Donald Trump’s Proposal To Halt Muslim Immigration Is Prudent, Wise, Brilliant and Long Overdue…

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After decades of culturally-dominating politically correct drum-beating that numbs the average psyche (from accepting common sense), it might take a few minutes for the prudent position of Donald Trump to sink-in.

However, once you get beyond the trained instinct of hysteria, and focus on the substantive request, to: “shutdown Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” – it actually makes a great deal of sense.

Islam Demonstrationdonald trump smirk

Such a position is really not the least bit controversial, and that’s exactly what makes it so brilliant on many levels.

Of course, if you are not willing to accept the concept of Islamic Jihad – and/or if you are unwilling to accept that Islamic Terrorists have been targeting us for the past decade – well, in that instance Trump’s position might seem controversial.  However, for the rest of us, it makes a great deal of sense.

The really exceptional part of Trump’s proposal is that it is the only consideration that might actually force non-Jihadist U.S. Muslims to confront the problem within their religion/association.   That aspect makes Trump’s plan rather unique.

In broad terms what Donald Trump is actually doing is reintroducing the concept of “shame” as a tool to combat anti-social behavior.

After decades of leftists pushing an ideology espousing the concept of shame as a bad thing, mostly because of the leftists severe aversion to the accompanying concept of guilt, Trump is throwing a bucket of ice-cold water on the ‘everyone-gets-a-trophy-crowd’.

Of course there is a commonality behind Islamic Extremists; that commonality is their adherence to authentic Islam – the degrees of separation within Muslim identity.

It is not the extremist elements within the Amish community trying to hide terrorist cells within local communities.  Nor is it Mr. and Mrs Jorgenson being willfully blind to Isaac the bomb-maker’s presence inside their church.  If it were the Amish, we’d be having a similar proposal about a prudent pause – and probably without even one tenth the controversy.

But it isn’t.  It’s Islam.

It is the adherent Muslim community doing this, carrying out Islamic Jihad – and specifically doing the “willful blindness” part within various Mosques.  And before anyone takes issue with the use of “Muslim Community” you should probably research the Holy Land Foundation federal trials.

Donald Trump is drawing a very bold line in the sand not because he wants it, but rather because it’s necessary, even urgent.  If people would watch the un-aired portion of the recent CBS interview with Trump, specifically about terrorism, they’d have a much better idea where he is coming from (See: 05:18 for discussion about “going too far“?)

What you see in that interview is Donald Trump having clear eyes as to the threat.  Trump is a master at getting through the BS and directly to the bottom line.  Previous Examples:

♦  “Well, someone’s doing the raping, Don” (Don Lemon – link)

♦  “Human rights violations?  ISIS is chopping people’s heads’ off, and drowning them in cages right now Jake, it’s medieval”.  (Jake Tapper – link)

Donald Trump’s call to pause Muslim Immigration, reassess the threat matrix, make some changes to the vetting process, reevaluate the security risk, and “figure out what is going on“, is not only non-controversial – it’s prudent and wise.

We’ve already been told the FBI can’t keep up with the current volume of threat from domestic Islamic Extremists – why would we take any additional risk and stretch them out even further?   Again, common sense.

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik had been working on their plan to attack San Bernadino for what now appears to be “several years”.  As more details come out they apparently were in a network of communication with ISIS type Islamists  – and their families were certainly aware that “something” was going on.

san bern terroristssan bern mom

It is beyond obtuse to believe otherwise.  Grandma making dinner while a pipe bomb lay on the kitchen table – and the White House wants us to think there was no familial knowledge?

Let’s insert come reasonable common sense here regardless of how uncomfortable it is.

….And never, ever forget the current year approach from the White House toward combating Islamic terrorism:

kerry and james taylor

“We’re being led by stupid, stupid people” ~ Donald Trump

Trump’s right !

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751 Responses to Donald Trump’s Proposal To Halt Muslim Immigration Is Prudent, Wise, Brilliant and Long Overdue…

  1. joshua says:

    Saudi Arabia: Prince Alwaleed bin Talal secures $2bn to complete world’s tallest building

    Saudi Arabia’s billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his holding company Kingdom Holding Co have secured $2bn (£1.33bn) to complete Jeddah Tower, the tallest building in the world, which will reach a more than 1km in height (almost 3,300 feet).

    The eccentric banking magnate, who has made headlines recently becoming the second largest shareholder in the social media giant Twitter, secured the funding through affiliate Jeddah Economic Company in a deal with Saudi Arabia’s Alinma Investment.

    AFP reported the cost to build the 170-floor tower, formerly called the Kingdom Tower, in its entirety was previously estimated to reach 4.6 billion riyals ($1.2 billion).

    In a statement, Kingdom Holding Co said: “Alinma Bank will finance the fund, to be managed by Alinma Investment, while Jeddah Economic Company will be the master developer of projects that will draw on the fund’s credit lines.”

    An Islamic banking fund, in keeping with Sharia, of 8.4bn riyal ($2.24bn) will fund a larger financial district in Jeddah, known as Jeddah Economic City. Jeddah tower is expected to be completed in 2018 and the project is expected to be finished on time now the funds have been secured.

    In July, Bin Talal the grandson of King Abdul-Aziz Alsaud, the founder and first ruler of Saudi Arabia, made headlines when he announced he would give his $32bn fortune to charity when he died. He has not been a silent investor in Twitter and has criticised CEO Jack Dorsey, who he said should return to his job running mobile payments company Square.

    Aside from his extravagant wealth and ostentatious philanthropy, the Saudi prince is an anomaly in Saudi Arabian society and the family that rules the country. His best-known charitable gesture is one he regretted suggesting. He made headlines for the wrong reasons in April, when he promised to buy Bentleys for Saudi pilots who had taken part in the bombing of Yemen.

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    • CatherinesMom says:

      He also owns 7% of Fox News…


      • joshua says:

        And Trump is going to out Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch by the Muslim issue…..he is brilliant….they will be shown as totally unAmerican and pro Muslim due to the influence of their rich Saudi investor Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud ….much richer than Rupert Murdoch.


    • Brcajun Bob says:

      I noticed last night every one of his rebuklican candidates were strongly against the Donald concerning halting immigration from any country right now! The thugs (ISIS) are coming in whatever route they can make it thru. He also mentioned the percentage of those Arabs already here and who follow the koran and shariah law. I thought about the WHY of his statement. Last night I realized he will be the only candidate and he can point it out on the next debate stage. Mr. Trump is brilliant! He will definately take some of the Cruz and Carson voters from them. Those 2 on the stage will have nothing to say on their own behalf. The AMERICAN folks realize this absolutely needs to be done to protect our nation and it’s people. BTW, Breitbart post on this subject is going thru the roof so I wanted to share his angle with SUNDANCE and all of you this perspective!


      • NCPatrick says:

        This is such an obvious no brainer I really don’t know what the hullabaloo is about! For heaven’s sake people. All Donald Trump is suggesting is common sense. If somebody brought in a carload of dogs, some of which might have rabies, would you want those dogs released in your neighborhood? Me neither.

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      • Marvin Harrison says:

        Was this such a controversial move when Carter banned Iranians during the Iran Hostage Crisis?


    • Brcajun Bob says:


      It is going crazy on BB over this subject!
      I noticed last night every one of his rebuklican candidates were strongly against the Donald concerning halting immigration from ay country right now! The thugs (ISIS) are coming in whatever route they can make it thru. He also mentioned the percentage of those Arabs already here and who follow the koran and shariah law. I thought about the WHY of his statement. Last night I realized he will be the only candidate and he can point it out on the next debate stage. Mr. Trump is brilliant! He will definately take some of the Cruz and Carson voters from them. Those 2 on the stage will have nothing to say on their own behalf. The AMERICAN folks realize this absolutely needs to be done to protece our nation and it’s people.

      TRUMP 2016!


  2. Reality Wins says:

    This from sundance’s link at the top of the article:

    (G) Foreign government officials who have committed particularly severe violations of religious freedom
    Any alien who, while serving as a foreign government official, was responsible for or directly carried out, at any time, particularly severe violations of religious freedom, as defined in section 6402 of title 22, is inadmissible.

    Based on the above, why are any Saudi government officials allowed to enter America?
    Also, if this were enforced there would be a very short list of government officials allowed into the U.S. for UN meetings!

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    • archer52 says:

      And that is why it isn’t done.

      The world is not our friend. It never was.

      Bottom line is it didn’t matter because we were our own friends.

      Now we have leaders and people in powerful positions who are no longer friendly to their own nation.

      And it shows.

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    • Mr.Right says:

      The answer to your question about saudi , is in this question :

      Why did Janet Napolitano enrolled saudi arabia in the fast track program “trusted traveler” when French and German citizen where not even allowed ?

      Trump is the ONLY person to be trusted… American voting for anyone else is a traitor.

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      • archer52 says:

        I’ll wait on trusting Trump.

        Sorry. He’s a loose cannon. Making statements that cannot be backed up by due process or law or history.

        It is like, and a FOX person stated it accurately, that he processes thoughts out loud. We hear the raw process and then later it gets refined. Sadly, too many people jump on the first verbal enunciation, rather than waiting.

        As in the border, and this newest idea- which is already being walked back. Why? Because someone with some sense pulled him aside and pointed out he’d never be able to do it.

        What he means, his intentions, are good, what he says is often initially like a train wreck in slow motion.

        My greatest fear is he is going to find that bridge too far and screw up his campaign permanently by saying something he cannot be forgiven for.

        I hate to give credit to O’Reilly, but his opening statement tonight really does outline the problem. We need moderate Muslims to carry the fight to the radicals. 25% supporting ISIS means 75% doesn’t. That is a big number. We need to encourage them while killing the rest.

        He pointed out that the King of Jordan, under Trump’s rules, could not come here. And he is probably the bravest leader out there in the Muslim world along with the Egyptian President- who is also Muslim.

        Trump’s problem is conflation. He tends to see everything as a nail because his answer is always using a hammer.

        Life, and the world, doesn’t work that way.

        He knows that, why he says different puzzles me.


  3. Ken Watson says:

    This reminds me of the ‘Muslim database’ question. Sadly, no one stated the obvious which is that we are ALL in a database or ten. That is what the domestic surveillance program does. If you are Muslim or Christian or atheist or Zoroastrian and your electronic activities reveal that, guess what? you are in a religious database. What the Islamophiles want is an EXEMPTION for Muslims from the scrutiny an ordinary American citizen (and even more, a war veteran) would receive. Same with the refugees. Christians have ALREADY been excluded! Some will tell you that actual moderate Muslims are excluded in favor of the wild-eyed fanatics. In any case racial/religious discrimination is already being practiced just in favor of the Muslims. Whatever. If those of us who see Islam as a vicious warrant for murder are right, well, we will see more attacks, won’t we? Yep. Forward.


  4. myrightpenguin says:

    Excellent post Sundance, as always. Thanks for the informative perspective, which I am 100% in agreement with.


  5. RINOKiller says:


    The Whine fest is approaching Defcon 4

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  6. RINOKiller says:

    Looks like the hardware stores are sold out of garden scissors…. . due to more people cutting the cords.

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  7. marierogers says:

    too bad TRUMP cant bring this up (owns 7% of FAUX) in one of his speeches/ many young people in his audience that may not be aware!
    i do very little FB..but i may go there with it..

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  8. Colleen Pippin says:

    All the powers that be are so quick to criticize Donald Trump, but no one has stopped to ask us, the people, what we think of his latest proposal to halt all Muslim immigration just for the time being. It is good common sense to want to preserve one’s country. I think his words “for the time being” has been lost in translation. This is not racist or religious discrimination. This is self-preservation under the current circumstances. Thank you, Donald Trump, for your fearless fight to save what is left of our country.

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  9. thefirstab says:

    Just heard Sen. Sessions and a senator from TX (starts with ‘B’) on Hannity’s radio show – excellent reinforcement of Trump’s message on temp immigration ban and defunding resettlement program. Sessions repeated the section that SD posted, almost verbatim.
    This is a chess match – can’t wait to see Trump’s next move (and the next, and the

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    • TheTorch says:

      YES, indeed, pretty much Ingraham, Rush, Hannity, Savage agrees with the proposal Trump has put forward, great coverage for Trump on talk radio today.

      Beck and his goons apparently bashed him (not surprising as they are Cruz backers and have become increasingly unhinged in recent times…).

      Have not heard Levin.

      But very good for Trump overall.

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      • jakeandcrew says:

        I was a little disappointed with Savage. I heard him say that this was a big mistake by Trump.

        Levin, however, is totally behind what Trump has done.


      • myrightpenguin says:

        Levin has been busy putting together his Conservative Review take-down of Marco Rubio. I think that’s where his focus is going to be for a while, supporting Cruz in the mini-battle between Cruz and Rubio.

        The ideal for Levin and pretty much everyone you have listed is a final between Trump and Cruz IMO, with the GOPe locked out. Out of the two I support Trump, some e-mails I’ve received over the last few days from the Cruz campaign saying donate and matching donations will be made by wealthy backers has told me all I need to know, i.e. Cruz is bought to an extent, whereas Trump is completely not.


    • irvingtwosmokes says:

      Donald castled today…lol

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  10. TheTorch says:

    Apologies if this has already been stated, this thread is now so YUGE, I have not had time to go through it all!

    Anyway – apparently on Radio today, Rick Santorum pretty much agreed with Trump on this issue… appreciate Santorum is at 0% but nevertheless, that could earn him a spot in a Trump Admin! 🙂

    Did anyone hear this interview ? Purely going on what I read on Breitbart.

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  11. jameswlee2014 says:

    You will likely see a “Trump Bump” after the opinion of the American people drowns out the pukes.

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  12. Niki37 says:

    Back in the 60’s, I applied for a green card in the U.S. At that time, the IT industry was relatively new and there were few jobs in Canada. It took months and months of filling out forms, going for health checks, fingerprinting, background checks, etc. If you wanted the privilege of working and living in the U.S., you had to have a letter from an employer showing that you had a job waiting for you, proving that you could provide for yourself and not be a burden on society. Even if you had a job waiting for you, so few green cards were given out, you had to have specific skills to even be allowed to apply. I had friends – college graduates with jobs waiting – whose skills were more “general purpose” that had to go on a 2-year waiting list before they were even invited to apply.

    Once you were approved and became a U.S. resident, you were sent a postcard every January. You had to return this postcard indicating your current contact information. If you moved in the middle of the year, you were expected to notify the government of your new location. The rules were very strict. You could lose your green card and not be allowed to live or work in the U.S. if you didn’t follow through.

    If you tried to circumvent the rules and entered the U.S. to live and/or work without going through all the above, it was a felony. And that’s even if you had a degree, a job waiting for you, whatever. There were rules to follow if you wanted the privilege of living and working in the U.S.

    I say privilege because I always have thought of it as such, still do. It was never my “right”. The day I became a U.S. citizen was a very big day.

    To see what has become of our amazing country is so very sad, indeed. To see people with no respect for the country, for the culture, for the rule of law, for the hard-working citizens of the U.S. who are the most generous people on the planet – to see others come here and make demands and expect everyone else to accommodate them is simply shameful. To allow those who wish us harm to come here is insane.

    Trump 2016!

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    • dizzymissl says:

      It always brings tears to my eyes when I hear about an immigrant/citizen who does it the right way and who deeply cares about our country. This is what we are all about.

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      • Niki37 says:

        It’s amazing to someone who went through all the red tape to come in legally to see people just walk across the border today. Unless the laws have changed, that’s still a felony. And as I detailed above, they used to keep track of us once we were in the U.S. Why is it impossible to do that today?

        I’m still shocked that people are coming in boldly and then making demands as if the illegality of their being here is something we should just overlook – and in the minds of some activists, applaud.

        Each country has the right to make rules about who and who cannot come in, and to set up whatever other criteria they deem necessary to protect the country and its citizens. Someone will always be offended or upset – that’s a guarantee.

        Fears over unvetted people bringing disease, violence, other criminal acts are on the mind of anyone with a brain.

        Who is speaking out about any of this? Who is talking about protecting the American people? The one, the only – Donald J. Trump.

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  13. jameswlee2014 says:

    Check this out:

    “The House overwhelmingly passed legislation on Tuesday (407 to 19) that would overhaul the federal visa waiver program and bar those from Iraq, Syria, Iran and the Sudan, or those who have visited those countries in the last five years, from traveling to the United States without a visa CNN”


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  14. Stacy Mack says:

    The Nationality Act passed in 1952. Established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. It covers many issues, one in particular, found is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the US by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the US. This law would prohibit Muslims because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the PC crowd would say that Islamist cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited.”

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  15. facebkwallflower says:

    Is this current new or recycled – afghans missing from Moody Airforce base?


  16. facebkwallflower says:

    Is this current new or recycled – afghans missing from Moody Airforce base?


    • econmomof2 says:

      I saw a tweet about it, don’t know if it is true or not. Haven’t we lost a ton of Visa holders/ student visa holders. As in they came in on a visa and never left the country on that visa or renewed it? That is another issue Trump should address. Why aren’t we even trying to locate them.

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  17. yakmaster2 says:

    Hannity had a Muslim-on-the street clip on tonight that I wish I had a copy of to post on FB. Muslims were asked the question: Would you prefer to live under Sharia Law or US laws? The answer from each individual Muslim was unhesitatingly, “Sharia.”
    Powerful rebuttal to the “moderate American Muslim” meme.


  18. MMM says:

    Judge Andrew Napolitano – Stuart Varney on Donald Trump Ban on Muslim

    General Tom Mclnerney – Stuart Varney on Donald Trump Ban on Muslim


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  20. Dee says:

    As a result of Trump’s proposal, “There is now a brand-new push to stop Donald Trump from being the next president, not by political means, but by assassination …”

    Let’s pray for the Trump family’s protection.


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