It’s a Movement Baby – Diamond and Silk Bring Down The House At Donald Trump Rally….

At today’s campaign rally in Raleigh, NC, YouTube stars and Trump supporters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson (aka Diamond and Silk) of the popular YouTube channel ‘The Viewers View’, join Donald Trump on stage!

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132 Responses to It’s a Movement Baby – Diamond and Silk Bring Down The House At Donald Trump Rally….

  1. I’m not a big “Diamond and Silk” fan, but I believe this was a smart move by Trump.

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  2. bertdilbert says:

    An unexpected treat, they did great!

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  3. lilbirdee'12 says:

    I absolutely LOVE IT !!!! Tell it ! Diamond & Silk ROCK !

    President Trump 2016

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  4. MissV says:

    Love those girls! Their appearance was a great surprise!

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  5. Zennalou says:

    I’ve clapped until my hands are burning.

    The tears are dripping off my chin.

    I needed that after the week we have had.

    Trump—-Save this country and make America Great Again!

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    Good to see this clip up so quick. They will have lots of new fans from tonight. Great as always!

    Do you know that the protesters already have their protest vids up? And they are taking credit for the short show tonight. They’re too stupid to understand that he’s losing his voice, and that is more likely the cause.

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  7. PerryC says:

    Wait, but Trump is a racist, isn’t he????

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  8. Betty says:

    I listened live and when Diamond said “we don’t want this country to go down, do we” I don’t think I have ever heard a louder response, it must have been almost frightening if you were there.

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  9. snaggletooths says:

    so awesome to see such patriots at this event the crowd was energized and diamond and silk like Donald J Trump.! Never see any other candidate having events like this, tomorrow Morning Trump will have a 11:AM event in Spencer, Iowa.

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    • Nanny G says:

      I hope he nurses his throat, it was a bit raw tonight.
      But I loved his message more than ever.
      Diamond and Silk are great Americans.
      Their tutorial on how to register as a Republican was terrific.

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  10. Ziiggii says:

    Good for them

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  11. stevendufresne says:

    Loved it! The rally was good despite the incessant protestors, but you can tell how happy Trump was to see Diamond and Silk. Great supporters of Trump from really the beginning. It was good for them to finally meet their man!

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      Trump should have a “Bum’s Rush Squad” to grab the rats and carry them out and give them the boot. It would be fun to watch.

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      • I liked how he chided the security when he said “why dont you take them out the nearest exit rather than taking them through the whole place”

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        • Doodahdaze says:

          He needs bouncers.

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          • I was tantasizing of having a few NINJAS! to quickly get to where the agitators are quicker. That would be awesome!

            This rally, i even fantasized about the bouncers putting CLOWN HATS on the agitators and escorting them out.

            Also, for the crowd to chant at the top of their lungs TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP to drown out their profanity.

            Instead I just plead the blood of Jesus and bound the dark spirits. It seemed to work! Is screaming out profanity a freedom of speech issue? Or is it more one of being rude, opportunistic, interruption and stirring up mayhem? I think the latter!

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            • keebler AC says:

              Throw LOTS of confetti at them and yell USA!!


              • keebler AC says:

                Drown out their cuss words with red, white and blue confetti. Let them videotape getting a mouthful of that!


                • Judgy says:

                  I like that, Keeb! Could we maybe add in throwing them out and ONTO yuge trampolines? (Make the bouncers ACTUAL bouncers? Or wait, that would maybe make the “Unvoluntarily Exit-ed” the bouncers then. But I’m thinking it might wear them out enough that they wouldn’t have the energy to keep trying to barge back in! Plus, it’d be funny to watch).

                  Oh, and make the patriotic confetti STICKY.


            • TwoLaine says:

              Someone posted:

              BLM = Blacks Lacking Manners

              Sad that so many others are backing this obnoxious group of people.


    • ediegrey says:

      And we got to see it – they are so great. You are right, Diamond and Silk have been there for Donald since the beginning. God bless them.

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    • DrPretorius says:

      Trump should demand prosecution of these azzholes under “disturbing the peace” ordinances or some other regulations. These scumbags are intentionally disrupting his rallies in an orchestrated and illegal manner and should be held to account. Maybe if they were forced to sit in a jail cell or pay fines they wouldn’t be so aggressive.


    • TwoLaine says:

      They got an invite from the TRUMP Team to the last debate. 🙂


  12. KBR says:

    I was hoping to see them there, because they are from NC! I couldn’t imagine they would miss the chance to be there!

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  13. Beelza says:

    What was the approximate attendance?


  14. furtiveadmirer says:

    “The Making of Trump” BIOPIC on the history channel. Repeats 1:00 AM EST

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    • Here it is on video if you don’t have a TV:

      The Making of Trump (1 hr 25 min)
      The swagger. The outrageous pronouncements. The ego. The wealth. The hair. This is the story of how Donald John Trump became “The Donald”. And how a kid from Queens took New York City by storm, survived two failed marriages and several failed businesses, and managed to reinvent himself as one of America’s preeminent cultural icons.
      History Channel The Making of Trump HDTV x264 W4F

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      • mnlakes says:

        I heard it’s a typical media hit job. Was it? I don’t really want to watch something like that any more than I do FOX News.

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        • drdeb says:

          I did not think so. However I am SO FOR Donald Trump that I am able to ignore what I do not want to hear and I did learn a few new things.

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        • I just finished watching it. I LOVED it. What I think happened is that they started making the film and devoted so much time to his starting out in Real Estate and focused and highlighted how very savvy, smart and creative genius he was (this takes up most of the film and the beginning) leaving the viewer in AWE of Trump.

          Tons of footage of him in his younger years, dashing, eloquent speaking, and extremely handsome helps this along. That by the time they start focusing on a few failures, bankruptcy, the football team and NFL lawsuit, and 2 failed marriages, it really doesn’t matter because the viewer is already so on his side that one stays watching for the hero of the story’s “good ending.”

          And of course the viewer is rewarded, the hero makes a comeback bigger and better and stronger than before, wins the girl, and runs for president!

          There are some snippy and less than intuitive observations made by a few of the people speaking throughout, but there are also ones (media newswoman Nickie, Mike Tysen, Roger Stone, tons of clips of famous celebrities Michael Jackson and others) that just counterbalance it. Frankly, my impression was those ones (there were I think one or two that did this, albeit politely) just don’t understand demonstrative extroverted visionaries at all, interjecting something a bit sinister, and hidden ulterior motives behind Trump. Which couldn’t be more far from the truth, as the very nature of a person like that does everything out in the OPEN and they do tend to enjoy the spotlight. So those two sort of came across as clueless and petty, at least to me.

          There seems to have been a rush on the end of this film, as though the ending was thrown together perhaps for lack of time or lack of insight, in contrast to the meticulous beginning outlining his growing up and start in his career. So the ending was not really well thought out, but seeing that most people do not possess the insight into Trump, this makes sense.

          But to us who know and love him as our presidential candidate we would have made a different ending matching the glory of the beginning of the film. But in all fairness, perhaps it was purposely left this way, the ending felt very open-ended.

          I had heard this was a “hit job” by some on this blog, but to me it was FANTASTIC!

          Loved seeing such a handsome and confident young man Donald Trump, I was really impressed. There’s really not much we don’t know about him. He’s lived his life in a very exhibitionist and open manner so don’t think there’s anything really hit piece about it.


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          • jello333 says:

            Okay, so you’ve also got talent as a movie reviewer. Not surprised. 😉

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          • Racine Thyme says:

            Thank you, Monique, for posting the video. I don’t have a television, just as you imagined might be the case for some. And thank you to everyone who posts videos. It is much appreciated. I considered acquiring a television for this election season, but with friends like you, I don’t think it will be necessary.

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          • Judgy says:

            Precisely, MoniQue! I think they definitely tried to slant it, with a slightly mocking/ judgmental tone, but his awesomeness just shone through. Even those who start out treating him like a “joke”, or a “clown”, appear to eventually be won over, & end up RESPECTING the heck out of him!!

            Would there be some truth in calling it “a FAILED Hit Job”?

            Great “review”, dear!

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          • auscitizenmom says:

            “how very savvy, smart and creative genius he was (this takes up most of the film and the beginning) leaving the viewer in AWE of Trump.” YES


          • auscitizenmom says:

            I want to point out that there were projects that Trumps father didn’t necessarily support at the time. But, Trump did it anyway.


      • margarite1 says:

        I love the swagger! He commands a room like no one I’ve ever seen. That rally tonight was just amazing! So much vigor, pride, emotion, joy, LOUD and PROUD.

        Have we EVER seen the likes of Donald Trump in the political arena? If we have I sure don’t remember it.

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        • Judgy says:

          I don’t think so! Much the same way he has facets (& assets) that people from each party can admire, or be attracted to, he also encompasses an intoxicating blend of “good, old-fashioned American-ism”; respect for the law, and law officers, that many older folks have been yearning for, with an incredibly ahead-of-his-time, almost “hipster” facility for understanding trends, and newer technology.

          With Zero, you get the WORST part of the shallowness of Twitter and YouTube easy-opportunism, and quickie statements/ opinions that tend to sound dumber, and more questionable upon each re-reading (which most short-attention span Millennials tend NOT to do. They’ve already clicked and moved on to the NEXT “trending” item/ issue).

          With the GOPe, you (mostly) get the totally dorky old fuddie-duddies (I know that Rubio is YEARS younger than Trump, but in some ways, doesn’t he fall into the fuddy-duddy category too–even with having being so young, good-looking, and LATINO on his side??).

          Trump is just COOL. Jeb couldn’t be cool if Trump bottled up HIS “cool” & sold it to him!

          I will admit, at first I wasn’t sure if I liked Trump. Not as much from evaluating him as a Conservative, per se, but because I come from a family where it was considered RUDE to brag about, or even MENTION one’s own wealth or accomplishments; where the “honorable” thing was to stay in a failed marriage no matter WHAT, and where spending extravagantly on completely unnecessary things (gold seat-belt buckles on an airplane?? Nonsense!) was SEVERELY frowned upon.

          We no longer live in that world. Trump just got there ahead of everyone else. Almost nothing is ever ALL bad, or ALL good, and while I hate the Lefty/ Anarchist penchant for constantly asking “Why?”, purely to be destructive, it is almost always better to question WHY you may have been taught something was “bad”, so that you can then decide for yourself.

          Trump’s “hustling” skills are something very much valued in much of the black–and increasingly almost every OTHER–community. If you’re not actually SCAMMING someone else, I think maybe a “hustler” can also be seen as just being CREATIVE, BOLD, & CLEVER, as well as an ENTREPRENEUR, & a HARD WORKER. And THAT’S a GOOD thing! As for BRAGGING about such things, while still not my (tough-to-unlearn, repressed Scandinavian) style, it is very much the way of the “new world”, and many cultures see NOTHING wrong w/ it (and why should they??).

          (We’ve already discussed the many upsides of owning the downsides, and the refreshing nature of Trump’s truthful bluntness, so I won’t re-hash).

          Trump is the PERFECT foil for the likes of BHO/ HRC, and the PERFECT candidate to be running at this particular moment in time! No wonder these smart sistahs adore him!! Yaaaaaaaayyy!!

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      • Beenthere says:

        Thanks for the video. As someone who was born & raised in NYC (Queens) during the 60s – 90s this video accurately depicts NYC & The Donald during those times. We all knew The Donald had a big ego & big mouth. We didn’t care because for the most part he backed it up with successful actions. Don’t forget this was also the era of successful, loudmouths Mayor Ed Koch, & Yankee owner George Steinbrenner & his very public arguments with— successful Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, & etc…. All this helped make living in NYC (I’m including all 5 boroughs) exciting, as if one was living in a soap opera.

        I’m 1 of those many Americans who do not begrudge anyone from making millions-billions honestly. Trump for the most part did just that given the tight laws, regs & the Mob in the construction industry, he had to work with.

        Those few snide remarks from the commentators are inconsequential. It shows how jealous they are.

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      • Wow..he is awesome. I know this has nothing to do with the video..but Eric is his father’s son. Look at him..the face, the way he moves, his ability to reach people..he is the next Donald…

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  15. NHVoter says:

    Loved it!
    Diamond and Silk for Press Secretary!

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  16. Doodahdaze says:

    It would be so funny if Trump accidentally got laryngitis for the week of the CNN debate and had to cancel. He could tweet it in to the delight of all.

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  17. NCPatriot says:

    I think they went to one of the debates didn’t they? Anyhow–the protesters—nothing new in Raleigh.

    Ever since we elected our Republican governor and state legislatures in 2012, we have had protests around the capital at the drop of a hat, over every little issue. (Smallish but loud at times—so we are used to it by now) I know the Donald would have had a full rally instead of a 45 min one–but the voice was going. And he is off to Iowa in the morning.He would never be chased off by a few malcontents. They have been doing this sort of thing, now, for three years, so they have it down to a science. They are really a pain, but we protect their First Amendment, don’t you

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  18. maggiemoowho says:

    Diamond and Silk, I love their energy and patriotism. They are fantastic👍👍👍

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  19. Nick says:

    Trump is one smart man. The recent CNN poll where he’s 36% was a day BEFORE the terrorist attack. We can only guess where he is now that he’s been vindicated

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  20. I absolutely LOVE Diamond & Silk’s great spirit and God couldn’t have sent a more perfect couple to rally for Trump. Black Americans who are totally into helping black causes. They pointed out how illegals are taking jobs away from black Americans and explained how to change parties and get off the Clinton Democrat plantation. They’re also FEMALE! Blue collar. Spiritual Christians. They’re everything the media was saying of what categories wouldn’t vote for Trump.

    With great personalities, full of love, and O so very smart! So smart even the press who tries to bait them to go negative about things and other candidates has never been able to get them to make errors or go there in their interviews.

    I don’t care what others say about not agreeing with these 2 women on other political issues. Truly I don’t think many would with me on animal rights either. But you know what? This is America and we must all work together and Make America Great Again. Heck, I’d settle for just SAVING AMERICA! And as I said before, I’d stand side by side with a HUNTER in the voting booth to vote for Trump! America is truly in that much trouble and Trump is the only one that can help even organize things to then get ‘er done!

    Thanks for posting these 2 angels SUNDANCE!

    🙂 🙂

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    • Rudy Bowen says:

      No, those things are for when we get back to a point that we can debate normally, like sane sentient beings again.
      Right now we have a civilization to save, if we can.

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    • yohio says:

      MoniQue, I just had to post to say I like reading your posts and like that your opinionated (a compliment), so much so I started following your on Twitter a couple of months ago. We may be a little different, but you seem to get it a lot of things in life are about finding common ground with people your like. That being said it’s almost impossible for me with a lib lol. Any way I think with animal rights and hunters it’s finding common ground and understanding like Trump has said there are good and bad with people in everything we do. I guess my point is everyone believes if your on one side of an issue from someone else then your at polar ends, when most people are closer to middle.

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  21. Buck Weaver says:

    I am about three speeches behind on my Donald Trump speeches, due to all that has gone on this week, but I had to watch this. Oh man, I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. That was perfect!

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  22. All the other candidates are eating Trump’s dust…and they know it.

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  23. Rachelle says:

    Great! He’s a genius. Trump & Cruz are my dream ticket.

    OTHER thing. Has anyone noticed that there was a rumor of a ‘witness’ who claimed the Jihadi had an argument at work, left and then came back with his guns? Almost at the same time Obama was speculating that the shooting could be work related. I can’t help but wonder if the rumor originated in the White House. I really believe they are capable of any deceit.

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  24. bob e says:

    thanks for all the trump coverage sundance. massive ..
    can you hear the strain in mr trumps voice. ?? it’s the incredible passion, love of country.,
    and pure grit. he is on live media more than anyone i have ever seen & always in high power capacity. extraordinary. god bless mr trump. steady as she goes.
    sometimes watching the small things, i barely can keep it together.

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  25. shelleybear66 says:

    Hmmm…Black Pastors meeting/endorsement, Diamond & Silk….my feeling is that Whites and Blacks will “unite” for Trump….It will be all of us against the Muzzys and Illegal Immigrants!

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  26. sundaybu says:

    I can’t quit smiling! I love Diamond and Silk, and love the recognition Trump gave them. Bravo!

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    • H Hutto says:

      I have noticed that too. It seems easy for Mr. Trump to allow others on stage to share in this movement. Like it is about us, all of us and not just him. Mark of a very honorable man in my opinion.

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      • DrPretorius says:

        I agree.All I hear in the news is how Trump is utterly selfish and only driven by personal aggrandizement. But they leave out the moments in his rallies where he says this is a movement and its larger than himself, that its about “Make America Great Again” for everyone.

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  27. fred says:

    I’m from California a long way from New York but I made friends with an Italian guy from NYC. He would take the waitresses check and write his own order. I was always embarrassed and slowly learned his techniques. He wasn’t bad…. just rude and pushy and outspoken. Lines were not made for him nor waiting around. He was really a nice guy just rough all over from the city. I sold a guy a truckload of stuff and when I arrived the guy said he didn’t want it unless i dropped the price. He had me….. so I called my friend. He said wait here. When he returned he said lets unload he wants it all. No wimps in business nor politics and Donald is just that way and I like it…..

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    • Judgy says:

      Hi Fred. Without having seen your post yet (I know we’re supposed to read all the other comments first, but sometimes I just get really excited, & can’t wait), I wrote a sentiment along similar lines upthread. You make a good point. Just b/c Trump’s brusque style may not be everybody’s cup of tea, doesn’t mean that he is “bad”, or “mean”. He’s just a no-nonsense businessman……..and we haven’t got TIME now for nonsense! I mentioned a bit above about my family–we are very much the “don’t-say-anything-impolite-or-that-could-be-hurtful” type, to the extent that it is even considered a family faux-pas to directly ASK FOR what you would like as a Christmas present! While we are essentially a kind, overly-considerate bunch, having mores like THAT has probably led to COUNTLESS misunderstandings, long-pent-up anger, and completely one-sided fights, where you have to “argue” in your head, b/c the person you are mad at, doesn’t even KNOW!

      With Trump, there is no hemming & hawing, no stupid dithering over “which word to use” (as opposed to Hill’s creepily calculated b.s.!). He’s rough, & he’s tough, but we are dealing with foes that are straight-up EVIL. And that’s just referring to the nutcases in the White House!!

      Always love your comments, Fred!

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  28. Donald Joy says:

    Can’t help but notice how different it is when two black women take over the microphone from Trump compared to when it happens to Bernie Sanders !

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  29. Diamond and Silk — what a fun surprise!

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  30. georgiafl says:

    Build that wall
    Build it tall
    We don’t want America to fall!

    I love their “Hi y’all!”

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    • DrPretorius says:

      I liked it when Trump told these girls “you need to monetize this” before he let them do their bit. He gave his approval for them to ride his coattails. It showed how different his approach is than hearing the usual whining and bitching from the gutless lefties who complain that politicians, like Trump and Palin, can’t use their songs or other such things..

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  31. sDee says:

    I stopped by the rally. Trump said that all the media would talk about would be the protesters – there were half a dozen low lives there. A few near me were drug out with hate in their eyes. Sad – just kids.. Shr’nuf the local news is leading this morning, interviewing muslims and blacks about the racist Donald Trump. Nothing about this unprecedented rally, in NC, this early in the Primary cycle.

    It was a huge determined crowd – did my heart good. I’ve not been to anything like it since the million+ rally in DC, especially with so many young people!. Excitement, but a sober resolve. There it was: leadership. It stands out all the more clear in the GOP vacuum. People know – just look the in the eye. A guy about 70 leaned over and said, “you know, its the last chance”.

    No one in that arena cared about platroms, GOP issues or talking points No one needs to be told our freedoms are being choked off. I’ve said for a very long time that there is only one thing our political class is afraid of…………… us, when we find a leader.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Dee, what were the protestors saying? I could not make it out on the live feed and wondered all night what they were saying. Was it all racist BS?


  32. NCPatrick says:

    A word about the protestors. Since Gov McCrory’s first day in office, they have been circling the capitol buildings, chanting and disrupting. Ever hear of Moral Monday’s? With both state house and senate in Republican hands after years of Democrat rule, many of the give-aways were reduced or eliminated, and that made a lot of people very unhappy.

    A real hot button issue was (and is) expansion of Medicaid, and the argument for NC to do that was that we could borrow money from the Feds to offset the huge expense. Much of that cost is, I assume, to cover the needs of illegals. (Hey, programs like these fed loans are how we got into this mess in the first place!) McCrory refused to do it, but several other Repub governors did, including John Kasich. I think Jindal might have eventually folded as well.

    North Carolina was 5th in the nation in debt (to the feds) and that was McCrory’s first order of business: getting us back on our feet fiscally. Being in scary debt sucks the life out of an individual, a business or a government. In addition to the usual black protestors, I found it interesting that many of the daily screamers were retired professors from UNC, Duke, NCState .. and their retirement incomes were listed on a conservative site. Believe me, these folks aren’t hurting.

    It should also be noted that, not surprisingly, in North Carolina the cities vote Democrat and outlying areas Republican. I was sickened to see county by county vote in 08 and 12 because Charlotte and Greensboro and Raleigh too were reliably turning in Obama votes which had to be offset by voters not employed by state government. We have lots of retired and active military in NC (God bless them one and all) but I understand that guys serving overseas didn’t even get their ballots in time to absentee vote in years past. That has to be fixed, and Trump is the guy to do that!


    • wondering999 says:

      “…. I found it interesting that many of the daily screamers were retired professors from UNC, Duke, NCState .. and their retirement incomes were listed on a conservative site. Believe me, these folks aren’t hurting…”

      Yes — and they generally have no clue about the impact of policies that they have advocated for (like open immigration) on the poorest people in their communities.

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    • phil fan says:

      Same story I heard in article from Australia where strongest resistance to new global “White Student Unions” in many universities there are the old white professors. God forbid whites should have rights


  33. daughnworks247 says:

    I absolutely adore Diamond and Silk. The rant they did addressing Megyn Kelly after the first debate will go down in history as one of the best rants EVER.
    The rant agaisnt black leadership is the second best. Seen here:

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  34. racerxx says:

    So glad to have big supporters like these two on the team. This is the kind of BIG TENT we need to have; all colors, creed, etc.. And what’s great about them is they are willing to stand up and be heard.

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  35. RINOKiller says:

    You imagine those two at the convention, and have a speaking segment?

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  36. Sorta like Clint Eastwood and the empty chair? That was awesome but these fine ladies are even more awesome. What a great convention that will be!


  37. Katherine McCoun says:

    Enjoyed this. Brought an unexpected emotional response to hear them. More than just excitement. Love of country. Belief in our future – not to change America to something else but to keep it the great nation that it is!


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