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Updates: Driver Plows Into Las Vegas Crowd 1 Dead, 37+ Injured – Driver Black Female in 20’s from Portland Oregon…

UPDATE 2:20am EST Police Update:  ♦ It was an intentional act. ♦ Driver is a black female in her 20’s who had 3-year-old toddler in vehicle. ♦ Vehicle registration Portland Oregon.  ♦ Vehicle was 1996 Oldsmobile Update 12:10am ♦ The driver … Continue reading

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Trump Interview on Media Buzz – Discusses Media and Campaign Rivals…

Donald Trump interviewed by Howard Kurtz on Media Buzz:

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Oh Lookie – Fox News Catches On To The Marriage For Visa/Green Card Racket…

We previously pointed out the Immigration Scam angle on December 9th…. ( Via Fox News ) The ever-widening investigation of the San Bernardino terrorist massacre has revealed at least two dubious marriages that experts say expose huge loopholes in the … Continue reading

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Is This The Donald Trump ISIS Recruitment Video Hillary Discussed in Debate?….

Someone found something interesting on U-Tube.  Last night Hillary Clinton claimed ISIS was using propaganda videos containing Donald Trump. First, here is Clinton’s claim – along with CNN quickly trying to divert attention away from it: “we’ll leave that aside”: … Continue reading

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George W Bush -vs- Vladimir Putin -vs- Donald Trump -vs- Jeb Bush…

.@JebBush: "To get praise from Vladimir Putin is not going to help Donald Trump" https://t.co/6OZtrfIwim https://t.co/6T57DyWj5G — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) December 18, 2015 “Here’s the thing, when you’re dealing with a world leader, you wonder whether or not he’s telling … Continue reading

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CBS Puts Out Panel Polls Of Battleground States: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina…

CBS coordinated with YouGov to present three “battleground state” panel polls today.  The polling methodology is rather peculiar because it’s not random sample polling, but rather targeted specifically to prior respondents of same, albeit earlier, YouGov polling.  They fill in … Continue reading

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Meet The Press – Chuck Todd Interviews Donald Trump…

Chuck Todd has a ‘splodey because Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are in agreement to deal with ISIS first, then focus on Syria’s leader Bashir Assad after ISIS is removed from influence. The worst moment for Chuck Todd was anticipating … Continue reading

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