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TRUMPED !! – Macy’s Will Close 40 Stores After 4.7% Drop In Holiday Comparable Sales – Drops Earnings Forecast 12%…

Oh My…  Cold Anger Consequences – It appears Macy’s decision to attack Donald Trump in July 2015 has left them in a very compromised position.  Macy’s has dropped their 2016 earnings forecast an additional 12%.  This is on top of … Continue reading

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“Battered Conservative Syndrome” – GOPe Apology and Reconciliation Phase Begins…

The cycle of abuse is:  “Tensions building”, then the “abusive action” then a “period of reconciliation and apology”, followed by a period of “peace and calm”. Then the tensions begin building again…..   Wash, rinse, repeat. As the years inside the … Continue reading

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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Interviews Donald Trump – Current Events: North Korea, Cruz Eligibility, Immigration, Mid-East Topics…

A long (two part) interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and republican candidate Donald Trump. The first segment includes topics of North Korea, China and Ted Cruz’s eligibility: Part two includes issue topic of Saudi Arabia and the middle-east:

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New Hampshire Poll: Donald Trump on Top, Rubio Second, Ted Cruz Drops To Sixth….

The latest PPP poll (full pdf below) from New Hampshire reflects a considerable shakeup behind Trump.  Candidate Donald Trump remains at the top holding a significant lead more than double the next competitor, Rubio. The various wings inside the Deathstar … Continue reading

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Professional Pandering – Desperate Cruz, Dependent on Iowa, Flip-Flops on Ethanol Subsidies…

In what can only be noted as “typically Cruzian” the Senator who sponsored the “Renewable Fuel Standard Repeal Act”, which would have immediately repealed the ethanol mandate, has now reversed course and claims to support continued Iowa Corn Subsidies. The … Continue reading

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Gobsmacking – Baltimore Judge Orders Officer Porter To Testify Against Fellow Officers….

Well, we can put the entire question about whether Judge Barry Williams is an “activist judge” to rest.  This ruling is a direct contradiction to the 5th Amendment and an accused person’s right not to testify in trial.  The state … Continue reading

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