*Update* – Overnight Raid in Saint-Denis Suburb of Paris (video) – Police Officer Shot, Several Police Wounded…

Breaking Overnightupdate-1  Suspects pinned down in an apartment in Saint-Denis suburb.  12:30am At least one policeman has been injured in a shootout with alleged terrorism suspects in Paris, during a pre-dawn police raid in the northern suburb of St-Denis.  update-1  1:00am Daily Mail reporting “several police hurt“.

The nature of the injuries are not known, and French police would confirm only that an operation was underway in the suburb.  Several large explosions.  One report of female suicide bomber who detonated herself.

update-1  1:20am Citing police sources, French news channel BFMTV said the main target of the police operation in St-Denis was the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, (believed to have been in Syria but now apparently in France) the police believe they have him pinned down in the apartment.

The other two men in holed up with him in the apartment block were believed to be Salah Abdeslam, the subject of a major manhunt since Saturday, and an unidentified “ninth attacker” sought since Tuesday night..

Video reportedly posted from the scene shows men, with their faces covered, carrying automatic weapons and walking down otherwise deserted streets, lit by streetlights.

denis 1

The men are not firing, but the sound of continual automatic gunfire can be heard in the background. Didier Paillard, the mayor of St-Denis, said about 6am he could still hear exchanges of fire. “It has not stopped since 4:30,” he said.

The police raid is believed to be linked to the hunt for the so-called “ninth attacker” – a jihadi whose involvement in Friday’s terror attacks was previously unknown to investigators before CCTV was found to show the person firing a weapon from a car with other attackers. (read more)

denis 4

denis 2

BREAKING OVERNIGHT – Residents of Saint-Denis were awakened by an exchange of gunfire in the middle of the night and people have taken to social media in an attempt to get more information. Some reports citing local police suggest a police raid is underway. People have been advised to stay calm and not leave their homes.

According to Le Parisien reporter Jean Gabriel Bontinck, the sound of gunfire started at around 4:30 am local time and lasted for approximately 15 minutes. On his Twitter, Bontinck assumed the shooting was part of an ongoing police raid.

Unconfirmed reports have linked the police raid to an ongoing manhunt for one of the suspects in the Paris terrorist attacks. The northern Paris suburb of Saint Denis, home of the Stade de France national stadium, has been under scrutiny since terrorists targeted the venue on Saturday.  (link)

denis 3

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184 Responses to *Update* – Overnight Raid in Saint-Denis Suburb of Paris (video) – Police Officer Shot, Several Police Wounded…

  1. feralcatsblog says:

    Build a muslim a fire and he will be warm for the night. Set a muslim on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.
    – Sun Tzu’s Great Nephew, Moon Yoo Tzu

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  2. Jason says:

    reporting on fox, 3 deaths, 1 female wearing suicide belt; 1 was one of the terrorists; a 3rd was a passerby :(.

    Also stated that the mastermind and 5? others are holed up together in an apartment (not sure if still holed up… or were holed up)


  3. Scott Spencer says:

    Army on site? Smart move by the French. Being, 500,000 potential Isis members there in that city. This could become a real blood bath if the muzzys push this. Russia doing its thing… Anyone still doubt we are not in a world war?

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  4. fred says:

    A passerby….??? come on that can’t be right. It’s cordoned off who would be walking by… I hope not and pray for everyone including ourselves with an out of control administration and feckless opposition party. If that guy in the picture was the mastermind then clock boy was a great engineer, Stoner looking doped out fool…the mastermind…….


    • Luck is not all says:

      I heard on France 24 that the operation continues There is one more terrorist still in the aparment. They believe he is the ninth perpetrator of Friday attack


  5. And Obama wants this stuff here?

    I knew his last year would be exponentially worse than the one before, but he’s starting to exceed expectations.

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  6. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Marion Marechal Le Pen, granddaughter of Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and niece of Marine Le Pen, current FN president. Youngest ever member of French parliament.

    Trump 2016. Le Pen 2017.


    • Mr.Right says:

      is mightier than the

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      • Mr.Right says:

        side note for people not following Islam.

        Prophet mohamed was a warrior prophet, most of islam conquest/conversion where done by the sword. (ISIS is simply following the teachings of “convert or die”)

        Prophet mohamed actually had many sword , and above, is one of them from an actual battle.

        This is why he his called the Warrior prophet… Islam was born in blood and conquest.
        He, and all muslim, by the teaching of the quran are at war with the infidel.. you and me

        Also the deep hatred for Jew, above infidel. is that the prophet is believed to have been poisoned to death by a Jewish woman…

        Not all religion should be blindly accepted in America… Islam is a perverted way of life.

        Freedom and tolerance yes.. but we dont allow having multiple wives, we dont allow sex with 12 year old girls, etc.. because its wrong and doesn’t belong in a civilized world.
        Islam is not a civilized religion and teaches the opposite.



  7. rumpole2 says:

    From Guardian live blog….

    Agence France-Presse now reports two people arrested in the St-Denis raid.

    The information from Paris now is coming thick and fast, and it is advisable to treat numbers of dead, injured and arrested as provisional until this can be properly confirmed.

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    • rumpole2 says:

      Le Monde and other French media say they have confirmation from police and judicial sources that the three fugitives in the apartment are dead, including a woman who blew herself up with an explosive belt.

      The Guardian has not yet been able to verify this independently.

      I will bring you further information as we check it.

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  8. mjalbaine says:

    Wow so 500K Syrians in Paris? Glad Putin and France are united against the BS Islamic State. Wish they could take charge for us too instead of the gay kenyan in the white house.


    • Mr.Right says:

      There is 1.4 million muslim in marseille.. city of 3.2 million.
      10 years ago it was 150,000.. the pattern is clear,

      And the city soul, quality of life went to hell since then.

      Marseille was recently ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe, as the city has a reputation for being the drug-smuggling hub of Europe where entire neighborhoods are out of police control

      The social problem in europe going beyond religion. muslim are rotten europe at all level socially . culturally, dayli violence, drugs, racism (muslim are very racist), etc…

      anways, lets learn from it.. mslim brings nothing good to ANY societies, it takes then down.


  9. sundance says:


  10. sundance says:


  11. sundance says:


  12. sundance says:


  13. Venus says:

    Well, that “vetting” process in Paris could have been better, huh?

    Meanwhile, the idiot libs in this country are going so CRAZY shouting down anyone who at all suggests even the hint of a review of the “vetting” process as racist, xenophobic nuts that even the raging liberal Mother Jones posted an article telling them to stop mocking people who are calling for limits of Syrian refugees.


    Facebook is filthy with people demanding that those Americans who don’t like Syrians coming here should “take their racist sses out of [insert state name]” (because that’s totally the end game for the libs anyway — trade us for more of them) as well as comparisons of the “refugees” to Mary and Joseph looking for room at the inn. I pointed out the moral preening and the problems with the Mary/Joseph analogy (um — not refugees; temporary stay for census, not permanent residency, etc) and I was immediately told I was a racist cnt.

    I’m praying for France, but I’m weeping for this country.

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    • lovely says:

      I have heard the Muslim apologists crying that only one of the savages was a Syrian refugee (so far but …) anyhow so lets go with that number 1 out of 10. That is 10%, 10% of 10,000 is 1000, 10% of 250,000 is 25,000. So when is one out of ten too many? Always.

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      • Sandra says:

        And look at the damage that one person inflicted. 129 people were murdered by 9 terrorists, that’s 14 murders per terrorist. And we don’t even talk about the number who were injured, some of whom are likely facing lifelong health problems as do some of the Boston bombing victims.

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    • jackphatz says:

      Every time these Leftist bemoan the lack of refugees, Trump gets a little stronger. He’s a smart man (as opposed to the evil in the Hut), now is his moment to tell it like it is.

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  14. Jason says:

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  15. Steve says:

    In the picture with the 5 LEO behind a “wall/barrier”, it does appear that the two with rifles are poised with Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-Thirty straight out their boxes! Is that the best the French can do?

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      One time contract, long ago. I thinks those are 7.62 cal.


    • Stinky-Inky says:

      I saw that too and thought it was weird to see wooden stocks on police rifles. Figured the officers were digging deep into the basement of their armory to get their hands on what they could.

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    • oldiadguy says:

      Ruger Mini-14 Semi-automatic Rifle (5.56x45mm)

      “Issued to French CRS Police, it was designed back in 1967 and made in the USA based on the 7.62mm M14 rifle, hence the name “Mini-14″. It is a gas-operated, rotating bold action with a barrel that is 18.5 in. long. Capable of semi-auto fire only, it is able to hits targets at over 400 meters. It is 37.25 in. long and weights 6.375 lbs. French Mini-14’s have 20-round magazines and checkering on the stocks for better grip. Earlier versions have wood and newer rifles black plastic heatshields.”


      These rifles appear to have been specially modified for the French police. The stock and sling attachment is similar to the M1 carbine, the stock is thicker around the grip and the butt plate is different than the standard Mini 14. There might have been two contracts for the rifles as some have the early wooden heat shields and others have the newer metal lined plastic heat shields.

      The Mini 14’s in the photos are the older “pencil barrel” models that had a tendency to string shots as the barrel heats up. The newer heavier barreled Mini’s are much better rifles and the new tactical models are really good weapons for police officers. Their operation is simple, they are reliable with good ammo, they require minimal maintenance, they are very rugged and they can mount a variety of optics or red dots. Also, Ruger will modify them so they can mount lights or lasers.

      The French police carrying those rifles are not under armed, but they do appear to be under trained. Look how the officers are carrying their weapons.

      Take Care

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  16. rumpole2 says:

    Best numbers at the moment…

    1 Female Jihadist blown up
    1 Jihadist dead by police sniper
    3 arrested in appointment
    A couple (1 man & 1 woman) arrested nearby

    4 police injured
    1 Civilian (neighbor) injured

    1 (or 2) Jihadist still holed up.


    • rumpole2 says:

      Make that 5 police injured (slight)

      “French police have tweeted that the raid in St Denis is ongoing and that five officers have suffered slight injuries.”

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    • rumpole2 says:

      The couple may well be the landlord of the appt.. and female friend

      From Guardian blog…
      It appears that the man who rented out the apartment is among those arrested by police during the raid this morning.

      He has been speaking to AFP – the news agency says he spoke to them “on condition of anonymity before being handcuffed and led away by police.”
      “A friend asked me to put up two of his friends for a few days
      I said that there was no mattress, they told me ‘it’s not a problem’, they just wanted water and to pray.
      I was asked to do a favour, I did a favour. I didn’t know they were terrorists.”

      AFP report his female friend was also taken into custody. She told the news agency that she had slept in the apartment last week and the dwelling was “a kind of squat.”

      The two visitors arrived “two days ago,” she said.

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      • John Galt says:

        “I didn’t know they were terrorists.”

        Cuz everybody in that hood has AKs, ammo and suicide vests. Cool story bro, tell it to the hungry hogs.

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        • keebler AC says:

          It’s okay. Apparently, if the refugee or character is a woman, she passes inspection and the safety tests.

          Huma Abedin is a woman too. She’s part of the Sisterhood of Muslim Brothers. Remember, muslim mothers sacrefice their sons to the jihadi cause. The Boston Marathon terrorists had one crazy mother, which tells us that these mothers are at fault indoctrinating their sons. Don’t let the women refugees in either. They’re almost worse. They breed in-house jihadists and multiply thru marriage to male Syrian refugees.


        • Sandra says:

          I just heard a report of how many weapons were stashed in the apartment. The host is going down.


    • rumpole2 says:

      Apparently a police dog “Diesel” was killed?

      The good news is … no cats are reported as injured.

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  17. Jason says:


  18. Dora says:

    This is kind of creepy. Hubby and I spent part of a day on our trip in April, walking around in St. Denis. There is a beautiful cathedral there that we visited, after which we took a stroll though the town. When we saw this report on the news earlier Tom reminded me that these terrorists were probably living inside those apartments when we were walking around there. Yikes! Thanks for the reminder dear. 😦

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  19. Clc says:

    http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article13664.htm it is interesting to me that the French police are looking for the “mastermind” of the paris attacks. since no one was captured, how do they know who the mastermind is? this looks as scripted as 9/11.

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    • Sandra says:

      Please, no conspiracy theories.


    • Ziiggii says:

      make sure to read this report from the DHS in May. They knew who this “mastermind” was all the way back in January 2015.


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      • watcher says:

        Very interesting. The Greek, Dutch, Belgium, French, and American intelligence agencies had a tipoff and it still happened as this report predicted.
        More of the Paris attacks will happen all over the world I’m sorry to say.

        Could this report have had some influence on Putin’s decision to take out isis?


      • Sandra says:

        Oh that’s such an interesting report! Abaaoud was clearly on their radar then. I also found this statement interesting:

        Even though the group likely planned to attack targets in Belgium, the investigation into the group’s activities spans several European countries, including France, Greece, Spain, and the Netherlands, as well countries where there is limited- to-no counterterrorism cooperation with the United States, such as Syria.

        So tell me, how is the US supposed to vet Syrian “refugees”? If Syria doesn’t know, or refuses to tell, which of it’s people are terrorists, then the “refugees” are complete unknowns when they arrive here!

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        • Sandra says:

          And by the way, what’s to prevent an ISIS member from completing his training in Syria and then posing as a “refugee” to make his way to the US or Europe?


      • jackphatz says:

        I am repeating this for everyone today.

        Remember, evil is not the opposite of good. Evil is the absence of good, much as darkness is the absence of light. There is no force of darkness, no power of darkness, no speed of darkness. Merely the absence of light.

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    • Mr.Right says:

      Trump said he wants a new/re-open the 9/11 investigation, for good reasons…

      Trump as valid reason to do so… and the finding my turn out to be the biggest thing against islamic terrosim.

      Same here, the Paris attack was caused by irresponsible behavior by letting islamic extremism fester. (like Obama done for the past few years with the Islamic State)

      Senator Bob Graham :
      “For years I have been campaigning for the release of the 2002 Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee 9/11 Inquiry’s report, to no avail” explains the former Governor of Florida. “These missing pages point to the direct involvement of the government of Saudi Arabia. Why are these being kept secret? Who has to gain from these games of secrecy?” he asks. “I have read these documents myself and if the American public knew what was in these documents, there would be a revolution tomorrow in the streets of America”


  20. pageoturner says:

    The American Ambassador to France was just interviewed. He said it is accepted that it takes 10 security people to monitor one suspect. For Obama’s newest 10,000 invaders that means 100,000 dedicated to following them. For the 200,000 he wants to bring in that’s 2 million.

    The objective of “diversity” is to create a police state where the law abiding trade the freedoms for protection from an all seeing government. A handful of elite get full control of the country and citizen’s wealth without firing a shot.

    Diversity by its very nature unbalances society. If Obama can’t bring that about with a racial war he will do it by allowing illegal invaders and importing male terrorists of military age claiming they are “widows and children”.

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    • John Galt says:

      Obozo won’t monitor them. He’ll wait for terrorist attacks and announce that terrorism has no religion.

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    • Obama does all this with 100% support from the Democrat voter. Never forget that.


    • Mr.Right says:

      And the biggest re-balancing act is via polar opposite religions.

      Culture, race, people blend and unite over generations. The only great divider is polar opposite religions.

      And ONLY religion that directly actually goes AGAINST our constitution , our human values, is Islam.

      Muslim have to suppress obeying the quran because they would be in prison otherwise.
      But their only wish is to change the country laws to be ruled by the law of god, the law of allah.

      example of people not following sharia law
      “A Pakistani family is under brutal assault for refusing to murder their daughter for being a victim of rape.”

      This is also what ISIS follow. ISIS strictly follow the quran and sharia law.
      A reason why our Ally, like Saudi Arabia do more beheading then ISIS.


      The issue we need to tackle long term is banning ISIS law in the US, sharia law must be banned. We dont imprison Jew here.. we dont follow or allow the Nazi doctrine.
      Its time we put and end this this “Neo Nazi” movement people call a “Religion”

      Islam is NOT a religion, it should not be protected by our constitution… its plague on the human race.

      140,000 girl in the UK had their clitoris cut out with razors and their vagina surgically sewn shut… This is the type of shit some of those muslim migrant have in their head.
      And yes, this is a MUSLIM problem… no Jew or Christian do this to their daughters, ONLY MUSLIM.


  21. rumpole2 says:

    Paris Terrorist Captured on News (MUST WATCH)

    Published on Nov 17, 2015
    Sky news footage apparently shows a video of a man Winking in to the news camera 1 day after the tragic paris attacks. Many people believe that it could be one of the suspects Abdeslam Salah. Let us know what you think in the comments section down below


    • gigiscuba says:

      That looks similar to him and the guy acts odd compared to all the other members of public walking by. Any confirmation it is or is not him?


    • keebler AC says:

      “Life should resume fully,” Hollande told a gathering of the country’s mayors, who gave him a standing ovation. “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions?

      “France should remain as it is. Our duty is to carry on our lives.”

      Funny that, because for 130 Parisians live is not continuing nor resuming in Paris to enjoy its museums, terraces, concerts and sports. Does this jerk even know what he’s saying? The people of France need to stand up and say “Enough!”


  22. Nanny G says:

    Can you imagine the French response had Israel responded so ”disproportionately” after a massive attack on them?
    Now will France ever pull that again?
    I really hope the Western world is learning what Israel has known for so long.

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  23. lovely says:

    Suspected architect of Paris attacks is dead, according to two senior European officials


    PARIS — The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks was killed Wednesday in a massive predawn raid by French police commandos, two senior European officials said, after investigators followed leads that the fugitive militant was holed up north of the French capital and could be plotting another wave of violence.

    But two senior European officials, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters, said they received confirmation from the French that Abaaoud was slain in the raid

    I hope that this is true.


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