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It’s a Movement Baby – Diamond and Silk Bring Down The House At Donald Trump Rally….

At today’s campaign rally in Raleigh, NC, YouTube stars and Trump supporters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson (aka Diamond and Silk) of the popular YouTube channel ‘The Viewers View’, join Donald Trump on stage!

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New CNN/ORC Poll – Donald Trump Extending A Commanding Lead – Massive Leads On All Key Primary Issues…

A new CNN/ORC Poll today (full pdf below) shows Donald Trump has taken a commanding lead over the rest of the field.  An interesting aspect to this poll, it is almost identical to a November 19th Reuters/IPSOS result that CNN … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Massive Donald Trump Rally Tonight In Raleigh North Carolina 7:30pm – Livestream

Donald J. Trump Rally in Raleigh- Dorton Arena , Raleigh, NC- 7:30 PM EST Live-stream Link and Alternate Live-stream Link

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“The Ziiggii Theory” – The Go-Pro Camera Footage as a Possible Motive….

San Bernadino Terrorists: Syed Farook – Tashfeen Malik I’m calling this “The Ziiggii Theory” because early on contributor Ziiggii was instrumental in showing how the FBI and USMS (US Marshals) were using Stingray Flights in/around the San Bernadino area during … Continue reading

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FBI Officially Declares San Bernadino Attack an Act of “Terrorism”…

90% of Americans sigh: “DUH” ! BREAKING: FBI says it's officially investigating the California mass shooting as an act of terrorism. — The Associated Press (@AP) December 4, 2015 ♦ QUESTION: Why is FBI telling people publicly they have recovered … Continue reading

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ENOUGH !! – Just Who The Hell is “Tashfeen Malik”?

Enough already.  All day long, back and forth the pendulum swings as the rabid ideological left spouts their one sided mantra, calling those-who-accept-reality: “bigots and islamophobes”. Enough already.  The insufferable “was-this-Islamic-terrorism” nonsense is just that, nonsense.   Of course it was/is … Continue reading

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