San Bernardino Co-Conspirator Enrique Marquez Indicted By Grand Jury…

Enrique Marquez was previously charged (complaint filing below), now the grand jury has also returned an indictment.

A friend of one of the shooters in the San Bernardino massacre that killed 14 people was indicted Wednesday on charges that include conspiring in a pair of previous planned attacks and making false statements when he bought the guns used in this month’s shootings, authorities said.

The indictment by a federal grand jury avoids the need for a probable cause hearing before a judge to determine whether 24-year-old Enrique Marquez Jr. should stand trial on the five counts.

The charges include conspiring with shooter Syed Farook to carry out attacks in 2011 and 2012.

Prosecutors said in court documents that Marquez and Farook planned to use pipe bombs and guns to kill people at the college they attended and others stuck in rush-hour traffic on a California freeway. The plots fizzled, and they never acted.

Marquez is also charged with two counts for saying in paperwork that two assault rifles he later gave to Farook were only for himself or his immediate family.

Two other counts accuse him of immigration fraud for a sham marriage with a Russian woman who was the sister of Farook’s wife.

Marquez had already been charged with the crimes in a criminal complaint filed Dec. 17 before the charges were taken to the grand jury. He has not entered a plea but is expected to do so in an arraignment next week.

A phone message left Wednesday seeking comment from Marquez’s attorney, Young Kim, was not immediately returned.  (read more)

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29 Responses to San Bernardino Co-Conspirator Enrique Marquez Indicted By Grand Jury…

  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you for posting this article so quickly! I thought they’d go easy on Enrique. I guess not. Good. Would he have been death penalty eligible? Maybe they’ll spare him that.l

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    • Sandra says:

      Oh, sorry, he’s not being charged with helping Farook with the Dec 2 attack. So death penalty is not an issue here.


    • flyanddive says:

      Obama with probably pardon him anyway for actions beneficial to the caliphate.

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    • mazziflol says:

      They still have every opportunity to go easy on him…indictment might just be for optics.


    • archer52 says:

      They let him talk, then buried him with it. I’m surprised the Grand Jury didn’t open up with them shouting “Where is that guilty son of a b***h!”

      Rule one: Never talk to the police if you did it.

      Rule two: Never talk to the police if they THINK you did it!

      Rule three: Never talk to the feds- period. If you get away with the crime, or were discovered innocent of that crime- to the disappointment of the politically motivated prosecutors- be assured you “lied to a federal agent” at some point and you’ll get jammed up.

      Ask Scooter Libby about that little trick.

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  2. margo says:

    How are they doing with indictments for Lois Lerner, her boss that little weasel faced guy, Eric Holder, John Kerry, Hillary, etc. Always so quick with the low level nobodies like this one.

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  3. margo says:

    Does anyone else ever miss Harf and Pisaci or whatever her name is?

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    • swissik says:

      It’s Psaki and yes I have wondered what happened to those two. Probably transferred to another govt. job with a higher grade. Nincompoops in govt. employ always get the best positions.


  4. Sandra says:

    So if Marquez pleads not guilty will there be a trial?


  5. Ray Caruso says:

    Only utter scumbags convert to Islam. They ought to have their citizenship revoked and be deported to Saudi Arabia.

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  6. Corrupt Club says:

    Enrique impresses me as a dull witted boy, and gullible. He was very dangerous because he could be so easily manipulated; e.g. to buy rifles for the Murder bomber, shooter, stabber, clubber Terrorists from Saudia Ariabia.


  7. helenerbrown says:

    What happened to his “wife” and shouldn’t she be deported?

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    • Guffman says:

      Excellent questions and these should be followed up on!!


    • Sandra says:

      Mariya Chernykh has one or two anchor babies, thus complicating her deportation. I remember a Daily Mail article said Oscar Romero, the father, has an “unknown” immigration status. Maybe he’s illegal too, but unfortunately the baby or babies are not. We really really need to change that law so that babies born here must be born to at least one US citizen in order to acquire citizenship at birth.


  8. flawesttexas says:

    Indictment because Marquez may be a “White Hispanic” Muslim…not a “Muslim Muslim


  9. BoDeen says:

    His attorney is Young Kim? The RAPPER? Oh, wait that’s Lil’ Kim. Never mind.


  10. Sandra says:

    LA Times says Young Kim is a federal public defender. We are paying for Marquez’ defense.


  11. bitterlyclinging says:

    Typical Obama Administration maneuver. Provide some gesture that you’re actually doing something. Read some meaningless words off a teleprompter, allow the 24 hour news cycle to ebb and flow over it, wash your hands of the whole event. Move on.

    Now, Netanyahu’s maneuvers to block Obama’s greenlighting Iran’s Atomic Bomb, that’s a real threat and needs to be dealt with earnestly.


  12. Trent Telenko says:

    Enrique will be turned oveer by the Feds to the State of California for 14 counts of conspiracy to commit murder charges.before this is all said and done.


  13. Thomas says:

    Marquez may well be guilty of all of these charges. However, the federal government is going to have a hard time convicting him of anything other than the immigration fraud charge. All of the rest of the case is based entirely upon Marquez’s statements and, as far as we know, there is no independent evidence to support this. Add to that the fact that Marquez gave a reasonable reason for why Farook had the rifles, at one point, and the fact that he had undergone psychiatric evaluation just before he made his incriminating statements, and you have a prosecutorial nightmare. This is mostly for show. It is designed to allow the federal government to present someone to give the public a target for their outrage. The trial will be interesting, unless Marquez cops a plea.


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