Donald Trump Winning Michigan Electorate – and With It, The Presidency

Strong and fundamentally sound analytics showing how only republican candidate Donald J Trump will win the Michigan vote.

trump hard hat


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35 Responses to Donald Trump Winning Michigan Electorate – and With It, The Presidency

  1. Centinel2012 says:

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    Hillary is in the race only because she has been protected from conflict. Once Hillary actually has to campaign her numbers will plummet and Trump will be in the White House.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Seeing how fast Trump can annihilate the competition, I doubt that Hillary will make it to election day. She is going to come up with an excuse to drop rather than have Trump drag her though all her past and ongoing scandals. She has no record of accomplishments. She is going to fold like a cheap pantsuit.

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      • TheFenian says:

        You underestimate Hillary Clinton’s lust for power. She will never leave the race. Never. She will press on even if indicted. She will press on even if she suffers another stroke.
        Even on election night after she loses she will NOT concede until she has consulted with every last team of lawyers she has placed in all 50 states and they inform her that even the most tortured, twisted legalese can overturn the outcome.

        Don’t kid yourself about this power hungry beast. She will never give up this, her last grasp at the golden ring, no matter how desperate and futile her lunge is.

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        • TheFenian says:

          *can NOT overturn the outcome.


        • A very appropriate use of symbolism. She has partake of the white winter witch queen of Narnia and the grasping desire of power of Sauron in full. She is literally consumed with power and villainy. Should Trump be elected he would be wise to arrest her and the rest of the Clinton mafia in one giant RICO indictment and tear down the entirety of the Clinton Foundation and all its backers. The war had only begun once Trump is elected.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          TheFenian, and if the voters can turn out in overwhelming numbers for Trump we can quickly end her golden-ring-reach. She only can only justify that “lunge” if it is close.


      • 2x4x8 says:

        FBI indictment first

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  2. delmarvajim says:

    How about like a cheap “orange” pantsuit

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  3. 1american1st says:

    Hillary is her own worst enemy. She is nothing but a pathological liar & a proven thief.

    And why would any woman support her when she supports Muslims, the very group that treats women worse than dogs? Oh wait! She is used to treating people worse than dogs herself! Maybe that’s why she likes them so much.

    F**k off! It’s enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut.”
    -From the book American Evita, by Christopher Anderson, p.90 – Hillary to her State Trooper body guards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning”.

    Note: and there’s a whole lot more…

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  4. Ursula says:

    God bless Donald Trump and SD and this site.

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  5. tz says:

    Michigan, Ohio, an Pennsylvania (Obama had a comment about white gun owners?) are Reagan Democrat states. Trump will win them easily.

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  6. TheFenian says:

    I agree with the analysis overall, my main divergence being that I feel it may be somewhat conservative in who and in what numbers will break for Trump.

    A couple of other observations:
    It doesn’t adress the hardcore “e” of the GOPe, therefore it assumes they vote Trump. I’m not so sure about that. I firmly believe a not entirely small portion of the “e” will either not vote at all or will vote for the Hillary beast. How does that effect the outcome ? I don’t know because I cannot put a number on “not entirely small portion”.

    He doesn’t address the formerly apathetic portion of the population. Many people have never voted. Ever. Because they’re previously lazy and uninterested. The 100 million strong “Monster Vote” you posted about the other day. A substantial portion of this part of the population is now awake, motivated and all-in for Trump. How big a portion of the “Monster Vote” gets off their ass ? I don’t know, but whatever that number is, it’s all good.

    The pro-Trump black vote. He sort of dances around this. It’s looking like it will be substantial. Same with the hispanic vote. This historic flip in and of itself could give Trump an historic landslide.

    One other aspect he doesn’t address is what Rove always called the “negative vote”, the sound theorey that a voter that does not show up for their party’s canidate is equal to a new vote for the opposing canidate. The apathy twords Hillary Clinton among Democrats is HUGE. I think a substantial portion will sit out. These are the types that would never go for Trump in a million years, but Hillary will not get their vote.

    My firm conviction, which the analysis never considers, is that New York state will be won by Trump. 29 electoral votes. There are a multitude of dynamics playing out, not the least of which is NY City’s regression into crime, graffiti and rape under the communist Mayor deBlasio, which I won’t get into here. But mark my words; Trump wins New York and 29 electoral votes.

    The biggest hurdle for Trump will be to enter the GOP convention with more than enough delegates to prevent the “e” from stealing his victory. THAT’s the big question mark. If Trump prevails and becomes the Republican nominee, it’s all smooth sailing.

    The only wild card left is how big the Democratic voter fraud will be. Will it be big enough that Trump just beats Clinton ? Or not fraudulent enough and Trump schlongs Hillary ?

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    • KBR says:

      It’s easy to slip back into the Democrat vs Republican idea. Be on the lookout for Uniparty voter fraud. Double check your vote at the primary not just general! Don’t hit send until you look carefully at the screen after making your selection if it is computer voting, for example.

      A computer in small town voting place switched my vote for Romney to Obama but I saw what happened before I hit that final “place your vote” button! I changed it back and then hit the final button while the screen showed my real choice.

      This year I wouldn’t be surprised if the same Uniparty tricks auto-change votes from Trump to RINO in the primaries. Don’t hit that final vote button until you check!

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      • Tampa2 says:

        KBR, this happened to me in a State Congressional race. Since then, any vote I cast is via Absentee Ballot. I may be deceiving myself as to who actually counts these Ballots, and their “preferences”, but it makes me somewhat more comfortable than machine-rigging.


      • 1american1st says:

        I am planning to vote Absentee (paper ballot).

        For those of you who use the computer, please take a cell phone picture of your choice before you hit Enter or Accept or Vote.

        I’m going to take a picture of my paper ballot. I don’t trust anyone in this filthy, dirty, corrupt Obama administration. You know they hate Trump and wouldn’t hesitate to miscount the votes.


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        It is time for states to eliminate the total electronic voting machines. Too easy to cheat. My state actually did something correct, when they updated the process years ago. We have essentially a partial electronic system. You are still handed paper ballots to mark. Then they are read and counted by machine, and you are still left with a paper trail at the end, via those hand-marked paper ballots.


    • Molon labe says:

      You tell me how big you think Clinton is willing to go with the perennial Dem voter fraud !!! If the GOP care at all about victory, they will do some preemptive strikes to combat the fraud, maybe beginning with voting machines that are manufactured by a company Not Controlled By George Soros!! Next could be enacting a law whereby our troops Must Receive Their Absentee Ballots with plenty of time to spare, ensuring they will have ample time to return their ballots so that their votes will actually be counted, unlike in the last election. The past deliberate disenfranchisement by Dems of our troops is beyond the pale..They are the Very First Votes that should be counted in any election because They are the ones who fight for the freedom of all the rest of us and our right to vote!! The GOP would be wise to nip the usual Demoncrat voter fraud in the bud..this coming election is Way Too Important to lose..America’s actual survival is on the line!!!


    • Agreed. However regarding the GOPe vote. Outside of the true GOPe individuals of power who number perhaps in the scores of the thousands most remaining GOPe voters are little more than mercenary retainers who see where the bread will be buttered in the next administration. Consequently, their vote will be based upon foreknowledge of their future should Trump lose and the GOPe anointed lose. Almost all such GOPe retainer recognize the GOPe anointed will lose. In the current climate that is almost as suicidal as going against Trump and seeing him win. The result, I fully expect the overwhelming majority of GOPe voters to abandon their masters just as the Guarde de Bastille abandoned the ancien regime.

      I have never seen an organization within the GOP not only willing but capable of exacting utter retribution on those it feels have crossed it outside of a few power brokers other than the Trump Organization. The Clintons and some other Democratic power families as well as families above the usual partisan politics which are barely visible stand as examples i similarity. In short, the Trump Organization is that example seen in the histories of the ruling class member who leads a revolutionary mob down the corridors of power to overthrow the ancient regime.

      Among the hushed whispers I hear even among the cloistered circles, a constant refrain: Revolution is in the air. Most won’t admit it inside polite company. A few drinks, hushed whispers, and they either state it, repeat they heard it, or fear it.

      Meanwhile, no GOPe mercenary retainers wants to cross Trump. Although willing to concede a defeat in a game fairly fought, the GOPe power brokers are not playing fairly. This Trump is guaranteed to exact retribution I’m victory or defeat. Furthermore, all know a GOPe candidate shall not win.

      Thus, voting and supporting a GOPe candidate against Trump risks the combined wrath of the Trump Organization, the GOP grass roots, and a Democratic Establishment willing to do all that is necessary to secure permanent revolutionary dominance. There is simply no benefit. Ad a result, since only a small minority of GOPe voters have some sort of in depth class need to stop Trump at all costs the majority recognize the downside of voting against Trump. With The Donald representing most likely the last chance of a semi-political solution to restoring the country and Constitutional government, most GOPe voters will vote Trump. Those who don’t represent such a sliver of the electorate they will be outnumbered by the non-white voters thereby giving Trump an overwhelming net gain.


  7. RINOKiller says:

    Hiliary is like a defendant in a lawsuit where the plantiff has too much evidence against that the best thing to do is to settle before really paying more in court

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  8. Carlos says:

    Aaaaarrrrggggg….i got directed to an ex palinista’s blog—no fair sundance, this guy is the ultimate hack!!


  9. Millwright says:

    Not sure I buy into this conclusion. While the rank- and – file UAW may be Trump supporters UAW management is another question. We know the Democrats “bought” their way into MI in “08” via UAW bosses. Are they going to “jump ship” to Trump in 2016 ? FTM, the same might be applicable to several other national unions with top-heavy management as well.

    IMO the “true test” is going to be the GOP convention. Its going to be a “near thing” and factions like these UAW voters could have a large impact. Too many, IMNSHO, already have DT as the GOP nominee. I don’t, ( and I suspect nor does DT and his troops at this point ), so I anticipate his campaign is going to “ramp up” shortly after the new year. DT, IMO, is far too experienced a negotiator to overlook anything. And this is the biggest deal he’s ever negotiated !

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  10. R-C says:

    I see that all three predictive maps show Hillary winning New York State. I wouldn’t be so certain of that.


  11. perfect beast says:

    Does anyone know where can I get one of those “Hillary for Prison 2016” shirts. I gotta have one, I just gotta!!!!


  12. marierogers says:….sells them..enjoy!


  13. don welch says:

    how can trump win over a union loving feminized state like michigan? heavy teachers union power, uaw power, public secotr pension power, black detroit power and liberal mind set in general. obama carried michigan against romney, his own state for pete’s sake.


    • Del Parker says:

      How, Don?

      MI is a pro labor State. The Dims and the GOP Establishment want to import cheap labor. This is a fundamental conflict w the policies of Donald Trump, who wants to have American jobs in America for Americans.

      That Trump policy combined w giving companies incentives to remain in America, so those jobs remain in America, make voting for Donald Trump an easy decision, for all those folks in MI that want to have a job.

      Walker’s candidacy failed quickly, because he could not secure the vote of those that wanted to have a job, because he was at war w the unions. Walker could not offer the folks in MI a better opportunity to work, and have a job. Neither can Cruz or Rubio, who support massive immigration.

      ONLY Mr. Trump has threaded the needle of giving something to the unions, by offering jobs to Americans, thus pulling Reagan’s Blue Dog Dims back to participating in a real economy.

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    • Patricia says:

      We are voting Trump!


  14. A lot of women from both parties say they’re going to vote for Hillary because they want a woman president. Trump is now working on taking the women’s vote from Hilliary. The timing is right to go after Bill Clinton because of the indictment of Bill Cosby this week. You already see people questioning why Cosby has been indicted and Bill Clinton hasn’t, when both of them have been accused of rape by many women. I see the race card looming….

    Trump would not take on Bill Clinton unless he had iron-clad evidence of his crimes. Anyone who calls Trump a loose cannon is a fool. I think he’s a very smart stategist…a lot like Vito Corleone.


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