“Battered Conservative Syndrome” – GOPe Apology and Reconciliation Phase Begins…

The cycle of abuse is:  “Tensions building”, then the “abusive action” then a “period of reconciliation and apology”, followed by a period of “peace and calm”. Then the tensions begin building again…..   Wash, rinse, repeat.

As the years inside the cycle of abuse continue, the abused look forward to the space between the beatings -and- simultaneously learn how to exit the beating phase as quickly as possible.

Yesterday our GOPe abusers entered the “reconciliation and apology” phase.  Cue the Paul Ryan Video:

If you have spent any significant amount of time here, you’ll note something brutally obvious.  Everything Speaker Paul Ryan is saying the GOPe are doing now, ie. “repeal ObamaCare” and “defunding Planned Parenthood” and “actually putting something on Obama’s desk”….. is something they could have done at any time throughout 2015.

mcconnell ryan

Our abusers did not – because they were within the “abusive action” phase for much of the year, and carrying out the objectives exactly as they wanted to:

  • Passing the Iran Deal
  • Not Passing a Budget
  • Not repealing Obamacare
  • Not challenging Obama Executive Amnesty (DAPA)
  • Passing Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (Trade Authority)
  • Spending on historic levels – Omnibus.

Now our abusers are entering the “reconciliation and apology phase”.




Cold Anger


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325 Responses to “Battered Conservative Syndrome” – GOPe Apology and Reconciliation Phase Begins…

  1. jimdicksmusic says:

    Yes – so what can we do to get the hypocritical, two-faced rino critters out? Call every candidate running in the primaries and ask them to run on the record as the Trump candidate. Make it official – on the ballot and primary the frauds and fakers out!!

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    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      Can you imagine how much damage the RINOs can do if they have control of the House, the Senate, AND the Presidency?

      I shudder to think.

      Donald Trump HAS to win this thing.

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      • If it’s not Trump Sanders would be the best worst case, as congress will not work with him so it would be a stalemate… much better than a runaway progressive agenda.


      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        This has to Be THE worst interview that HANNITY has ever done………
        It looked like the perfect GoPe interview A** kissing and just kept letting him spew his lies and back pedaling………..Sean never lets anyone get word in AND then let’s this POS just take over his show………..I have lost ALL respect for Hannity………He joins my list of the rest of “faux” No news over there……….All about the $$$$ and keeping their JOBS……..
        Sickening to Watch…………

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      • Milo Moran says:

        This whole thing is a lie, they pushed this thing through because they know it will be vetoed and they are already saying they don’t have the votes for an override. This is form over substance, just like the Gun Grab deal, it is an executive order that is lawless since the President does not have authority over gun control of any kind without Congress, while Congress has the authority to VOID any executive order that is not within the authority of the President alone!! So we gave them the numbers to do a void, but but they don’t do it they just say “this is overreach” no it’s not it is breaking the law and they have the authority to stop it just as they have to void all the other lawless “executive orders”!


    • thegoldman says:

      The way I see it…

      It’s too little too late…


  2. coltlending says:

    I watched this live and couldn’t help but think Ryan looked and talked like the sales guy who was pitching his biggest customer in an attempt to save the relationship, but prattled on having no clue he’d lost it before he sat down.

    Ryan’s lame B.S. was just pathetic and Hannity was a mush giving no push back.

    Regardless of how things evolve between now and the GOP nominee being named, it’s over for the GOPe they just haven’t come to terms with it (I’ve believed for a long time it will be Trump).

    A critical mass of people see the Uniparty/Media complex and realize how important this election is.

    I’m either punching my ballot for Donald Trump or writing his name on the ballot.

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    • the5thranchhand says:

      Amen! Same here, to your last sentence. And everyone I know will do the same thing~~write Donald J. Trump’s name on the ballot.

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      • Sandhill says:

        If you have to write in Trump’s name be sure to check the box beside the write in space you place his name. When I was on the counting board we were not allowed to count the write-in vote if the box was not checked or now the oval circle filled in.

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  3. fred says:

    Ryan sounds like he drank 4 cans of Red Bull and trying to talk so fast he confuses you. By now we have had so much practice at spotting these fools lies that we are pros. We see a hustle coming days before they do. They still roll it out as if this kabuki isn’t like an old movie you have seen a million times. Ryan needs to go he’s not qualified to run the House. McConnel needs to be next and in a hurry cause there like 50% of us now and the FOX news freaks and Rove and all the rest are gonna eat their words. Don’t listen to a single word Ryan says. Block it out he’s the biggest liar next to Hillary on earth. Ryan Gowdy for private life 2016. get out… I read there are 460 seats open out of 525 to be elected in 2016. If that’s true these guys better run now….

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  4. Bill says:

    Too late, he’s already dead to me. It’s Trump or bust at this point. I will support ANY challenger who goes against him.

    A wall is good enough for his property but not for the country, apparently. We’ve had ENOUGH of these leaches.

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    • TravelChic1984 says:

      Trump or bust for me, too. If we want to break the cycle of abuse, vote for outsiders and retire career politicians. The survival of our Republic demands it.

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  5. Justice_099 says:

    They could have done all of those things in the omnibus bill. Something that corrupted wanted to pass. But no, instead, they actually voted to fund all those things for 2 years, protected.

    So now, they are going to present standalone one-issue bills that they know will just be vetoed. Obama will veto, nobody will challenge it the second time around. And they’ll say, sorry guys, see we told you we can’t get anything done without a republican president.

    Nobody loses anything at all. One bill, one issue. Easy to just swat away like an annoying gnat. The dems won’t even provide any resistance because they are in on the game. Sure, they will grumble, the media will wine. But they won’t put up any real fight. It will just slide right through and we are supposed to be too stupid to think that if it could slide through so easily, why couldn’t they have been able to negotiate it into the omnibus?

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  6. joecollins says:

    We are entering an election cycle. These fools want political cover.

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  7. Grimaldi says:

    I think your analysis is a bit off. This is really more along the lines of “McCain Syndrome”. After winning election, quickly push through as much of the establishment’s agenda as possible, all the while feigning disappointment. Then as the election draws near, pass a few meaningless, symbolic votes to fool the funds into thinking the Republican party actually represents their interests, give some conservative – sounding speeches. Get re-elected, and start the cycle again.

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    • Grimaldi says:

      Darned autocorrect. Changed “rubes” into “funds”. Actually, that’s kind of symbolic. The establishment does look at the base as a bunch of rubes they can draw funds from by pretending to fight while allowing liberal policies to pass. I think many GOPe types would prefer to be in the minority. Policies they secretly want, pass, and they get money, power and privilege by pretending to fight without actually having to accomplish anything.

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  8. kinthenorthwest says:

    Now these puppies know who the next President will be.

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  9. Reality Wins says:

    Break the cycle is right, sundance, but you need to add number 5 – Cold Anger – to that diagram.

    I had a ringside seat to cold anger as a child and am witnessing it again from Americans of every political stripe. As a kid I had a friend who lived a block away. Her father was a classic serial abuser. He would stop at a bar everyday after work, get drunk, and then come home and beat his wife and children. Everyone in the neighborhood knew it as both his wife and children were always sporting black eyes, bruises, busted lips, and casts. At one time or another he put each of them in the hospital. Of course when he sobered up he would say, “I’ll change and it won’t happen again.” This was over 50 years ago and back then the police considered it a ‘family matter’ and would only come and take him to the drunk tank for the night if called. Of course when he was released the next day the abuse was even worse.

    My friend’s mom was always very timid and jittery like a small dog. She also never looked up at you while talking to you. One day I went over there after school to play with my friend and noticed that her mom was very different that day. She was in a really good mood, smiling and actually looking me in the eye when she talked to me. Most of all she was CALM and I had never seen her calm before. She made us something to eat and sat us in the kitchen. From our vantage point we could see her sitting in the living room folding clean towels out of a laundry basket just as calm as could be. Well Mr Abuse came home, drunk, yelled something at her and immediately came at her swinging. She calmly pulled a 38 out from between the towels and emptied that gun into his chest. She said to me, “You have to go home now”, then calmly called the police and told them what she had just done. She ended up being released as it was considered justifiable homicide for the long string of abuse that she and her children endured.

    Americans have been living with this PC bullying by those in power for too long now. We are all battered and bruised. Too many have been cowering and acting timid and by doing so encouraged the abuse. We don’t believe you when you claim to change and that it will be different this time. Americans have had ENOUGH! I am seeing the calmness of cold anger wash from sea to shining sea. The PC powers that be should know that it is wash day and we are folding the towels, metaphorically speaking of course.

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    • azfederalist says:

      I don’t think your analogy is very far off. Trump and Cruz are our 38 and 45 The establishment has carried its abuse way past the endurance of the base. You just see this in all the people you talk to who used to be staunch republican voters and believed that the Republican party was conservative. They voted for and loved Goldwater and Reagan and are only now really understanding the deep hatred the establishment Republicans had for those two. The continued behavior by the establishment will earn the Republicans a headstone right next to the Whigs.

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    • Rene says:

      Thank you for sharing. Tears. Very moving story and analogy.

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    • Exactly. Only I would add that if Mom misses with the .38, Junior and Sis, holding the deer rifle and the shotgun in the kitchen, won’t.

      cocking noises

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    • Totally Domestic says:

      Great analogy RW! What’s that I hear in the background???? We’re not gonna take it any more!! Our theme song.

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    • MVW says:

      “The PC powers that be should know that it is wash day”
      Words to remember.


    • annieoakley says:

      Nice analogy and I will add I have had two abuser husbands. The physical one was much easier to get rid of than the mental one. Gaslighting was his specialty and both learned their tactics from their respective fathers. Education seems to make no difference. Jittery is perfect to describe how it makes the woman feel.


  10. Venus says:

    Way too little and way too fraking late.

    The scales fell from my eyes even before Trump entered the race that the GOPe had no intention of keep its promises to voters on any of these issues. And I know to the depth of my being that they wouldn’t even think of offering this crumb to us now if Trump wasn’t in the race.

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  11. azfederalist says:

    Because now, it really doesn’t matter. Budget is already passed, Obamacare is fully funded, immigration is fully funded, Planned Parenthood is fully funded. All of Obama’s agenda items are checked off and delivered. Now they enter into the “dog and pony show” phase where they pass bills designed to appease the conservative base fully knowing those bills don’t matter a hill of beans because Obama will veto them, the Senate can’t over-ride, so nothing will happen.

    If they were smart, they’d use the veto to show the need for winning the presidency, but I don’t think they even have the backbone or balls to push that very far.

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  12. fred says:

    The GOP miscalculated….. Too many people even low info are on to them. Many realize the likes of Ryan are working against them I hear it from people who read yahoo news and other rubbish. There is no coming back and say sorry. The door is locked Paul and barred. It’s Trump or nothing…. The few hundred of you in the Congress is all that’s left and it’s closing in Tick Tock.

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  13. georgiafl says:

    I LOVE this analogy, Sundance!

    Fortunately for us battered and disrespected wacko-bird-crazy-vulgarians, we have gotten counseling, encouragement and empowerment (from Trump) and have overcome our PC brainwashing/conditioning and enabling our abusers. The Truth has set us free!

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  14. carolmcd says:

    This is right up Sundance’s alley. Surprised he hasn’t seen it. Mentions the Thad Cochran- Chris McDaniel race, among others. http://www.nationaljournal.com/s/235945/republicans-learned-wrong-lessons-from-2014?mref=daily_mc

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    • KBR says:

      That was an okay article, I guess. But the one just below it that I scrolled down to, really took the cake!
      Why the “Trump Gap” Is Growing

      A quote
      “The share of in­de­pend­ents with a fa­vor­able view of Trump in­creased only from 39 per­cent in Ju­ly to 40 per­cent in Decem­ber in the CNN/ORC poll; in the NBC/WSJ poll, his fa­vor­able rat­ings among in­de­pend­ents have de­clined from 23 per­cent in Ju­ly to 18 per­cent in Decem­ber. Only in the Quin­nipi­ac poll has Trump’s stand­ing im­proved among in­de­pend­ents from 20 per­cent ex­press­ing a fa­vor­able view in May to a still mea­ger 32 per­cent today. In all three polls, the share of in­de­pend­ents ex­press­ing un­fa­vor­able views of Trump ex­ceeds the por­tion rat­ing him fa­vor­ably by at least 17 per­cent­age points.”

      I laughed out loud! They don’t get it!

      That “share of people that identified as independents” in May-July are, likely as not & in great numbers, “identifying as Republicans/Trumpublicans by December!

      Trump isn’t losing ground among independents, it’s just that so many are now becoming or “identifying as” republicans just for Trump!

      The independents that haven’t yet started “identifying” as republicans/Trumpublicans yet might still change, but it is these that are left, after so many have “gone Trumpublican” that still see him unfavorably right now. And they can’t see that they are questioning the leftovers, and that their numbers are therefore sooo sqewed!

      No matter how hard they try, they just cannot see the gigantic juggernaut headed right towards them!

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  15. georgiafl says:

    Oh my – speaking of abused women… in the upper left of Drudge are these headlines:
    “LA TIMES PAGE ONE THURS: Ron Burkle raising campaign funds for candidate OTHER THAN HILLARY…”
    “Festering weirdness between California billionaire and Clintons’… Developing…
    “WASH POST THURS: Bill’s women unleashed… ”

    There be trouble brewing in the Clinton campaign.

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  16. georgiafl says:

    UH-OH – now the establishment want to bring W out of retirement to campaign against Trump and his hordes of vulgarians!


    • O how DESPERATE with a capital “D”

      George W. Bush = IRAQ WAR!

      Everything but the kitchen sink!

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    • KBR says:

      W. had best stay in retirement. CIA drug running IranContra: it’s all coming back out and to the forefront with the Clinton book and the Bush book by Roger Stone.

      On second thought, bring it on, RINO’s, bring it!
      It’s high time the uniparty mafiosos were thoroughly exposed! It’s not dragging up old news if W. comes out to play!

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      • georgiafl says:

        Now wouldn’t it be something if 3-4 former Presidues and one former 1st Lady were frog-marched to prison?

        Would be a warning for generations to come!


      • The idea that they would destroy what little is left of W’s legacy to save Saudi and CFR influence over America – just sad. I liked W, but America has learned from both his errors and Obama’s. If they want to drag out all the dirty laundry in history’s divorce court, I say bring it on. Jeb ain’t seen megaton one of therapeutic. Blood, oil, bombs and money will destroy all legacies, in biblical karma.

        In the end, Trump will stand.


    • TheTorch says:

      Oh My! This really has to be the dopiest bunch of people on planet earth. Really ? George W!

      They are in a huge hole, so they are going to dig it even deeper.

      Good grief. This election will be fondly remembered for just how unbelievably stupid the establishment class is. We thought they were dummies, but I think they are bringing a whole new meaning to a stuffed parrot 🙂


  17. carolmcd says:

    Paul Ryan is so full of it. I just tuned out because everything he said is just total bullshit. Sean is either extremely gullible or in on the plan to sell the GOP Congress as a changed entity.

    Ryan says they’re fighting Obama’s amnesty in the courts. Well, Congress isn’t fighting it in the courts. The governor of Texas and 25 other states are fighting Obama in court.

    Anyone who falls for Ryan’s act is naive.

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    • Pam says:

      If Mr. Hannity is that naive or that dumb, as someone suggested below, then why are we even listening to him? It’s hard for me to believe he is naive or dumb, but I guess it may be possible.

      As for Ryan and almost every other “new” conservative that has come forward and been elected to office in D.C. (remember the Tea Party and Rubio?), the problem is that people like that will keep showing up, and we want to believe them and we do believe them. How are we supposed to be able to know the truth about these people beforehand? If there’s nothing to “vet”, no long public or political history, then we don’t know. Or they could just have been doing things that look right and sound right, just to get themselves to the point of getting elected and getting to D.C., into the power place.

      To continue the abuse scenario, this is like the guy courting the girl and being Mr. Charming, Mr. Considerate…..until the marriage, or until they start living together. One would think that a woman who gets into a relationship with an abusive man and doesn’t even bother getting married would find it easy to just walk away. The truth is that many, many times, they stay and take it, over and over, even without having the wedding vows. The woman may get really mad and leave. Then she ends up going back. Both are sick and dysfunctional.

      This is what concerns me about the people in this country. In many areas of people’s lives, including politics, the way a whole lot of people think and act and live is just sick and dysfunctional. How could we have possibly reached this point without somehow having a society which has changed to the extent that we as a country have actually allowed it to go this far? A woman who has been repeatedly abused can know the truth and see the truth, but the truth does not automatically set her free. Because there’s also something not right in her.


  18. O Gawd, Sundance hit it on the head, like the battered wife syndrome, he beats her, she runs away for refuge, then in time she misses him or he finds a way to get back in her good graces, she returns and the honeymoon period begins, where the guy apologizes, flowers, crying, getting on his knees, wines and dines her, makes promises “to change” even showing some outward signs of change, may even promise to go to counseling or other things to prove he really has changed.

    Things start to look up. Everything looks rosy.

    Then boom! It happens again and he beats her up again.

    Rinse and repeat.

    O yes, this is what this has been.

    Can replace this scenario with an abusive borderline wife and a good husband too.

    Now back to politicians…
    Do not believe them. They haven’t changed, they want to offer flowers now. If they really did change they would be embracing Trump for he has only good for America in mind.

    Hannity looked like he was being wooed. Some here say he didn’t believe Ryan. I’m not sure I don’t watch TV and not really listen much to his radio program either.


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  19. carolmcd says:

    Paul Ryan is so full of it. I just tuned out because everything he said is just total BS. Sean is either extremely gullible or in on the plan to sell the GOP Congress as a changed entity.

    Ryan says they’re fighting Obama’s amnesty in the courts. Well, Congress isn’t fighting it in the courts. The governor of Texas and 25 other states are fighting Obama in court.

    Anyone who falls for Ryan’s act is naive.


  20. Juan says:

    Hannity is so full of himself. He talks a big game on radio & purrs like a kitten at the feet of traitors like Ryan on his tv show. They both make me want to puke.


  21. gettimothy says:

    I am going Alinsky on em.

    Personalize it->Attack Congress is too amorphous, attack Paul Ryan, make him the face.
    Isolate Ryan-> Make him toxic to your congress critter and any candidate
    Constant pressure, constant offense-> I will be pressuring now for a budget due in October.

    That is all I have so far, but as I learn I will add new tactics.

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  22. shirley49 says:

    TOO LATE. The last bill they passed giving obozo everything he wanted finalized my disgust for all of them. Stick your bold agenda. You have both Congress and Senate you idiot. Look at what Newt was able to do.


  23. Roger Smith says:

    Ryan is as bad as the Libs. He truly thinks his audience is completely uninformed, lacks the initiative to research and discover that he and the rest of his ilk believe we are like baby birds. Eyes shut, mouths agape, awaiting the next load of vomit from them, to be swallowed whole, without tasting or even realizing what it is they are shoveling..


    • TheTorch says:

      If you think about it people like Ryan are worse than the worst libs, because they are supposed to be Conservative, with Libs you know exactly what you are going to get, either some socialism or full blown! Ryan is portraying himself as a conservative, but is the exact opposite.


  24. lo says:

    Everything about Paul Ryan is insincere. His eyes tell you he is lying.

    The problem the establishment has now is that there is a large group of people who no longer will even listen to what they have to say. We see through all the theater. They continue to harp on the fact that Donald Trump is not a conservative. Well, earth to the establishment, none of the politicians in office today (voted in by the people under the pretense of conservatism) are conservative in the least. At least Trump is moving in the right direction. We cannot do any worse than what is in office today. They are destroying everything!

    The emperor has no clothes. We see that now and there is no turning back to unsee it. Their silly attempts to prove they are working for the people (sending a bill to repeal Obamacare) are meaningless gestures meant to placate the sheeple and we don’t buy the bull.

    Long story short: the establishment is dead to us.

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  25. odinsacolyte says:

    They are all liars. As the author says; this could have been done at anytime and was NOT.
    Both parties have betrayed the citizens. Both need a thorough cleansing. The problem lies with money. We all know it. A sad thing for a capitalist to have to say. Something must change or we are forever doomed to be duped and/or used by those with the biggest purses. My only answer for that salvation….is rock solid ethics without forgiveness. No double standards. No exceptions.No ‘gray’ areas. Hold representatives of the citizens to unforgiving and clear standards and all this mess shall stop. Take the judgement of the representative from politics and place it in the hand of the citizens and see what happens. Perhaps a short ‘Reign of Terror’. Perhaps not. The populace is much less forgiving than ‘peers’. It is either that or it is time to Nourish the Tree of Liberty.


  26. John Hall says:

    The insurgency will require a couple/few elections. I say, first get Trump elected, then go after Congress in 2018 and beyond.


  27. Janie M. says:

    This guy is hitting it on ALL cylinders (Language alert):


  28. Milo Moran says:

    I have written to my Congress members and I am trying for an Open Letter to Congress in a number of newspapers which have published my Letter to the Editor before. I hope that some of you patriots will use this letter in it’s entirety or take whatever you wish.

    An Open Letter to Members of the United States Congress:

    Mr. Obama has attacked the rights of Americans through his disregard for the Constitution. He has spied on Congress and committed any number of misdemeanors throughout his time in office, many of which have been in the form of lawless executive orders. Sadly, the refusal of Congress to formally challenge these actions has been deplorable.

    Congress has done little or nothing to defend the Constitution they swore to uphold. They have done nothing to take this quasi-dictator out of office. Frankly, since his term is finally on the wane, now I can only wonder and fear what Congress might do if we were ever deceived into voting for someone even more corrupt and treacherous than Obama. Have the characters of those of you who represent us in Congress diminished to the level where you would just join and relinquish the power available to you to fight back and do the right thing?

    As it now stands, you’ve done nothing to stop this administration from causing a racial divide, or creating a more dangerous world for all the people you represent. You have allowed it to alienate our heretofore most valued and trusted allies. You have flirted with disaster due to your overriding fear of being called a racist, or a bigot, or perhaps even a homophobe, never recognizing that not all minority citizens lack the intelligence so as to be dragged into a racial divide or to harbor an anti-law enforcement mentality in favor of the politically correct dialogue. You yourselves become racist when you do not give credit where credit is due. All Americans want to live the American dream and generally do not stand on ceremony, but value substance over form and not the other way around.

    You have abandoned the people who have entrusted you with the task of defending them and protecting them from the very kind of politics that you have been practicing. Your most recent and hateful disregard for the people is allowing a corrupted budget to go through that will burden the American people even more than they have been, by the disregard for the task you were entrusted to perform when you were voted into office.

    The numerous offenses inflicted on the American people are blatant and dismissive of our well-being and erode our freedoms with the passing of each day. Any caring guardian of the people would have taken serious action to halt our forced journey onto this dangerous path. Rather, those guardians should be fighting against this betrayal with all of their might to turn our great country back onto the right course. Yes, we are all members of the world, but one does not forsake his family for the world, the way you have forsaken your fellow citizens to our merciless global enemies at the hands of the present administration. I suggest that a concerted effort be made to stop the bleeding of peace and treasure before it becomes incumbent upon the voters to clean house and dislodge all of our country’s enemies at once, in particular those who have betrayed the voters’ trust. Time and again I have heard the worn out cry to respect the office of the President. That is meant for differences of opinion with those of the President, not for an entire mechanism designed to destroy everything we hold dear, with total disregard for our hard-fought-for way of life. The administration exposes us to enemies who wish to kill us solely because we are Americans, and gives credence to our sworn enemy who, thanks to us, possesses the ability to build a nuclear weapon.

    I am not a legal scholar, but I don’t think it takes one to analyze the insidious behavior of one who has demonstrated his hate of America, aided by the complicity of those too weak and feckless to stand up for what is right to the point at which he seeks to dis-arm citizens, resulting in their inability to defend themselves against tyranny more dangerous than his own.

    God Bless America.


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