Visa Grants With Incomplete Application – Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik Visa/Immigration Documents (pdf file)…

There’s something sketchy about the entire series of events as to how San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik was able to garner a fiancee visa and enter the U.S.   Nothing about this passes the proverbial “sniff test”.

Having read, and heard numerous testimonials,  about how extensive the process is for mainly European immigrants to enter the U.S. under similar circumstances – it just appears this specific application was provided some kind of assistance to move it along so quickly with so many obvious holes in the information as provided.

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Now, thanks to a congressional inquiry, we are able see the actual documents themselves; and within the information there’s even more questions, troubling questions.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Republican-Virginia, who alleged over the past weekend that immigration officials “did not thoroughly vet” Malik’s application, publicly released their file on Tuesday.  It is provided below in pdf format for your review.

( Via Fox News ) […] “In order to obtain a fiancée visa, it is required to demonstrate proof that the U.S. citizen and foreign national have met in person,” Goodlatte said in a statement. “However, Malik’s immigration file does not show sufficient evidence for this requirement.”

[Rep Goodlatte] said “what is worse” is that the U.S. officials reviewing the application apparently requested more evidence to demonstrate they’d actually met “but it was never provided and her visa was approved anyway.”

He appeared to be referring to a line in the file that said the applicant needed to provide an English translation for the passport stamps – a translation that did not appear in the file.  The committee noted Malik’s Saudi Arabia visa was good for 60 days, saying that casts doubt on claims they were in Saudi Arabia at the same time.

“And even if Farook and Malik met in Saudi Arabia, there is insufficient evidence in the file for USCIS to have made that determination,” the committee said in a statement.

Asked about the file and about Goodlatte’s claims, USCIS spokesman Joseph R. Holstead defended the handling of the case. “Tashfeen Malik was subjected to numerous background checks at all stages that the agency handled her case, and those background checks did not reveal any derogatory information about Malik,” he said in a statement.

Holstead said “all required procedures were followed” in processing her file before it was referred to the U.S. Embassy. Further, he said the file in question had “sufficient evidence to establish that she intended to marry Syed Farook and that the two were together in Saudi Arabia before the fiancée petition was filed.”

The most detailed information on their relationship could be found in the two-paragraph statement from Farook. It said they met online and, after weeks of emailing, decided to meet in person. Farook said Malik was visiting her parents in Saudi Arabia in October 2013, at the same time he and his parents were performing the Hajj pilgrimage.

So, according to the statement, their families met at the house of one of Malik’s relatives in Mecca.

He said “it is on this day that we got engaged.”

Farook wrote that he was providing visa and passport page copies to demonstrate the visit.

Last week, congressional lawmakers grilled FBI Director James Comey and other administration officials on the visa vetting process. Asked if Malik actually had an interview for the K-1 visa process, Comey said such an interview is required, but he didn’t know if one occurred.  (link)

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68 Responses to Visa Grants With Incomplete Application – Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik Visa/Immigration Documents (pdf file)…

  1. dizzymissl says:

    Remember the poor pitiful Muslim family who we wouldn’t let in for their trip to Disneyworld? Turns out the media wasn’t giving us the whole story.

    Wonder if our refusal is part of the Trump Effect

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    • Dixie says:

      What’s going on with the social media situation? Some officials can check it but others can’t? Isn’t that why Malik got in….they couldn’t check her social media?

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      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        That’s what they stated.
        And they are full of crap.

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      • Crystal says:

        A guest on Hannity’s radio show today (hosted by Deneane Borelli & Daniel Horowitz) said that a MuzzBro member named Elibiary is a special advisor to the DHS and influencing visa policy. I didn’t listen to the entire interview as I was busy, but Hildebeast’s name was also mentioned in that she is being influenced by either MB, CAIR or both. I’m sure the transcript will be available soon, but the hosts were outraged by what they were hearing.

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        • Dixie says:

          You can’t fix stupid and those that are being influenced by MB, CAIR or both are just plain stupid and un-American.

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        • Crystal says:

          It appears that Breitbart’s claims that MB is deeply entrenched in the current administration are true. Corroborated by Ret. Adm. James Lynch, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino and 5 Congress members (Gohmert, S. King, M. Bachman (former) and others). The guest on Hannity’s radio show (I think his first name was Eric) said that Cruz has introduced a bill to declare MB/CAIR terrorist organizations and therefore illegal for them to work in US government positions.

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        • WSB says:

          For years, I have been very wary of anyone who worked in the Immigration Services.

          In New York, I have friends who are European – Hungarian – who have been attempting to have family members join them legally in the US. Limbo. I am told that every time they visit the agency, barely anyone speaks English.

          Considering the fierce lopsidedness of Muslim immigration into this country since 1996, I believe our immigration services have been weaponized. This started under Clinton, and then Bush. Extreme increase since Obama.

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    • notasmidgeon says:

      Going to California for a family trip to see family and to see your Disney Land in Orlando. They planned this trip for 2 months. (from the clip above) Anyone see the confusion here?

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  2. dizzymissl says:

    Muslims think the FBI is faking terrorist plots:

    more clips from this focus group can be found here:

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    • 180 degree taqiyya. a.k.a The Big Lie.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      You know, just before I read that my mind was idling along, thinking of a conspiracy thriller where the shadowy cabal running the world had so much money and influence that they could actually stage something like ISIS, convincing both the participants that they were on a worthy quest and the rest of the world that this was a legitimate threat. Except of course in a variety of plot twists, there are several layers of deception. All this great story needs is a hero who can navigate all threats and some hapless bystanders who understand what is going on and are groping for help. These muslims would fit right in with the deceived crowd of the ME.


      • Dixie says:

        I do not understand why women such as the ones in the video actually want to wear those things on their heads if they truly think themselves Americans. If they really consider themselves Americans, why not assimilate? They have to be hot, itchy and uncomfortable and definitely do not enhance their looks….in fact they are very unattractive because their heads always look too small for their bodies. The only reason I can come up with is that either they are bald or they are lazy and don’t want to wash their hair.

        Those that wear the full tent with only slits for their eyes are IMO, just wanting to intimidate and make us wonder what kind of gun, shotgun or bomb they are carrying at their side. We need to ban those things.

        I know they all have names but I don’t care what they call them and I’m not interested enough look them up.

        Rant over.

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          Ah, Dixie, I share your lack of enthusiasm to find the correct names of things we shouldn’t even have to think about.

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        • Mike says:

          No more preferential treatment for muslim women in the full tent at airport security. Reverse profiling and discrimination to me; TSA has been a huge insult to real Amerian grandmothers with the 3rd degree overinspection and skipped on the tents.

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    • Jett Black says:

      The Muslim world is and has been from time immemorial way way over the top with conspiracy theories. They play the conspiracy blame game about everything, just about all the time, whether at home or abroad. Even their history is filled with obvious, unavoidable lies and obfuscations (like how they claim they’ve won every war with Israel–ha–yet there’s all those Paleswinian ‘fugees? And Egypt has treaties with Israel?). That that kind of cognitive dissonance and inability to accept truth comes part and parcel with pisslam, so as crazy as it is, shouldn’t be a surprise.

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        Ex Muslim Nonie Darwish has written at length about the very defensive culture. EVERYTHING is the fault of the jooos, ‘imperialism’, colonialism, the West, blah, blah… far too many end up believing that crap.

        Coupled w/ a totally fatalistic outlook (inshallah- the will of god) no wonder that lot can’t really grow/prosper. They are hampered by their own ideology.


    • redsequin4 says:

      What an angry group of people.

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    • nimrodman says:

      I believe that’s the same group referred to here:

      “CBS’s Frank Luntz sought to gauge the attitudes of an ostensibly ordinary panel of Muslims in America towards Donald Trump. Undeclared to the audience, however, is a professional left-wing agitator seated in the front row who is an alumnus of the Obama Administration.”

      CBS Muslim Panel Accidentally Includes Professional Leftist Obama Operative

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  3. feralcatsblog says:

    Dis the Saudis grease the skids.

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  4. Josh says:

    I’ve never thought the “process” was “extensive”.
    What I DO believe is extensive is the lip service that has been regurgitated to American citizens.

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    • John Galt says:

      There is effectively no vetting on a fiance visa. To check them out sufficiently, they would need to do a background check like they do (or at least used to do) for a high level security clearance. This is too expensive, so they should just ban all Muslims and all people from Islamic hell hole sharia law countries.

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  5. J'hn1 says:

    Whoever approved the visa without the mandatory information should be fired. And held as an accessory to the murders. That will get them talking about who ordered them to ignore those laws and how many they did without such verification.
    Maybe “settle” for firing and losing retirement bennies, but without heavy consequences all the Fed weenies ignoring the laws their bosses want ignored will continue to do so.

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    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      I agree.
      And drain their bank account to help pay funeral and doctor/hospital expenses.

      Now, anybody else want to engage in some shady paperwork on behalf of a muzz?

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    • William says:

      The name and picture of the person who approved the visa should be made public, and in that way we could put a face on either an incompetent bureaucrat or a malicious mole, who should be investigated to determine which it is, and dealt the appropriate action, namely, immediate termination of employment and or charged with treason or espionage.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I wonder if the guy’s name is Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed?


    • KBR says:

      Water board the traitors.


  6. R-C says:

    One is left to wonder if the system is working exactly as the White House wants it to operate–loose and disorganized for some applicants, yet for other applicants, impossible to navigate successfully.

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction…” —BH Obama, “Anatomy of a Dope”

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    • joanfoster says:

      The future does not belong to those who insult the Prophet Muhammed. We have a mole in the State Dept and multiple moles in the WH including in the oval office. Like everything else congress investigates, it starts off with fire and brimstone and ends up in a heap of cold cinders. Sometimes, I believe they are afraid of the truth.

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      • WSB says:

        This includes Hillary Clinton. Many people STILL do not know that her Wellsley thesis, also off limits to copy (but you can search for it online), was a love letter to Saul Alinsky. She turned down a job with him but kept a correspondence campaign going for awhile.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “One is left to wonder if the system is working exactly as the White House wants it …”

      Of course it is. I can tell you don’t doubt it in the slightest, R-C. Neither do I.

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    • WSB says:

      Believe it…it is. All Muslim. Just look at the numbers. Mexican immigrant numbers may look high, but the immigration from Muslim countries since 1996 are huge.


  7. labrat says:

    Just thinking out loud here. I assume whoever processes applications from these countries have to be fluent in the language and culture. Who are these people? Americans or locals hired to help the State Dept?

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  8. Anybody who interacts with USCIS knows that the legal immigration pool has been dramatically shifted to Cloward-Piven assault against America as it currently exists. There is a dramatic increase in “Democrat” immigrants, and a dramatic decrease in “Republican” immigrants. Definite South over North, East over West, Muslim over Christian, uneducated over educated.

    My guess is that Obama has basically done everything possible to shift the numbers that way – including poor vetting of potential immigrants that fit his preferred groups. His conspiracy of negligence serves greater agenda, not specific plots, BUT it results in specific plots just the same, with near-perfect deniability.

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    • WSB says:

      But it comes down enabling agents. Go to a large city, and walk into the IS office. It will look like Timbuktu. Both in front and behind the counter. Rubber-stamping has been going on for years. Just look at the number of Europeans being granted status in our country.

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  9. Veritas says:

    Surely they submitted a photo of these two lovebirds together in Saudi. Didn’t they? Knowing our crack consular service and the elites who man the Near East embassies I am certain that they have this simple proof in file.


  10. oldtoenail says:

    Looks like it is about time for some jail time for the public servants that are not doing their job. Don’t we call that negligent homicide when someone dies as a results of not doing the appropriate thing.

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  11. hocuspocus13 says:

    The more you read about this matter the more you realize a temporary ban is needed because Obama’s crew does not have their act together at the expense of innocent lives

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  12. Mordecai Gallows says:

    There are so many dullards who’ve been parroting the ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’ slogan for so long, they will eventually see the damage and change their minds ONLY when the orb encasing their mind is separated from their shoulders.

    “Honey, relax. Open the door and let them in. Be polite! I’m sure these nice Arabian garbed folks are here for our coffee and tea cultural exchange social.”

    “Oh, honey, now isn’t this exciting!?! They want to teach you some kind of men adore women tribal dance.”

    “There, you see, look how thoughtful they are. This fine fellow brought one of those beautifully crafted shiny scimitars to share with….. “

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  13. Concerned says:

    I’m a little confused. Two different New York Times articles state that Syed and Tashfeen were already married BEFORE she came to the US.

    Mr. Kuko, the director of the mosque Mr. Farook attended, said that before Mr. Farook went to Saudi Arabia to pick up his future wife, “he was asking my advice, my blessings,” he said. “He did double-check on her family background, and he was quite convinced that she was the right person for him.” They held the religious ceremony in Saudi Arabia and a reception at the mosque in Riverside, once they returned.

    Speaking by telephone from Saudi Arabia, Ms. Malik’s father, Gulzar Ahmed Malik, recounted a meeting between him and his wife and Mr. Farook’s mother during the annual hajj pilgrimage in the Saudi city of Mecca in July 2013. In an encounter just outside the Kaaba, the cuboid building at the center of Islam’s holiest mosque, Mr. Farook’s mother, Rafia, told the Pakistani couple that her family sought a “pious, religious girl” to marry their son, he said. Mr. Malik replied that he was looking for a similar match for his daughter, and that he liked the young American man because, like his daughter, he had memorized the Quran. The couple married months later by telephone, as allowed under Islamic custom, Mr. Malik said, and they held a celebration in the Saudi city of Jidda in July 2014, shortly after Ms. Malik had obtained her visa from the American Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    Also interesting, there really is no evidence that they met prior to Syed picking Tashfeen up from the Muslim bride clearinghouse in Saudi Arabia in July 2014. He did not meet her in person in July 2013 and their alleged marriage was conducted over the phone sometime between then and July 2014 when Syed brought her to the US. So much for vetting! Wrong Visa type, no verification that the two had actually met or married, incomplete or erroneous information on the application …. THANKS OBAMA.

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  14. Jett Black says:

    My take–look at these people–they’re pitiful, scarred beings. If one is already disposed by one’s boss (<0bum0) to be lenient, this couple would be a pair you might take pity on and pass through, thinking they wouldn’t have a chance finding another mate anywhere anytime. I suspect they appeared quite meek and anxious to start their new lives, when interviewed. I also suspect, as noted above, that our immigration apparatus is heavily infiltrated, combining pity, willful blindness, and intentional invasion as motivators.


    • Crystal says:

      This is a deliberate invasion. The wolf is already in the hen house. How many times have we heard during Bari’s tenure that this is no longer a Christian nation, but a Muslim one? MB in all depts. concerned with National Security and having access to our intel, a Middle East policy where country by country, all would fall like dominoes and dictators replaced with even worse from MB. Sharia Law being introduced into the US and Islamic history being stressed in our schools.

      Since before 9/11/01, the prevailing talk in Saudi Arabia has been that Muslims would move to the US in droves and take it over by the year 2020. Bari appears to be the figurehead to get the job done on schedule. There was a story out at one of the news blogs about a year ago that an air charter company was ferrying in thousands of Muslims per week via Britain into the US, where they were given $5,000 per person and then released into the population. They count towards the census and many are being moved to red states. SUNDANCE – Can you investigate this?

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  15. Director says:

    One has to marvel at the fact that this Muzzie was a food inspector.

    That’s a cushy civil service job that ensures safety and health at various private and public entities.

    How many Muzzies work at Reservoirs? or Abattoirs?

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  16. jc says:

    My wife processed thru Manila, she said she was briefly interviewed by a Filipino and then a longer interview with an American woman but not grilled about terrorism. We had to produce lots of photos (date stamped, multiple dates) and printouts of correspondence.Its geared to screen bogus marriages, not stop terrorists. This level of review would accomplish neither.

    I’m sure Manila is a high volume processing center and my wife would still be there if this was what we submitted, but we’re Christians and subject to closer scrutiny!.

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  17. Buck Weaver says:

    This first link explains the process for obtaining a Fiance Visa. It seems the final step in the process is submitting documents and attending an interview at the US Embassy/Consulate in the country where the fiance resides.

    This second link is to a forum – “The Reviews below are actual experiences by members of the VisaJourney community” There’s all kinds of info on here. I specified Pakistan, and you can read their experiences, including the questions they were asked during their interview.

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  18. socabill says:

    OK, I’ve been waiting for the right time to post this. Think this might be it…

    The fear in both the GOP and Democratic party is visible at the surface when it comes to Trump, and it’s not that he’s any of what they’ve accused him of.  No, it’s really much simpler than that, and both Republican and Democrat parties, along with the mainstream media, are utterly terrified that you, the average American, is going to figure out what underlies all of these institutions in America.

    No, it’s not that they’re evil.

    It’s worse, for evil frequently is recognized and fought back yet for decades America has not awakened to what has been going on in the political and media establishment.  It was evident during the Vietnam war and has only gotten worse since.

    [Bear with this guy for a bit; he’s making a great point here with his ‘Nam analogy…]

    For those who don’t recall the Tet Offensive was an attack launched by the NVA and VietCong by some 70,000 troops in a coordinated series of attacks across more than 100 targets.  It was an attempt to foment rebellion among the South’s population.

    Tet failed in its military objective, in that there were too few troops spread too thinly, and once the US and South Vietnamese figured out what was going on they literally slaughtered a huge number of the attackers.  To put perspective on this at the Battle of Hue roughly 500 US Marines and South Vietnamese were killed but over 5,000 NVA and VietCong died in that one battle alone.

    The story was repeated through the country; while the North managed to attack they lost virtually the entire attacking force, while not managing to take one mile of territory.  They also failed to incite rebellion, which was the primary goal of the offensive in the first place.

    Our media, however, reported that we lost.  They were present and they lied, including Walter Cronkite. Cronkite reported in February of 1968 that the war “was a stalemate and probably unwinnable” despite knowing that the NVA had virtually been rendered soldierless in the Tet offensive as their casualty rate ran ten times the South’s.

    Tet was a desperation move; the North was in serious trouble.  They were failing to take territory and losing men and material at an ridiculous rate compared to the Americans and South.  Simply put we were the better fighting force and it wasn’t a close call.  In the first few days of their “offensive” they lost ten thousand men against about 750 on the other side and it just got worse from there with total losses on their side being close to 50,000, or virtually all of their remaining fighting-age force.

    Cronkite didn’t care about the truth.  He wasn’t evil, he was indifferent.  He didn’t give a damn about the fact that a totalitarian government was being handed a victory over millions of citizens, he simply wanted to make a further name for himself and push his political agenda.

    Likewise there are those who claim that Obama and similar are evil in their view of Muslims and terrorism and of course they wish to draw a distinction between left and right sides of the aisle.  Wrong.  They’re all indifferent.

    The political goal is more power for them and their friends, mostly economic power.  More ability to extract from you by force and threaten you with jail or worse if you try to resist.  More power over your daily life.  More power to tell you that you must bake a cake for gays (because your religious convictions don’t matter) but if your religious convictions are Muslim then they do matter and must be protected because that’s where one of the big reservoirs of oil and undeveloped people that can be exploited in the future reside.

    They literally don’t care if you get blown up or shot and it doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican.  They don’t care if you live under a freeway overpass because your health “insurance” that you are forced to buy covers so little that you have to spend $6,000 before one dime is covered, and you don’t have $6,000.  They don’t care that a Christmas Party was shot up by a couple of Islamic Nutjobs who they could have identified if they did care and in fact they shut down an investigation on “civil rights” grounds that probably would have identified the shooters years before.

    Jeb Bush has never apologized for giving Driver Licenses to the majority of the 9/11 hijackers in Florida because he doesn’t care.  What he cared about was making sure that illegal immigrants could roof houses during the housing bubble so his buddies could make money.  That 3,000 Americans died as a plausibly direct consequence doesn’t matter to him.

    Marco Rubio supports allowing the illegal invaders to remain here because he doesn’t care if it screws you out of a job.  Like Bush, what he cares about is his corporate patrons that want cheap labor.  He cites all these Fortune 500 companies that were started by immigrants but I’ll bet that not one of them was an illegal invader.  Ditto for his Nobel Prize winner claims.  Oh sure, they’ve been immigrants — the legal variety.  The illegal ones are the roofers working under the table or the gang members.  That there is immense criminal and economic collateral damage doesn’t matter to him; he’s not evil, he’s indifferent.

    Ben Carson refuses, despite being a surgeon, to speak against the medical monopolies.  He knows exactly what’s wrong in that regard both in the hospital and drug field.  He’s not evil, he’s indifferent to the damage that his own profession has done to you over the last 30 years.

    Hillary Clinton knows damn well that during the Benghazi attacks there were military resources available to interdict them.  But she has famously said “what difference does it make” and, in her view, she’s right.  She’s not evil, she’s indifferent — to the lives lost there and to any other collateral damage including the arming of what has turned into Daesh!  Her goal is globalism, socialism and statism, all for her own personal aggrandizement.  That you are harmed or even killed doesn’t matter to her.

    Folks, this is where Trump is really freaking the establishment out.  See, Trump already has anything material that he wants, and if something pops up he wants and doesn’t have he can simply stroke a check.  He has no need to play the indifference game; there is no amount of money he can gain or lose in his lifetime that will change his lifestyle.  He has his own security and doesn’t need yours, he has his own money and also doesn’t need yours.

    The visceral reaction you’re seeing in the media isn’t about Trump’s policies.  It’s fear that’s motivating them.

    They fear that you might come to realize that you can’t demonize the “other side” for being evil; rather, they are both equally guilty almost to a single man and woman at being simply indifferent as to how much you get screwed and by whom, up to and including your death and the death of your children, so long as their desire for more power and control, either for them or their friends, is realized.

    If that happens — if you quit the left/right, republican/democrat, liberal/conservative game and instead demand the indictment of all of them for their treasonous and outrageously unlawful behavior along with their removal from office and are willing to back that up with action up to and including a general strike until they are all gone and in chains then they are all screwed.

    That is what is driving the animus toward Trump.

    Wake up America.

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    • mscynlynn says:

      For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10

      They are evil because they love money so much they are willing to sacrifice us to obtain it.

      I honestly believe that Trump loves our country more than he loves money.

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      • WSB says:

        Once the money is no longer enticing, the power is. Some contribute great benefit with it; others kill. Let’s hope we make the beneficial choice.


  19. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Let’s not forget that AT LEAST 9,500 people have overstayed their visas. Since they never give us the actual number there’s probably many more than that…AND…of course, they DO NOT know where they are !!!!!!!!!!

    God help us, please !

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    • rashamon says:

      2013 figures: April 7, 2013 8:19 p.m. ET, The Wall Street Journal

      “Proponents of overhauling the U.S. immigration system increasingly point to the fact that about 40% of the 11 million undocumented workers in the country aren’t low-wage workers who sneaked over the southern border illegally, but rather foreigners who arrived legally and simply never left.”

      That’s 4,400,000.


  20. conservativehippie says:

    people need to be fired for this. like the people in charge, not a scapegoat low level employee(s). americans are dead because of this. there’s never any accountability for anything that goes awry in the government.

    same thing with 9/11 hijackers. their applications were filled out poorly with inconsistencies and they should have never been allowed entry.

    do we see a trend perhaps? that jihadists are coming in with crappy applications. it’s almost as if fellow jihadists are working in these agencies and processing these applications!

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  21. rashamon says:

    Read “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad” by Col. Stephen Coughlin, a recalled Army reserve officer posted to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence Directorate after the attacks of September 11, 2001. One reviewer calls it “A timely and comprehensive indictment of our national security operations and our surrender to hostile religious infiltration.” Many other praise the contents, but are appalled by the truths exposed. It should be required reading for every senior in high school and beyond.

    Acknowledging that this 800-page tome is heavy reading, I strongly recommend this thoroughly researched and footnoted book to anyone interested in how our government (since around 1990 in America, but in the 1920s elsewhere) has made every effort to pack our house and that of our allies with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and give the MB free rein to threaten our national security. Coughlin is now banned from the White House and materials he developed with others for military and diplomatic training have been rewritten to satisfy officials bent on controlling the message that Islam is a religion of peace.

    No, Islam is a political system infused with Sharia Law, controlling every aspect of life with the help of imams who take on the role of bully on the playground — chopping off a 4-year-old’s hand, stoning a woman to death, buying and selling youngsters into sexual slavery, importing workers for dangerous jobs and keeping them hungry and too broke to return home, placing visitors from other lands under house arrest with no due process, and, generally, living by their own rules which are the antithesis of Western culture. Unlike most other religions, it has NEVER in its 1400 year existence undergone a reformation or enlightenment. Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS and ISIL are just some of the many tails wagging the nasty old dog, but in the end the system is Islam with all its complexities that allow endless lies, shifty dealings and death to the infidel . Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

    Why do our governments of the West let this prevail? Money is the root of most evil, and the profits from oil, natural gas and drugs appear to be too tempting to those who can manipulate nations and banks in order to, they think, control the world. Terror attacks, skirmish warfare and genocide are simply vehicles for controlling populations while John Doe becomes a mere tool of the Power Elite. Those with nuclear power, so far, are too smart to pollute the entire global with radiation, but this book is no fairy tale and Islamists are not very bright.

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  22. ctdar says:

    Obama administration no longer hiding the fact they are importing the terrorists intentionally.


  23. SharonKinDC says:

    IMO, w/ Barky’s flood the US w/ ROP types, I suspect there is some sort of ‘brokerage’ going on, likely operating out of SA, the ‘marriage’ may well have been paper-signing…at different dates and the ‘contract’ forwarded to their local US mosque for ‘ratification’. There is a means of money transfer in the Muslim world, can’t think of the term, but it is much like one of the old religious orders-they started the Christian world banking system…

    Instead of units of currency, they’re conveying jihadi brides.


    • Sandra says:

      I think you’re right. And the trip to Mecca is just a cover for the parties to meet up and seal the deal. And have a marriage over the phone if one party cannot be present.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Trumped says:

    Seems like it was facilitated by some hidden group with some agenda to exploit. Conspiracy stuff like this happens. If you think about it… The powers that be(the uniparty, the big corporations, the UN, Davos, NATO, WTO, etc.) have one goal: World control. To achieve that they need a reason for the people to go along with it. Order out of chaos. No problems no reason to change anything.

    The thing is. It was still a rather controlled event.
    If you really want to create Terror in a country there are much worse possiblities then running around with a gun.
    If you are a terrorist and really want to destroy a country and create panic its rather easy and if a good guy like me can come up with it why dont the bad guys do it?

    Liked by 1 person

  25. polk8dot says:

    A few observations on the enclosed documentation – OBVIOUS LIES:

    Her application (Form G325) says she was in KAS (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) from June to Oct 2013. Yet the KAS visa stamp in her passport is dated as granted on 05-OCT-2013. Her entry stamp into KAS says 06-OCT-2013.
    His statement on the application (q. 34.a) says they ‘got engaged on 10-03-2013’. His ‘Intent to marry statement’ reasserts the same BS – that ‘she drove with her family from Riyad, they met and got engaged’, on 10-03-2013.

    Clearly both of the above are lies as demonstrably she COULD NOT have been in Saudi in June 2013, nor on 10-03-2013.

    Her Form G325 gives NO place of living older than Nov 2009. First off, this is less than the required 5 previous years (barely 4 and 1 month) – yet the screening process did not catch it. Second, where the heck DID she live then – she did not drop from the sky fully formed at the ripe age of 23, now did she?
    Her application said she only had those 2 names: tashfeen malik, but her passport says: ‘Tashfeen Malik Gulzar Ahmed Malik’. Lied under oath (penalty of perjury) – WHY? Would those 3 extra names have started bells ringing in security databases?
    The application demands the biographical info be repeated in ‘native language’ and ‘native alphabet’ (p. 4, q. 31, 32). Clearly, no matter whether she chose Saudi (in Arabic) or Pakistani (in Urdu) – either way there should have been something entered there in those squiggly worms. Would it have looked too ‘threatening’ or given too much away, thus it’s not there?
    His answers on the application (p. 4, q. 34, 35, 35a), and his statement claimed they met ‘through an international marriage website’ – yet in answer to a question on this exact matter he provided NOTHING. Not a name of the site, not an ‘internet address‘ and no specifically requested ‘authorization for release of her contact info to him by the marriage website’ to prove there was even ANY contact beforehand.

    Plainly speaking, it is outrageous that this application was ever approved, and in such a speedy manner (less that 2.5 months) to boot. (Believe me, I know the process as it used be, back when they did not let anyone marginally suspicious in – I came here on a fiancee visa as well, over 3 decades ago).

    My read on this: he went to KAS with set intentions of getting involved in jihad; was presented with an avenue of sucking up to Mohammad by bringing back a fully trained, ready to strike terrorist; came back to the US and spent the next 3 months trying to lay the groundwork for the K-1 visa approval (online communications etc.) before ever filing for it. She got approved early March 2014, yet did not come here till late July. According to her application, she has not worked in the prior 5 years (i.e. ever), despite being 27 years old at the time. Thus, clearly, she did not have anything to keep her in Pakistan for the intervening 4 months – unless, maybe, some extra jihadi training, specifically tailored towards her future life in the US.
    I do truly hope that someone gets to the bottom of who and why approved this charade. Were they forced to fill their ‘muslim approval quotas’?


  26. jc says:

    1)There should be an audit of 100% of fiancee visas issued for Pakistanis the past 5 years with immediate revocation of greencards and deportation of those who didn’t comply with requirements.
    2)US officials identified responsible for excess errors should be fired or indicted.

    Rinse and repeat for other countries with reasons to suspect poor vetting practices,like SA.

    This is not discriminatory this is prudent.

    Actually there should be a freeze of Fiancee visa processing and every bureaucrat retasked with auditing compliance with Fiancee visas granted the past 5 years. Once a fiancee has been here 4 years after marriage date they’re eligible to apply for citizenship and once granted it’s nearly impossible to do anything.


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