Donald Trump Rally – Spencer Iowa 12:00pm Noon – Full Video…

The first of two Donald J. Trump rallies today in Iowa. The first at Clay County Regional Events Center in Spencer – December 5, 2015 Noon – Alternate Live Stream Link

trump rally diamond and silk with hope

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76 Responses to Donald Trump Rally – Spencer Iowa 12:00pm Noon – Full Video…

  1. grainofsalt says:

    Hello! Happy Saturday to all!

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  2. H Hutto says:

    Generally, when they are slow to start, it is because there are thousands still outside waithing to get in. God Bless Trump and those tasked to keep him safe.

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  3. H Hutto says:

    diamond and Silk I know, but who are the others in the photo above?


  4. azgary says:

    Iowa is playing in the Big Ten Championship game today, I wonder if it will effect turnout?

    Its not until early evening, but football parties can start early.

    I hope Trumps voice is getting better!


  5. TwoLaine says:

    He’s on now, answering press questions.


  6. Doodahdaze says:

    Laryngitis. Oh darn he may not be in the CNN debate if it gets worse.

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    Sam Clovis on right now laying down the rules of engagement.


  8. sunnydaze77 says:

    He needs to take a day or two off and rest, but he probably won’t , that’s just his work ethic. Love this guy!!

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  9. JoeS says:

    Is that the music from the end of the Blues Brothers concert in the movie the Blues Brothers?


  10. azgary says:

    NBC and CBS Falsely Claim Trump Forced From Stage By Black Lives Matter Protesters at NC Rally

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    • starfcker says:

      IMHO, I think as his level of secret service protection increases, you’re going to see a revitalization of the secret service guys themselves. They would have to be patriotic americans, and their job has sucked for a long time

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    • Skylight says:

      It’s obvious that neither station watched the rally. They are repeating lies from Rachel Madcow. People need to email, twitter or fb the truth to these lying morons.

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    • Concerned says:

      According to the linked article, Trump spoke for 50 minutes. 🙂 Hard to think that the protesters “ended” his speech after he had already been speaking for such a long time.

      I didn’t watch the video at the link but was enjoying the frame that is being displayed. A guy with graying hair appears to be yelling into the ear of one of the crybullies. Now I know exactly what I will do if an event I’m attending is disrupted.

      Do they crybullies realize that they actually make Trump supporters MORE resolved to put him in the White House?


  11. ajbenius says:

    Trump is sounding very presidential today, as always!

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  12. ajbenius says:

    Donald calls them ISIS chickenshit- so many Huffington Post/Salon/CNN/Faux heads will be EXPLODING!

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    • PremAmerica says:

      It is funny, Iowa gets characterized as some weird, over prudish people just because many are Christian conservatives. But really, Iowans are just like all Americans anywhere in suburban and rural America. It is a strange big city elite bias.

      Then along comes Donald Trump, one of the biggest of the elites from the biggest of the cities… But he treats Iowans like normal Americans. And they are responding to him in DROVES!!!

      When Clovis asked who has never caucused before, it sounded like a sizable group. In Iowa it is EASY to switch registration (you can do it AT the caucus). The turnout on Caucus night could be a sight to see……

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  13. TexasDude says:

    Trump packs them in. He is dynamic and off the cuff who can also be sincere in quieter settings. He is pro-American and not shy saying so. He is willing to fight. He’s not perfect, but he is head and shoulders above all the Republican candidates.

    I predict two things that can equally happen.

    No matter the crowds or the polls, he won’t have the delegates because of corruption. Thus, fracturing the GOP.

    Or …

    He gets the crowds and the votes, but those that demanded us to support lesser candidates in years past jump ship and fracture the GOP.

    There are articles coming slowly in saying the GOPe will not ever support Trump even though they demanded he and us support them.

    Their actions, ads, and money belie any amount of party solidarity they espouse.

    Maybe this needs to happen. Sadly, it shouldn’t.

    I am tired of the GOP saying one thing and doing the opposite. I am tired of not being represented by either party.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Your last sentence should be put up in LIGHTS!

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    • DMorgan says:

      Well let’s take over the Republican party apparatus from the ground floor starting at the precinct level and then moving up to the county, state and then the National GOP. Sundance predicted that the GOPe types would bail to the Democrats so let them… That’s where they belong. Until we clean out the maggots and cut out the gangrene, they will just bid their time and reinstate their control after the hoopla of the election is over. Remember that electing DT is the first step…. He can’t do it alone. He will need us to vote out RINOS and tea party traitors as well as moonbat dems. Taking back the country will take time as we are unwinding institutionalized internationized socialism.


  14. JoeS says:

    Classic Trump!

    He has this thing HONED!

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  15. PremAmerica says:

    Trump is so ridiculous I’m laughing my head off!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you just see what he did?

    He is talking about Pollsters and how all these candidates hire all these pollsters for huge amounts of money. He then says, “Bush, Hillary, Rubio……”

    Except when he says “Rubio” he puts his hand out about waist high like he is touching a kid on the head……

    Watch it!!! It is hilarious. You’ll never look at Rubio the same way again.

    Trump is a communications GENIUS!!!!!

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  16. fnn says:

    Hammering away on trade. Keep it up and Trump could sweep the entire (ex) industrial Midwest.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      He put on a clinic about trade and currency manipulation that non-financial people could easily understand.

      Name the other candidates who can do that.


    • DMorgan says:

      But, but, but he’ll start a trade war! Makes me think the DC traitor class is anxious to get on board TPP to “lock in” all the trade deals just in case a crazy like Trump actually gets elected… Rat bastards


  17. I haven’t wanted to give this away, but I think one of Trumps amazing abilities, is his cadence and delivery during speeches; it mirrors Chris Rock who has been a prolific comic. Listen to his delivery, how he repeats key phrases, and you’ll see Trump do similar stuff.

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  18. JoeS says:

    Hah! You dumb SOBs!

    Trump is a genius because he knows that will get covered on the news! More free time!!!


  19. NYGuy54 says:

    He’s right. Rubio and Cruz will never be able to do what Trump does. The guy is smart, has great instincts and outworks everyone else.

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  20. WSB says:

    Just finished with the live stream! Can’t imagine ANYONE VOTING FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT TRUMP!

    Love his comment, ‘We’re all on the same team.’


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    • Raffaella says:

      Really no other options exist but Trump. I cannot visualize any other Republican or Democrat as our next President. Only Trump.


  21. shelleybear66 says:

    Mr. Trump’s sincere and genuine love for America is so very evident. His “tone” was pitch perfect for Iowans today. If anyone was “on the fence” before…today sealed the deal for Trump.

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  22. yohio says:

    If Trumps going to work this hard we owe it to him to work just as hard in return!! Work for him, caucus for him, get out the vote, convince family and friends. Whatever it takes our country depends on it.

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  23. TheTorch says:

    George Will is a moron.
    Karl Rove is a moron.

    Yes indeed 😀

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  24. marierogers says:

    i wonder…ya think shrillery watches his rallies?


    • Raffaella says:

      Absolutely. She is alreading practicing to imitate him like all other republican candidates.


    • DMorgan says:

      If she tries it will be so hilarious to watch and even more hilarious to watch DT make fun of her! They literally have no approach that can take the Donald down…. It’s not Teflon, it’s f’ing Kevlar!


  25. Just left Spencer. Stood in huge line to get in, many turned away because they ran out of room. Many drove in, saw the line and turned around to leave. Trump is great in person.

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  26. Just leaving Spencer. Stood in yuge line to get in. Many cars pulled in, saw the line and turned around and left. They turned many away…ran out of seats.

    Trump is great in person. The chickens&@t line was great. Stupid SOB line was good too.

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  27. Daniel says:

    I could not stream for any reasonable amount of time. I rebooted and restarted everything and nothing improved. I wonder if my provider is intentionally blocking Trump’s rallies? Meanwhile I can youtube ANYTHING else.

    Did anyone else have a complete interruption every 3-5 minutes? I had this last night too.


  28. Eric B says:

    I had the whole speech last night but did have a lot of commercial interruptions. It was odd! Every 5 min I’d have to wait 5 sec to opt out of the comm.


  29. labrat says:

    1:44:40 “I will put my heart and soul into running this country so well” etc

    Needs to be clipped and put in an ad.

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Thank you, labrat, I was just coming here to post that but didn’t get the exact time. I love that he made that as a promise to Americans.


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