Donald Trump Rally In Claremont New Hampshire – 7:00pm Eastern Live Stream…

Candidate Donald J. Trump holding a rally today in Claremont New Hampshire. The Venue is Stevens High School and the rally begins at 7:00pm Eastern.

Live Stream Link #1 – Alternate Live Stream Link #2 – Alternate Live Stream #3

Trump rally massachusetts 2

Last Night 01/4/16 in Massachusetts

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236 Responses to Donald Trump Rally In Claremont New Hampshire – 7:00pm Eastern Live Stream…

  1. lovely says:

    This is a general election speech.

    Somewhere Jeb is pitching a fit.

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    • Ono says:

      I bet he is playing Legos and watching Tele tubbies

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    • sam says:

      Trump is not a serious candidate, he’s not going to be the nominee. Look he’s friend with hillary, donate to hillary and the democrat. Voters going to look pass the insults and islamophobia and the divisive rhetoric and will vote for a conservative candidate. I have a conservative track records and that’s what we need for this country. People need a uplifting message, to life them out of poverty and have a plan to cut taxes and fight ISIS. Trump can’t insult his way to the presidency! He’s a bully!

      Jeb say this while shaking his head back and forth. This is from my recall memory of what JEB always say.

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      • Rudy Bowen says:

        You’re a low grade something or other, and you are most definitely on the wrong site.

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        • TheTorch says:

          Trumps main message is Make America Great Again.

          What exactly is not conservative or not positive about that message ?

          There are no true conservative candidates running, so if you want that, then I would suggest you start your own party.

          Actually what is needed is a person with the talent to save America from the Abyss. A person that is conservative on the key issues that face the country. A person that has a proven track record of success. A person who actually believes in America.

          That person is Donald Trump.

          If you think that person is Ted Cruz or any of the other GOPe candidates then you are sadly mistaken. They will continue America’s decline.

          Follow the money. See who is backing them. You will see in some cases that they share the same donors. In the case of Jeb he even shares some of the same donors as Hillary Clinton. There is a reason for that, they are all Globalists, and believe in Open Borders and Amnesty, that includes Cruz (check out his donors, it is a revelation…)

          Sam I suggest you use Google, it is most enlightening, what you will discover about these candidates.

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        • sam says:

          haha, calm down I was being sarcastic about Jeb, cause he’s say the same thing every time and nobody cares

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      • ZurichMike says:

        Another “concern troll” repeats the boredom of a Jeb!, Pastor Ted, or Sleepy Ben campaign. And it’s boredom from months ago, long answered by Trump himself. And is “Make America Great Again!” not uplifiting enough for you? Go back to your parents’ basement and watch another rerun of Star Trek.


      • Yep – the Jeb message just gets no traction, and he has no clue why this is. Frankly, the moment Jeb said to Trump “You’re not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency.”, my first thought was “Damn. Trump really IS going to insult his way into the White House, and he’ll do it in a landslide!” 😀

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  2. Martin says:

    Breitbart has the story out on Trump’s comment about Cruz’s eligibility issue:


    • NJF says:

      I kinda wish he would let someone else take the lead on this given the “birther” situation. He should point to the Florida news accounts IMO

      I’m glad it’s getting out there though.


    • KitKat says:

      RS has video of Trump in the summer saying Cruz’s eligibility wasn’t a problem.


      • KBR says:

        Perhaps Trump has learned more since summer. Perhaps no one was making an issue about it in summer and now two states are raising this issue.
        Perhaps they are absolutely right to do so.
        Was Teds mom a US citizen or a Canadian citizen at the time of Teds birth? They did not have dual citizenship at that time, so which was she? If she gave up her US citizenship for Canadian tax breaks, then Ted did NOT have a US citizen parent at birth.

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        As per usual, RS acts as Cruz advocate. In May, before Trump announced, Greta interviewed him at the Old Post Office site. There was a discussion about Cruz. Trump noted he was born in Canada and it would be ‘another hurdle’. Greta quickly stated Cruz was eligible. Trump didn’t argue with her. Repeated that it will be a hurdle. IOW, the unstated implication was that some citizen’s wouldn’t be satisfied w/ reassurances from the MSM or even Cruz himself. Because even if he dropped all docs at the start, the Canadian birth IS an issue.


        • WeThePeople2016 says:

          I have seen this brought up by people in the GOP all the time. This is a problem for Cruz with his own base.

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          • SharonKinDC says:

            Exactly. And posting a Fonzi Jumped the Shark video, when questioned by reporters (Trump said! Such cowards, hiding behind the coiffed mane) insults his own supporters…and those he’s convinced who will come over to him when Trump drops out and endorses Cruz (ROFLMFAO) IMO, his team did their own shark jumping there. Cruz does NOT have the MSM backing like BO. Additionally, he’s already fessed up to being born in Canada. It was critical for BO to get his narrative to born in HI for a reason. Thus, it’s not even apples to apples… The MSM won’t cover for him, even if they don’t dig that much. But it’s already shown up in a couple of places. The FL suit filed today is just another brick in the wall.

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        • Notmeagain says:

          A tell that Trump had already looked into this long before he announced. Probably has been keeping his eye on all the potential candidates for years and assessing their weak points. He wasn’t going to give away any hint of his future attack line back then, but he does have a masterful way of foreshadowing. See, months later you can look back to that interview and now it makes sense when before it just seemed like a random remark.

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    • Sanj says:

      Cruzbots, HotAir et al going ape. Regardless of the legalities involved, Cruz is going to have to answer the questions instead of pushing his “Chosen one” piety message


    • MissV says:

      Nothing this guy says or does is by accident.

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    • singtune says:

      It is also on


  3. TheTorch says:

    Unbelievable! He invites a guy on stage and lets the guy take a selfie!!

    LOL 😀

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  4. rashamon says:

    Ha! Trump just stated his starting date to Make America Great Again: February 9.

    As if he hasn’t been formulating the campaign and policy since the day he entered the race. Get that, MSM? Get that, GOPe? Get that, Hillary? Get that, Obummer? WE get it.

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    • El Torito says:

      Not his date, NH voter’s date. The q was “”when do we take our country back?”” He gave the date of the NH primary to her.

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      • rashamon says:

        Yes. I didn’t express myself very well. The point I was trying to make was we, us, The People started making our country great again the day that Trump announced his run and received full notice from those waiting for just such a breakthrough candidate.

        Notice that every policy statement, every plank in the platforms of all candidates, is slowly twisting around to duplicate the ones Trump supported over the months. He leads and the rest must follow or look stupid. He is the Alpha dog designing a future that, with fortitude, goes back to the original purpose of separating from England — that government should be by “consent of the governed” and not by executive orders. I have seen nothing in his platform that suggests any actions not approved by The Constitution for Presidential consideration:

        1) National integrity: establish borders, execute established laws regarding immigration and visas, build an appropriate military and execute contracts with our veterans;

        2) Economic security: revisited trade pacts and currency policies with global allies, prevent corporate inversions and tax policies that bleed jobs from our borders;

        3) Establish diplomatic relationships vs. war-mongering threats with nations abroad. Let clans and tribes define solutions instead of entering their thousand-year battles. Require they respect our country and people who serve on their behalf. (We DO have to control our CIA and the U.K. M16 penchant for causing brouhahas,)

        As for other topics presented tonight (equal pay for women, frontline military positions for women, term limits, security in voting systems, etc.), he expressed an interest in exploring policy, but didn’t say it was the Federal government’s role to instigate legislation. How refreshing. An executive who listens to those (s)he’s employed to evaluate such privileges. States may have rights after all.

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  5. Plain Jane says:

    Did anyone catch what was said that made Trump laugh and wince his eyes? It was right after the Hillary is in the bathroom comment at -25:58. I’ve played it over 5 times and still can’t catch what was said.

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  6. PremAmerica says:

    Trump telegraphed that there is a poll coming out tomorrow that is very good for him… Did you all hear that. (He used future tense and then added, “some today too..”)

    I have heard Trump do this many times and each time the next day a great poll came out for him. So he knows.

    It is either a head-to-head poll against Hillary (NBCNews/SurveyMonkey) OR a NBC/WSJ Republican National poll to be released tomorrow. I wonder which!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good reason to watch MorningJoe tomorrow.

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  7. petszmom says:

    was watching the foxphoenix10 feed and they informed us that trump autographs posters for the hosts of the events to present as gifts…how thoughtful. I love you, man!

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  8. bverwey says:

    Wow he seemed to have elevated his game here. More relaxed and willing to expand his stump speech somewhat. Great rally speech.

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  9. Dora says:

    Andrew Hemingway Abandons Cruz Campaign, Endorses Donald J. Trump for President

    Trump Campaign Continues to Expand New Hampshire Team Ahead of February 9th Primary

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  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

    He seemed very relaxed and connected well with the crowd. I liked how he took questions from the audience without a microphone.

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  11. NCPatriot says:

    On the Executive Orders on Guns—–Trump has said numerous times that he would go through them all and end many of them quickly. And no one in the audience said anything about that.

    He seemed very enthusiastic and in a fun mood tonight, and when he does that,we really get to see his personality. It continues to amaze me that a multi-billionaire who travels in high international circles can talk to ” We the people” so easily, and seems to enjoy it. I think if we can get him elected he will be ‘the peoples President’.

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    • Zennalou says:

      ……….can talk to ” We the people” so easily……….

      That is the most amazing part! He is the person everyone would like to have for a neighbor. I can easily imagine a conversation over the backyard fence with Trump!
      Have never had those images of any other high level politician.

      Don’t want to frighten anyone, but can you imagine a backyard chat with Hillary?


    • jello333 says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. A world-famous, filthy rich guy who nevertheless really seems like just a normal everyday guy. I never would have assumed that about him before he got into this race. I know he must have been this way all along, but I never knew it before.

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  12. nhtrespasser says:

    My first Trump rally!

    a few observations:

    A TV crew picked a gal for an interview, trailer-park style dressed with an NRA hat and she tells them “I am actually a Cruz supporter”. Priceless.

    A group of kids middle-school/junior high age trashed a few Trump signs, press photographers just basically set up a camp around.

    The Young Turks crew were taking very biased interviews in the line.

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  13. sam says:

    Haha, half of the fun at Trump’s rally is to yell something and have Trump recognize it and laugh LOL.


    • Rene says:

      It took a few minutes for him to reach his stride tonight, but once he did he hit it out of the park. He especially connects with the crowd. He is very funny too.

      There was an easily missed statement he made that I caught. He said he decided to do the ads because “lets just wrap this thing up”. He is anxious to dispense with these annoying GOP and get to the real contest. Ha.

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  14. sheridan says:

    Ted Cruz is too much of a war monger for my taste. Kind of a right fighter! The kind of man who is a bit inflexible and that’s dangerous and is exactly what Barack Obama is like. They have a dictator quality about them which is never healthy. Donald Trump is a leader but a reasonable man. He is strong enough to do what needs to be done and moral enough to apply common sense. But he is also flexible enough to find a workable solution. In the end he is a secure man with a healthy ego which means that he will be strong but not threatened easily and so will make wiser choices. I know charismatic christians like Ted Cruz. They are sincere moral good people but a little fanatical at times. Think Trump is the most balanced personality and at the same time the strongest. Jeb oh boy what to say about Jeb? Jeb looks like he could be bought by anyone.


  15. Trust No One says:

    I think one of the major things that will set a Trump presidency apart from others is that he will go into office without an ideological bias. That’s why I don’t care if he’s considered a ‘conservative’ or not.

    I don’t think think he has any great plans or ideas to work through the .gov bureaucracy to make changes that lean either left or right. I think all his plans of change will be simply as he says to make America what it use to be – Great. Not trying to change things to conform to someone’s (shadow .gov) ideas of controlling citizens.

    It will be refreshing to have someone in office that doesn’t look at every issue in a ‘political’ prism. Just look at the issue in a business like, get the job done, lowest cost, best quality possible.

    I do think however this will be what might make it very hard for him to actually do what he’d like. I’m afraid he will hit political/bureaucratic obstacles at every front. How will he deal with the intrenched bureaucrats that are all about saving their jobs and power above all else. I actually think he’ll have more success with the politicians than the bureaucrats if for no other reason — their huge numbers.

    I hope I’ve conveyed my thoughts clearly. Trump 2016 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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