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Sketchy or Nah? Missouri Mass Cell Phones, Stolen Propane Tanks and Now Mystery Man in Woods…

After numerous articles all around Missouri citing strange bulk throw-away phone purchases, and then a report of stolen propane tanks, a trail-cam catches a picture of a strangely behaving man in the woods and social media erupts. MADISON COUNTY, MO … Continue reading

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New Des Moines Register Iowa Poll – Ted Cruz Jumps Staggering 21 Points and Leads with 31%…

According to the latest Des Moines Register Poll, (full pdf below) of 400 Republican caucus goers, candidate Ted Cruz has surged into the lead with 31% support – a gain of 21 points since DMR’s previous polling: According to the … Continue reading

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Wow Trump Right Again – U.S. Admits Massive Vetting Flaw in Visa Entry of Terrorist…

An article in the New York Times highlights how flawed the vetting process was for Tashfeen Malik, the female terrorist in the San Bernardino attack. WASHINGTON — Tashfeen Malik, who with her husband carried out the massacre in San Bernardino, … Continue reading

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Swiss Authorities Arrest Two Syrian Nationals With Trace Explosives In Vehicle – Greeks Arrest Syrian National In Fake Passport Operation…

Two reports from Europe highlight the ongoing concerns of additional terror threats.  In the first report from Switzerland the Swiss authorities have arrested two Syrian males traveling in a vehicle containing trace explosives: (Via AP) GENEVA — Two Syrians arrested … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Town Hall – Aiken South Carolina (Video)…

Donald Trump town hall even in Aiken South Carolina – 12/12/15  Prompted to beginning of Town Hall event at 11:00 minute mark:

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Christmas Joy

Despite all our moaning and groaning about how modern commercialism has ruined Christmas, there are fun technical advantages to enjoy during the holiday season. Personally, I am not letting anyone ruin my anticipation of the birth of the Christ child. … Continue reading

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FBI Finds “Something” In San Bernardino Lake – Open Discussion…

Might be important, maybe not… CALIFORNIA – FOX 11 Photographer Julio Duran says “Hal, they’ve got something.” He was talking about FBI divers looking for any scrap of evidence that may have been tossed in Seccombe Lake in San Bernardino. … Continue reading

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