Baltimore’s Deadliest Year – 2015 Record Breaking 344 Murders, 900 People Shot…

It would appear Mayor Stephanie “space-to-destroy” Rawlings-Blake ended up with more human destruction than originally intended; or, perhaps not.

BALTIMORE SUN – Blood was shed in Baltimore at an unprecedented pace in 2015, with mostly young, black men shot to death in a near-daily crush of violence.

baltimore mayor selfie

On a per-capita basis, the year was the deadliest ever in the city. The year’s tally of 344 homicides was second only to the record 353 in 1993, when Baltimore had about 100,000 more residents.

The killings were on pace with recent years in the early months of 2015 but skyrocketed after the unrest and rioting of late April. In five of the next eight months, killings topped 30 or 40 a month.

Nearly 90 percent of the year’s homicides were the result of shootings, renewing calls for new gun laws. Counting nonfatal shootings, gun violence was up more than 75 percent compared to last year, with more than 900 people shot.

More than 90 percent of the homicide victims this year were boys or men, more than 90 percent were black, and more than half were between the ages of 18 and 30 — reflecting an urban reality that residents and civil rights activists say is devoid of legitimate job opportunities and caught up in the often-violent drug trade.  (read more)

baltimore hs kid 1

baltimore hs kid 3

baltimore hs kid 2

baltimore peaceful protesting

baltimore peaceful protesting 2

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44 Responses to Baltimore’s Deadliest Year – 2015 Record Breaking 344 Murders, 900 People Shot…

  1. Sentient says:

    Will Prince be releasing another crappy song named “Baltimore” about these 344? Yeah, didn’t think so.

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  2. RVAguy says:

    And this is WITH the social benefits in full swing. The Danegeld doesn’t seem to be working.

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  3. 344 in Baltimore, 400+ for Chicago, plus Atlanta, plus Detroit, plus plus plus plus….. remember though…… the problem is YOU and YOUR AR-15 !!!

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  4. Ursula says:

    Looters must be met with force.


  5. citizen817 says:

    It is disgusting and shameful what has happened to my city. I lived in the city until ‘2000, til the gangs and hordes of illegals started pouring in. O’malley served as mayor from 1999 till 2007. Is it any wonder the chaos he created? Simply horrifying.

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    • Mentalist says:

      Undoubtedly the “Teflon Leprechaun” unleashed all sorts of chaos upon Baltimore, but he was a piker in comparison to his predecessor Kurt “Joke” Schmoke. Under this man, Baltimore routinely had 300+ murders every year. I could tell you some tales about this man, but one that stands out besides his solution to the high homicide rate (he advocated the legalization of drugs) was him and his idiotic police commissioner, “TV” Thomas Frazier (who ironically became the police chief of Oakland after Anthony Batts left for Baltimore) ordering officers to take drug addicts to set up hospitals and centers to get their drugs tested in response to a bad batch of heroin that had made its way on the streets from Philadelphia (where I was living at the time).

      The last mayor worth anything was Schaefer, and he was a center-right Democrat who was known for checking the bars to make sure city workers weren’t slacking off and his distain for the likes of Clinton, O’Malley, and Glendening (also known as “Spendening”).

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      • MLJ says:

        I heard that Chicago’s murder rate only went down when the definition was changed to make many of them assaults. When the assault victim died, the police decided not to prosecute the assailant, because the victim “chose” not to press charges.


    • Mentalist says:

      Btw, Martin O’Malley would have been a political afterthought if it weren’t for SRB convincing her father to endorse him for mayor and pimp him around town to black voters.

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  6. Serpentor says:

    Perfect example of how Black Lives Matter is totally and completely fraudulent.

    They complain over what appears to be a marginal complaint at best, and get the cops to stand down, then their agitation gets everyone riled up and MORE black people die as a result.

    They should really change their name to something like We Want More Black Death, because that is apparently what they’re achieving.

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  7. oldtoenail says:

    344, 400+, Those numbers mean nothing when there is more than 300,000 black abortions each year. Give the Democrats a few more years and the black race will be destroyed.

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    • mike says:

      …300,000 black abortions each year. Give the Democrats a few more years and the black race will be destroyed.
      You’re dreaming. Even with abortion, blacks outbreed whites – they’re paid bonuses with few questions and have the extra time welfare affords.

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  8. MC227 says:

    This is what Obunghole wants the rest of the country to look like.

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  9. Sam says:

    I’m fresh out of sympathy and outrage. If people elect their public officials based on race and promises of free goodies, the results are predictable.

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    • Rudy Bowen says:

      I have to admit that when I see these type stories I feel nothing but coldness now.
      They made their bed. I’m just waiting for it to spread.


  10. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Hope ‘n change, nigga.

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  11. margo says:

    When you line up pictures of the individuals creating this situation, you see one thing they all have in common, and it is the only reason they were appointed or elected. They are Zero, Holder, Lynch, Jeb! Johnson, and this mayor and the AG , what’s her name.


  12. Tracer Round says:

    Subject: TWO CITIES
    B Chicago,
    IL Houston,
    Population 2.7
    million 2.15

    Median HH
    Income $38,600 $37,000

    African-American 38.9% 24%

    Hispanic 29.9% 44%

    Asian 5.5% 6%

    % Non-Hispanic
    White 28.7% 26%
    Somewhat similar until you compare the following:
    B Chicago,
    IL Houston,
    Concealed Carry gun law NO YES

    of Gun Stores 0 184- Dedicated gun

    stores plus 1500 legal places to buy
    guns, e.g. Wal-Mart, K-mart, sporting goods,

    Gun Related Shooting & Homicides,
    2013 1,806 207

    Homicides per 100K 38.4 9.6

    Avg. January high
    temperature (F) 31 63

    Liberal Conclusion: Cold weather from global warming causes murder.

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    • Sentient says:

      The homicide rate in Chicago is not 38.4 / 100,000. It’s about 18.5. Still twice that of Houston, though.


      • Sandra says:

        Just found this CTH thread. DNAInfo says total # of murders in Chicago (not necessarily gun-related) in 2015 was 484. The 2015 population of Chicago is probably slightly higher than the 2014 value of 2,722,389, so let’s say 2,723,000. That gives a murder rate of 17.7/100,000, very close to your figure Sentient.

        Baltimore had 344 murders. If the 2015 population of Baltimore is 623,000 (slightly higher than the 2014 value), then the murder rate is an astounding 55.2/100,000. #spacetokill


  13. David Emery says:

    I wonder if a few Obama mandated background checks would have stopped these simians
    (infraorder Simiform, Anthropoidaea) from obtaining guns and shooting each other?


  14. margo says:

    Now we are hearing some outrageous reactions and threats against the militia men from the supporters of thugs behavior, and it is more than enough to convince me they ARE all idiots, and this street behavior in their minds is O.K. Don’t we see the same stances and techniques of launching bottles and rocks whenever we see pictures of the street thug behavior taking place in the Middle East?


  15. Zennalou says:

    Cruz just called for a “Stand Down” in Oregon.
    I didn’t hear a “Stand Down” for Ferguson or Baltimore.
    I haven’t heard for a call to “Stop them at the Border”.
    I haven’t heard a call “We don’t want Sharai Law”.

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  16. Peter&Karen says:

    In Steve Pieczenik’s blog, he wrote about no two men joined by emotional/ intellectual propinquity have done more to destroy the American ethos than Rahm and Barack. Interesting read.

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama—Tweedle-Dee and Twiddle-Dumb!

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  17. DT says:

    Anyone care to wager on the clearance rates for these homicides? Betting they will be below average.


  18. freepetta says:

    When are the tiny minds in politics going to realize it’s gang, terrorism and black on black crime which is killing the US? Legal guns are not the problem, they’re the solution.


  19. myopiafree says:

    One police officer to the other. I think I see a potential violent crime taking place. Second officer — Do not get out of the car – or you will be charged with assault and murder by the Mayor. So – the Prosecutor induced crime wave continues. No mystery here, move along, nothing to see.

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  20. tellthetruth2016 says:

    The FIRST thing I noticed in ALL these pics………They are ALL wearing NEW , Brand name, Shoes……..But, But there are NO JOBS…………AND they need to LOOK good while destroying and damaging property……….Obama Thugs……..They need to be sent to the middle east, They will feel right at home………

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  21. amwick says:

    If you have some spare time, check out this interesting and educational interactive map, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun:
    Kinda puts stuff in perspective.


  22. Doktor Bill says:

    Guess they bought all their guns at a gunshow using the ‘Loupehole’. Good thing Fearless Leader is gonna fix that. Whew-guess we’ll see No victims in Baltimore this year.

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  23. toomanykats says:

    So the standoff in Oregon is being called a “terrorist threat” but these “folks” in Baltimore are showing their distrust in cops? Amazing when you get a group of people who are armed and peaceful stating that Ranchers have served their time and need to be left alone. then you have Baltimore, Ferguson, the nightly shootings in Chicago…. the federal government is now an enemy of law abiding citizens and the clowns with the bricks are being left alone


  24. mike says:

    … the clowns with bricks*** and molotov cocktails***.


  25. John Galt says:

    WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that Democrats may be hazardous to your health. 😉

    “More people are getting killed in Philadelphia, and fewer of those killings are getting solved.
    Those are the takeaways from crime data for 2015: After two years of historically low homicide numbers, Philadelphia – like many other U.S. cities – saw its murder rate climb. There were 277 murders here last year, a 12 percent increase from 2014.”

    “The Chicago Police Department’s end-of-year crime statistics showed 468 people were murdered in Chicago in 2015 compared to 416 in 2014, a 12.5 percent jump. There were 2,900 shootings in 2015 — up 13 percent from 2014 and up 29 percent since 2013.”

    “The teen was one of 145 homicide victims in Milwaukee in 2015 — the city’s deadliest year in recent memory. The year ended with a 69% increase in the number of homicide victims compared with 2014, according to preliminary data.”

    NYC: “Homicides rose from 333 in 2014 to 350 in 2015.”

    LA: “But end-of-the-year violent crime figures all showed increases: Police reported 280 homicides, up 10.2% from last year, and 1,097 shooting victims, a 12.6% increase.”

    St Louis: 187 homicides up from 159 in 2014


  26. Black lives sure do matter a whole lot. Unless you’re black.


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