Bill Whittle: The Liberal Failure of Intelligence…

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37 Responses to Bill Whittle: The Liberal Failure of Intelligence…

  1. Amazing tie-in of this post to John LeBoutillier on Fox, who just described the deliberate alteration of military intelligence reports on ISIS as “azz-kissing” (and he did it live and uncut, to gasps by Harris Faulkner).

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    • rodney says:

      I saw that as well. What he was saying the problem was with the generals and admirals that were spinning the intel for the White House so they wouldn’t get upset. John went on to say that the upper ranks were full of political officers (perfumed princes as Hackworth called them) they are completely untrustworthy.

      A lot stems from a raft of forced retirements and firings in the Pentagon over the years by Obama, this created a culture of yes-men and asskizzers which is toxic since it politicizes the military and wrecks moral and drives out competent junior officers who are sickened by the political games being played.

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  2. John Galt says:

    A tale of mythical moderate muslims.

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    A tale of the “spineless” left

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    • Maybe they can borrow some from moderate Muslims!

      As an aside, I’m still trying to figure out what the left is up to with their repeated grooming of the story on the party girl, and whether she pulled the trigger on herself or not. Frankly, I don’t care. What the heck is she doing in France anyway? Why is she allowed to live in a “no-go zone that cannot be called a no-go zone” anyway? Why are all her terror pals running around like they own the place anyway? Why is Hollande going to bring in more? Why are we still planning to import these people ourselves? Why is Kasich deflecting from importation of these rascals, by saying let’s start a war in the Middle East instead?

      The Uniparty is so wrong, they don’t deserve another day in power, let alone a shot at getting back INTO power.

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  4. lovely says:

    I encourage people to print off the picture of the Bataclan concert hall and stick it under the windshield wiper of any car you see with the well known suicidal “coexist” bumper sticker. Put a simple 6 word sentence on the paper “They do not want to coexist”

    Be safe don’t confront anyone, people with these bumper stickers on their cars are likely very intolerant and violent if their beliefs are questioned, if there are cameras about you might want to skip it.

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    • I actually believe we can coexist with Muslims like the ones in Egypt and Jordan. But even in those cases, we need to do it, for the most part, separately. I don’t care if we view it as containing them, or they view it as shutting us out. Whatever. They like their culture. We like ours. No reason we can’t both be happy.

      However, between that low-grade utopia of mediocre reality, and where we are now, stands ISIS. Both Christians and Muslims from the remaining sane Muslim nations (that would exclude Turkey, for the moment) need to kill every last one of them, and incinerate the bodies in flaming pork fat, as a warning to all jihadists who stand in the way of reasonable, separate, coexistence.

      Returning to the sanity of separating Muslim-controlled nations from the rest seems so reasonable. It worked for so long, until the PC Uniparty gaslighted us into believing it had to change.

      The Uniparty vision was clearly so wrong, and has almost started a third world war. There is NO WAY we can return a Uniparty candidate to power.

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      • lovely says:

        I already posted this on the Monday thread so I will just link it here, but it is going to be rough going since 1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ have sympathy for the Jihadis. I imagine the number is higher since some were likely afraid to answer honestly.

        But I do agree I can coexist with a Muslim who believes in a live and let live world.

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        • There will clearly need to be some repatriations of Muslims who don’t accept the new rules. Not a problem. We can show England how it’s done. Again.

          I do not care that 40% of Millenials don’t believe in free speech. That means 60% of their age group – and probably more among fighting-age males – still believe in free speech.

          There are plenty of planes to France and Germany. Loading them up with special snowflakes who prefer a safe space would be a duty I would gladly volunteer for, along with the 60+% of fighting age males.

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        • Jett Black says:

          The muslims you say you can get along with are not muslims; they are apostates. When it comes down to it, virtually all of them will side with the jihadis, because if they don’t, they will be labeled apostates and even more a target than kafir.

          What kind of god has to gain and keep adherents by force, abuse, and murder? Not a god, but a demon.

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      • Are you meaning in America we have a separate place for Muslims? Are you kidding?? How does the constitution work with that scenario? They get to have their own government..Huh? This is not America..if they can not co-exist with our constitution and our laws..then go..just go..Find a place in the Middle East that better suits their ideology..A big fat this idea..assimilate.. into our culture..We don’t build separate colonies according to ideologies..NO.

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        • No, that’s not what I mean. I want ZERO no-go zones in America. I think most Muslims need to live in Muslim countries. A few can live here, as they did for decades, after careful screening and under requirements to assimilate. But no more Muslim colonization by Muslim separatists. Expel all who can’t deal with America. That probably includes Barack Hussein Obama. Gitmo awaits that traitor.


  5. Reality Wins says:

    The U.S. needs to outlaw sharia law. We need to outlaw even trying to promote it. It is anti-Constitution which to use a term of the left, is settled law. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech as it is unconstitutional, period. Anyone promoting sharia in the U.S. needs to be immediatly deported if they are not a U.S. citizen or jailed if they are a citizen. If a citizen promotes sharia then they are a traitor and should be prosecuted for treason. If you want to live under sharia, move to Saudia Arabia.

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  6. Backspin says:

    Freedom of The Press is Settled…. If you do not read AND Believe the New York Slimes .. YOU are a danger to the rest of the skittish flock. You , you heretic , why do you doubt the great , spewing ,bullsh*t flinging words meant to sway your mushy mind as masters see fit …? I AM TOM BrOKJaw
    and this is ” An America – Pissed Off .”

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  7. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


  8. Joe says:

    Ugly & stupid.

    You bring ugly, stupid people into a western country that relies on competition (somewhat) and what do you get?

    Anger. They realize they are ugly and the visceral response, from an ugly, stupid person, is violence.

    There is no other way to compete. It is human nature.

    This freak wanted to get laid. No way, not in France or any other western country, unless he attracted the low IQ. How do ugly people attract the low IQ? Well, clearly mooslim extremism seems to work pretty well.

    Once the rhetoric must meet reality, they have an out. 72 virgins.


  9. Bill Whittle is just great – a clear thinker with a good memory and fabulous speaking style. Wish he had a wider audience. Or does he and I just haven’t found his venue. Is he still with PJ Media? I tried to subscribe and their back office was so messed up, I couldn’t do it. What a shame.

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  10. Sentient says:

    I’m all for fighting back, but only if we’re fighting the right people. We don’t need to fight against Assad. If he’d been left alone there’d be no civil war in Syria. The most important thing we need to do, though, is keep Muslims the heck out of the US. Europe should keep them out, too, but they’re even dumber than Americans are. Dzhhokhar Tsarnaev got refugee status as a nine year old. He’d have passed any “vetting”, but he still bombed Boston only a few years later. Keep them all out regardless of any supposed vetting.

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  11. ZurichMike says:

    I have avoided Bill Whittle lately, because his 8-10 minute monologues often bordered on intellectualized shrieking. This monologue, however, displays the “cold anger” that I believe the nation is now unleashing in its support of Trump — decisive, America-loving, unafraid.

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    • PreNanny says:

      And yet anti Trump Bill did not even mention The Donald’s name once.
      SD had posted the anti Trump trifecta tirade a few months ago, I have to hit the showers or I would post.


  12. Greenmirror says:

    So read this today…Muslim Brotherhood was working together with Hitler and the Nazi since 1928?


  13. MVW says:
    Listen to the Mark Steyn interview by Alan Jones, player in the middle of the page. It brilliantly covers the crumbling Islamic pickle the ‘left’ west is in.

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  14. MVW says:
    There is one other important point that I think is being missed and that is that these Islamics are thought of by ‘muslim moderates’ as not as dangerous as they are, just like the westerners that also underestimate the danger they are in.

    I saw this first hand in Srinagar, Kashmir (before things went sideways) when a merchant took some of us to his shop in the ‘old’ city and stopped off at a small carpet factory for 5 minutes and left us in his car. In 2 minutes we were surrounded by teenage muslims and it appeared by the expression on their faces that we did not have 5 minutes before we would be in trouble. So, I moved over to the driver seat and took off. The American ladies in the car had no idea and thought the muslim teens were ‘cute’. I came back to the shop in a few minutes and the teens had vanished, but I’ll never forget how quickly things escalated and how the muslim merchant had underestimated his fellow muslims. And the American ladies were doe eyed and clueless.

    So, that American muslim lady that stood up in the meeting in her head scarf was just like that muslim merchant, and the merchant had greater opportunity to truly know reality of his fellow muslims.


  15. formercanuck says:

    This is one of the reasons that we need someone like Trump as president. He is the only one (IMHO) which will call out things for what they are, and condemn the political correctness, and get us off of our Pablum/Government Cheese and ‘fight’ for our country. If Obama continues on his with his lack of aggression, and pacifist attitude, one of two things will happen:

    a) We will lose our country to leftist and terrorists (Sharia Liberals ? what an oxymoron)
    b) Something similar to Paris will happen and ignite the right along with the 2nd amendment, and the Right (aka Trump) will rule.

    I can tell you one thing, I don’t want to see a Paris here, and I don’t want to have our values send to the trashpit between PC Liberals and Sharia. Trump – This country needs your ‘energy’ (for lack of a better word).


  16. Sandra says:

    I think a lot of Whittle’s comments also apply to our problem with certain black factions here in the US. They have been emboldened by a soft response to their egregious tactics. And then the middle, or at least a portion of it, is radicalized. Now we’re dealing with large crowds of protesting crybully students. It will only get worse. Just like ISIS, they are fighting for nothing, they are fighting just to fight. Drama queens. It’s more romantic and exciting (I guess) than just living a quiet polite and peaceful life.

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  17. Be Ge says:

    I do not like grand conspiracy theories, but if you do take one, things become a lot more clear. In particular, an assumption that commies of sorts have conspired to destroy the Western world the Marxist way, by fundamentally changing (changer de base from the 1848 Manifesto and L’Internationale) it — allows a very clear picture of what’s going on. Obama fails are no fails, and so are the French government “fails”. You do make strange friends, such as jihadists, if you are up to the communist termination of the capitalist world we know of today.

    The lumpenproletarians have nothing to lose but their chains of state-paid welfare. Yet they are up to being the hegemon of the world. How very strange. The Worker’s parties all across the globe fight for the right and physical capability of the people to not do any meaningful work at all.


  18. Johnny D says:

    I want to believe Trump is our man as well. But honestly I think most of us come off acting like obama supporters in ’08. Too dreamy eyed with fervor to see that THERE IS ONLY ONE PARTY IN AMERICA…and WE are NOT in it. We can sit on our belated soap boxes all day (and we do) pontificating all the blame on others. But WE let this happen. There are no self righteous here. We didn’t put down our remotes for all these decades and this is the result. To see the Treepers that are so dear to my heart putting all their faith in Trump who can’t even legally deliver half of what he promises and he keeps promising them! The way I figure it as smart as I have seen most of you guys be and most everyone here are now Trumps chosen just lets me know just how bad our nation is in trouble. We got obama because of the backlash of Bush’s wars and Patriot Acts….I wonder what despot we will hand our souls over to because of obama’s attacks on us. There is only one party..and we are not in it. Make other plans. Pray up. Prepare for your day before Caesar. Be well Treepers.


  19. JAS says:

    This whole thing always brings me back the the classic lines in the movie “Independence Day”, where the president asks the alien “what do you want us to do?” and the alien answers “die”.


  20. Southern Son says:

    Johnny, We Treepers are all Trump precisely because of Uniparty! That’s why our Mantra is..Make America Great Again!! TRUMP!! Or kiss America goodbye forever, and we Will end up in Anarchy.


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