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Just Because….

…. perhaps you need to see this as much as I did: Merry Christmas !

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Tripwire Alert – The Splitter Strategy Now Evolves To Focus on Alliances…

Not Accidental: NOTE all the Republicans who voted for the Omnibus/Tax usurpation today are endorsing / supporting @JebBush or @marcorubio — TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) December 19, 2015 Have you noticed Chris Christie being elevated by the same corporate media machine previously … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Files Lawsuit Against DNC…

There is no doubt the DNC is 100% in the tank for Hillary Clinton; to claim otherwise is to be obtuse beyond the scope of intellectual honesty.  Bernie Sanders has been up against the Clinton machine for the past several … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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BREAKING – Fox Poll: Donald Trump Dominates – Jumps Another 11% Since Latest Debate, Carson Falls…

Post Debate Poll Fox will be forced to present this poll result (full pdf below) but you can be guaranteed they will downplay it as much as possible.   The fact remains the visible support of Donald Trump with tens-of-thousands of … Continue reading

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Just So We Are Clear – The Paul Ryan Omnibus Spending and Tax Bill Was Passed With Democrat Majority Support…

By now everyone is aware the Omnibus Spending and Tax Provision bills, used by Republicans in lieu of an actual Fiscal Year 2016 budget (Thanks Boehner Inc), have passed today. However, for the sake of clarity -and because in the … Continue reading

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New National Poll – Donald Trump Makes Biggest Gains To Date, Ben Carson Biggest Drop….

A new national poll from PPP released today (full pdf below) contains a significant amount of highly interesting internal data including head-to-head match ups showing Donald Trump beating each of the other GOP candidates and holding the most broad base … Continue reading

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