Swiss Authorities Arrest Two Syrian Nationals With Trace Explosives In Vehicle – Greeks Arrest Syrian National In Fake Passport Operation…

Two reports from Europe highlight the ongoing concerns of additional terror threats.  In the first report from Switzerland the Swiss authorities have arrested two Syrian males traveling in a vehicle containing trace explosives:

mass migration

(Via AP) GENEVA — Two Syrians arrested in a vehicle containing traces of explosives have not been clearly linked to four men with suspected ties to the Islamic State group who are wanted by Swiss authorities, the Geneva prosecutor said Saturday.

The arrests of the two Syrians on Friday came amid stepped-up police patrols in Geneva. Authorities raised the security vigilance level and announced a hunt for at least four suspects allegedly linked to IS who were believed to be plotting a “specific” attack in the city.

Geneva prosecutor Olivier Jornot spoke to reporters after Switzerland’s Attorney General’s office and Federal Police Office announced criminal investigations against the two Syrians on suspicion that they had violated laws on making and transporting explosives and toxic gases and a ban on links to militant groups like al-Qaida or Islamic State.

Amid concerns that the four fugitives might have accomplices, Jornot said: “No link has been established in the different cases.”  (more)

syrian refugee passports

Meanwhile, in Greece, U.S. authorities missed the opportunity to arrest a Syrian national who was producing fake passports.

The sting operation in Greece is alarming because the intent of the sting was to deliver fake passports to ISIS terrorists.   Before U.S. authorities could arrest the forger, the Greeks moved in and arrested him.  – Full Story Here

Concerning comment from the man arrested:

 ….”Hundreds of people are doing this job,” he says. “The market is very big, and it’s very big because there is a big boom of people coming through Greece.”…  (link)


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38 Responses to Swiss Authorities Arrest Two Syrian Nationals With Trace Explosives In Vehicle – Greeks Arrest Syrian National In Fake Passport Operation…

  1. I’m seriously starting to think that Trump is clairvoyant.

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    • ScruffyLeon says:

      TIA, Trump Intelligence Association. And uses no government employees.

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      • JohnP says:

        That’s why it works!

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      • anon says:

        Nah, don’t knock the federals entirely. While there are certainly plenty of cretins, there are a lot of VERY smart people in our larger security community some of whom, I suspect, are also American patriots feeding Trump intel. Also consider retired people who still have a current-enough sense of how things are functioning or malfunctioning with the system. None of it would have to be classified to be very useful, so don’t think that there would necessarily be illegal activity happening. I bet he’s getting better info than Obama, whose reports are going through layers of lawyers, globalists, and R2P lunatics. … not that Obama would do the right thing with it anyway.

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    • Mr.Right says:

      Take it from Jeb, Trump just knows how to play a fine Stradivarius…

      The formula actually is simple. He forces the media and politician to talk about issues that are taboo by making himself a target.

      People just cant resist to attack Trump, because his comment are so bold.

      Latest example, one of the many nephew of the Saudi king.
      Blasting Trump to end his campaign for president because of his comment on muslim immigration.

      So Trump get attacked, but its the attacker that is now in the spotlight.

      Because we know have people talking and talking about saudi arabia,

      This 30 billion $ ‘prince’ just reminded the world how saudi refuse to take in a SINGLE orphan or widow… Actually all there money goes to fund al nustra and islamic rebels in Syria.

      So saudi royal familly blast Trump for proposing a temporary pause on our immigration to review the safety of the process when Saudi refuse to take in even a single refugee?

      Trump comes out with another K.O

      “Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do it when I get elected. #Trump2016”

      Who was the last US politician that dared to say the truth about Saudi scum ?

      And this is yet another bait… Cant wait to see how this develop. If the saudi are smart they will just shutup.. because any more attention will remind us all how intolerant and oppressive this islamic country is.

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    • judyw says:

      Paul Solotaroff who wrote the article in Rolling Stone back in September suggested exactly that and that it is a family gift….

      “As countless writers before me have discovered to their sorrow, there’s no such thing as question-and–answer with Trump. Instead, you frame a query, then stand back and watch him go, hoping that in the monologue that follows, he touches at least obliquely on your topic. This time, he did divulge about his father, going on at length and with real feeling. Fred Trump, the second in a line of self-made magnates (his father, Friedrich, had earned his fortune in the Klondike gold rush, selling lodging, food, booze and possibly women to hordes of miners), was possessed of the singular family gift: He could see the future and beat everyone else to it.”

      Read more:

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  2. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    The Europeans are victims of 1400 years of battle against the Muslims. To Islams the Europeans are Kafir’s (meaning they to not believe in Allah or Mohammad) and the Europeans are afraid of the the Muslims so much so that they submit to the demands of the Muslims and this is called dhimmitude (goggle it) meaning that the dhimmi can live but must never talk or do anything against a Muslim. America is now doing this through Political Correctness and it is one of the first steps to become a Muslim Nation.

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  3. stringy theory says:

    Trump is a smart, forward-looking genius. He knows what’s up, including what these terrorists are trying to do. The other idiots like yebbie are just now realizing the American people are stupid, they know that he and other establishment hacks are not going to do anything that will really protect them. Only Trump can be trusted.

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  4. peggy ekfaceb says:

    These dudes need the firing squad for all the lives they were going to take! Deport all of them for they are going to invade and overtake your country! They use women and children to feel sorry for them and they are just as dangerous! They have a plan for European countries!


  5. TeaForAll says:

    Trump was right.We need to vet everyone entering this country This is global and not only serious, but very scary. Missouri had multiple ME men buying disposable cell phones at multiple Walmart’s and propane tanks stolen. Be very vigilant .

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    • Paco Loco says:

      One of ISIS announced targets is Chicago.


      • captaingrumpy1 says:

        You should be happy with the choice. Better Chicago than a city of normal folk.


        • taqiyyologist says:

          Chicago is the home of conservatives, grumpy.

          Two competing conservative AM-Radio talk stations, and is the Metropolis of the Heartland (in my view). It is not NYC or L.A..

          If it were Austin or Spokane or Portland or San Fran or NOLA, or even D.C., I could maybe give a whole lot less squats than I could for Chicago. They’re the lesser of a few hundred evils.

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          • taqiyyologist says:

            I hope I never see a mushroom cloud across the lake from me, on a clear night when I can see Chicago.

            I’ll be like, “Damn. That could have been D.C. or San Fran.”


    • Backspin says:

      And how many Libyan planes are still missing ?


    • Truthfilter says:

      I’m traveling to Rolla Missouri next weekend to attend my younger brother’s college graduation from U of M Science Technology. I’ve spent the last 2 days following the prepaid cellphone purchases as well as checking out the possible targets in the state. As of today, there have been bulk prepaid phone purchases at 7 different Wamarts in several rural towns mainly in the southern half of the state between Kansas City and Cape Gerardo. There are several institutions that cater to military. My brother served 4 years in the Navy and has earned his degree through military channels. Lots of vets and U.S. Military personnel in the universities. And of course, Fort Leonard Wood is a major military base in the center of the area. Add to these possible targets the nuclear reactor just 20 minutes from my brother’s school (his degree is nuclear engineering). My point is that there are sizable Muslim populations in these little rural college towns. ISIS has made threats against U.S. Servicemen and women. I even found a report about a cache of explosives found in October 2015 by a hunter in the Mark Twain National Forest (which surrounds 3 sides of Fort Leonard Wood army base. Linked to this report was a photo from a deer/wildlife camera showing a middle eastern looking male walking through a private wooded area In nearby Waynesville just last week.. The land owner saw and confronted this man, said he was the same one in the deer cam photo. The man screamed in a foreign language and charged at the landowner’s vehicle when he discovered he was being followed. All of this was reported to police and FBI. I will return hereand post the links to these stories. I have them saved on my iPad. I think something’s going to happen in Missouri. I hope I’m wrong.


      • watcher says:

        One of my daughters graduated from UM S&T 4 years ago.
        You are correct about the reactor and military in the area.
        The university has many middle eastern students studying engineering and a Muslim on campus presence.


  6. IMO says:

    No doubt the U.S. authorities where given stand down orders by the 0bama regime.

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  7. Peggy Ek says:

    Yup Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  8. Betty says:

    Thank you


  9. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Anyone checked to make sure these aren’t “fundamentalist southern baptists” posing as Syrians? After all the government says the poor peaceful Syrian refugees present no threat whatsoever to the countries they are invading. They are just trying to escape climate change…
    And the government never, ever lies….

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  10. NCPatrick says:

    Interesting song from Australia .. I don’t do Facebook but my cousin sent to me. I like it!


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