Guided Right – Nashville Angler Saves Tennessee….

tennessee dogWhere “Tennessee” is a blind 13-year-old shih tzu who had been frightened by a storm, panicked and ran the wrong way from home into the woods, became lost and eventually walked into a lake.  

Early the next morning fishing guide Brian Carper spotted a shivering fur ball after Tennessee spent the night lost and alone.

It’s a great story.

NASHVILLE — Fishing guide Brian Carper didn’t have to use a pole to make a big catch the day after Christmas.

All he needed was a soft spot in his heart for a blind dog in trouble.

Carper left his boat to rescue the tiny 13-year-old shih tzu who wandered into Percy Priest Lake. Carper returned the dog to his grateful owners, who had been searching for their beloved pet for 15 hours.

“When we got him back it was a reminder to me that God watches over his creatures both great and small,” said Barbara Gibbs, who along with her husband, Jerry, owns the dog named Tennessee.   READ IT ALL HERE

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32 Responses to Guided Right – Nashville Angler Saves Tennessee….

  1. Josh says:

    “Carper knew the feeble dog probably wouldn’t make it through the day without being cared for immediately, so he promised his clients he would finish the fishing trip another day.”

    Mr. Carper is a great guy. I’m glad his clients were okay with the promise.

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    • Plain Jane says:

      I’m hoping God gave them record catches. 🙂

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    • e.g.g. says:

      Wow. There are still nice and moral people in existence.
      Two days ago I read a story about a dog abandoned in a mall parking lot. The dog stayed, crying and whining for its master……confused and hungry and cold.

      There is a special place in h3ll for animal abusers.

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      • suzee says:

        I would never abandon a dog, even if it wasn’t mine. I’ve rescued three homeless dogs
        I’ve found wandering the streets (got them adopted out) and returned a couple lost dogs. They are truly God’s gift to mankind AND man’s best friend.


  2. david says:

    God bless you for saving Tennessee

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  3. JRD says:

    He is sooooooo cute!

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. mickie says:

    I love this story! What a great guy!

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    • texasranchqueen says:

      I am so happy this story had a happy ending for Tennessee, the family and rescuers. Since the tornado’s hit the Dallas area, my FB page has so many posts of lost dogs and cats with their cute pictures and phone numbers of owners desperate to find them. I know if my two 10 year old cats were lost I would be devastated.

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  5. hocuspocus13 says:

    You judge what Man has in his Soul by the way he treats Animals 🐶

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  6. Abster56 says:

    Always expect the unexpected. Never let your dog out without a leash or fenced yard with closed gate/gates. Thank God this guide saw and saved this elderly dog.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      And from my many years in dog rescue, have a tag on your dog’s collar with your name and phone number. People are thrilled to get your dog/cat back to you, if only they knew where he belonged! It only costs a couple bucks to save everyone a lot of worry. Microchips are fabulous tools, but they require being read by a tool usually only available at a vet’s office or a shelter. Tag your pets!

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      • texasranchqueen says:

        You are right about microchips. The lost cats and dogs being found in the Dallas area are being turned in to Vets and animal shelters, who have the ability to scan these poor lost creatures to contact their owners, if they have a chip.


        • janc1955 says:

          And remember, if your pet is chipped, to keep your most current information updated in the database (for example, Home Again). Otherwise, the chip is essentially useless.

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  7. Reblogged this on My Daily Musing and commented:

    An uplifting post.

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  8. tdtweety says:

    Did you ever find yourself needing to be reminded that there are good people on this Earth? Thank you very much for this story, for the rescue and for the happy ending. My heart and soul needed this…God bless this man and may He reward him greatly. Ahh. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

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    • texasranchqueen says:

      I truly believe that there are way more good people on Earth than bad. Unfortunately, we hear or read daily about the Bad so that when someone Good does something it seems out of the norm. Many, many people do good things everyday but do not get nor want the publicity. I think I read something about the MSM saying “if it doesn’t Bleed, it doesn’t Lead!”

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  9. amwick says:

    Wonderful title Sd, Guided Right! Sometimes there really are angels amongst us, sometimes someone does their work. I saw this story elsewhere, but it was sweet to see it here too.

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  10. 240grjhp says:

    Best catch of the day by Mr. Carper!


  11. Suzy Kiprien says:

    No greater friend to mankind than HIS DOG. Horses and dogs, they are my weak spot, but dogs before all.
    A dog will risk its life to save yours. Enough said.

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    • Southern Son says:

      Carefull Suzy, there is a day of the week named after cats here! sarc…we all know Texasqueen is right. SO much bad news in enemedia. Very Uplifting story. Thank You Sundance again. I can see Sunshine in the coming year, but there will also be dark days. Enjoy the Bright dayz y’all…

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  12. auscitizenmom says:

    Such a sweet story. 🙂

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  13. makes me proud of my home town. Nashville is full of good peoples. Kudos to Brian Carper.

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  14. That was a really beautiful story. Thank you for that, Sundance. I also have an old blind dog. I love her more than anything.

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  15. charliewalksonwater says:

    sniff * sniff. I got something in my eye. No, i’m not crying….

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  16. texasranchqueen says:

    Many years ago (90’s) there was an article in our newspaper/with a picture of an elderly lady who had been missing for several days. My husband went duck hunting one day after work and came upon this car in a ditch, He felt compelled to go over to the car and saw this elderly lady laying in the back seat. He knocked on the window and she looked at my hubby with fright in her eyes.

    I will never forget, I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes and I heard my husband drive up and I looked at the back door that had a window and saw my husband with this elderly woman coming through the door. I immediately recognized her as the woman who had been missing. She came in and we sat her in a chair in the den. She looked totally dazed and was shaking. My husband called the police, I gave her a big glass of water. She was in shock. I put a blanket around her and just held her. When the police arrived, he had the ladies daughter and son-in-law with him. They slowly walked her through the front door and then drove her to the hospital. She recovered.

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  17. peachteachr says:

    Who doesn’t love a good dog story?


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