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New Year Vulgarian Resolution – A “Trumpsolution”…

The Rebel Alliance Trumpsolution #1 Increase Visibility: Trumpsolution #2 But visibility doesn’t have to be fancy (or unlawful): Advertisements

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Donald J Trump – The American Return to Greatness…

The latest MSM meme is to proclaim that Donald Trump’s supporters will not show up at the polls.  My, how they have no friggin’ idea how much Cold Anger exists: Never forget, the exact words used now to attack the … Continue reading

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White House Leaks Obama Intents For “Executive Action” Firearm Restrictions…

As we review the current media report for President Obama’s intentions, regarding executive office restrictions on firearms, we must remember the second term distinction between “executive orders” and “executive action“. ♦ Executive orders are those dictatorial fiats from the White … Continue reading

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The Vulgarian “Rebel Alliance” Strikes Again…

… and unlike Rubio’s sky writing, these last longer Wolverines !

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Donald Trump Winning Michigan Electorate – and With It, The Presidency

Strong and fundamentally sound analytics showing how only republican candidate Donald J Trump will win the Michigan vote. READ FULL OUTLINE HERE

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Humorous New Years Tweet Brings Wrath of Social Justice Warriors and Professionally Aggrieved…

Just when you think the insanity of the moonbats has reached its peak, the professionally aggrieved find a new level of humorless anxiety to push political correctness ever higher. (Via Daily Caller) The tweet caused a social media uproar, now … Continue reading

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