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Don Lemon CNN Interview With Donald Trump (Full Video)…

Don Lemon sat down with Donald Trump on 12/9/15 to discuss the current firestorm of political events swirling around the GOP frontrunner.  The Interview will broadcast at 10:00pm EST tonight.  Here’s the video: Advertisements

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Donald Trump Interview With Bill O’Reilly – Discussion Terror Threats (Video)…

Donald Trump was interviewed by the annoyingly obnoxious Bill O’Reilly Wednesday at 8:00pm – The topic was Trump’s prudent Muslim immigration proposal which has the media going nuts – Here’s the video:

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Tripwire Alert – GOPe Signals Intent To Use “Mississippi Strategy” Against Trump After Trump’s Primary Victory….

Remember Mississippi ? The professional apparatus of the Republican Party are signaling their intent to do exactly what we predicted they would do.   Trump will win the primary, and the GOPe will split the party to run an additional candidate … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Courtesy of the Patriot Depot.

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Fox Poll – Donald Trump CRUSHING Republican Field In South Carolina – Fox Broadcast Executives Apoplectic…

He just keeps growing – and Growing – and GROWING.  A single candidate waging war against the entire political and media apparatus.  His simple objective: Put America First. Donald Trump is absolutely crushing the field in the latest poll from … Continue reading

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Behind The San Bernardino Terrorist Attack Is A Green Card Immigration Scam…

As the days progress it appears Donald Trump was correct about the familial networking of Islamist activity surrounding the San Bernardino terrorist attacks.  CNN is now stating federal investigators believe Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were intent on Islamic Jihad … Continue reading

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San Bernardino Terrorist Updates – Long Term Planning, Green Card Marriage, Enrique Out of Hospital…

The latest information from various media continues to paint an increasingly sketchy network of associations. First, according to investigative leaks to NBC News the entire operation had been planned for several years.  Both Syed and Tashfeen had been target practicing … Continue reading

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