Donald Trump Des Moines Iowa Rally – Largest Town Hall Meeting – Live Stream…

Just Announced:  Largest Town Hall political meeting in the history of Iowa politics !

Tonight’s Rally/Town Hall – Friday, December 11, 2015 – Des Moines- Varied Industries Building at Iowa State Fair Grounds, Des Moines, IA – 7:30 PM EST  (two options below)

Alternate Live Stream Below

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172 Responses to Donald Trump Des Moines Iowa Rally – Largest Town Hall Meeting – Live Stream…

  1. regedit says:

    I wouldnt want into rip Cruz like most of you guys
    After all he is our 2nd choice-its true he is faaar behind Donald but still a second choice if anything happens

    Im enjoying the GOPe nightmare that these two guys are for them
    What you guys think of ,Pat Buchanan -any place for him in Trumps administration?

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  2. noritadek says:

    I just love Trump. I trust him like I trust my husband🇺🇸😄

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  3. Scott says:

    Surely Trump did not really mean what he said about ethanol??

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    • me says:

      I pay 1.80 for gas here with the ethanol. It helps our farmers too. Leave my ethanol alone!


      • tnwahm says:

        Are you for other corporate subsidies or just the ones that affect your own personal back pocket?


        • Ricardo says:

          Iowa corn growers aren’t exactly your typical evil corporation though.


          • tnwahm says:

            Huh?!? So you are ok with wealth redistribution as long as long as the “beneficiaries” are not those “evil” corporations.

            BTW, I would venture to bet that most of those Iowa corn farmers are set up as corporations. I worked in a CPA’s office and we had lots of family farms as clients. They were all set up as corporations or partnerships with corporations as owners.


    • I hope TwoLaine is right. But Trump can be somewhat liberal. There is also the political competition with Cruz. Trump wants to win – I think he wants to beat Cruz without humiliating him – this would destroy Cruz as a potential ally.


    • Trump is not going to pull the plug on anything that will affect thousands of jobs. Subsidizing is counter to his business acumen but he will phase something like this out after there are jobs for the people to move to. It is a very smart position.

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    Have faith. He has talked about the subsidies being bad in prior Iowa events. No need to rub it in their faces. I believe that this is a mess TRUMP will take on and fix. They think they need ethanol because they have lost so many industries and jobs. Get the jobs back, kill all the stifling regs, and break open the other Oh? stalled American energy industries, then make them all stand on their own two feet. I believe he will put his best idea people on it, and fix these ongoing subsidies and problems. Everyone else will just continue to throw money at it. He is Solutions & Results driven.

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    Very Cool!


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