Donald Trump Rally Council Bluffs Iowa – 7:30pm CST / 8:30pm EST LiveStream…

Donald J. Trump Rally in Council Bluffs Iowa at Mid-America Center. Event begins 7:30 PM CST – LiveStream Link #1 and Alternate LiveStream Link #2  An earlier media report indicated the venue is smaller capacity (1,000 – 2,000 max)  than a customary Trump Rally.

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  1. daughnworks247 says:

    Trump is amazing.
    45 minutes ago he was on Fox primetime news with a segment, doing a press conference on board Trump 1.
    15 minutes ago he spoke live and opened Greta’s show, currently being hosted by Kimberly.
    He’s due on stage in Iowa in about 20 minutes.
    Trump gets more done than the ARMY before 9:00am (and that’s really saying something).

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    • winky says:

      Kimberly was so respectful to Trump and so excited about having him for New Years eve…she was so complimentary of Melania…… your heart out Megyn Kelly!!

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      • Wendy Forward says:

        Kim Guilfoyle is one amazing woman-remember the trial she won against those two monsters whose dogs killed that woman in SF?! Also she got rid of ex-husband Gavin Newsome pronto when he started performing then illegal gay marriage ceremonies in SF-

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      • Athena the Warrior says:

        The Five was actually fun and enjoyable today. Led by Kim, the show had Tom S., Brian Kilmeade, Melissa Francis, and Julie Roginsky on. Only thing better would have been for Eric Bolling to be there.

        No angry, drunk Greg Gutfeld, still angry about Trump kick Jeb’s butt Dana Perino or Juan/Geraldo. They actually discussed Trump without making you want to throw something at your TV/computer.

        Enjoy it while you can without the splutter strategy agenda attached.

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    • longiron2 says:

      That is the difference between a DOER businessman and a career POLITICAN. POLITICANS talk the talk and TRUMP walks the walk. Just think how much he will get done as the next POYUS.

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    • R-C says:

      Trump is genius. PURE genius!

      The interview on Trump Force One. The symbolism alone is worth more than the information discussed. Everyone just saw Trump ‘being’ the president.

      Calm, cool, collected; taking any/all questions…

      …and being interviewed in flight.

      Who does ‘airborne interviews’? Answer: Until now, only the President of the United States.

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  2. Josie says:

    You may want to check the time. The eventbrite page says 6:30 central. The link you provide says it starts in 11 minutes, which would be 6:30 central.

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    • TheTorch says:

      My understanding is that it is 7:30 CST, so 8:30 ET ? That is what I posted in the presidential thread.


      • Jtomka says:

        It’s about to start now!

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      • TheTorch says:

        Well it is 7:40 and Rightside has the stream up, with the crowd waiting.

        So 8:30 ET, looks about right, but I would keep an eye on the stream!

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      • TheFenian says:

        Who is the man in the tan suite who just finished speaking ?
        He made 2 vitally important appeals;

        1) “We’ll have upward of 10,000 people here tonight. This is meaningless if you don’t get out on caucus night”
        2) “I urge you all, no plead with you, to get out on caucus night”

        Trump’s campaign is sending us all the same message day after day – “don’t wait for them, don’t say “Trump’s got this, GET YOURSELF OUT AND VOTE”

        Otherwise folks, we’re looking at a Rubio/Cruz ticket.

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    I just want to bottle that Man up 💋

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  4. furtiveadmirer says:

    Donald Trump’s Wharton classmate responds to (bribed by john sununu) McQuaid:
    (No one in BARI’s class even remembers him!)

    JEFF KASSEL said
    Monday, December 28, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    “I was Donald Trump’s classmate at Penn back in the late 60’s. He’s not too much different now than he was then but seems to have more confidence now. Trump’s popularity is based on style…a clear attack on both Republicans and Democrats because many recognize that both parties have failed America.

    They’ve promised a lot and mostly delivered perpetual war and perpetual budget deficits. This country has been mismanaged.

    While Reagan kept us out of war mostly, it was under his reign that the budget deficits began to explode and that has continued for 35 years. Under Reagan we tripled the national debt from one trillion dollars to three trillion. That accretion of debt has continued to accumulate and now the number is a whopping 18.5 trillion dollars…a number that only an astronomer can fully appreciate.

    To over-simplify we’ve been governed by the war party and the welfare party for 35 years as deficits accumulate at a mind-numbing pace. Trump is popular because he is insulting…and his targets mostly deserve the insults

    This was a prosperous country for a long time until both parties threw away sound economic policy and substituted debt, welfare and war as the prevailing economic agenda.

    Unlike the other candidates, Trump has actually built things and created 10’s of thousands of jobs in the private sector. While it could be argued that the Republican party with it’s chicken hawks and wars hysteria have created jobs in the defense sector, we now have a Middle East in flames as a result of American wars and meddling in that region. Democrats on the other hand, buy votes with their welfare state with increased disability, food stamp and welfare rolls. Most of this expansion in the entitlement sector and war sector has been financed with debt. Iraq and Afghanistan (all 5 trillion of it) was mostly financed with debt and deficits.

    America has started or entered wars all over the planet many times since World War 2. Not only that, we haven’t really won any of these wars since 1945. They’re expensive and destructive.

    Instead of our country being in a state of perpetual war and perpetual war preparation….what we need is a war on war. America’s belligerent behavior is expensive, stupid, short-sighted, myopic and downright evil. America, for want of a better term, has become a global menace, destabilizing whole regions, countries and ethnic groups.

    So why has this happened?

    The truthful answer is that there was no good reason other than enriching war-mongering sectors of America’s economy.

    The world had stumbled into war based on false narratives, outright lies from presidents and vice-presidents and the institutional imperatives of our Military Industrial Complex with insane alliances and treaties that feed America’s doomsday machine in all it’s iterations.

    Democrats with their war on poverty have destroyed ambition and impoverished many with ever-expanding welfare, food assistance, housing assistance, medical assistance and other entitlements. Republicans have helped promote some of those entitlements.

    So Trump becomes increasingly interesting because he attacks the handiwork of most professional politicians. This is a very different America than what we had for 200 years.

    70 years ago we didn’t have expanding welfare, expanding food stamps, expanding entitlements that undermine personal initiative, ambition and personal responsibility.

    People worked for a living and added value to the economy or they starved. Now we have an 800 billion dollar safety net of entitlements and an 800 billion dollar military and national security sector.

    Trump’s style does trouble me a little but what is more troubling is a Congress with a 14% approval level. Trump is exploiting that number.”

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    • El Torito says:

      I agree with the fact that the USA has been mismanaged. I do not agree with his libertarian broad-strokes view against all war. Smacks of “concern.” War is inevitable. There can be no vacuum. The issue is not that weve been in wars. The issue is that we stopped winning them when we became obsessed with what others would think of us. Once we start winning wars with horrifically overwhelming force, we will be in less wars.

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      • bleep21k says:

        @El Torito – “The issue is not that we’ve been in wars. The issue is that we stopped winning them when we became obsessed with what others would think of us.” – Amen, Amen!! Very well posted and NEEDED to be repeated – IF only it could be – in Washington to all of those “well educated” buffoons!!.

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        • helix35 says:

          You would think our fearless leaders would have figured out after Vietnam that you either get into a war to win it, or don’t get in it at all. Then, again, maybe the point was never to win in the first place. God Almighty.

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          • The Pentagon had already been concern-trolled by the media and undercut by cultural Marxists in the early 60’s. The left wanted a Nam fail, and .mil/.gov delivered by not selling an honest proposition/choice on fighting hard in Nam or letting one slide. They did not follow the Powell doctrine, learned from Nam and more.

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        Read Melman’s Permanent War Economy. Written in the mid 60’s iirc. Also, listen to Eisenhower’s farewell address.

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      • Rudy Bowen says:

        It wasn’t the war in Iraq that destabilized the region…it was withdrawing too soon with the job half done. Afghanistan was, as always historically, a non-starter boondoggle from the get-go. Ask the British and Russians about that.
        My understanding was that an occupation force needed to remain in Iraq probably for decades to keep it stabilized, just as with Germany and Japan post WW2.
        The article makes it sound like it was all American aggression that caused all the problems. That makes the positive points in said article moot to me.

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        • furtiveadmirer says:

          Yes it is American aggression that keeps the war profiteers going:

          Today’s headline in drudge:


        • Sentient says:

          It’s possible to win a war, but it’s virtually impossible to win the peace, especially when we’re demonstrably unwilling to use the kind of violence used against Dresden and Nagasaki. We can’t occupy other countries forever (or even for decades), and as soon as we leave they revert to what they were before – or worse. Arab Muslim countries aren’t good candidates for democracy and rule of law. Many Muslim scholars hold democracy to be un-Islamic. It’s not – IMO – that we left Iraq “too soon”. It’s that whenever we left (as with Afghanistan) it was predetermined to go back to chaos.

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          • Rudy Bowen says:

            Yeah, I know. I kept hoping Bush knew something I didn’t. The truth is he should have managed Saddam differently. You are absolutely right…the countries in the Middle East are unlikely to thrive in an occupation as Japan and Gemany did. There had been some Westernization, especially in Iran and Turkey, but it probably just wasn’t in the cards in Iraq after we invaded. I don’t think it likely an occupation would have worked in the long run either, but the fact remains that the withdrawal after the war only made things worse.
            Afghanistan is a special case. At least the Iraqi and Iranians are basically Persians, with a historical bent to civilization. If it was going to work anywhere, that was where it would have been. That’s only if islam weakened drastically during the occupation, of course.


        • SharonKinDC says:

          Well, I’d agree that the method of our withdrawal was a mess, and compounded with our actions afterward.

          However, when my 7th grader asked me-who is not a FP wonk-about Iraq before we went in, my comment was: Saddam Hussein is NOT a nice man and he certainly has gassed Iraqi citizens of minority ethnicity. That said, we can go in, but how do we get out. Well? IMO, the problem is the issue in Islam, the Shi’a/Sunni divide w/ offshoot such as Ba’athist & in Syria the Alwalites compounding the issue. So… even if we made it all peachy keen before we left, do you really think it would stay that way? I don’t.

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        • ediegrey says:

          I hate war. But when people are cutting off other people’s heads, etc. something must be done. Trump will put a stop this horror. I like his idea of a strong military so nobody messes with us and we don’t have even have to use it. After we get this mess cleaned up, that is.


        • singtune says:

          Rudy, i am afraid that is WAS all American aggression~~that caused All the problems~!as part & parcel of the “NWO Global Elite Plan”~! It was part of the NWO Global Elite Plan to Destabilize the Middle East. It started Overtly when we entered the Sovereign Country ,”Iraq”, the First time, under NWO Advocate & Activist Bush #1~!

          I just Read 2 recent articles with the detailed History of what occurred there. If i find one or both of the Links I will come back and post them for your perusal. {I have read this over and over in the last 20 Years, that i have been researching the Subject, of why our country was going down hill so radically & so far from what our framers intended. I have done this as a hobby, since i retired from Teaching , in 1997~.} Note; I started with Books & Papers , as i was just learning to use a computer at that time.


      • furtiveadmirer says:

        Most “wars” are precipitated by CIA AVARICE for dirty money.

        We are in Afghanistan for one reason: the opium poppy fields to fund the black treasonous CIA OPS.

        We were in Libya to transfer arms to destroy Syria. All CIA covert ops.

        We destroyed Egypt without cause.
        It’s all about oil. ASK ERDOGEN, We are more than PHYSICALLY bankrupt.

        George Herbert Walker Bush, aka “poppy” the CIA Godfather.



        Hence The White Night, Donald emerges….

        Obviously, I am older than your years…
        I agree with him…

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      • PatriotKate says:

        He is absolutely dead on in his assessment. The Warfare Party and the Welfare Party. Two sides of the same bad penny and each gets what they want because they give the other what they want in order to get what they want. And, most of it does not benefit us.

        He is right about all the wars. We have given our blood and treasure to the wars of the rich men. Don’t delude yourselves into believing it’s about spreading democracy around the world. That’s pure b.s. No, it’s about conquest that benefits the multi-national corporations. It’s about the damn oil and natural resources, while they prevent the development of competing free energy or other economically feasible alternative energy. (New report today stating that Costa Rica is now 99% renewal energy – it can be done.) We have let our sons and daughters, fathers and brothers die to enrich their pockets.

        Trump is absolutely right. You build a strong defense — of OUR country, protect OUR borders and make us economically strong. We should only fight when our security interest is truly at risk. There’s no doubt the mess we made in the Middle East and North Africa has a backlash we’re seeing now. We are responsible for most of the terrorism that is now being perpetrated around the world – not to mention we now have a President who is financing and supporting it!

        We have to stop conquests that benefits only the Oligarchs who have bought and paid for those politicians who have enslaved us and driven our nation into poverty.

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        • SharonKinDC says:

          Well… those ROP types have been up to all sorts of terrorism for a long, long time. It’s an expansionist, theologically driven imperialistic ideology. Not our fault.

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          • PatriotKate says:

            Sure we (i.e. Western alliances) are. Their historical theology is being used as a tool, we have empowered them with billions in equipment and ultimately turned their hate against us, because devastation has been rained down on them. Millions of innocent people have died in the NWO agenda to turn us into a One World Communist Government.

            All the while we are financing our own demise.

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  5. John says:

    Hillary = “Schlonged Squared”

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  6. furtiveadmirer says:


    30,000 square feet (pillar-free)
    Concert Seating: 9,000 approximately
    Hockey Seating: 6,700 approximately
    Luxury Suites: 12
    Club Seats: 100
    North & South Party Room: 56 and 46


  7. NHVoter says:

    Looks like Trump has been reading about your splitter strategy, Sundance!

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    • Multiple Treehouse lessons evident. Trump doesn’t parrot or dredge – he absorbs data, processes from ore to metal, and grows armor/ammo. He’s beyond impressive.

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      • NannyG says:

        Excellent point, tyrannocankles.
        I also was noticing how Donald Trump builds upon his own earlier sayings, making it seem as though he had it all thought aout well in advance.
        But, what might be closer to the truth is that Donald Trump THINKS about his previous sayings and adds to them based on more current events.
        King David was also one who did this: Psalms 4 and 63 touch on his spending time at night thinking about it.
        I love that Donald Trump builds on his previous sayings so effectively.
        It really showed in today’s rally as well as last night’s.


  8. yohio says:

    Gotta love trying to split up zero kind of hard to do. Good stuff no matter what if you take money you feel like you owe people, your just bought.

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  9. sundance says:

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  10. El Torito says:



  11. dekare says:

    I have a question. If all things keep going as they are, then it will be no doubt that Trump will garner the most votes…barring ballot box tampering, which sadly, I used to think was a third world dictator issue, but now, is something I am sure happens here in America. Anyway, if Trump wins, is there a chance that the GOP will NOT give him the nomination?

    I am sure they do NOT want to do this, but will have to if We The People tell them to….right? Is it possible that they can turn around and give it to someone else? And if so, is there something We The People can or should do to rectify this?

    Just wonderin…


  12. yohio says:

    He needs to keep up with this stuff about I like doing this stuff for the fun of it. It’s fun to me like sport, Carl Icahn let him make a deal it’s fun for these guys, they no longer need pay do this stuff because they like it and it’s fun. Equal partners not stupid partners.

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  13. yohio says:

    Is he holding another rally again tonight for people outside?


  14. PremAmerica says:

    Over 7100 people watching on Right Side YouTube Live cast!!

    BTW, when Trump says, “not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba,” I think Trump isn’t talking about Ted Cruz. He is talking about Ted Cruz’s father! I get the feeling that Trump finds Papa Cruz to be creepy or something, can’t quite explain it.

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    • KBR says:

      Something to think through. Perhaps he is asking if the Cruz group are just using evangelism as a front for something very different? Something to think about.

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      • Rene says:

        Look up Benny Hinn. He is/or was a slick televangelist worth over 40 million dollars. I consider him to be one of the biggest scammers. Ted Cruz dad took over a ministry that Benny Hinns wife started. Look it up. In my opinion that is the TELL.

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        • lastConservinIllinois? says:

          Never heard that before.

          Cruz tied in with Benny Hinn.

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        • TheFenian says:

          Benny Hinn !! Yikes !! That guy seriously creeped me out. Even through the TV I got an evil vibe from him. He’s doing the devil’s work. We were warned about this type. (There’s some Japanese or Chinese guy who’s a televangelist here too the last few years. Get the same vibe from him)
          (oh, and Beck too !)

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          • CatherinesMom says:

            Raphael Cruz has a bizarre theology. It MAY explain why some of Ted Cruz’s supporters are so rabid. Mr. Cruz (father) believes in something called Dominion Theology. This is a belief is the idea that Christians should work toward either a nation governed by Christians or one governed by a conservative, Christian understanding of biblical law. That his church, theology will be reigning prior to Christ’s second coming. That would explain why Papa Cruz said Ted’s ‘anointed’.

            Yeah. That is some weird theology.

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    • don welch says:

      that’s how i took it too. the dad.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:


      Manchurian candidate # 2..

      No telling how many of them the communists planted…..

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    • Jack Long says:

      I think Cruz’s father was a draft dodger.

      I was draft age at that time and know the type. Canada was a destination for many who wanted to avoid the draft. Green card holders were also eligible for the draft.

      Also, if Cruz’s mother was a hippie type, it is possible she didn’t follow through on Ted Cruz’s US citizenship claim when he was born.

      Those were crazy times. As silly as it sounds, the character “Jenny” in the movie Forrest Gump was a fairly accurate representation of how people changed during the hippie movement, in my estimation. There’s no telling what Cruz’s mother was like if she was involved in that scene.

      That’s just my guess.


    • georgiafl says:

      We have seen time after time that Trump doesn’t just say things without a darned serious reason. And, we have seen that Trump’s intel is excellent.

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      • Exactly. There has to be something going on.

        Theory: Castro sending decepticons as early refugees, to get ears into the States. Deep cover types to infiltrate the refugee movement. Note that the leftist trolls used to hammer Breitbart about dad being ex-commie. Why? To solidify us on the defense, that he’s not – that he turned against Castro. It takes a while to figure out when they’re doing that, but they do love that technique, to freeze the opposition on an idea so they behave predictably (like supporting TPA Cruz).

        What if dad is red sleeper or merely was a suspected red sleeper – or even just INVESTIGATED as a red sleeper? He would have an FBI file, even if innocent. Well – guess who probably has ALL of those now? Cankles/DNC/Uniparty would have it. Somebody who was on the case may have remembered, too, even if it got destroyed. And if there IS a file and Cankles has it – BAM – dead Ted on Election Day.

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        • PS – just thought of something. Remember how Hillary used “birther” to distract from the real Obama problems of Muslim and Communist? I think they’re doing the same thing on Ted. Birther distracts from pink diaper huckster and globalist.

          Consider Obama’s primary skill: good speaker. Orator. Empty suit on accomplishments, but high drama.

          Hmmmmmmmmm. Really.

          Cruz as Obama of the right, theatrically opposed by Soros, makes me seriously wonder what’s up with him.

          Cruz needs to be put on the spot about the globalist agenda. Make him promise to cut them off like Trump, in terms that can’t be walked back. If he doesn’t, then I think the coffee just got smelled.

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      • furtiveadmirer says:

        He sees an opening & he shoots from the foul line…no one sees it coming. It’s all timing.

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    • moogey says:

      Batista was the US backed President of Cuba when Rafael Cruz Sr. was a teenager. Rafael Sr. allegedly states that he did time in Batista’s prison before coming to the United States on a student visa in 1957.

      Which begs the question…If Batista was US backed, and Batista jailed Cruz Sr., because he was a criminal, would the US have been willing to offer a student visa to a Cuban criminal in 1957? If Cruz Sr, was jailed by Batista because he was supporting Fidel Castro in the Castro revolution, would the US have been willing to offer a student visa to a Cuban revolutionary?

      How did Rafael a self admitted soldier in Castro’s revolution access a student visa to America in 1957?

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      • Notmeagain says:

        It is a very interesting question, just whose side was Rafael Sr. on, and when.The revolution went from 1953 to 1959. In 1957 it was obvious that Castro wasn’t going away, the fighting was dragging on, people were bailing, the USSR was looking at Cuba. It could be that Rafael Sr. had been a soldier of Castro and decided he didn’t like that future after all. I was small but have the impression that the govt. was very favorable to anyone “fleeing communism,” sort of like “Syrian refugees” today and with similar chaotic effect. But why did he go to Canada?

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        • moogey says:

          Because he had graduated from college, so his student visa expired. He was given a green card, which entitled him to participate in the wheel of fortune draft draws. My guess is that he had already seen enough in Cuba and headed to Canada to avoid the draft.

          But, the Canadian government has stated that to them Ted Cruz is a natural born Canadian Citizen, and for that definition to have been applied, Mama & Papa Cruz had to be naturalized at the time that Ted was born.

          My question is, did Mama renounce her American citizenship at the time she pledged her loyalty to Canada? If she did, she gave away her birthright prior to Ted’s birth and he is claiming a birthright, that is not his to claim.

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    • flawesttexas says:

      Ted Cruz’s father is tied to the church run by Benny Hinn’s wife. Hinn is quite shady…and ripped off many people in Orlando when he has his church here. Cruz Sr will be bad news for Ted

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  15. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Is this true?
    Do they know about this in Iowa?

    The Trump Rap Song

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    • marierogers says:

      monsanto is evil..they are destroying our food chain..we need to fight and destroy this vile corrupt conglamarate..
      i have a h that hope that president TRUMP can and will take on MONSANTO..
      no gmo in most of the european countries..our politicians caved ..what the hell do they care..they can afford organic..most of us cannot…
      byw his speech tonite was one of his best!.

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      • singtune says:

        True~! I was in severe Pain for Years~~Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue~~ Migraines etc. I was on 13 Medications & got an Ulcer, because of the Meds. Well, after that i was told by a Neurological Chiropractor, where i sought help, to get tested for Food Allergies. It WAS the GMO Chemicals in the processed food & pasteurized dairy, that was causing All of my Problems & Pain! I am now 78 ~~~ Well & Free of ALL Pain & on NO Drugs at all! I go out and Exercise each day at the gym & am enjoying life. My Husband is 85 & we eat No Processed Food ~~ No Meat with Hormones or Antibiotic’s ~~ all organic Non-GMO Veggies etc. It is good that we are Older & eat much less~~so we can afford to eat well. Both of us are in much better health, than much younger people around us -here in Florida. {It is the Food that is making People Sick}


        • smiley says:

          soetoro/NWO want to kill us.
          one way or another.
          or every which way they can think of.
          may they be forever cursed with arugula flatulence.


  16. marierogers says:

    he was at his best tonite!

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  17. lovely says:

    Love that the Donald keeps hitting on the fact that the families of terrorists know what they are doing.

    Wife of Bataclan shooter ‘proud’ and ‘happy’

    As long as you continue to offend Islam and Muslims, you will be potential targets, and not just cops and Jews but everyone.”

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    • Yes – and that is a strong signal under the table to Israel. They’ve had to deal with this phenomenon of family-blessed, family-enabled, and family-supported terrorism.

      So when terror mom knows her house is going to get bulldozed, it’s much less likely that she is going to donate her kids to the next attacks, hoping they get out in 3 years in a prisoner exchange, or get pardoned by Obama. I don’t recommend bulldozing here in America – I think aiding and abetting simply needs to be prosecuted more often, and the perps showcased as BADSLAM. These terror moms lie through their teeth anyway, so why cut deals with them?

      Note that the enemedia will make terror moms the victims for a while, but we can demolish the media for doing it, and we have the Trump megaphone on our side.


  18. Tonawanda says:

    Looking forward to the intense discussion in the media over the next few days over the significance of the word “bullsh^t”. I think Trump won about 100,000 votes with that comment about politicians.

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  19. This was a short rally?


  20. TheFenian says:

    Wow – ominous words to end the speech
    “It begins February 1st. They say these great crowds won’t come out to vote. I hope that doesn’t happen … I hope that doesn’t happen. GET OUT AND VOTE.”

    And earlier in the speech to the Nebraskans in the audience “”Call your iowan friends on Cebruary 1st and tell them to GET OUT AND VOTE”.

    Marching orders have been issued Iowans. Let’s Roll !
    (goes for the rest of us too)

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    • Tonawanda says:

      The words I also found ominous and intriguing is when Trump was talking about the terrorist families, and he looked very serious for about one second and said (a paraphrase): “don’t forget I said this.”

      I think Trump has in mind bringing terrorism to the terrorist communities somehow as a deterrent. Anyway, it is very interesting.

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  21. georgiafl says:

    BIG Drudge headline implicates Obama in spying on Israel – and – Congress. Comments at the WSJ article are critical of both Obama and Hillary.

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    • furtiveadmirer says:

      He transferred there after 2 years at mediocre Fordham.
      I thinks he was an underachiever. He bores easily.



  22. bofh says:

    OK, I’m confused.
    What event is the first video?
    And is tonight’s rally (apparently, the second video link) still not streaming at 9:30 EST? (It says “Please stand by. Starting soon.”) Are they really running an hour late, or was the original time listed incorrectly, or what?

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  23. Dora says:

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      GEE. Iowans better start getting busy registering…..


    • Rene says:

      I read somewhere that in the past about 120,000 actually participate in the caucuses. I think that is on the republican side. Hopefully this time the number will be huge.


    • cardinalmike says:

      That is telling but it still is a turnout game. I trust the folks that Trump has in charge so I think he will win Iowa.

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    • PremAmerica says:

      Dora, at EVERY Trump IOWA rally they announce that you CAN register on Caucus night. There will be a caucus captain at each site to help with the registration.

      Chuck Laudner organized 30,000 people to go out for Rick Santorum. Everybody knows this. But what people forget is that in 2000 when Bush won with 40%, Laudner worked for Steve Forbes and Forbes got 30% of the vote in Iowa (interestingly, also 30K votes). Can you imagine what Laudner could do with the crowds that turn out for Trump?

      (Not to mention that Trump also has Sam Clovis and Tana Goetz!!)

      Liked by 3 people

  24. Dick A says:

    I was one of those watching the great rally on computer. Here in eastern Washington the majority are Republican but we have those radical leftists on the west side of the mountains to contend with. Inslee has made such a mess of things in this start perhaps we may have a chance to turn the state red next November. I am old but continue to campaign for trump everywhere I go.

    Liked by 9 people

  25. furtiveadmirer says:

    Ben Ginburg ( Mitt Romney advisor) chimes in on GOP Cleveland convention chaos:

    “…there will not be is a “brokered” convention. There are no “brokers” left in the Republican Party.* Closest to that status will be candidates who win some delegates before having to “suspend” their campaigns, but are able to come back at the convention with first-ballot leverage, or perhaps special-interest-group leaders whose members are delegates.

    An early test of candidate strength will be votes at the credentials and rules committees the week before the convention. The very earliest test will be the selection at next spring’s state conventions of which delegates serve on these committees. Campaigns organized state-by-state to elect delegates loyal to them for these committees will fare best in Cleveland.

    The credentials committee will hear challenges—over issues such as flawed state-convention procedures or a delegate’s true party registration—to delegate slates and individual delegates, a potentially decisive role in an unsettled convention.

    The rules committee must pass the procedures under which the convention runs, including Rule 40, which determines the number of states needed to place a candidate’s name in nomination. The subject of much inaccurate speculation, Rule 40 must be passed anew by each convention. Historically set at five states, the number needed was raised to eight in 2012 to stop a second candidate being nominated.”

    “No brokers,”just the CIA/Bush Crime Family. Roger Stone has all the facts.

    And from here on in, The Donald is taking his research on the Clinton/Bush crimes syndicates under advisement.

    Liked by 3 people

  26. james23 says:

    What a busy day Donald has had! Incredible energy

    Liked by 2 people

  27. NCPatriot says:

    I thought the Bible given to him by his Mother—was a nice touch, especially in Iowa.

    I like that he is including “all of us, with him” in this effort—I get the sense that he is also learning about who we really are–out here in the “fly-over country”, and liking what he sees. He is right–it is a movement of America loving citizens. I think it reinforces him, and strengthens him.

    I have enlarged the logo—with the lion—Trump 2016- (because the donkey and elephant is not working)—–and put it on the back inside windshield of my car. Many voting aged relatives, all registered Republicans, are on board with Trump. I think I have persuaded my two older neighbors as well. They always vote. This is in NC.

    We all need to do this–because he is working hard for us. Please, if inclined, also pray daily for his physical safety. He is making enemies of many powerful people.

    Liked by 8 people

  28. Colleen says:

    I was at the Iowa rally…got my copy of Crippled America signed by president Trump!..great time!

    Liked by 7 people

  29. Trust No One says:

    You can print logo on window cling decal paper. Found some at Office Depot, I’m going to give it a try. I think I’ll add TRUMP 2016 under it. Is the logo trademarked? or okay to use?


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