Two Mid-East Refugees Arrested On Terrorist Charges…

These two semi-related arrests are examples of the concerns many have expressed for quite some time.   Both of these arrests are from Mid-East migrants who entered the U.S. under “refugee status”, both Muslim males in their late-teens when they gained entry….

isis map 4(Via CNN) U.S. federal authorities arrested two refugees on terror-related charges Thursday. The arrests in Sacramento and Houston did not appear to be directly related, but the cases had several similarities.

Both men were Palestinians born in Iraq and living as refugees in the United States, according to the U.S. Justice Department. And both of them are accused of lying to immigration officials about their alleged ties to terrorist organizations.

♦ Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, of Houston, is charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS.

♦ Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, of Sacramento, California, is charged with making a false statement involving international terrorism.

It was not immediately clear whether Hardan or Jayab had retained legal representation. They are both scheduled to appear in courts on Friday.

[…] Hardan entered the United Sates as an Iraqi refugee in November 2009 and was granted legal permanent resident status in August 2011, the Justice Department said.

In addition to the charge of attempting to provide material support to ISIS, he’s charged with procurement of citizenship or naturalization unlawfully and making false statements.

[…]  Jayab entered the United States as an Iraqi refugee in October 2012, the Justice Department said.

According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. federal court, Jayab exchanged messages on social media in 2012 and 2013, saying he planned to go to Syria to fight. (read more)

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106 Responses to Two Mid-East Refugees Arrested On Terrorist Charges…

  1. PreNanny says:

    One fatwa away from jihad, all of them.

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  2. Sentient says:

    If Hillary’s so pro-woman, why doesn’t she want to halt importing Muslim rapists?

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    • smiley says:

      because she’s not really as “pro-woman” as she pretends ?

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      • John Galt says:

        Maybe if US women formed an organization and donated a few hundred million $ to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bill to give speeches and donated a few virgins to Bill and Hill.

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    • John Galt says:

      Clintons are more pro Sunni $$ than pro woman.

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    • Hillary is pro-Hillary, period! She wants power and money, period! She will say anything to achieve power and money!

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Hillary has taken a lot of money from Saudi Arabia. It is not in her best interest to upset anything Muslim as that could interfere with future payments. What should she care if a few women get raped verses millions to her so called charity? This is a conflict of interest and Trump should capitalize on it..


    • helenerbrown says:

      Anyone “pro women” would not support the ideology of Islam or anyone who practices it.

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    • Gracchus says:

      After Obama made support of Israel a partisan issue, the Democrats have damaged their ability to fundraise from Israel supporting donors. They may see no option but to realign themselves to gain market share of support from the Gulf Monarchies’ lobbying groups. This is likely to be somewhat effective since their direct competition for Saudi loyalty Jeb is faltering and Trump is speaking uncomfortable truths about Islamic immigration. The good news is that a realignment of donors would allow breathing space for Republicans to question the US dedication to interference in the middle east, which is appealing to independents.


    • Keith says:

      it is the problem of trying to be all (liberal progressive) things to all liberal progressives. Those chickens come home to roost from the Right and from the soon to be aggrieved liberal progressive that gets displaced and displeased by the new promise.


  3. Deadhead says:

    There! This proves that the system works and we can bring in tons of refugees!

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  4. Ray Caruso says:

    Bringing Muslims into a civilized country is like going to the hospital and asking for a cancer transplant. Obama and Hellary want to give America cancer.

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    • smiley says:

      at what temperature does blood boil ?
      as if things aren’t difficult enough anymore, this is a fine mess.
      of all the intentional damage done to us in the past 7 years, this putting us directly in Harm’s Way, by importing the harm, disturbs me the most.
      this is the new normal.
      didn’t take long, did it ?

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    • Ray, I find your premise compelling. It is beyond disturbing that our President demonstrates compassion for Muslim refugees at a time when terrorist attacks are happening to the citizens he was elected to defend. He is deliberately bringing potential killers to our towns, forcing us to coexist with foreigners who despise us & our way of life. He’s unlike any President in history. I can’t wait for his reign to be over. One more year.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      We have to “do our part” and take in our “fair share” of terrorists.


  5. Guest says:

    I grew up in Sacramento (CA State capitol). It’s gone full Libtard since I was a kid. Once, CA was very conservative. I hope this serves as a wake-up call to the Sacramentans and Californians as a whole. Wakey wakey! Eggs and backy!

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  6. Mike P says:

    Feigning shock…


  7. georgiafl says:

    Palestinians born in Iraq” – anyone else see what’s wrong with this picture?

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  8. JoeS says:

    A terrorist named Al Hardan (pronounced hard on!).

    You can’t make this stuff up!

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  9. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:



  10. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    Only 2 ?

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  11. Will says:

    I forget who said it, perhaps it was the Turkish tyrant, but I remember something to this effect: “Immigration is the Trojan horse of jihad”

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  12. Bull Durham says:

    These and hundreds of thousands of other (non-Christians) have been preferred immigrants sponsored by Obama. It has gotten progressively worse each Obama year. Add to that the storming of the southern border by “children” and the flood of willing mules carrying drugs and guns, (someday, unwittingly, carrying WMDs), you have the “delivery system”, the multiple Trojan Horses. They are protected by Obama and the Elite Liberal tyranny in DC.

    We cannot afford one more minute of this chaos machine.

    We must have Donald Trump. Only Trump will build a huge wall, and export by whatever means necessary all these threats to our nation.

    And only Trump will “profile” the threat bearers be they criminal, diseased, or radical terrorists.

    We cannot have a country without secure borders and ‘filtered’ visitors and immigrants.

    We will not achieve security without Trump.

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    • I agree, Trump should issue a policy that anyone from the Middle East allowed entrance into the country in the last 8 years needs to return to their country of origin and reapply under tougher immigration review and vetting. I bet the number that would not be allowed back in due to security issues would be a SCANDAL. Something is so wrong with the numbers allowed into this country from that area. It went from being the least desired due to terrorist concerns to the most desired by 10,000 to 1, weighted heavily in favor of Muslim vs Christian even though the Christians are the ones getting their heads chopped off immediately. I pray Trump starts to lead and do things behind the scene even before he is sworn in. I honestly think he already is! That’s how much of an impact his words have on true American loving patriots.

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  13. sheridan says:

    Dual loyalty dual citizenship the subject of the day. Ted Cruz a canadian? Or dual passport holder etc etc

    What about Bernie Sanders? Is he a dual passport citizen of Israel??? Surely that would disqualify him to run for office??? Anyone know?

    Hillary’s assistant Huma ??? Dual passport?? Qualified to work in the white house???
    Anyone know?

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    • boutis says:

      We have to get rid of dual citizenship. If parents are from two different countries let the child decide when they are an adult at say age 25 (18 I think is too young to make this type of permanent decision) and then that is it. Dual allegiances are what globalists want and they rationalize how it is someone good for a country. It obviously is not. The requirement that a US president be a natural born citizen was to prevent dual or conflicting allegiances. For a president there can be no question. Obama is the prime example of why and what the founders were trying to avoid.

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  14. Trent Telenko says:

    Muslims are one percent of the US population and have committed 44 of the Domestic terrorisim in the USA since 9/12/2001.


    Team Islam Surges Back Into Contention
    Steve Sailer • December 4, 2015

    And Pres Obama tweeted and deleted he wants to bring in 100,000 more Syrian refugees!

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  15. What a tremendously costly and dangerous fiasco the O administration has foisted upon us. A Trump administration is exactly what we need–can’t come soon enough for me!

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  16. ZurichMike says:

    “Two Mid-East Refugees Arrested On Terrorist Charges”.

    Here’s a feather. Knock me over.

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  17. And what ever happened to the two afghanys soldiers that disappeared from the Air Force base a couple of weeks ago. We were training them here on our soil and they disappeared and did not show up for roll call. It was a story in the news then nothing. And the neighbor in San Bernadino said 8 or 9 men were seen going in and out of the apartment that had pipe bombs on the floor, what happened to them….We’ve got problems folks. The enemy is here and I believe there is many more than we can possibly imagine.

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  18. warmac9999 says:


    Below is one of the more astounding stories in recent memory, but it signifies what is happening throughout Europe.

    After New Year celebrations, German women revelers were the focus of attacks by groups of up to 1000 Arab or North African men. Robberies, threats of violence, molestations and rape occurred in Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and even Berlin. Notably, over 130 women have filed criminal complaints, but based on the past history of these types of incidents, the numbers of actual incidents could be in the thousands.

    The German police have described this as ‘a new dimension in crime’ or ‘civil war’. What is the German response so far? Women are being warned not to be victims again and “to stay at least an arms length away” from another person when in crowed conditions. The political leadership is warning against blaming Muslim migrants, and that people who blame them are “worse than those who committed these crimes”. The police, who haven’t arrested anyone yet, are warning that they will increase their future presence at large events. In summary, it appears that the German government is blaming the victims, excusing the perpetrators, and burying the incidents by controlling the news and Internet.

    If you thought you missed it, you didn’t. Nowhere in all of this is an authority figure warning the Muslim migrants that a repeat of this will be met with force. I suspect that the German police know that such force would lead to rioting, looting, violence, and lots of deaths. Better traumatized German women and girls than another Paris like massacre.

    Europe appears to be operating under the premise that it is better to ignore the lessons of European history than insult the prophet and his invading hordes. The socialists who run Europe still can’t comprehend that suicidal “peace in our time” thinking doesn’t work.

    In conclusion, the stupidity and calumny of the European authorities is beyond belief (but typical of multicultural socialism). Clearly, political correctness has badly damaged the entirety of Western European civilization. The future is bleak and this situation can only be settled by violence or surrender – there are no other real choices.


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  19. Jenny R. says:

    Who to blame for this? For this has been going on at many levels and for quite some time:
    Blame the politicians, who have not followed the first law: protect your own people; they love only power and money.
    Blame the press, who lie for the agenda, and whoever will give them money and power.
    Blame the power money, the corporations who also believe in the ideology and only love money and more power.
    Blame professorship, the colleges who also are corporations who believe in the ideology and love only money.
    Blame the performers, who are witless and vain, and again love only money.
    Lastly blame the filthy invading pos who saw an opportunity and took it.
    And let us lastly not forget to blame ourselves: for having faith in any of these others, and for allowing it.

    This the muslims have supplied them with, and this is what all five of these groups see when they see Islam: a priestly class that truly does give them earthly paradise (of sort which would satisfy their wildest, godless, debauched dreams) all the while putting the rest of the people under the boot and the sword (which also gives them sensual frisson).
    You are dealing with the Rousseau-ian endgame here folks: they’ve become what de Sade told you they would if let off they leash.

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  20. cantgetno says:

    This is going to be one awfully long year… 😦

    Trump 2016!

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  21. jc says:

    Can’t wait to hear the story about their “vetting”. One was accused of lying on his application, I’m sure tens of thousands have done that.

    It’s a very expensive process waving these Muslamics in on refugee status and then investigating them after they’re in.

    When in doubt, keep them out. When in doubt, throw them out.

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  22. Sandra says:

    Dear President Obama, we are not afraid of widows and three-year-old orphans. We are afraid of indoctrinated young men and women who want to kill Americans.

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  23. stringy theory says:

    I hope this means the FBI is back from the edge and ready to do their job. Still waiting for them to openly recommend indicting hitlery.


  24. mcfyre2012 says:

    Palestinian born in Iraq? Sounds pretty dubious to me.

    Arab countries still do not allow Palestinians to become citizens…as the Arab League calls it…”to maintain their Palestinian nationality.”


    • NannyG says:

      Actually it is very common for Muslim countries to deny citizenship to people BORN in their countries – even of parents also BORN in their countries!
      If you look into the zegat (zagat, zaket, etc., infinity) or tithe that Muslims pay you find that non-citizens of a country are denied benefits of that country, no matter how strongly it follows Sharia.
      In Egypt before the Arab Spring, for example, non-citizens could not go to school, get medical care, get a job, own a business, vote, marry or get a Passport to leave!

      Is it any wonder (what with tens of millions of such stateless Muslim males) that so many Muslim males throw their lives away on a hoped-for caliphate?


      • mcfyre2012 says:

        In 1959, the Arab League resolution 1547 confirmed earlier resolutions calling on Arab countries to treat Palestinian Arabs well – but recommends that they “retain their Palestinian nationality.“ Meaning that Palestinian Arabs should not be allowed to obtain citizenship in their host countries.

        While the Arab League supports the right of any Arab to become citizens of any Arab country, they have a single exception: Palestinians.

        Today, over fifty years later, if you are a Palestinian and you want to become a citizen of an Arab country, you are almost certainly out of luck. And the reason being given is the same as in 1959: Arabs say they are doing it to preserve Palestinian nationality, which they evidently believe is so fragile that if they were allowed to become citizens they would forget all about their history.

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  25. trapper says:

    Let’s get this straight. These were not “Mid-East Refugees.” That’s MSM happy talk. These were Muslim jihadists. Let’s get something else straight. These were not “Palestinians born in Iraq.” “Palestinians” are people from Palestine, and they could be Christians, Jews, Samaritans, or Druze. These were Muslim jihadists. Their ethnic or national origin is irrelevant, but if CNN feels the need to identify them that way the honest way to do it would have been to identify them as “Palestinian Muslim jihadists from Iraq.” Likewise the headline should read “Muslim Jihadist Infiltrators Arrested.”

    In the words of Mr. Trump’s press release : “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

    Boy howdy, does he have that right! It may be found here on his web site:

    Go T!

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  26. Duchess says:

    Heard on the radio that relatives of these 2 have been arrested in Wisconsin. Looking for info on this.

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  27. 7delta says:

    Well doggies. I’m just shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Jihadists among Muslims, refugees or not. Who would have thunk it? I mean, other than Mohammed, his imaginary friend and their devout followers.

    Combine the ones allowed to enter legally with the “army” that has walked across the border and the future looks…bloody. I think I’m going to get a campaign t-shirt that says, Are you unhappy with where America is going? Vote for Art. 3, Sec. 3 .

    Gee whiz, these people and their emotional vampire sycophants are…(fill in the blank)…because I can’t think of any clean words to use.


  28. My wife actually sent me the article about the Houston terrorist immigrant before I read about it. My response: Um do you now see how Trump is right about pretty much everything time and time again? We have confirmed terrorist immigrants in the city next to us, Trump is the only presidential candidate that is likely to keep his word & stop importing terrorist refugees and you still want to vote democrat?

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  29. johnmcgoo says:

    Hopefully there are still undercover law enforcement on UC Merced campus. There was a nervous Arabic looking guy at the UC Merced/Pacific union basketball men/women games. Not sure how much of the crowd that the videos of the games picked up but there are videos of the games online. He was the guy 2 or 3 rows up on the first seat of the bleachers on the second section of bleachers on the Union Pacific end of the court. Dark sweats, big frame glasses, grey shoes with black laces. He was giving some sideways looks to the side and back of him and then later switched sides of the court for awhile.


  30. Some sites are stating one of these men is NOT from Iraq but is in fact from Syria.

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  31. Doodahdaze says:

    The democrats and media are on pins and needles. Waiting for the next Muslim attacks and hoping to spin it to avert election damage.


  32. tempo150101 says:

    The arrests in Sacramento

    Hmmmmmm … wanna bet there isn’t some connection between this guy and the “Asians” who stabbed Spencer Stone?


  33. Southern Son says:

    The Religion of Peace…Peace, that brief, glorious moment in history, when we all stand around reloading. Thomas Jefferson. I know TJ had some knowledge of islam. I now wonder if that was on his mind when he said this.


  34. Trent Telenko says:

    These arrests are “flaming datums” of an FBI revolt against the Obama Administration and justice Department.

    The 2012 to San Bernadino vetting, intelligence collection, and arrest of radical Islamists inside the USA is over.

    The sad thing is that the FBI knows it’s best won’t stop the coming wave of Islamist terrorism this black created, as the ISIS sympathizer attack on a police officer in Philadelphia makes clear.


  35. Nope2GOPe says:

    When will the libprogs ever figure it out that these people don’t, and won’t ever assimilate to western culture? It’s going to be interesting to find out how this works out. I just hope we make it to the Presidential elections, and that we see a safe and sane transfer of power.


  36. ezpz says:

    CNN lied. They said both were Iraqi refugees, but one is, in fact, from Syria.


  37. Regina says:

    This info from “congressional sources” – I’m sure they had no idea until After they signed the Omnibus, right? ‘Since 2014’, so we’re looking at over 1 terrorist per week?

    Following the discovery of a terrorist cell in Texas allegedly operated by an Iraqi who entered the United States as a refugee, the Washington Free Beacon has learned of an additional 41 individuals who have been implicated in terrorist plots in the United States since 2014, bringing the total number of terrorists discovered since that time to 113, according to information provided by Congressional sources.

    Since August, however, the Obama administration has stonewalled Congressional efforts to obtain more detailed immigration histories of these individuals, prompting frustration on Capitol Hill and accusation that the administration is covering up these histories to avoid exposing flaws in the U.S. screening process.


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