Terrorist Update: FBI Dive Teams Searching San Bernardino Lake – Seccombe Lake (2 Miles From IRC)…

Consider this an open thread for discussion of all current events and aspects of the San Bernardino terrorist attack:

FBI dive teams

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345 Responses to Terrorist Update: FBI Dive Teams Searching San Bernardino Lake – Seccombe Lake (2 Miles From IRC)…

  1. moogey says:

    12/10/2015 Boston train leaves station, with passengers but no driver….

    “This train was tampered with, and it was tampered with by someone who knows what he was doing,” Gov. Charlie Baker said, according to the Boston Globe.


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  2. Sandra says:

    The more I think about the shooting, the more I realize just how sloppy and stupid Syed and Tashfeen were. They rented a car with Utah plates, which would stand out more in southern California. Syed chose a target where he was known, and acted so suspiciously that he was immediately identified. Syed and Tashfeen remained in the area for at least part of the time, and they even returned to their apartment, or close to it. Their bombs didn’t work. They left plenty of evidence in their apartment. Syed enlisted the help of a guy who was clearly not strong enough to withstand interrogation. And above all, I’m certain that Syed and Tashfeen did not think they would be caught. I can only imagine their panic when they heard or read that Syed was a suspect within an hour of the shooting.

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    • lovely says:

      Yes it is almost as if Tashfeen and Sayed wanted people to be terrorized and know that they were being terrorized by Muslims but team Obama is doing its best to stop Tashfeen and Sayed’s message from getting out.

      History may very well record our era as one of the darkest ages in humanity.

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    • bofh says:

      The theory from LameCherry says that the Farooks were betrayed by their PakIntel/AQ controller who helped them set the whole thing up, then at the last, disabled the pipebombs, tipped the feds to their identity and address, and failed to provide a ride out of town/country which had been promised to them. This left the pair with no escape plan, dud pipebombs, and LE on their tail, with the expected result. Can’t vouch for LC’s sanity or accuracy, but it does answer some of your points.


      • Very bizarre that they would just hang around for several hours. Could have been in Mexico by then.


        • Sandra says:

          They were so stupid that they didn’t even have a proper getaway plan and they didn’t destroy all of their evidence, and IMO it’s because they thought they were going to be able to go back to the apartment, possibly to commit the next act. That in itself was stupid.

          What they should have done? Cleaned out the apartment before committing the act, including moving granny Rafia and the baby to another home. Rented a common vehicle (whatever is common in CA) with CA plates. Picked an anonymous target, not Syed’s own employee Christmas party (d’oh!). Moved Syed’s vehicle somewhere where he could retrieve it later. And not enlisted the help of someone who wasn’t fully committed to the plan to buy their guns for them!

          I’m glad they were so stupid. Because they were stupid they were justly executed mere hours after committing their terror act, before they could kill more people. And hopefully the information on their phones and computer drives will lead to arrests and convictions of other hateful Muslims who want to turn the US into Afghanistan.


    • Marina Babe says:

      and not ONE eyewitness identifies them…they all say it was 3 white males…so the story is bs. they were not terrorists..


    • Scirparius says:

      I agree that a lot of these things look sloppy and stupid. Laying it all out like you just did makes them seem like a couple of isolated “self-radicalized” crazies that just decided to kill a bunch of their co-workers one day on the spur of the moment.
      But then there is the evidence that this attack, or an attack of some kind, has been in the planning for months, if not years. Reports of a 2012 attack that was called off. Suggestions that the terrorists learned to build bombs from AQ propaganda, and then built a number of them, not all of which they took with them on the attack. The guns were purchased some time ago, and there was some history of target practice with them. Mysterious deposits of large sums of money. Suggestions that Farook and Malik were in contact with established terrorist groups (but were alleged “ignored” by these groups). The disappearing GoPro camera(s). Reports that the FBI are looking for a “hard drive” in the lake, suggesting that the brought the hard drive with them on the attack but didn’t clean up any of the other evidence they left behind. Reports that the local police were investigating someone with the same name as Farook the week before the attack.
      Perhaps the Occam’s Razor answer is that, assuming Farook and Malik were the shooters, then they were just irrational. They were swept up in the religious fervor of their “divine” Islamic mission to kill the infidels, and were acting out of emotion and passion, unable to apply any reason or logic to their planning. They were going to go kill some damn Americans, and they didn’t really sweat the details. Maybe they never believed they would make it out of there alive. In all the confusion and chaos of the day, maybe there were mistaken eyewitnesses and contradictory reports, and they didn’t really know what to do, so they just drove around for awhile or hid or something. Then maybe they just went home and then got caught.
      Maybe that’s the simplest explanation. But it doesn’t feel like its the most plausible.


      • Sandra says:

        Mysterious deposits of large sums of money.

        I’m only aware of the $28,500 unsecured loan. It’s not mysterious, the lender was stupid to give it to Syed but it’s not really unusual.

        They had lots of time to plan an attack, they had time to do all of the things I mentioned and yet they didn’t do any of them. They were stupid and hasty. Because of their poor planning, not only are they dead, the family members have a horrible burden … Syed Sr is now on a terror watch list (!), they’re all being interrogated by the FBI, Rafia needs to find a new place to live, all of her personal effects were searched and her personal info was broadcast to the world, the baby is in a foster home and family members now have to fight to get custody, the apartment needs to be cleaned out, the money given to Rafia might be taken away, Rafia’s car was damaged during the FBI search and now needs to be reparied, the apartment was damaged and Rafia will need to pay since Syed is dead and Rafia was also on the lease, etc etc. What a mess. This could have all been taken care of in advance. Syed and Tashfeen had at least 16 months to work out all of the details. Stupid stupid stupid.


        • Scirparius says:

          “What a mess. This could have all been taken care of in advance. Syed and Tashfeen had at least 16 months to work out all of the details. Stupid stupid stupid.”

          They could have also decided not to commit mass murder. Two nutbags planning to massacre as many innocent people as possible probably don’t care about who will end up on a watch list or who gets stuck with a lease.


          • Concerned says:

            I just read recently that known terror groups didn’t even want to work with Syed and Tashfeen because they thought Tashfeen was an undercover agent. She probably came across as overeager and maybe just flat out unstable.

            Sadly, even stupid can wreak havoc. We only need to look at the urban ghettos as an example.


  3. moogey says:

    12/10/2015 United Arab Emirate on expired visa –

    “Agents also discovered that he had as many as eight cell phones that he sold to local pawn shops but offered no explanation as to why he needed so many phones in that short period of time.”


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    • Sandra says:

      The officer learned that Rehaif had been staying at the hotel and checking into a different room each day for more than 50 days. Rehaif paid out more than $11,000 in cash for the room fees, although it was not clear where or how he obtained the money.

      Bizarre. Why do you think he switched rooms like that?

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      • VegasGuy says:

        If he was dealing guns / ammo he would not want surrounding guests noticing constant “clients” (either dropping off or picking up) parading to his room on a regular basis.

        With so many room changes one might assume that business was brisk….along with a steady supply of cash coming in allowing him to pay cash for the rooms.

        What I don’t follow is how the Hotel tolerated that unless he pre-paid a significant amount up front. But even then, without a willing associate at the front desk, seems to have been a violation of standard general Hotel policy (CC for incidentials – even if none due, ID of the room renter, creation of room billings for check-in/check-out, etc). Had to have someone willing to assist….probably for cash “tip”.

        Probably lots more to that story……


  4. Earlier this week I mused here…. could Marquez possibly be ‘a govt mole’ – based on the oddly convenient circumstances of his being whisked away ‘out of reach’; the seemingly overplayed mangling of the garage when residents were present and it could have been open normally. I concede that was an ill conceived notion. While known for sloppy stings in the past, I think islamo stings are not their forte nor will they be with the white mosque blaring muzzle-toons 5 times a day.

    Now I’ve turned my tin foil hat ’round with the bill to the back and received new signals from space.

    Initially Marquez has critical value for Farook clan – AND as such is ALWAYS A LIABILITY:
    1. Marquez straw buys the long guns as a ‘clean’ buyer – for his friend. Check
    2. Marquez involved with immigration fraud with Russian bride #2. Check
    3. Marquez says he and Farooq make 2012 then step back due to local heat on the other 4. Check
    Alternately, a BS admission for a ‘uncommitted crime’ to avoid linkage to actual 12/3 killing.

    Farooq re-activates plans – 12/3 is a go! Check. With or without Marquez as active participant? What is Marquez critical value to Farooq at this point – possibly his continued involvement – SO Farooq can manage his (Marquez) whereabouts to resolve the ‘loose end’ by eliminating Marquez.
    Now on 12/3…suppose Marquez balks during the shooting or participates and suddenly bails – due to pure shock at the results or he senses a double-cross. This throws off a possible plan to snuf Marquez leaving him as the gun buyer and patsy while Farooq returns truck, lies low and lives to wage more jihad.

    Marquez lawyer was real quick to whisk him to Long Beach based on a frantic phone call in the midst of chaos in SB that morning/afternoon. (LE should subpoena Marquez and lawyer phone records for call timing etc.).

    Can Marquez get a pass (as well as Farooq’s family) due to PC pressure from WH, DOJ, DHS?
    Will F B I press or surpress this?


  5. scherado says:

    There is a whole lot that stinks regarding the San Bernardino shooting, from my perspective. Let’s do the math: By all initial accounts, 3 male shooters; subsequently, 1 man and 1 woman “perpetrators” dead.

    3 men – 1 man = 2 men.

    There are two shooters missing.

    Has anyone seen, heard or read anything about what “Melik” was wearing when killed? How tall was that woman and can she be mistaken for a man? I know that the FBI and Executive branch know the answers.


    • Sandra says:

      Based on the single photo of her lying dead on the pavement, it looks like she might have been wearing a black burqa or niqab. When she was extracted from the SUV she was wrapped in a beige blank or tarp. In the photo of her dead on the street you can see that she’s been removed from the beige blanket. You can see too that her black outer garment has been moved off of her body and you can see her undergarments which appear to be something like bike shorts and bra. I don’t think there’s any way she could have ended up like that if she’d been wearing pants or even a skirt, it had to be a garment like a burqa or niqab. http://img.thesun.co.uk/aidemitlum/archive/02588/San_Bernardino_str_2588896a.jpg

      That said, if she had been wearing a burqa or niqab, I can’t imagine any witness wouldn’t have noticed it, especially a female witness.


  6. Backspin says:

    From : Counter jihad Report and Gates of Vienna > Islamic Timelines Fueling jihad . / Why December is important to jihad – / Explains role of Hillary and Lynch as islamic protectionists RE- UN resolution 16/18 , hate speech against muzzies.
    Covers the WILLFUL dismissal of people and info that seek to Protect America.
    ——– This is a Must read , only 2-3 pages long — pass it on.

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  7. Concerned says:

    I just learned from a FOX News article that on his marriage documents Enrique Marquez used Raheel’s address on Forum Way (the condo owned by Syed Sr) as his address, not the address on Tomlinson where he was really living (the house owned by Marquez’ stepfather). I doubt this was for Marquez’ benefit, it seems everything Marquez did was for the benefit of terrorist Syed and Raheel.


    • Scirparius says:

      Multiple people using and trading multiple identities and multiple residences. Two brothers with the same name. A female identity named after a historic male Jihad warrior “Tashfeen Malik” whose face no one ever saw. Multiple ME men seen coming in and out of at least one of the residences.


  8. Ziiggii says:


    blockquote>Born in Houston, Texas, to Pakistani parents, Qadhi spent his formative years in Saudi Arabia, having graduated from high school in Jeddah, after which he returned to the United States to pursue a B. Sc. in chemical engineering from the University of Houston, followed by a doctoral degree in theology at Yale University. Qadhi is presently a faculty member in the Religious Studies Department of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee.




    • Sandra says:

      How is this any different than Nazi propaganda telling the non-Jew Germans that Jews were dirty filthy cheaters? Seriously, there is no other “religion” that is SO concerned with the non-believers as Islam is. Muslims are downright obsessed with non-Muslims.

      By the way, the subtitles of that video had me laughing out loud. 🙂

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      • Ziiggii says:

        “wazzza wazzza”, I know made me laugh.

        It should be noted that this was put up at Gateway Pundit today, but seems to be based off of the blog I linked from 2013. But the similarities are scary!


  9. Concerned says:

    Minor update, still bizarre. Citibank bought Syed’s $28,500 Prosper loan, probably as a bundle to convert to securities. Now we know that the loan is unlikely to be repaid, so not only did Prosper execute poor judgement in giving a guy a loan equivalent to half of his annual pay, Citibank executed poor judgement buying these high risk loans. Prosper is one of several debt consolidation loan companies. The people taking these loans out are deep in debt. The loan teaser rates are low, but if you read reviews from customers they complain that when they go through the process the loan rates are super high, like credit card rates, in the 20’s! Imagine someone who is already burdened with credit card debt, can’t figure out a way to pay it down, and takes out a Prosper loan at, say, 25%. What’s the probability that this loan will go into default. And Citibank is buying these loans? It makes me want to ditch my Citi card. http://www.wsj.com/articles/citigroup-funded-loan-to-syed-farook-made-through-prosper-marketplace-1449871936


  10. Sandra says:

    Tangentially related … I am watching BBC News and the are running a story about illegal schools with squalid conditions and teaching hate. The reporter said most of these schools are Muslim.


    Ofsted says it found a narrow Islam-focused curriculum in the latest schools it investigated.

    Inspectors also found books described as inappropriate, with texts including “misogynistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic material”.

    While most of the places visited by Ofsted so far have been in Muslim communities, inspectors may also turn their attention to similar unregistered tuition centres operated by other groups.


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