer Edward Nero – Trial starts Feb 22nd
      Officer Caesar Goodson – Trial date TBA ( after appeal hearing March 4th)
      Officer Garrett Miller – Trial March 7th
      Lt. Brian Rice – Trial starts March 9th
      Officer William Porter – Retrial stars June 13th


      • rumpole2 says:

        Brian Kuebler (Verified account)
        Once ruling is made in Court of Spec. Appeals, takes 30 more days for the ‘mandate,’ which is official evidence of the ruling. #GoodsonTrial

        Brian Kuebler (Verified account)
        Once Mandate from Court of Spec. Appeals is published, only then can losing party appeal 2 highest state court within 15 days. #GoodsonTrial

        It sure dont look like they are going to get this done in a hurry?

        Mosby should Welease Porter, Goodson, White, Miller, Nero, Rice!


  45. Keith says:

    So without Porter, the Goodson and White cases go away. If this is also the case for the other three, Baltimore burns (again). If the first three cases go away, the impetus to toss the last three into the prison system increases. And where is the jury pool from? There appears to be a bit of an issue here. Are they letting the black defendants go free and getting an incited jury pool to convict the white defendants? Or is it about federal dollars to rebuild Baltimore after a couple more “injustice” inspired fire riots?

    Liked by 1 person

    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      Outside of the obvious political motives….why in God’s name would you try to retry your “best shot” case when it is pretty clear that there was one person who refused to look at the facts and hung the jury? What do they think is going to happen at the retrial??? Stupid is as stupid does.


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