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Paul Ryan and The Omnibus Bill – Hence You See The Increasingly Obvious Rise of Donald J Trump…

Since the passage of the 2016/2016 Omnibus and Tax Plan – has anyone else noted the complete and utter lack of commentary from those who were stating that only Paul Ryan would be able to steer the republic?

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Breaking Report: Mass Casualty Event – Tornado Hits North East Dallas Metro Area…

According to sporadic news reports the North East Dallas suburban area has been hit with at least one Tornado, possibly more.   Unfortunately this is a heavily populated area, and reports of early fatalities are beginning to come through social media.  … Continue reading

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Flashback: Hillary Clinton Discusses Profiling Muslims: “Whatever It Takes”…

Hillary Clinton 2015: Enough of the shameful, dangerous anti-Muslim rhetoric from Republicans. Hillary responds: https://t.co/ZhRYyA0lDh — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) December 8, 2015 Hillary Clinton 2001:

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Patriotic Nationalism – The Problem Identified, The Solution Personified….

The Problem Identified: The Solution Personified:

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Progressive Moonbats Aghast That Harrison Ford Paid 76 Times More Than Daisy Ridley…

Why, it’s the visible personification of the war-on-women.  It’s shameful.  The wealth is not spread.  This is a terrible lack of Hollywood’s self-awareness and commitment to progressive values… or, well, something. (link) Who is Daisy Ridley?  Don’t ask me, I’m … Continue reading

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Once You See the Strings On the Marionettes…

….it’s impossible to go back to a time when you didn’t notice them: Whose jet? 

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Representative Trey Gowdy Doesn’t Support or Endorse Senator Ted Cruz….

Every other headline will read: Gowdy supports Rubio, but the reality is more apropos when considering that Gowdy doesn’t support Ted Cruz. This endorsement “event” should not come as a surprise to long-time readers, simply go back to the 2014 … Continue reading

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December 26th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion Thread

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread – December 26th

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading

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