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Epic TV Moment – Michael Weiss: “ISIS Will Laugh At Obama’s Oval Office Speech”…

When someone can encapsulate the insufferable stupidity of a political presentation, and simultaneously eviscerate political parseltongue it deserves to be watched. Michael Weiss watched President Obama’s oval office speech and then in two and a half minutes thoroughly obliterates it.  … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Nationalist -vs- Corporate Media Globalists….

Anyone who is viewing the battle between Donald Trump and the media as a representative battle of thin-skinned ego is entirely missing the point. Exceptional video presentation by Joe Dan of Intellectual Froglegs: Joe Dan Media Site HERE – Twitter … Continue reading

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President Obama National Address – Open Discussion Thread – *update* Video and Transcript Added…

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One Year Anniversary of Jessica Lane Chambers Murder Passes Today….

One year ago today Jessica Lane Chambers was murdered.  There are numerous commemorative stories – Example Here – and – Example Here

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Exceptional – Trump Spox Katrina Pierson Interview With CNN Today…

Keeping Them Honest – National campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN today and delivered an exceptional push-back interview in promotion of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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Clear Eyes and Truthful Speaking – Donald Trump Full CBS Interview Discussing Islamic Terror Threats…

Today CBS aired a Friday interview with Donald Trump.  There are two videos of the interview below; the first is the interview segment as it aired on CBS broadcast, the second is the full 17+ minute “extended cut” interview. Candidate … Continue reading

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More Support For “Ziiggii Theory” Surfaces – Report: Specific Intent To Attack “CHRISTmas Party”…

The “Ziiggii Theory”:  The motive for the San Bernadino attack was overall terrorist Islamic Jihad.  However, the specific motive for the location, timing, venue, etc was to record a massacre upon a CHRISTmas celebration.  The attack was important, but the … Continue reading

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