Muslim Sensibilities Offended In Londonistan After Being Refused Travel Permission To Disneyland and California…

al-Qaeda in LondonistanBy now many people are familiar with the outrage from the Muslim Grievance Industry and Euro-weanie leftists who are aghast, shocked, that an Islamist “family” would be denied flight permission to enter the U.S. and visit Disney World.

According to the perpetually aggrieved version: the Muslim “family” has spent $9,000 for a joyful “family” Christmas vacation, before they encountered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Islamaphobia at the airport.

Cue spontaneous acts of media outrage.  How dare the U.S. deny them their right to visit Mickey Mouse?

However, what they don’t tell you is the “family” was actually two brothers.  Two middle-aged brothers, last name Mahmood, traveling with their nine kids aged 8 to 19.  No moms, no wives, just the two brothers.

Oh yeah, and then there’s this:

♦ Emails sent from Mahmood’s computer sympathizing with Al Qaeda.

♦ Facebook Postings from inside their Jihadi home outlining radicalization and Jihadist sensibilities.

♦ The Mahmood clan -two brothers travelling with nine “children” (up to 19 years old) –  without any women, moms, wives?

♦ Brothers who were previously detained in Tel Aviv, and ejected from Israel.

♦ Brothers who are neighbors with U.K primary advocate for Islamic Jihad, Anjem Choudary.

♦ Brothers live in Britain’s Jihadist Central – Waltham Forest – Londonistan.

Islam Demonstration

Let’s ask Mickey:

Hey Karl Rove

Nope, sorry Mohammad Tariq Mahmood,…!

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129 Responses to Muslim Sensibilities Offended In Londonistan After Being Refused Travel Permission To Disneyland and California…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    With two days to go, Brunei enforces Christmas ban, Malaysian expat says ‘saddest’ festival ever
    December 23, 2015

    See more at:


  2. TwoLaine says:

    Very Cool!

    Set up by Foreign Affairs journalist Lisa Daftar, #MyTreedom has become a way for persecuted Middle Eastern Christians to show that they are still celebrating the birth of Christ.
    By Editorial Staff
    December 23, 2015


  3. danshanteal says:

    Obama and Johnson are shaking their heads. They’re discussing growing beards in sympathy but Ryan beat them to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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